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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 9, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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mit withdrawals. a life this request for bailout money to keep the money in the year that to keep the country in the eurozone. the u.n. says more than 4 million people have now left syria on the run from the war. that is the largest number of refugees from any crisis in 25 years. the mass murder of 8000 men and boys 20 years ago will not be recognized as genocide at the u.n..
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russia has vetoed a move for that recognition. also coming up this hour in business, china stock markets start to bounceback after losing trillions in recent weeks. we will find out why. tunisia fills a wall on its border to try to keep terrorists out. that and more on the way. but first our top stories. ♪ greece is now hurdling towards what just might be it's very last deadline in this debt crisis. the prime minister has promised to give the eu credible reform plans by the cut at midnight tonight. the new bailout plan would then unlock billions of desperately needed euros for greece.
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the country needs the money to not only keep it struggling economy afloat, but to keep it from crashing out of the euro. as the clock continues to tick, our brussels correspondent is us the latest. >> what we seem to have now first -- there is a positive step. creditors and the european commission and the finance ministers are in agreement with one thing, the situation in greece is dramatic. thanks will be closed until monday. capital control has been imposed. it is distressing for anyone, especially at the international monetary fund. it could be one of the most difficult days for alexis tsipras since he came into office.
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it was grilled by members of the european parliament. today will be extremely difficult. by midnight tonight his government will have to send in serious critical reforms a long list of comprehensive reforms that will be sent to the european commission and then sent out to creditors. he has to get the backing of the parliament or that. i am sure there will be a number of things taking place in athens. french officials will help out with that work from the european stability mechanism and an official from the european commission to make sure the creditors like the proposal. a new package will be created for greece enhancing structural reforms. genie: you can follow the greek crisis as it unfolds on our live blog. you'll get the latest news, latest statements, and videos all on
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in israel authorities say two israeli civilians are being held captive in the gaza strip, at least one of them by hamas. israel has lifted a gag order to reveal the details from one of the hostages 10 months after he disappeared. >> suggestion is made that there are not many israelis who voluntarily go into the gaza strip. the suggestion is made that he had psychological problems although his family denies that. they say he was troubled after the suicide of his brother. whatever the reason because he went by himself, the 28-year-old ethiopian immigrant -- the israeli immigrant looks at it differently than if it had been a kidnapping. genie: a tragic milestone for syria. more than 4 million people have now left the country on the run
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from the war. the u.n. says that is the largest number of refugees from any crisis in 25 years and that the flow of people leaving syria is accelerating. many syrian refugees head to lebanon. recent budget cuts from the u.n. mean less food and shelter for those in need. the u.n. now says it will not be able to provide even the most basic survival needs of millions of people over the next six months. >> going hungry. the shortfall as concrete effects on this family. in the lebanese valley, they sought assistance from the u.n. >> our situations are bureau feral. >>. the -- he is one of the 4
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million refugees. they live scattered across 1700 communities. almost have live in substandard shelters such as this makeshift camp. work is hard to find. wages are low. my husband >> works once or twice a week with the revenue is not enough. we received no aid. our situation is so bad. >> the u.n. needs 4 billion euros to support syrian refugees. the number is set to pass 4 million this year. as of july, the appeal is less than a quarter and refugee agency has warned that more cuts are imminent unless donors provide more funding. genie: tunisia says 33 young people, many of them muslim fundamentalist, have gone missing. it is that they have gone to join extremist groups operating across the border in libya.
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the perpetrators of the recent beach attack in tunisia and the previous attack on a museum there are thought to have trained in libya. in addition to imposing a state of emergency tunisia now says it is building a wall along part of its border with the via to try to keep terrorist fighters and weapons out. >> the tunisian army has started to dig a trench that will stretch 100 68 kilometers in land from the mediterranean coast. it is part of the government's plan to build an anti-terror wall. they are struggling to prevent terrorists from passing the border as well as the smuggling of weapons coming from neighboring libya. a country in the state of chaos since their former leader fell. >> it requires patience,
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sacrifice, actions, and measures necessary to ensure the continued vigilance and permanent readiness. hence it is in this context that we declare a state of emergency to ensure the ability to counter future threats. >> the sand wall will be two meters high and designed to stop from crossing freely into tunisia. it will only protect part of the desert border with 280 kilometers already left. i have asked for international assistance including helicopters and radar systems. the government fears more terrorist attacks could happen in the future. with libya now home to training camp's, fighters have prepared for the attacks at a museum and against tourists at a resort. the construction of the wall is said to be complete by the end
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of the year. genie: for more now, i am joined by a terrorism expert. it turns out that this wall being built is really anything but a wall at this point. >> it is not a wall. it is a ditch. they will put up sand up to two meters on 168 kilometers starting from the sea and going south on the border with libya. it is not over the border. i got to talk to someone from the tunisian government and he said it is the first step. then there will be another step. this first step is led by the army. and four tunisian companies will aid the army. another step, they might put things for surveillance and get more sophisticated.
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we are very far from that at this point. genie: given that, how useful might this wall be in truly giving terrorists out? wassim: walls have not been really useful all over history. they are not useful, but what you should know is that people who are committing acts in tunisia are tunisian. they are locals. they are not coming from a broad. if you say that they got trained in libya, you don't need to be trained to handle the gun. a 10-year-old can handle that. it is easy to use, that is why it is popular. training -- i don't see the point. to prevent jeeps are pickups from crossing, these people are locals before anything. you should know also that libyans are very present a broad. there are more than 3000
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tunisians abroad in other territories. there are more than 3000 fighting between syria and iraq. all the suicide attacks -- most of the suicide attacks that happened in libya were made by tunisian jihadis. it is a solution for something that could have worked maybe 20 years ago. today, we cannot see the same old solutions for a brand-new problem. genie: thank you for that. picking to us about the wall being built at the moment in tunisia. troops in nigeria have arrested the alleged mastermind of two bombings this week that killed close to 70. no one has taken responsibility for the attacks in the central cities, but they look to be linked to islamic militant group boko haram. it was at a checkpoint not far from the stronghold in the
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northeast. this week marks the 20th anniversary of the massacre of server needssrebenicia. some 8000 muslim men and boys were killed. many are making a march across bosnia retracing the route taken by the men fleeing the serbian forces. you can see the remains of 130 victims of the massacre. for more now, i am joined by correspondent there. tell us more about the ceremonies being planned their today and throughout the week. >> today this is not the ceremony. ceremony will take place on saturday. today, it is the carrying of the remaining victims that will be buried this year. in the memorial center.
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as usual they are carrying these by roads. people can come and shall they grieve in remembrance of these victims. 136 may not look like a big number compared to 2000 people are missing but it is important to understand that the identification of bodies is unfinished because it costs a lot. all the mass graves have not been opened but they know their location. opening them and sorting the remains and matching the dna can cost as much as 1500 euros per victim. it is not uncommon that a body shattered between different
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secondary mass graves, making the process harder. the process is slow, and not all the victims missing at war in bosnia have been found. genie: so far to international courts have ruled that the massacre was a genocide. yesterday at the u.n., russia vetoed a draft resolution that would call it just that. what kind of reaction has there been to that? laurent: it is interesting to see that there is not a lot of reaction from officials in bosnia. not a lot of reaction from politicians.they are aware of reactions in sarajevo coming from the international community. the american ambassador recalls the importance to recognize the genocide was perpetrated in srebrencia and russia has to explain to the victims why they don't want to call it happened there a genocide.
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they say guns kill the victim s 20 years ago my silence is killing them again. they probably want to give a low profile on the affair. genie: thank you for that. let's look at our headlines this hour. great banks will stay closed until monday with me still facing a 60-year-old bailey limit on withdrawals -- daily limits on withdrawals. the u.n. says more than 4 million people have now left syria on the run from the war. that is the largest number of refugees from any crisis in 25 years. the mass murder of 8000 men and boys at srebrencia 20 years ago
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will not be recognized as genocide at the u.n. russia has vetoed a move for that recognition. time now for the days business news with stephen carroll. starting of course with greece. despite the potential for an agreement, the economy is still in desperate need for help. >> we have been talking about what has been going on in brussels and who is talking to me just a reminder of how bad things are, you figure unemployment in april was over 25% with more than 53% under 25 out of work. that is down from nearly 60% two previously years previously. genie: how has the european market been reacting to hopes of a deal in greece? stephen: there is general
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optimism on the markets today for a number of reasons and one of them is what has to do with what is going on in greece. there is general optimism on the markets today for a number ofover 1% gains across london paris, in frankfurt. athens has been closed and they will remain so. genie: letter to china were we have seen a huge fall in the markets in recent weeks but it seems that things could be turning around. stephen: the roller coaster ride continuing this thursday. it opened down 3.8% but closed up almost 6%. a similar picture in hong kong. they had a were sellout in seven years yesterday but today starting to look up. since mid-june, chinese markets have lost more than 30% of their value or $3 trillion. many companies decided to stop hurting their shares. more than half of the companies have suspended trading today. steps are taken by regular
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readers that they banned major investors -- senior managers cannot sell shares for more than six months. an investigation is being put into malicious shortselling of shares. genie: next to london where people are having a tough time get to work today. stephen: it is the first total shutdown of the network 2 since 2002. genie: sorry we seem to be having technical difficulties with that package. stephen: the european union says mastercard is overcharging
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customers. antitrust complaints have been put against the card company saying they are sufficiently raising the charges. mastercard can now respond to those accusations. if they are upheld, the could be fined up to 10% of the annual turnover. another 4.5 million cars around the world are being recalled for faulty airbags made by takata. it is thus be responsible for over eight debts that for at least -- for at least eight deaths. i was preparing his biggest -- apple is preparing his biggest batch of iphones, 90 million by the end of 2015. apple boasts upgrades to its newest model touchscreen technology. genie: thank you so much for
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that look at the business news today. time now to take a look at the press review. we take a look at the weekly magazines. lots of focus on the greek debt crisis. >> one of the major stories in most of the magazines. let us start with the french magazine. never without greece. you see a photo of a greek statue turning its back on the readers. seven years after the fall of lehman brothers, it is still stuck in a crisis. how did we get here? this takes a closer look at this trap as it calls it, a tragedy in five looks at what european countries can do to react to the. in the meantime, another magazine looks at how can we
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save europe as a whole. after the greek no last week, lots of papers think there could be a contagion of eurosceptic parties that euro --euro skeptic groups. the charlatans against europe -- whether they are from the left wing or right wing, it points out it has been a historic fight between these anti-european parties and people who wanted to build europe ever since the creation of your. -- of europe. it seems like the skeptic parties are gaining ground. could there be an anti-european epidemic? that is what this wonders this weekend because three european countries are scheduled to hold elections before the end of the year. portugal,:, and spain.
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lots of papers -- portugal, poland, and spain. this magazine says they are imposters threatening europe. genie: plaza commentators especially those in germany are saying the greek debt crisis is a major test of leadership for the german chancellor. >> that's right. a very interesting cover on a german magazine this weekend. i need to explain it a little bit because it called angela merkel by trumor frow, the women who cleaned of germany in weight of the second world war. that is exactly what it calls the chancellor this week. essentially, she has to clean up the european mess, according to this magazine. under the headline, it says if the euro fails, the chancellor fails as well.
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what is interesting is angela merkel is on the front page of another magazine. a very traditional greek costume. you can see her dancing with the french president. they are dancing the traditional greek dance. perhaps you have seen that with people dancing and holding hands. they have twisted the dance into idiot in english. they are critical of what the french president and the chancellor are doing with respect to the european and greek crisis. they call this the dance of the summer. i wonder if that will pick up. genie: let's move away from greece. a magazine is focusing on tunisia and its struggle to fight the radicalism. >> we take a look at the front page and you can see it has black background as if tunisia is mourning here.
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you see a photo of tunisians who have carried out terrorist attacks at the museum or holiday resort. why? what is interesting about tunisia is it is not only the target of terrorism it is actually a breeding ground for terrorism. the magazine says tunisia is the world's leading exporter when it comes to jihadists per inhabitant. they talk about isis in tunisia and they wonder how did we get here? tunisian authorities really do not have a grip on things. they are feeling around in the dark. this is a dangerous situation for the tunisian society. genie: let's wrap up on a lighter note. with the baptism of a british princess. >> that's right. princess charlotte on the front page. this talked about the radiance royal family.
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inside all the photos of the baptism that took place on july 5. photos of princess charlotte and her brother prince george blessed by the gods, according to the magazine. one more look at a magazine that comes out every two months. it promises to give readers reason for hope. it takes a closer look at our memory and wonders if our memory is still useful. why should we burden ourselves with also to information when we have internet and external hard drives and tools in the palm of our hands. to take a look at our black box -- it takes a look at what it calls our black box. genie: thank you so much for that look at the weekly papers today. if you want to get a closer look at the press review this week, you can check it out on the website1
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