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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 2, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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laura: welcome back. this is "live from paris." the international monetary fund has warned that greece could need an extension on its loans and possibly a massive right off as it grows slower than expected -- a massive write-off as a gross slower than expected. in tunisia, arrest of eight people after a beach massacre that took eight lives.
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and an afghan court overturns the death sentence of 4 men convicted of killing a woman during a mob attack in kabul. the decision has sparked outrage among the victims' relatives. -- victim's relatives. but first, to our top story -- the international monetary fund has cautioned that greece will need an extension of its eu loans and possibly a massive debt write-off if it grows at a slower rate than expected and fails to implement economic reforms. the warning came as greece readies for a sunday referendum
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on an international bailout deal that the prime minister has called on voters to reject. greek residents, meanwhile, say they are uncertain about the future. william reports. william: the only thing certain about greece cost future, sunday's referendum over the terms of the bailout will go ahead as planned -- the only thing certain about grease -- greece's future. the greek prime minister vowed to move ahead with the referendum. alexis tsipras says a no vote would give athens more leverage to negotiate with creditors, but not all residents were convinced . prime minister tsipras: the new austerity measures they want will bring the greek economy to its knees, but on the other hand, the country's exit from the eurozone is something i do not see as positive.
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>> i do not learn anything from the speech. we were troubled before, so we cannot get more troubled because we are invariably troubled. what can we do you twilliam: tsipras swept to power with plans of revoking austerity measures. >> i'm afraid that come monday, things will get even harder for everybody. william: uncertainty on the streets and in the newspapers. pundits debate what is in the country's best interest, if a no vote would necessarily mean and next it from the eurozone and if a yes vote would protect greek society. opinion polls show most people are leaning towards voting no but in recent days, the gap has narrowed. rochelle: as sunday approaches, preparations for greek -- greases -- greece cost controversial referendum --
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preparations for greece's controversial referendum move forward. >> the country will vote on if they should accept another bailout deal and the conditions that go with it, which the government has described as humiliating. would-be voters lineup outside of banks and say they are divided between support for their leaders who have been stalled in negotiations for months, and fear of leaving the eurozone. >> a referendum our prime minister once to hold should have been called much earlier, before the bailout program expired. now that it has expired, the referendum is pointless. >> we are suffering at the moment, and if the referendum vote is yes everything is lost but if it is no, we might get a deal. >> the government says a no vote would give it more leverage at
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the negotiating table. the finance minister has said he will resign if voters except the bailout terms. the prime minister called on the country to assert its national sovereignty. prime minister tsipras: the day after the referendum, we will all become one in our efforts to overcome this crisis as soon as possible. rochelle: some say a no vote will not lead to a better deal and could put the country's place in the eurozone in danger. rochelle: to get the very latest, we go to athens. we have been talking about the imf comments today that greece may need a debt write-off. what kind of reactions are you getting where you are? natalie: the imf has long been vilified in greece, but at the end of the day, it is the one
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institution in this negotiation that has argued what alexis sippers -- alexis tsipras wants. some experts here say and argue that perhaps the country will need much more because the banks are now on the threshold, close to collapse, and that's not even taking into account the measures that were taken these past few days with the cap of the banks and closing the institutions until the referendum. a lot of question marks on what will take place and how the negotiations if they continue -- where they will end up going in the end. rochelle: tsipras has been calling for a no vote saying the
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imf and eu need to stop blackmailing people. has the no vote gained any ground? nathalie: a poll released today does show that the yes camp is indeed gaining ground. it is now reversed, and it is at 47%, whereas the no camp is behind at 43%. it seems the first indication of the yes to europe cap is winning, where is the note to austerity is trailing behind -- the yes to europe camp is winning. interestingly, we have had 4 lawmakers today who have openly said that they will not be backing the government's line and have openly distanced themselves, provoking angry reactions from their leader. other prominent politicians
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especially from the former conservative administration, have come out also explaining to greeks what the stakes are about , that it's not about austerity only but a note to europe -- no to europe essentially as well. the no camp has black as of the finance minister of germany, saying he has sucked your blood dry for the past five years. please say no to him. we have campaign rallies today. tomorrow, the prime minister himself will be addressing houses of people in central athens. the pro-europe campaign has huge rallies that will be taking place. the big question -- no one can really say what will take place in the final verdict on sunday.
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rochelle: thank you for keeping us up to date. the u.s. has requested switzerland exudate -- extradite seven fifa officials. the seven top executives are among 14 officials suspected of systemic fraud. they have already objected to their extradition. reporter: behind bars for more than a month in switzerland, these seven fifa officials are wanted in the u.s. to face corruption charges. among them, fifa's vice president in charge of north and central america. >> first of all, the zurich police were here to serve the suspects. these fifa officials and their lawyers will begin in enough
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time to accept the request or challenge it. reporter: the swiss federal office will have to take a final decision, but it could take several weeks as the case could be brought to the supreme court. in all, 14 fifa officials are accused of accepting more than $100 million in bribes in exchange for lucrative deals with marketing companies. u.s. prosecutors say they are involved in money laundering schemes, stashing away the cash in offshore bank accounts. all this over the past 24 years. the scandal broke out in may just before fifa's annual congress, forcing the president to resign. sepp is due to leave office within the nextb 18latter -- sepp blatter is due to leave office within the next eight months. rochelle: eight more victim bodies were repatriated to the u.k. from tunisia.
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reporter: terror suspects all over tunisian news channels, accused of providing weapons and logistical support to the students who went on a shooting rampage on this beach. less than a week after the attack, tunisian authorities say the investigation is in full swing. >> security units managed to uncover and destroy the network that was behind this terrorist operation. as we speak, eight people have been arrested. they are thought to be directly involved in the attack. reporter: tunisian police say some of the police trained in a jihadist camp in libya -- some of the suspects trained in a
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jihadist camp in libya. over the past three months local authorities say they have carried out more than 7000 raids and detained more than 100 suspects linked to terror activities. security has been boosted nationwide, particularly in tourist sites. brand-new cameras have been set up in this hotel under the watchful eye of the tunisian prime minister. >> there are 170 cameras in this complex. some are equipped with a zoom. we have also reinforced security along the country's beaches to tackle the security threat. reporter: since july 1, tourist police are loved be armed. more than 1000 extra officers have also been deployed to protect holidaymakers. rochelle: an afghan court has overturned the death sentences of 4 men accused of killing a woman during a mob attack in kabul.
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she was beaten to death outside a march after being falsely accused of burning the koran. relatives and human rights activists are outraged. three of the men's sentences have been commuted to 20 years while the boards, a minor, will serve 10 years -- the fourth, a minor, will serve 10 years. >> unfortunately, this case has been one bit of mysteriousness after another. unfortunately, none of it is that surprising. it is familiar because it is how the afghan justice system normally functions. the fact that the family did not know that the hearing was being held they will not have been an opportunity for evidence to be heard and her family will not
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have had an opportunity to attend, and it's also worth remembering that if you watch the video of the attack, you know that dozens and dozens of people participated. what happened to these 4 defendants is important, but what's more important is only 12 people have been convicted for an attack where far more were involved. it shows how deeply violence against women is ingrained in afghan society. the idea that young, urban men could turn on a woman to kill her on the streets was something that people did not expect could be possible in modern-day afghanistan. one of the great frustrations of this case, aside on the horror of the murder itself is that the president of afghanistan has not taken this as an opportunity to really take action nationally on violence against women.
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there was a law signed by his predecessor, hamid karzai, in 2009 that promised to bring sweeping reforms in terms of violence against women, creating new punishments and fines. the law has not been enforced and does not appear to be being enforced by this president either. rochelle: at least 35 people have died after a ferry capsized a short time after leaving a port in the central philippines. it had 189 passengers on board when it overturned in choppy waters. coast guard officials say they rescued 143 people so far with at least 20 more still missing. it's not immediately clear what caused the vessel to capsized. reporter: searching out to recover survivors, rescue boats headed to this capsized ferry in the philippines on thursday. the boat again to about a
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kilometer off the coast. with a total more than 180 passengers and crew on board the coast guard fear that dozens had died in the accident. ferry's account for much of transport between islands of the archipelago, but vessels are often in frequently maintained -- ferries a cup for much of the archipelago. fifa --rochelle: in france, a ruling highlights an ongoing public's back -- public spat of daughter who sought to push her father out after his comments that could ruin her presidential bid.
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all right, it's 9:16 in the french capital. greece will need an extension of its eu loans and potentially a debt write-off -- the warning from the international monetary fund as it predict the consequence of slow growth and not enough economic reform. tunisia arrests eight people over last week speech massacre which claimed 38 lives, mainly british tourists. this comes as . an afghan court overturns the sentences of 4 men accused of killing a woman and a mob in kabul. the decision sparked outrage among the victims family. we start with more details on what we've heard from the imf. markus: the international monetary fund has come out with a gloomy outlook for greece and
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the greek economy. you've been talking about it rochelle. the fund predicts the greek economy will flatline in terms of growth this year. it partly at least blames the greek government that was elected in january of this year and some of the policies of prime minister alexis tsipras. in addition, the fund says greece will need another 50 billion euros of financial assistance between this year and 2018 on top of what it has already received on the eurozone and imf since the first bailout package of 2010. at the same time, the imf says greece will need that forgiveness to get its economy back on track. that's a controversial call. eurozone economies have so far rejected calls for debt relief in particular, germany. the report comes as greece prepares for sunday's referendum . polls suggest it will be a tight race between the yes and no camps. greeks are reflecting on years
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of austerity as campaigns are under way. we take you to a once prosperous town around 50 kilometers from athens. kate moody has more. kate: behind the gates of this abandoned factory, the greek flag last tattered on the ground. dozens have suffered the same fate. this man was able to give his appliance repair business afloat but had to fire all but two of his employees. he blames international creditors for his economic woes. >> they are building a wall of despair in front of us. they want to keep us in the darkness. we want to break through this. that's why i'm going to vote no. kate: this car recycling yard has also known better times. the owner says small businesses like his have suffered the most. >> the entire business world in greece today is practically frozen. companies like this 1 -- we work for one week or two weeks, and
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then we run out of cash. kate: these retirees say their pensions have been cut as part of austerity reforms. they see the referendum is a chance for greece to reclaim its independence -- as a chance for greece to reclaim its independence. though it's come to greece's largest oil refinery in a once bustling shipyard, one in four residence here are now unemployed -- and a once bustling shipyard, one in four residents here are now unemployed. markus: we will continue to follow the campaigns ahead of sunday's referendum. for now, we turn to the united states with the u.s. economy keeps adding jobs. through the month of june, another 223 house and jobs were created in the united states --
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another 223,000 jobs were created in the united states, which is lower than may add lower than expected. at the same time the official unemployment rate in the united states dropped to 5.3% last month, but a lot of that was due to people leaving the labor force. they stopped looking for work, which means they dropped out of the statistics. the jobs report is closely scrutinized for signs on when and how the u.s. federal reserve will start raising interest rates. the weaker than expected jobs figure may mean the fed will wait longer before they get started on those rate hikes. staying with the topic of unemployment, and france, the jobless rate is about 10%, and the absolute number of job seekers is at a record high. a new report shows very few trust that the state unemployment agency will help.
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the scathing criticism comes from the french government's auditor. reporter: france's unemployed register at the jobless office but half of them do not believe it will help them get a job, and it usually does not. only 12.6% of people looking for work find it through the job office. >> i'm not optimistic. i'd rather look for a job on my own. it's better that way. >> it's just a job office. it's not going to take us by the hand to visit employers. >> i just registered again. my next meeting is only in february of next year. reporter: the job office should have more contact with the unemployed. last year, about 20% of people looking for work. no job offers. employers are also disappointed. last year, job office employees
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spent only 2% of their time talking to those who could potentially offer jobs. >> you can expect from a state agency that has a 5 billion euro budget and employees 3000 people better results than what we are seeing. reporter: they say the report is too negative and that agents are doing the best they can to boost employment, but the economic crisis makes their jobs to difficult. -- too difficult. markus: a lot of things for markets to digest this thursday as we had that u.s. jobless figure. in the end we saw the london ftse 100 and above the flatline -- end above the flatline with the two other main european stock markets also above the flatline. -- below the flatline.
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let's bring you to american markets. the last trading day of the week because u.s. markets are shut on friday as the united states prepares for the fourth of july or independence day on saturday. stocks trading close to session lows this hour with the u.s. jobless figure weighing perhaps a little bit on u.s. shares. we are also seeing american investors focus on greece as they try to understand what is happening in the greek crisis. we can see shares coming down slightly when the imf came out with its fresh growth forecast or not growth forecast for greece earlier. shares in britain's b.p. have been heading higher this thursday. they need to pay $18.7 million for the 2010 gulf of mexico oil spill. they settled claims from the
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u.s. government and five individual states. if approved by a federal judge, it's likely to be the biggest such settlement in u.s. history. the deal resolves years of legal fighting over the environmental and economic damage. shares in a swedish appliance maker dropped around 10% during european trading after u.s. regulators filed a lawsuit to stop the company from taking over general electric's appliance unit. the u.s. justice department says it believes the $3.3 billion deal would hurt competition. both companies say they are still committed to the deal. shares in electric carmaker tesla are heading higher in the united states as the company said sales in the second quarter jumped by 52%, a beggar than expected -- a bigger than expected increase, even for tesla, was forecast slightly
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smaller numbers -- even for tesla itself, which forecast slightly smaller nubbers. tesla is likely the biggest seller of electric vehicles in the united states. that wraps up the business n
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rom pacifica, this is democracy now! >> briar creek grove, the baptist church right before central, is on fire. >> someone is on the way. do you see anybody a rounded? amy: seven fires at african-american churches in six states in seven days. so far none have been labeled as hate crimes, but investigators say at least three were caused by arson. the fires began just days after the charleston massacre.


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