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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 2, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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' headlines. iraq's prime minister is in paris to drum up support in the fight against the islamic state. he tells the coalition it is an international problem that has to be solved. over 400 elderly chinese tourists are feared dead after their ship sinks in a storm. just over a dozen people have been rescued so far. hundreds of migrants are cleared out of a makeshift camp under the paris metro. also coming up this hour, a
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late-night meeting with some surprise guest but are greece's lenders close to a deal to stave off its looming debt crisis? fifa denies new allegation that set -- that sepp blatter's right-hand man made a controversial payment. our top stories. genie: first rescue teams in china are frantically trying to save some of the 458 people on board a ship that capsized monday night in the yanks the river -- in the yanks to river. the ship's captain and engineer have been rescued and are in custody.
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>> it was meant to be a relaxing cruise on the yanggzte river. the cruise line called the eastern star got caught in a storm and capsized. aboard 458 passengers, crew members, and tour operators. according to state media cctv, survivors trapped under the ship could be shouting -- could be heard shouting for help. relatives of the passengers are waiting for news outside the travel agency, which is closed. >> nobody is answering our phone calls. someone should come out and deal with this, and then we can decide what to do next. >> i am angry. we have no idea whether our relatives are dead or alive. >> the ship took off from nanjing in the east, and was headed to chongqing city, a journey of 1500 kilometers. the boat sank in a matter of minutes in the county of jangly
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-- of jianli. there was not even of time that there was not even enough time to send out a distress call. authorities were alerted after several survivors swam to shore. rescue workers now must battle with heavy rains and storms as they try to pull passengers to safety. according to chinese state media, dozens of fishing boats are helping in the search and rescue, as well as over 1000 armed police with 40 inflatable boats. meanwhile, chinese prime minister li keqiang has mobilized all resources available to direct emergency response efforts and the search for survivors. genie: ministers from some 20 nations are gathering in paris today for an anti-islamic state group meeting. the conference is cohosted by the french foreign minister and the prime minister of iraq. one notable absent today is the u.s. secretary of state, john
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kerry, who is back in the states after breaking his leg in a bike accident. he is participating remotely. >> airstrikes are not enough. the talks in paris aimed to draw new strategy against the islamic state group after recent setbacks in iraq and syria. >> we learned a lot from ramadi and it is important that we understand the lessons that came out of that particular fight and that we seek to apply the lessons learned to the implementation of the strategy. >> islamic state militants' recent capture of ramadi, the capital of the anbar province, dealt a heavy blow to the government. as well as boosting an army with capability, baghdad needs to draw support from sunni tribes while reining in powerful shiite militias. >> if we want to boost the
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withdrawal of the islamic state militant group politically entire iraqi population should be involved. >> 40 policemen were killed in a seaside bomb attack. the strategy in syria has lost a lot of its territory. the coalition have no viable partner to combat the jihadists. >> the strategy of the coalition is to deal with -- the policy is to do with bashar al-assad, and that is not part of the policy. >> the u.s. will not be involved in ground fighting, but washington has sent in tanks to iraq. genie: in iraq, there is still
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violence almost every day. let's take a closer look at the situation there on the ground. >> searching every car thoroughly, policeman look for one thing -- weapons. this checkpoint is located between the province of anbar largely controlled by the islamic state group, and karbala , still under iraq he rule. >> many terrorists have been arrested here. we haven't several attacks. the suspects are used -- we transfer them to the authorities. >> after the islamic state, they say their next targets are kabbalah in baghdad. -- and baghdad. shiite militias have been deployed around checkpoints to back security forces. >> with true believers in
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patriots and the support of iraq's friends, we will beat the islamic state organization. >> the army and shiite militias say they have launched a counter offensive to push militants out of ramadi. meanwhile, coalition air raids targeted positions in an roar -- in anbar and another province in the hands of the islamic state group. genie: do not forget, if you want to get any more information on the latest of what is happening there on the ground, you can check out the france 24 website. that is www. moving on for you now, let's go to northern paris, where police have cleared out hundreds of african migrants from a
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makeshift cap under a metro bridge there. approximately 350 have been living there under the metro tracks. most of them come from east africa. >> the evacuation operation began in the early hours of tuesday when security forces assembled the almost 350 migrants who have been sheltering under the metro tracks, some of them for several months. for the humanitarian organizations present under la chapelle, the clear out was vital. >> we are here to oversee the operation, which is not a police operation but a humanitarian operation, one that will allow these people to have access to what they are legally entitled to. >> local authorities hope to clear the migrant encampment within 48 hours. 160 people will be transferred from here to asylum seeker
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reception centers. genie: french police have evacuated two migrant camps in the northern french portion of calais, a main gathering point for people trying to get into the u.k. the investigation into corruption at the heart of football's wrote governing body fifa is drawing closer to fifa president sepp blatter. revelation say his right-hand man, jerome valcke, was behind a $10 million payment central to the investigation. fifa says the transfer was authorized, but denies that jerome valcke or any other senior official made the payment. our correspondent has more. >> the scandal's deepens. jerome valcke has been accused of transferring $10 million to the account of jack warner fifa's vice president.
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jack warner is accused of taping a huge bribe in exchange for granting south africa the world cup. >> as part of the 2010 world cup, a 10 million dollar project to support the african diaspora in caribbean countries as part of the world cup legacy was approved by the south african government. >> that was a close friend of the fifa president, sepp blatter. he died last year after being a fifa executive for 26 years. just three days before the claims against jerome valcke service -- surfaced, he was calling out individuals rather than pointing the finger at fifa itself. >> the investigation is more on individuals than the fifa institution. i do not see why -- it is the
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fifa -- i do not see why it is the fifa organization that has been accused. >> last week, several fifa officials and executives were arrested. the bribery trail is hinted as being closer to set latter, -- to sepp blatter, who just won a fifth term as fifa chief. genie: 15 billion canadian dollars were -- a case is believed to the be the biggest class-action lawsuit canada has ever seen. here is haxie meyers-belkin. haxie: the smokers have come out torres. in quebec court has been -- has ordered a tobacco company to cough up $11 billion in damages to city smokers and ex-smokers. >> it is a big day for the
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victims of tobacco who have been waiting for about 17 years for this decision. it was a long process, but we have arrived. and it is a big victory for the victims and a blow for the tobacco companies. haxie: the case hinged whether -- on whether since the 1950's tobacco companies knew they were promoting a harmful product. plc has been ordered to cover almost 70% of the judgment. the judgment requires the companies to pay one billion canadian dollars within 60 days, regardless of whether or not they appeal. all three tobacco giants have
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vowed genie: they will. in paris, spanish flags are flying as king fully pay and queen the tease you are here for a state visit. -- king felipe and queen lati etizia are here for a state visit. it was delayed because of the germanwings crash. the world -- the royal couple is going to attend a state dinner with francois hollande. let's take a look at headlines for you. iraq's prime minister is in paris to drum up support in the fight against the islamic state. he tells the international coalition it is an international problem that has to be solved. over 400 elderly chinese tourists are feared dead after their ship sinks in a storm.
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over a dozen people have been rescued so far. and hundreds of migrants are cleared out of a makeshift camp under the paris metro. time now for the day's business news with stephen carroll. things are heating up in greece with the greek debt talks as friday's repayment deadline is on the horizon. stephen: it has been a busy 18 hours with a late-night meeting in berlin and a new offer on the table from the greek prime minister. all of the top figures and international lenders were at the meeting monday night. the greek prime ministers says he sent his own proposal for economic reforms that he says is realistic. that is a good sign, according to the european commission. our correspondent has the latest. >> a secret last-minute meeting
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with some surprise guests. under the cover of darkness angela merkel, francois hollande, and european commission head jean-claude juncker, entered for an emergency meeting on greece. imf chief christine lagarde and mario draghi, the head of the european central bank. while no official details were released greece's main creditors were drafting a common text to send to athens. on tuesday, greece's prime minister says they submitted a realistic proposal late monday. one that would unlock the up to 7.2 billion euros that they need to avoid default this month. >> we are not waiting for them to submit a proposal. greece is submitting a plan. it is clear that the decision on whether they want to adjust to realism rests with the political leadership of europe. >> a decision that the eu's economic commissioner thinks is close.
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>> during the next few weeks, we need to find a solution. i think we are in the process of doing that. the more efforts that both sides can be making to reach economize. >> a slew of deadlines are approaching. friday they have to pay some 300 million euros to the imf, and another 1.25 alien -- another 1.20 5 billion -- another 1.2 5 million euro by mid-june. stephen: the court hearing in canada awarded a class-action to smokers and x smokers. you can see the european markets are down. genie: let's go to india, where the central bank has cut interest rates again. stephen: is the third time the central bank has cut its rates
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this year. it is causing that it is cutting what is called the repo rate. -- it is cutting what is called the repo rate. india is the fastest-growing major economy in the world. consumer sentiment has fallen, which might explain the move by the central bank. genie: india plans to buy fighter jets from a french company. stephen: this is the indian defense ministry's plan to buy a fighter jet from a french company. yesterday we heard from the indian france minister that they could not afford to buy more than 36 of the jets. they had been in discussion for years now about purchasing 126 of them. it is said the indian defense forces will need more than 36 plains, and a second purchase will be discussed once the first contract has been completed. business headlines -- staff at a
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result are staging a 24-hour strike to restructure the country. record losses of almost 5 billion euros last year. francois hollande is expected to meet ministers tomorrow to discuss areva's future. the chief of takata says the airbags will be redesigned. the biggest recall of vehicles has occurred in u.s. history with 53 million cars thought to be affected globally. "the wall street journal" says an announcement will be made at apple's development conference next week for a streaming service. genie: to wrap up, a muslim woman in the united states has won her case against the
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american clothing company abercrombie & fitch. stephen: abercrombie & fitch refuse to hire her back in 2008 when she was 17 years old because she wears a headscarf. they say it violated the look policy they have for their staff. she took her case to the supreme court and won. the court ruled that abercrombie's decision violates her rights. there were two women in 2013 who won compensation, more than $75,000 each from abercrombie & fitch for what they say was targeting them for wearing headscarves. this case of course is a fairly major windbag in that particular -- a major win in that particular issue. genie: time now for the press review.
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nicholas rushworth is here with us on the set to take a look at papers in paris now. 20 members of the coalition are here to try to figure out a new strategy to fight the islamic state. what did the french president have to say about that? nicolas: let's go to the catholic daily. you can see the headline "a facade of unity," against what we know as the islamic state organization. the 20 or more countries and organizations in the coalition do not have an answer. that is on the ground, working in favor of the islamic state organization. that point of view is echoed in another paper, which has the headline there the coalition
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really having a problem settling on a strategy. one french diplomat says bashar al-assad is weaker and things are changing on the ground, and this is the time to tighten up the coalition. paris is pushing for a strong response, but that article has a gloomy verdict at the end quoting a u.s. diplomat saying, the obama administration is just not going there because barack obama is at this point seeing himself in terms of his legacy and that legacy is about health care reform and about dealing with the wars of the past of his predecessor, george w. bush, and not so much the islamic state. genie: are the united states papers as pessimistic? nicolas: the best place to go is "the new york times." it is asking, can victory over isis be more than a barrage --
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more than a mirage? it points to about seven main articles that are really good. the questions come up -- will the whole question of foreign weapons work in the region or not? will that make the united states organization weaker or without fire? i chose one article out of seven in "the new york times." written by next bird in suicide bombings. she says what the u.s. and the coalition should do with working with iraq is to exploit the divisions that already exist in the islamic state's organization. you can see the headline. she points specifically on one of the main splits within the islamic state group, between the local fighters who joined on the ground and the foreign fighters, who have more advantages. they earn more and do different things than the local fighters. there is room for a divide and
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rule policy from the west. the west can target local fighters with social media and say look at the horror that his been enacted on your women, the torture and rape and all the things that we hear of. she says that if you go that route, you will make some progress in breaking up the islamic state group, which she would say is full of splits. genie: staying with his region the future of syria is obviously an important part of this equation. you saw an article by a former top u.s. diplomat who says the lessons learned from the balkan conflict have their place here. nick: i found this comment piece by christopher hill in "gulf news," a former ambassador for the u.s. to iraq. he is saying that we have to really compare the situation now
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regarding syria with what happened in the balkans 20 years ago. back then there was a contact group plan in place. there was an effort to contact slobodan milosevic, the equivalent in this scenario today of bashar al-assad. a very extreme situation requiring extreme response, and the contact group plan was successful, he argues, in doing that, and syria should have that now. a really fascinating piece about how to approach this thing. let me just end on a piece by robert fisk in "the independent," embedded on the ground in syria. if you want the latest about the fighting on the ground, robert fisk is embedded with the third armored division of the syrian
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army, and you can see the horrible testimonies if you have the courage to read it about the violence being perpetrated by the islamic state group or genie: thank you so much for that. do not forget, if you want more details on any of those articles, you can check out our
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mike: more than 450 million people across the globe suffer from mental illness. mental illness makes up 13% of the global disease burden, surpassing both cardiovascular disease and cancer, but nearly 50% of people in developed countries don't receive appropriate care for mental disorders, and the treatment gap is an astonishing 90% in the developing world. why is mental illness still such a taboo in our society? i'm mike walter in los angeles. let's take it "full frame."


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