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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 19, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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ief and anger as a man suspected of shooting 90 is due to make his first court appearance -- shooting 9 is due to make his first court appearance. denmark could have its first female prime minister. thousands of haitian immigrants and their descendents are facing deportation. in business, as greece and its
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creditors failed to reach a debt deal, people in athens fear that capital controls could be imposed. plus, a controversial sculpture in their site -- in versailles was vandalized. we begin in the united states, where a nighttime vigil has been held in charleston, s.c.. -- south carolina. on wednesday, a gunman opened fire on a bible study group including the church's pastor who was a state senator. people gathered outside the
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nearly 200-year-old church to share their shock and grief. >> we have to come together and be stronger and love one another. >> unbelievable. it is unbelievable. for something like this to happen. it's just unbelievable. >> 50 years ago, martin luther king was in that building. this is racism. molly: clearly, emotions running high. the shooting comes at a time when the u.s. has faced a year of protest and heated debate over race relations. u.s. president barack obama knew several of the parishioners, putting the pastor who was killed -- including the pastor who was killed. president hit out at the country's -- the president also
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hit out at the country's gun culture. president obama: i have had to make statements like these too many times. communities has had to end your -- communities have had to endure events like these too many times. reporter: prayers are no longer enough. it is time for the u.s. to finally address it deadly gun culture. president obama: let's be clear. at some point, we as a country will have to reckon with -- this type of violence does not happen in other developed countries, in other places with this kind of frequency. reporter: mass shootings in the u.s. have become more frequent taking place every two months, as opposed to every six months for -- before 2011. in the sandy hook shooting -- after the sandy hook shooting,
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the u.s. seem to have reached a turning point. obama launched a range of tougher gun-control measures. just months later, congress rejected the bill with republicans and democrats arguing they were protecting second amendment rights. the failed attempt was a powerful reminder of the gun lobby. following the sandy hook shooting, when lapierre -- wayne lapierre called for security guards on school grounds doubling down on its long-held creed that more guns, not fewer provide more security. molly: the suspect is now in police custody and is due in court today. authorities have opened a hate crime investigation. more now on what is known about the 21-year-old. reporter: from a high-school dropout to the suspect in
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america's worst hate crime in decades. in this photo posted on facebook, the young man is wearing a jacket with two pins, including one of a south african apartheid-era flag. >> i felt like i knew him. when we reconnected in the last month, i felt like i did not know that dylann. he just wasn't the same. he was more quiet more solo. still under the radar. reporter: when they did get back in touch, he says dylann roof would rant about the controversial killings of african-americans trayvon martin and freddie gray. during drinking sessions, he spoke of a plan to hurt people. >> he told me that he would -- that the black people was taking over the country and that he
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wanted it to be segregation white with white, black with black. reporter: roof grew up in a small town in south carolina. on his facebook page, he had several black friends. police had questioned him in february after he was reported to be asking questions about security at a local shopping mall. in april, his friend said he purchased a .45-caliber weapon. molly: denmark has veered to the right in an election for its first female prime minister. her block lost out to the center-right opposition -- her bloc lost out to the center-right opposition. more on that. reporter: the surprise is the
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extent of the danish people party success -- surprised at the extent of the danish people's party success. you have the same thing here. people don't want to tell pollsters who they are voting for. in the privacy of the voting booth, they put their cross against the mark of the danish people's party. they are now the most influential party. although they are the most influential outfit in parliament now, they are not seeking to form a government. they are saying they will support the liberal leader, lars five rasmussen -- lars fogh-rasmussen. they believe they can have more influence if they are on the outside looking in. they secured an agreement between all of the right-wing
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parties that they would try to support david cameron in britain as he tries to get more people to disengage from brussels and for there to be more autonomy for european states. molly: that was the report from copenhagen. officials in niger say 38 people have been killed in attack -- an attack by boko haram militants. most of the dead are said to be women and children. both major -- niger and nigeria are part of a regional coalition fighting against the jihadist group. they are joined by forces from chad and cameroon. they have escaped the deadly fighting, but they are not out of harms way -- harm's way. many are sleeping in parks and parking lots and relying on
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handouts. this as the united nations warns the world refugee situation is out of control. reporter: he and his young family have been sleeping in this park for almost a week. they are among the thousands of syrians who fled across the border amid fierce fighting. they may have escaped the violence, but it is still a struggle to survive. "these are our children sitting on the ground. we have nothing. we only have this blanket. they brought us like it's, nothing else -- us blankets, nothing else." reporter: the kurds declared full control on tuesday, less than a week after they began their advance on a key jihadist town. the border was closed. having been trapped on the syrian side for days when the fighting started, they face
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another tortuous weight -- wait to return. >> i've been here waiting for days. we have no homes, no money. reporter: turkey has taken in 1.8 million refugees from syria since the conflict started in 2011. dozens of families have been living in this truck park for months on end. >> does bashar al-assad not cs? -- see us? does he not see what we eat, that we sleep on the streets? may god punish him. we would not eat or drink if it wasn't for these handouts. reporter: these makeshift tents provide little protection, even from the weather. it's a fragile existence. molly: protests interrupted in the dominican republic's capital on thursday, this over the possible deportation of
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thousands of undocumented migrants, most of haitian descent. the government policy has been criticized by rights groups. details now with alexander lawson -- alexandra. reporter: the chant of haitian workers on the verge of deportation. >> i've lived in this country for 22 years. my father died well working in the sugarcane fields. -- died while working in the sugarcane fields. i have two children and my wife is pregnant. now, where do i go? reporter: millions live in the dominican republic as undocumented migrants. they face the risk of deportation as part of a much debated effort by the government to grant them legal status. >> those who don't have a
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student visa or workers visa have an obligation to go back to their country. they are here illegally. if they comply with immigration, they will be allowed back into the country. reporter: of the thousands of migrants in the dominican republic, around 2/3 have apply for residency, but only 10,000 have come up with the necessary paperwork. >> we have filed the paperwork. president michel martelly is asking patients to return -- h atians to return -- haitians to return to their country, so we have to go back. reporter: the government says the procedure will be a slow operation. here on the border, it is a future uncertain for migrants, a struggle for survival, traveling back to a home that many don't recognize. molly: now turning fog into
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water. let's turn to morocco, where a fog harvesting system was launched in march, the first of its kind in north africa bringing much-needed drinking water to parched regions. >> in the mountains of morocco these men have come to inspect an unusual installation. the panels are planted in the rock like a larger-than-life spiders web. the purpose is to catch minute droplets of fog water and turn them into drinking water. >> it solves many water related issues for people in the region. before, they had to collect water from the wells. on top of that, there were droughts. this can pick -- it can take up to 3 1/2 hours to find water and it is often women and children who have to do that. reporter: the fog harvesting system was launched in march
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the first of its kind in north africa. now, the residence of one of these villages -- the residents of one of these villages no longer have to schlep for water. >> i had to write a donkey for -- to ride a donkey for two hours to reach the well, and i had to do it four times a day. it was not enough. reporter: this is also a huge timesaver for the village's children. >> we've always had to ride donkeys to fetch water. but now we save time, meaning we can go to school. reporter: households pay $2 for access to tap water. the next plan is to have fog nets planted all over the moroccan mountains. molly: in france, a
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controversial sculpture on display at the palace of versailles has been vandalized. it was found sprayed with yellow paint. the piece has been known as "the queen's vagina." the british artist has lashed out at what he calls "french intolerance." the piece is now being cleaned. it is 15 minutes past the hour in paris. let's get a check of the headlines. there is grief and anger in the united states as a man suspected of killing nine at a church in south carolina is due to make his first court appearance. denmark ousts its first female prime minister. protests held at the dominican republic over a government immigration policy. thousands of haitians now face deportation.
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let's get a check of the day's business news. i'm joined by william hilderbrandt. wiltell us what's been going on with all things greek. william: this latest attempt to reach a deal has been unsuccessful. the two sides have been unable to see a way to cash reform. an emergency eurozone summit has been call for monday. the finance ministers, meeting in luxembourg today, are urging greece to reach a deal. >> we hope for the best, but we now must be prepared for the worst. and in the united kingdom, we've taken the message to increase our economic security so we can deal with risks like this from abroad. clearly now, we must go on and complete that plan. reporter: this is not about contagion, like it was --
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this is not about contagion like it was in 2010, 2012. this is about the eurozone. the stakes are higher. it affects us all. william: the presidents -- greek residents have been flocking to their banks to get cash. capital controls could be imposed to avoid a run on the country's banks. between monday -- on thursday, 2 billion euros were withdrawn. the european central bank is considering extending emergency liquidity assistance ela for the country's banks. here is a look at the recent boost to liquidity. a greek newspaper is reporting that athens is asking the ecb for 3.5 billion euros. that could be approved today if the ecb agrees.
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if they continue to outpace the ela, greece could be forced to install capital controls to question -- ration pass withdrawals. moscow may be willing to lend a hand. russia will consider offering financial assistance to greece. the kremlin has verified his comments, not ruling out -- has clarified his comments, not ruling out the possibility but saying it would need to hear a proposal from greece before taking action. the greek prime minister is meeting with vladimir putin. europe is trading higher. the cac 40 and dax up around 1%. the ftse down. the worst performer is oil giant bp. shares are down 8%, closely
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followed by bhp billiton and rio tinto. on to cuba, where it looks like the country could see a surge in internet usage. less than 4% of cuban households are connected to the internet, one of the lowest rates in the world. this comes as relations are warming between the country and the united states. cuba will beam wi-fi at public spots. in havana, access has been limited to state own internet cafés. cuba announced it will cut the price of surfing the net from $ 4.50 dollars an hour to $2 an hour. >> the first thing they need to improve is the internet this. the download speeds are slow. you spend that $4.5 quickly.
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the prices should keep going down. william: we finish with real estate news. hollywood heartthrob johnny depp has put his french estate on the market. this is where he spent most of his time with his former partner, vanessa paradis. the state includes more than a dozen buildings. he did most of the decorating himself. it includes furniture dvd's, books, art, and many personal belongings. a "pirates of the caribbean" wine cellar. i thought jack's barrel had a taste for -- jack sparrow had a taste for rum, not wine. molly: it is time now for our press review.
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i am joined by florence philomena -- villeminot. florence: the big story in the u.s. media is the reaction to that deadly shooting in south carolina. if you want all the details, head to the local press. they are focusing on the shooting. the suspect, dylann roof, how he has returned to the city in morning. -- mourning. residents are struggling to understand how he sat down for an hour at a bible study at this very historic church, then opened fire, wiping out most of the clergy. president barack obama said it stirred up some of the darkest parts of american history and it certainly is a dark day in the press today. molly: they say it is being investigated as a hate crime. some papers say it should be investigated as an act of terrorism. florence: "the daily beast" --
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"let's call the charleston shooting what it was, a terrorist attack." if you look at the definition of domestic terrorism under u.s. federal law, this shooting takes -- ticks all the boxes. yet we are not hearing media line officials did -- law officials describe it as a terrorist attack. there is an interesting article in "the washington post." shooters of colors are called terrorists and thugs. why are white shooters called mentally ill? this is a piece by a professor at the university of pennsylvania. she says there is a typical narrative used in the media white male shooters. they are humanized.
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she says this is a racist media narrative that really proves the power of whiteness in america. molly: race has been in the forefront in the united states. many are saying that this shooting shatters the idea of a post-racial america. florence: lots of people said that was the new era that was going on in the united states with the election of barack obama, the first black president. in "the independent," it said his election seemed to announce a brighter future for race relations, but what we are seeing is a divided nation. the state of race relations is deteriorating, according to "the independent." there is clearly a problem. another paper says the shooting fans the flame of a growing racial divide in the united states. solange knowles -- what she says
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were flex what a lot of african-americans feel -- says reflects what a lot of african-americans feel. "where can we be safe?" molly: we are seeing the papers focus on white supremacist groups. florence: slate focuses on this. it says wednesday shooting was the most high-profile example of white extremist terror in the united states since the oklahoma city bombing in april, 1995. it lists the murders committed by white supremacists since. 27 deadly attacks, a total of 60 victims. police say it is unclear whether or not the shooting suspect in this case was officially part of any white supremacy groups, but he did harbor racist to use -- racist views.
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there are photos of him on facebook that show him in front of a car with a confederate flag on his license plate. the confederate flag is also being focused on. it's arguably become a symbol of racism over the years, yet it flies over the south carolina statehouse. many papers saying this is symbolic of a culture that is still -- that still very much exists in the south and in the united states in general. molly: the bumper sticker says " it's not hatred, it is heritage." we are seeing it is not just about white extremist terror, but seeing papers focused on gun control. florence: gun control always comes up in the media following a mass shooting. this really captures america's relationship with guns. you can see the front page talking about the church attack. the sticker on the front page is an advertisement for a local gun shop.
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$30 gets you everything. "the washington post" asked point blank "after charleston, will america finally do something about guns?" obama said "we as a country have to recognize that this type of violence does not happen in developed countries." there is another quote that says "mass killing's aren't uncommon in other countries," citing examples such as charlie hebdo or the 2010 shooting in norway. molly: thank you for that. for more, log onto our website www. f
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