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tv   Dw News  LINKTV  July 15, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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live from berlin area to race race secure the bailout. anti-austerity protesters clash throwing rocks and molotov cocktails. lawmakers brace to vote onto bailout terms demanded by eurozone lenders. president obama makes the case to congress and the nation to approve a deal with iran. he says it heads off the nuclear arms race in the middle east.
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and will the 94-year-old be the last former nazi germany brings to justice? i'm sarah kelly. thank you very much for joining us on dw. lawmakers are joining to decide the country's financial future and the stakes could not be higher. alexis tsipras is trying to push to the painful austerity measures agreed to on monday but he faced stiff opposition. >> the greek parliament faces hours of heated debate. in exchange for a huge new bailout, it could hardly be more controversial. leading the is the former are.
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the terms are nothing short of humiliating. he said they are demanded from the defeated turks that they have no right to demand and the defeated have accepted commitments that they had no right to accept. similar views who today resigned her post as deputy finance minister. she could not vote against the demands and remain a member of the cabinet. even those will be voting yes with a heavy heart. there's no doubt that we are talking about painful measures but the darling of the country is facing was complete catastrophe or taking a long uphill road. outside parliament, civil servants have been demonstrating against the reforms. the athens subway closed, the city pharmacy to.
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alexis tsipras would join the protest if he could but as the man who signed the agreement in brussels, he knows he can't. he said, it is my responsibility to sign a text i am not believed in. i will not escape my responsibilities because right now i must guarantee the country and society do not face distraction. for him, it's a vote on his political future. the support of his right-wing coalition partner is uncertain and dozens of lawmakers are expected to vote against him. sarah: our correspondent is standing by an athens. we heard about clashes and demonstrations. it seems that many people are not happy of the prospect of this deal getting approved.
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>> this is correct. two hours ago, there have been lasted between police and protesters and angel athens. police have used tear gas and several cars were set on fire. rather quiet in terms of the parliament. perhaps you can hear the police helicopter coming down here. about 5000 policemen are on duty tonight. there are fears of possible clashes in the next hour or so. sarah: what about the mood in parliament? is it just as contentious? >> we expect -- expect the bailout laws will come through parliament does most of the
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opponents are conservatives. on the other hand, the crucial question will be whether prime minister service will preserve his own majority in parliament. if not there may be consequences for him and his government tonight. sarah: the vote has not taken place with the french parliament has overwhelmingly approved the greek debt deal. the lower house back the agreement. the prime minister said the deal was the only way out of the crisis. parliaments need the green light -- need to greenlight the deal and germany is set to vote at the end of this week. barack obama has been defending the iran new year deal to ethical u.s. lawmakers and the american public saying it represents a historic chance or a safer world. at a white house press
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conference commonly called the agreement an opportunity to peacefully resolve a major threat to regional and international acuity. without it, there is risk that other countries in the middle east will pursue their own nuclear programs. he expressed -- express that he expects a robust debate in congress. obama: there are two alternatives here. the issue of iran is resolved diplomatically through negotiation, or it is resolved through force. through war. those are the options. sarah: let's bring in richard walker. obama making a hard push.
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richard: it came off as almost an active salesmanship than full on professorial mode and delivering this areas of lectures in answer to the journalists. kicking off his arguments from this barrage of criticism he has been facing rum republicans and the israelis. the criticism he has been facing from those groups, he has not heard a credible -- >> we obviously have a sound delay with his interview and we will try to get him back a little later in the show. he was the man that counted the spoils the nazis stole from the dead and condemned. oscar was an accountant of auschwitz. he is being made to pay for his crimes. a germany court has sentenced him to or years jail and what
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will probably be the last major nazi trial. >> he was convicted of terrible crimes. he was an accessory to the murders of more than 300,000 people including being a cog in the extermination machinery. he admitted to confiscating the baggage of the order jews and have taken away their money. the four-year prison sentence goes beyond the prosecutors can ask for. it is not a very surprising verdict, but we will look over the details. >> the importance of the verdict is that it says auschwitz was a place that was a murder machine. for their whole life and been waiting for the german justices him to come forward with a decision like this.
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>> that means a conviction was possible even without proof that he was directly involved in a murder. he admitted what he called moral guilt at the beginning of the trial. he has also been found legally guilty. it is an outcome that survivors were hoping for. unfortunately, i cannot forgive him for the act that he committed and for what he did. he might've taken the ring from my mother's finger when she was driven off of a carriage. the victims will always number how they suffered. the public prosecutor's office will determine if he will actually have to go to jail. sarah: immune a court has sentenced a man to jail or terrorist activities.
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he was convicted of attempted murder and membership of a terrorist group. he traveled to syria where he was joining a training camp. >> hundreds of young men have joined i asked to fight and support the militant islamist movement. some of these fighters later returned to germany. this man is one of them. he admitted to taking part in islamist training and starting a prison, showing the building were seven people were killed. the son of immigrants has been sentenced to 11 years in jail. the main message here from the federal republic of germany is that such crimes, even committed abroad should be prosecuted with a heavy prison sentence. he is the first returning jihadists that has stood for
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trial. he testified for returning fighters. it is under close surveillance and police have carried out several raids and arrested homegrown islamist. >> they have launched for luminary investigations. sarah: this is not an isolated case in germany. the jihadist movement is gaining traction here. >> there are 600 that work from germany to area. their numbers are rising and this is a reason of earned for security authorities. everybody is wondering why these young people are joining terrorist movements. they are interesting observations to be made.
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they say the family history is mainly a con act between sun and father. the face of orientation, so to speak. and sometimes, they feel attracted by the creatures that tell them, we've got the right message for you and they are hooked. and they are driven slowly but steadily into the ideology of the estate. sarah: what is being done to eliminate that? >> they try to prevent the radicalization process. we are talking about small numbers. 4.5 million muslims living in germany. a tiny minority but still, the security authorities are worried that they go to syria, they come back, they do crimes here and make things a load.
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they are trying to convince people when they are young, not to join the movement. there is very little other offers being made by the germans they so far that are emotionally convince a bull for those who have a weak identity. not only the muslims have this problems but non-muslims. they will join radical movements from the right. sarah: who are they joining? are we the majority of people going to islamist a or some fighting for a saudi? >> there is not a single recorded cases somebody joining the fight of this. regime against its own people. most of these people join the islamic state. some join other movements. it is very attractive because it is so successful. young people trying to find their way and looking for orientation, they believe in this drink of this group and the
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mythology of this group and their internet propaganda. sarah: this problem is a growing one and we hope there is a solution. time for around up of other stories around the world. boko haram s killed dozens of people in a fresh series of attacks in nigeria. the deadliest occurred where islamist set up a roadblock and attacked motorists. pro-government forces continued to gain ground in southern yemen after recapturing the airport. it is the first major advance by fighters loyal to the exiled government militias currently control the capital and parts of the south and east. authorities in mexico have released video outage of drug
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lord walking guzman, the man known as el chapo fled through a tunnel 1.5 kilometers long under mac and security detail. this is the moment he disappeared from view on saturday night. we have to take a short break. stay with us.
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sarah: welcome back. our top stories. anti-austerity protesters have thrown rock and firebombs at police use -- responded with tear gas is parliament here's up to vote on a tough sell out deal for greece. lawmakers have to approve the cut today if the country is to receive more cash. monica has been following the imf's role in the greek.
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monica: they will have a very rough time voting for a highly unpopular package secure a new bailout. a report from the international monetary and is making matters more complicated. the imf is warning creditors will have to go are beyond the listing debt relief estimates to stabilize greece's finances. washington might be much further from athens in brussels the key decisions are here as well. they want to see extensive debt relief according to a strategy paper. but are restructuring with no haircut on the principle loans. >> it is highly unlikely that greece will be in a position to honor all of it that and repay the bailout and get to a situation.
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restructuring the debt and assistance is what is desperately required. >> berlin has come under much criticism for the hard-line on greece. but the imf does have international support. >> it a bit of the spit in the face to germans because they're asking greeks to do things that are rather hard to do. i think they're hoping that the reforms that greece will finally be putting forward and pushing to see them implemented under a lot of pressure will lead the higher long-term growth in the future. >> the national debt could reach 200% of gross to mastic product inside the next two years. one representative is quoted as saying that the current debt situation is unsustainable. monica: another voice of warning from an independent you a next hurt on foreign debt.
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rhesus creditors may break international law if the conditions lead to undue hardship. the wall street correspondent joins us from new york. a crucial night for greece and the eurozone. what is the view all of this where you are? >> there is a question of why the imf dropped this om shell sodas the, so late in the game. they were asking for a dramatic extension of their debt in greece. also a bigger cut. future generations. we are talking decades under what is decided right now. the imf says it is a decision between greece and europe and if those decisions are against the imf rules, they will basically step away.
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those comments are coming pretty late in the game. monica: to make matters worse the head of the federal reserve is now talking of rate hikes because the u.s. economy is doing so well. >> we're talking about the first interest rate and recent september and applause in october and then a second small increase in december that is what investors are betting on it this point. at the end, it is not done until it is done. if the situation in europe gets worse or in china, then the federal reserve will actually wait. janet was pretty clear saying she would like to increase rate soon and in the end, it's not only her decision. we still don't know what going to happen. and with all that uncertainty the trading environment on wall
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street was completely flat. monica: nobody knows what going to happen but take you that view from new york. the ugandan president has urged burundi's government and opponents to put aside sectarian and lyrical differences. and he's african country is looking with apprehension to burundi. they were the unrest could affect the east african community. the free trade area to which burundi belongs. they have the ambitious goal of introducing a single currency by 2024 and will get analysis from the africa desk. but first, this report. >> the freedom to cross orders is what the east african community hope will bring more trade and invest in. the nations rely mainly on or
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invest earth. first they want to strengthen common market with more than 100 and 13. rwanda has made it easier for workers of the member states. they have longer need a work permit. in the next decade, some of the countries that have large gas and oil reserves want to adjust the currency and spending policies. a common currency modeled on the european union. similarly to the euro, the monetary union would be administered through a common central-bank. however, the implementation could take years. and not only because of the ongoing violence in burundi. there is another problem. the differing economic strength.
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the rondae is one of the poorest nations in the world. monica: that sounds familiar. it single currency, different economies. how is that community hoping to handle it? let's go to the africa desk for some answers. is that a good idea? cracks i think if you asked one or two years ago they would of said it's a very good idea. since them, we are in a very critical phase. not only in berlin the -- but economically and politically. they have a similar setting. and what is really coming close to common currency.
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it is a long way to go. to which the introduction of the currency has already been forwarded to. monica: the relationship is also somewhat strained following a trade agreement last year. tell us a bit about that. >> there is pressure on the eu. the east african communities, in kenya, it is under pressure. they have listed some preferences. so the east africa committee had to sign the economic ship agreements. there is the fear that the
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import of european products to which the east african community has now opened its market for up to 80%. monica: the downsides of a trade agreement there. thank you very much. back to sarah. sarah: thanks so much. moving on to the tour de france now, the race leader christopher froom enjoyed a day in the saddle. >> beating up the top 10 altogether.
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howard away from the group it never looked back. he has a lead over his rivals. sarah: and robert van percy, the dutch striker has signed a deal with the turkish football. thousands showed up at the stadium to welcome their latest edition. incomplete support of the new offensive option. the dutch kick the ball around with fans and promised to win as many trophies as possible. you have been watching dw news. anti-austerity protesters have been throwing rocks and
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firebombs and enteral athens as parliament gears up to vote on a tough bailout deal for greece. eurozone lenders say greek lawmakers have to approve the cuts today if the country is to receive more cash. president obama makes the case for an agreement with iran trying to halt the nuclear arms race in the middle east. the former ss sergeant oscar groaning that is known as the accountant of auschwitz is found guilty of being an accessory to murder in a german court and is sentenced to four years in jail. more coming up at the top of the hour. get the latest news and information. i'm sarah kelly. see you in a bit.
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had a choice, diplomacy or war. ibrahimovic defends a historic deal, despite criticism from allies in the middle east. police used tear gas against anti-austerity protestors. la


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