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tv   Dw News  LINKTV  July 7, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] sarah: in brussels, a day of emergency meetings in greece. they have no formal proposals from the greek delegation. the head of the eurogroup expects greece to submit a plan for the bailout on wednesday. britain marks 10 years since the terrorist attack that killed 52 people on london's traffic network. pope francis delivers a stirring homily to one million worshipers
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telling latin america to celebrate its diversity. i'm sarah kelly. thank you for joining us. the greek five -- prime minister had a tough day at the office. those talks have now ended. without any new proposals from athens. if greeks voting no to the bailout conditions eurozone heads of government that our meeting tonight are struggling to come up with the united response. >> alexis tsipras was all smiles after sunday's referendum. the greek prime minister seemed determined to look confident. other leaders came across less of the. >> we still believe that
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solidarity at a european level and responsibility at a national level are inextricably the same. >> there is euphoria in greece following the no vote. athens is still facing demands from eurozone leaders for a new set of reform proposals. >> frankly greece is behind the curve at the moment. >> there are no new proposals on the table and no new program is being discussed. >> up till now they successfully avoided any reform program. and the referendum showed broad support for this.
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>> i respect that. but without a program, the eu will not be able to help greece. >> it failed to bring about a change of heart for eu leaders. the question remains whether alexis tsipras can pull anything out of the hat to achieve a breakthrough. sarah: let's bring in max hoffman who is following that meeting for us in brussels. leaders wanted new proposals for greece on how it was going to deal with its debt crisis. what has alexis tsipras brought to the table tonight? max;: when the meeting started we heard from diplomats that the greek government and most of the members say members of the eurozone were very far apart. we don't know how much that changed because we don't have access to those meetings. one of the main things that the other eu leaders or the other euro leaders want to find out is
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how the referendum in greece has affected alexis tsipras's position, if at all. sarah: we have heard some chatter from the eurogroup had saying that greece could present some sort of interim funding proposal on wednesday. it would just be a temporary fix, wouldn't it? what has been the reaction? max: our understanding is that they will not make suggestions for a temporary fix a what kind of reforms they want to implement. structural reforms that is what is important for the other leaders. you are right. even if they have some sort of long-term plan, they will have to make sure that they find something interim to save the greek economy from going into complete disaster because any long-term plan will have to be implemented in the so-called european stability mechanism.
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sarah: we heard from leaders that it is not a time. that they have -- not a time period they have. that it needs to be solved yesterday. it will they get that this week? max: what they also said, including frost will hollande and angela merkel, they said they were looking for a long-term solution. we are not talking about a plan anymore. what leaders are trying to do they're trying to put greece on track for longer-term. how they want to do that is unclear. if they find a solution, some kind of compromise, it is thinkable that they will find some solution for the interim until a plan like that would be put into place. in order to do that, you need the right signals from athens
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that they're willing to play along. sarah: i imagine there is an extreme sense of frustration. max: coming here, especially from lithuania, they said it is always the next day, the next day. even if the mood is like that, there is a willingness to make this work. sarah: thank you for those latest developments. we appreciate it. so how is all of this going down in the business world? we have the very latest. >> they have left it and only greece seems to be thinking -- sinking deeper into debt. athens has received 400 billion euros since the crisis began. they are about to negotiate a
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bailout package. it is increasingly frustrating. it is a story of increasing humiliation. >> greeks are finding it hard to relax. the lenders have treated them unjustly. >> it is about respect. and you cannot think that this is independent, the financial status of respect for one's way of life. i am very concerned. i think the currency is not the main thing. >> people are demoralized because they can't access their own money. cash is in short supply along with patients. i don't want to be mean. i love my country.
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the governments of brought the country from the brink of destruction. they live on their parents pensions. what will happen to these poor children? the strain on greece has lasted five years. that is when the first bailout package was agreed. two years later came a second bailout. and a haircut for creditors of 107 billion euros. the ecb has given greek banks emergency assistance totaling 89 billion euros. making a total of 412 billion euros in five years. that is more than all the other debt stricken euro zone countries put together. the situation in greece remains dire >> in talks to merge, they own the biggest tabloid newspaper and the broadcaster
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are in talks. if it is cleared by the competition watchdog, the company would be one of the biggest in the country. >> they are both media powerhouses. they own brands like the popular newspaper. both companies face challenges. people are spending less time in front of the television and fewer people read newspapers. online media is where the money is these days. together the companies will be stronger. they are already among germany's top media companies. the merger would bring them far ahead of the next biggest publisher. however, the new company would still be way behind media giant that owns television and penguin books. stocks of both companies were up over 7% in early trading on
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tuesday. the new company would certainly have to deal with antitrust law. it is undoubtedly the biggest. we'll have to wait and see if this merger will be allowed to happen. the companies attempted a similar move. the landscape has since changed. corporations around the world are consolidating. >> the second day of trading since the greek referendum. global stock markets will remain under pressure. things started out on a surprisingly positive note. >> things look good in frankfurt with the dax gaining a few points. the mood soured quickly.
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they were unable to present his euro counterparts with a written proposal for how to get out of the post-referendum crisis. they made some suggestions. it will keep investors on the edge. still, workers in frankfurt are doing their best to keep it sparkling. refurbishing the sign and putting in some lights. >> is the greek debt crisis big? are people discussing it? >> they are discussing it. but they are not trading after greece. we are down by more than 200 points in the dow jones by the
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end it is a bigger topic at this point. there is this fear that greece might get cozy with russia. investors seem not concerned at this point. >> one of the big deals certainly is the dollar. we headed up by about 1.5% in comparison to the euro. we should not forget that the european union, not just the eurozone but it is still the biggest export market for u.s. companies. it is definitely pretty important. a little bit of relief at the end. up half a percent.
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we're talking about the second-biggest economy on the planet and we saw a drop in the stock price. about one third of listed companies it is really quite some turmoil over there. >> thank you for updating us what is going on in new york. sarah: pope francis has addressed vast crowds of workers. the strength the nations confined to diversity and touched on the importance of latin american identity.
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it is the first leg of the eight-day tour of the region. >> a bumpy ride for the pontiff. over one million people were rating -- awaiting his arrival. his message in the ecuadorian capital centered on the struggle against pressuring -- pressing and exploitation. and the pope especially wore robes with indigenous designs as if to underscore the unity which he said was at the core of christian teaching. one of the readings was held in quechua, one of ecuador's indigenous languages. the ecuadorian president was among those at the mass.
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they encouraged his followers to do the same. they urged the faithful to be wary of ideological and totalitarian schemes. sarah: we have a lot more news in two minutes time.
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sarah: our top story. leaders are meeting at an emergency summit in brussels to try to resolve the impasse with greece over the crippling debt crisis. it is despite the finance minister failing to produce any concrete proposals. we had the view from brussels and we want the view from athens.
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our dw correspondent is standing by in the greek capital for us. greek several he had an emotional roller coaster in the mast -- past few days. are they nervous they may not get a deal from europe? >> i would say that there have been high expectations as prime minister alexis tsipras has repeatedly said -- after the referendum which is probably not the case. many greeks worry if the pensions and the payments can be made on time next week without a deal. the economy minister says there is no reason to worry about it. according to greek media reports, there is an official statement saying that greece will present, tomorrow it's
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proposal for international lenders. and secondly, also, on the referendum. sarah: the proposal is likely to be an interim one. immediately, greece needs cash. the liquidity for the banks has basically dried up. what are you hearing? is there any word on when these may reopen? >> they went wednesday and the crucial question is what happens then? nothing happens.
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he said in an interview that banks would probably remain closed. it may take weeks to reopen. it is something that has caused some concern here in athens. but we will wait and see what happens tomorrow. brent: thank you -- sarah: thank you very much. we will never be cowed by terrorism. the words of prime minister david cameron as he led ceremonies to remember the 52 people killed in the london bombings 10 years ago. bombers targeted london's bus and tuba networks in attacks that shocked the country and left hundreds wounded. >> victims relatives and leaders gathered for a service at st. paul's cathedral is the city remembered those struck in
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the attack 10 years ago. it was the deadliest terror strike ever seen on british soil. >> we stand united in our determination to resist and overcome the evil of terrorism. we recommit ourselves for fostering the mutual trust between communities so that they may flourish side by side. >> during the service, the city paused for a minute of silence. the 2005 suicide attacks in central london killed 52 people. they were carried out in morning rush hour. for young british muslims loaded with explosives and inspired by al qaeda.
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countries lost citizens in the explosions. britain remembers those victims today. it terror remains on the line less than two weeks after dozens of britons were killed in a tunisian attack. >> let's look at these around the world. clinching the deal on iran's nuclear program. iran calls on local powers, both the u.s. and russia say the deal is close. the president visited some of
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the survivors for treatment. ukraine and russia can finalize a deal in the round of talks. trying to enforce a february cease-fire agreement that has repeatedly been violated. at least eight others were hospitalized due to injuries. it draws hundreds of thousands of members each year. from higher traveling to high fashion, the creme de la creme of the fashion world was out in force in paris to watch the unveiling of the latest how-to
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tour collection -- haute couture collection. the close also took center stage. a what pieces impressed the trendsetters? fashion bloggers are just as influential as celebrities and fashion magazines determining what we wear. our very own elizabeth shue from the social media desk is with us to discuss this. >> the trends we will be seeing next year will be lace and embroidery. she had a very interesting take on the whole trend thing. she told her fans that if they do decide to spend tens of thousands of dollars on october peace, josh on a couture -- o n
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a couture piece, you can make three out of this one piece. the queen of fashion blogging is not a fan of too much fabric. she says that this was her favorite piece from the show. sarah, i would not be surprised if we really start seeing this as a trend. and this is because she is the most influential fashion blogger out there. 4 million followers on instagram and that is almost as many as the u.s. vogue has on instagram. it is called "the blonde salad." she is making a lot of money out of it. millions of people come here every month for fashion advice.
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she has ads on the blog and she also sells her own clothing line . it is estimated she made $6 million last year just from her blog. she is one of the people that really managed to turn a hobby into a multimillion dollar business. if our viewers want to know more about the fashion week, they can always go to our website. sarah: thanks, elizabeth. the latest report from the world of sports now. boxer floyd mayweather is no stranger to controversy but he has been stripped of the boxing world organization welterweight title. >> the fight of the century against manny pacquiao made floyd mayweather the richest athlete on the planet after his victory. but he has been proved less skill that fighting the bureaucracy of the world boxing organization.
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there are two key points. first, the 11 time world champion has failed to pay a $200,000 sanctioning fee. second, the wbo dictates a boxer cannot hold world titles in multiple weight classes. he had eight weeks to vacate one of his other titles to keep his prize belt. the wbo refuses to turn a blind eye. the world check digit committee has allowed one other. they vacate his title. mayweather made around $209 from the pacquiao fight.
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>> tony martin took possession of the looters after winning stage four of the tour de france. the german broke away from the pack less than four kilometers from the finish line. the route in northern france included seven cobblestone sections to really test the grit. and another german came in second on the day. it tony martin has a 12 second overall lead over british cyclist. let's take a final look. the emergency summit of brussels to try to resolve the impasse over its crippling debt crisis. it is despite the finance minister failing to produce any concrete proposals to creditors earlier today. thanks for watching.
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still closed and customers can withdraw no more than 60 euros today. prime minister alexis tsipras is heading to more talks. france has expressed sympathy for the plight of ordinary people in greece and northern and european


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