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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 24, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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and hollande, three french presidents who were phone kept by american spies could the latest revelations from wikileaks sparking outrage in france. a new law bruce power of french security services. british prime minister david cameron condemns unacceptable scenes in the french city is legal emigrants try to board british lorries on the way back to the u.k. french taxi drivers event their fury against uber as the company
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plans to announce its low-cost service in three french cities. uber drivers have been physically attacked in the past fortnight. three french president were spied on by the american intelligence agency the nsa, the latest revelation by the website wikileaks causing outrage in france. it caused president francois hollande to call president obama directly for assurances that it is no longer happening. reporter: wikileaks revealed operation espionage elysee, alleging that spies listened into conversations of the three past french presidents and other top officials.
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cue a major diplomatic embarrassment for the american administration. it is only beginning, with wikileaks planning to drip feed more about nsa spying on france. among the league's -- nicholas sarkozy in 2000 and saw himself as the only one who could solve the financial crash of the year. "sarkozy considers it is responsibility to europe and the rest of the world to step up to the plate and resolve the financial crisis." another one says francois hollande in 2012 believe the german chancellor angela merkel was fixated on the greek crisis. hollande claimed merkel had given up on greece and was unwilling to budge. wikileaks in 2013 alleged merkel himself was found cap. there was note u.s. confirmation of that. there is a similar denial with france, with the white house insisting it is not targeting
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åland' -- hollande's communication, but does not say what might have been done in the past. the french parliament is due to pass a controversial security and surveillance bill this wednesday. laura: and just hours after that story broke, french lawmakers voted in favor of boosting powers of their own security services. the so-called french patriot act has been passed into law. critics say it is an affront to french values. while spying revelations is straining relations with the united states, migrants are straining relations with the pain -- with the u.k. they have been trying to board lorries heading to the u.k. david cameron says his
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government is looking at boosting border controls around the city. several thousand people are said to be sleeping rough in the area trying desperately to make it across the channel. reporter: slowly inching forward, hundreds of trucks weigh their turn to cross into england. a strike by french ferry workers on tuesday brought traffic to a standstill, and it is only now beginning to ease. tuesday's chaos presented an opportunity for migrants desperate to make their way to england. >> in france we have a bad life. we are living in the jungle. we don't have nothing here. that is why we go england. reporter: they have tried to stowaway on board while police patrolled the roadways doing what they can to stop them. it is an ongoing game of cat and mouse. it also highlighted a growing problem in the port city. several thousand migrants are thought to be living in dirty makeshift camps around the city
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waiting for their chance to cross the channel. the question of who is responsible for border security has prompted a heated exchange between france and the u.k. the mayor has criticized the british government for not doing enough to find security in the port, while the u.k. minister for security and immigration says it is up to the french government and law enforcement to assure security and safety in france. british prime minister david cameron says security measures will be increased. pm cameron: we are looking at whether we can put more personnel and sniffer dog teams on that side of the channel to make a difference, and there is more work being done in terms of installing fencing. there is no point of either side trying to point the finger of blame at each other. this is a strong partnership that we have in place and we should keep it that way. reporter: the debate comes as europe faces the wider issue of
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how to accommodate the tens of thousands of migrants fleeing conflict in the middle east and africa. laura: joining me now on the line is steve simmons from amnesty international. thanks for being with us here on "france 24" you may have seen that report just there. british lorry drivers have been stuck for hours saying they haven't physically threatened by migrants who are trying to board their vehicles. -- have been physically threatened by migrants were trying to board their vehicles. what would you say to them? steve simmons, are you still on the line with us? no, we seem to have lost steve simmons at amnesty international. negotiations between greece and international creditors have wrapped up in brussels. no agreement once again. greece phases defaulting on its debt and risks being expelled from the eurozone six days time. prime minister alexis tsipras
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has accused you about pushing greece to leave. athens appears to be resisting pressure from other euro zone members. pm>> the greek people on the greek government must know that even with all the affection from us friends, there is great pressure coming from part of european public opinion and some countries in particular who want to use this window as an opportunity to close down with greece. to get rid of the presence of greece in the eurozone permanently. laura: in pakistan, temperatures have dropped to 34 degrees amid signs scorching heat wave is coming to an end. 800 people lost their lives after temperatures soared to 40 degrees. it will have been -- people have
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been fasting for the muslim holy month of ramadan. a court in the netherlands has ordered the government to cut the country's greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2020 to help fight global warming. it is a sweeping victory for dutch environmentalists and it could spark similar rulings around the world. greenpeace has called it a game changer in the fight against climate change. french taxi drivers have called an indefinite strike to protest against competition from the driving service uber. nearly 100 uber drivers have been attacked in the past two weeks. despite opposition, the california-based service appeared to be going from strength to strength and is launching its low-cost uber service in free french cities. reporter: the conflict between taxi drivers and uber in france is turning ugly good days ahead of a nationwide taxi strike against the rising popularity of
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the ridesharing app this passenger was assaulted in leon when he tried to get into an anti-cap. >> when i asked the driver why his light was off and not on red, he insulted me and said it was none of my business. i tried to keep calm, and said to him, it is no wonder people prefer uber. reporter: it is a sign of escalating tensions among drivers. now taxi drivers are going all out to fight back against uber's low-cost arm uberpop. the service has continued to operate despite the government making it illegal in december. the new rules hold that all uber drivers must have professional chauffeur licenses and insurance. violators face 200 years in prison and a fine. french police have stepped up enforcement with extra checks on
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drivers. taxi unions have called for the latest insertions against uberpop to take -- latest in assertions against uberpop to take place on thursday. that is not curbed uber's popularity. laura: let's go back to brussels because negotiations between greece and the international creditors have wrapped up. once again with no deal. greece phasing defaulting on its debts and risks losing its place in the eurozone in just six days time. prime minister alexis tsipras has accused germany of trying to push greece to leave. let's get the latest from our brussels correspondent. very bad exchanges going on between the two sides once again today. it has happened again, hasn't it? we have ended these talks with no agreement inside. reporter: we have indeed. we thought we would be here in the european capital building to at least 1:00 or 2:00 in the
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morning so they could clinch the deal but in the last 10 minutes we have been instructed that it is over. it will reconvene tomorrow. meanwhile, there is rumors from a number of different sources here saying that the presence of the european commission will meet over in his office and the european commission building with the greek prime minister in the presence of the international monetary fund and mario draghi. there will be coming in for a two-date you summit. -- eu summit. there is the issue of migration. the heads have gotten a stark warning to solve the issue of greece before tomorrow morning. that is not happened. -- that has not happened. the greek government declined to accept the proposals.
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the imf is calling on the greek government to do more and bring more old-fashioned austerity measures that they have been promising they would get rid of. laura: meabh they will meet again tomorrow but at this stage you have got to ask yourself what is left to talk about? we seem to be coming back again and again to this issue of greek pension reform. the greeks are resolutely refusing to accept proposals by international lenders. it is hard to see how either side can move forward. meabh: the two sides are so far apart, laura. not even exaggerating. the tone of the international monetary fund has been getting a bit stronger in the last few weeks. peeved by the comments saying it is a criminal responsibility and were responsible for a
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number of problems in the recession. even if they do get a deal, which they are taking a very long time to get, will it even work for greece? will we be back here in six months and will i have to get a third rail out -- will they have to get a third bailout? the imf in the last few years has taken responsibility, saying that some of the measures of the bailout were not good for the economy. here we are again. greece is waiting for the 7.2 billion euros. i'm hearing around here at this meeting from a number of greek officials that there will be another meeting tomorrow and there will be another meeting on sunday and then the eurozone capitals will have to emerge and ratify whatever decision will be taken, which will probably just be an extension to the program
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to give greece a bit of space and time. laura: all right meabh, thank you very much. another meeting going on in brussels today, members of nato. they have approved a series of measures that include tripling the response force unit. the unit is bolstering its defenses against russian aggression in ukraine. russia, though, has hit back and accused nato a cold war provocation. reporter: nato's new measures are not a provocation, but a response to russia's 2014 annexing of crimea. that is how the nato chief justified the decision to bolster troops of the two-day summit in brussels. >> russia continues to send troops, forces, supplies into eastern ukraine, and destabilize eastern ukraine. there can be no doubt that russia is responsible for aggressive actions in europe,
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and that is the reason why we, nato, is responding in a defensive way. reporter: the new measures include tripling to 40,000 its response force -- air, sea special forces -- but also improving its military and political decision-making quicker responses to military threats, 16 headquarters in the balkan region, and logistic headquarters to move troops more quickly to member states. the u.s. has already announced that it plans to pre-position heavy weapons in the region to a group nato troops to mobilize. marshall has accused the lines of starting an arms race. nato says it is more about protecting its allies. >> let me be clear -- we do not seek confrontation. and we do not want a new arms race. we want to keep our nations safe. reporter: nato says the changes
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are only temporary, but estonia lithuania, and latvia come all former soviet states, are calling for a permanent nato presence to deter russia. laura: "i'm sorry for the lies i taken and the suffering i have caused you." those are the words of dzhokhar tsarnaev, who has been sentenced to death in a court in the united states. three people were killed and 264 were injured in the attack. a quick reminder of our top international headlines this hour. jacque chirac, nicholas sarkozy, and francois hollande, three french presidents who were from cap by american spies, the latest revelations -- phone tapped by american spies, the latest revelations from wikileaks. the french parliament has voted in favor of expanding the power of french security services. chaos continuing in calais. british prime minister david
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cameron has condemned unacceptable scenes in the french port city. illegal immigrants have been trying to board british lorries to make it to the u.k.. french taxi drivers have been venting fury against uber as the company announced plans to launch its low-cost uberpop service in three french cities. uber drivers have been physically attacked in the past two weeks. let's get back to one of our top stories, the negotiations in brussels that wrapped up without a deal for greece once again. markus karlsson is looking at that and at the reaction of the markets as well. what have you got for us? markus: once again we are seeing global markets come under pressure because of the greek situation, american shares coming under further pressure as we've been getting this news that the eurozone finance ministers have wrapped up a meeting in brussels without a result. that meeting was a surprisingly short-lived affair, ending without an agreement, which, of
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course, is bad news for stock markets pretty much around the world. talks among eurozone finance ministers are now set to continue as we have been hearing from brussels on thursday, as the timeline gets tighter by the hour. greece risk default if it is not honored debt payments to the international monetary fund next week, and before any a cash can be dispersed, both the greek and the german parliaments must back in agreement. but the two sides still seem far apart. alexis tsipras/out at creditors. he accused -- prime minister alexis tsipras lashed out at creditors, accusing them of taking "strange" positions. in a tree, he wondered whether the creditors actually wanted a deal. as the talks are underweight in brussels, people and businesses are on tenterhooks, and many say that further cuts and tax hikes as the government tries to seek more bailout cash.
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reporter: the clock is ticking for greece in the scramble to find funds and stay in the euro. greeks are waiting with some trepidation. with more austerity measures on the horizon, small businesses are likely to suffer. nikos fears that his third generation clock makers may have to wind up once and for all. >> this is a 90-year-old shop, and despite living to the not occupation, living to the second world war, the civil war, the military dictatorship, now the germans are going to come and shut us down? come on, guys! that is unacceptable. reporter: greek authorities have proposed up to one billion euros worth of cuts, with potential increases in vat and income tax. the service sector is concerned with tourist revenues already dwindling. it is not just the cost of living that greeks are struggling with. the price of death can be prohibitive, too.
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some families are unable to meet funeral costs when a relative dies. this undertaker says he never thought his sector would be hit by the economic crisis. his funeral home is adapting to the new status quo. >> many people don't have a credit card anymore. they are in trouble with the bank. they can't make payments that way. that is why we make an oral agreement. we are a small community here. everybody knows each other. little by little for the funeral. reporter: some 90% of nasos' customers are opting to pay in installments. accruing endless debt that can stretch into the afterlife. markus: there are fresh signs that worries over greece are being felt outside reporters. business confidence in germany fell to its lowest level in four months in june. the president of the institute says the outlook for the german economy is overcast. this is economists say that the
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greek standoff is making businesses in the export-driven german economy more cautious. in france, the recovery is not translating into an upswing in types of jobs. the number of job seekers in france grew by 16000 people during the month of may, and the total number of job seekers is now 3,552,000. that is according to the labor ministry here in france. it was the fourth consecutive month of gains. this comes after economic growth in the quarter was confirmed at 4.6% a little earlier this wednesday. that is a pretty solid figure but as i say, it is still not enough to start eating into those unemployed figures. staying in france, french telecom shares slumped on wednesday could investors reacted after the board of the conglomerate rejected a $10 billion takeover offer. it came from all these -- altis. the bid was rejected after the french government expressed
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concern about the impact on consumers as well as jobs. the chief executive says his company can survive alone. reporter: the deal that almost was. with the reported $10 billion -- 10 billion euro cash offer on the table, they were said to take over, but the french government has expressed concern that the merger could reduce competition in the market and lead to layoffs. in an effort to save the deal, the head health gunshots with the economy minister. >> i can't tell you in detail what happened. they are things being worked on that need to move forward. reporter: but minutes later greek telecom issued a statement saying its board of directors would not enter into negotiations with the altice group. during an interview on wednesday morning, the ceo of bouygues
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said that politics was something not a factor in the decision. >> there wasn't any political pressure. i believe that it left me the room to make the right choice. in the end, it was the board's choice. they met for two hours. reporter: a deal would have reduced the number of telecom comedies in france from four to three, in line with a shift towards consolidation in the european telecommunications sector. but bouygues believes it can survive alone, despite being set to use money again in the first half of this year. markus: we have talked about how greece is shaping the stock market trading this session. we also talked about french telecom shares. let's look at how all of that has been impacting the wider stock markets. in europe, we saw the main industries in europe closing mostly lower, except for the london ftse 100. the athens index down by 1.70 5%, as the greek debt talks are
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looking difficult. the euro zone finance ministers meeting has wrapped up, as we've been reporting. we are getting reports from the european commission that technical talks between greece, the european central bank, the imf, and the european commission will continue throughout the night before another euro zone finance minister meeting on thursday could watch this space in other words. we are seeing, as i say, the focus very much on greece. that is true also in the u.s. market over the united states. we're seeing wall street shares into negative territory, with the dow jones industrial average pretty close to session lows this hour, down .8%. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 index also in negative territory. let's bring you up-to-date with a few individual stories that we are watching for you. shares of the dutch and belgian supermarket chains fell back on wednesday. follow confirmation that the two companies are merging and the deal will create a retailer with
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26 billion euros, with more than 6500 stores. the combined firm will be the biggest food retailer in the countries and the sixth biggest in the united states. france and saudi arabia are set to sign deals with billions, according to france's foreign minister, who spoke during a visit by the saudi arabia deputy crown prince. it includes 23 helicopters from airbus. that deal alone is worth $500 million. he also says that saudi arabia is set to find feasibility study for nuclear reactors. and the chinese internet retailer alibaba has set its sights on hollywood. the company has entered a deal with the studio paramount to invest in the next "mission: impossible" movie. alibaba did not reveal how much money is involved but it will become the official promoter of " mission impossible: rogue n
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ation" in china. it reflects the desire
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rom pacifica, this is democracy now! >> and we are just going to forget, at least temporarily come about helping those workers that lose jobs because of decisions we make? how immoral is that? what the trail of those workers [captioning made possible by democracy now!] . despite warnings from labor environmental, and consumer groups, 13 democrats side with the republicans to move president obama one step closer to getting fast track authority to negotiate the controversial tpp, trans pacific partnership


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