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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 15, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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had a choice, diplomacy or war. ibrahimovic defends a historic deal, despite criticism from allies in the middle east. police used tear gas against anti-austerity protestors. lawmakers are debating tough
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reforms. and the jail break of mexico's notorious drug lord caught on camera. he escaped a maximum security prison for the second time in 14 years. >> we still have profound differences with iran, but the nuclear deal will make the world a safer place. that is the u.s. president, barak obama, who has been defending the agreement with teheran, in which it has agreed to substantially reduce its nuclear capabilities in return for the lifting of economic sanctions. he admitted it is still possible iran may cheat.
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>> with this deal we gain unprecedented, around the clock monitoring of nuclear facilities and the most sfwrusive inspection rezwreem ever negotiated. without a deal, those inspections go away, and we lose the ability to monitor iran's program and detect any covert nuclear weapons program. with this deal, if iran violates it's commitments, there will be real consequences. nuclear related sanctions that have helped to cripple the economy will snap back into place. >> iran's supreme leader has made some comments in the wake of the deal. he said some of the six negotiating partners are not trust worry and legal measures must be brought in. i talked to our correspondent. he told us how despite the deal the united states still considers iran to be a athlete to peace in the middle east.
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>> president obama in the press conference said the deal is not contingent on iran changing its behavior. of course iran is expected to change its behavior in regards to the nuclear program, but everything else is entirely apart from this deal. this includes the human rights record of iran, the support of syria for hezbollah. the four u.s. citizens are in jail in iran. the white house is saying this is a good deal on the iran nuclear program. everything else we will have to look at, at some otherpoint. but what the white house has said is the fact that there is a nuclear green-beckham gives the united states more leeway and its partners more of a possibility to talk about other subjecting with iran. this is a normalization of
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relations, not a renewal of the diplomatic relationship with iran as might have been the case with cuba recently. this is very different he says. but in terms of the argument, it is pretty much the same we have heard from him and the white house since yesterday, that this deal is a good one because the alternative might have been an armed conflict with iran. it is a good deal for the white house because it keeps them from getting into a nuclear arms race. they say what this deals gives us is a lot of monitoring of the iran nuclear program, constant monitoring. this doesn't mean inspectors will be there all time, but the united states will have the possibility to take a very close look at whether iran cheats on the deal. >> philip reporting earlier. the french foreign minister will be one of the first foreign leaders to visit teheran following that agreement. he was one of the more
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skeptical negotiators, bus he said it was in everyone's best interests. >> either we allow civil practices and eliminate nuclear energy for military purposes, which is what we obtained, or let's be clear. there was a risk of war. you know what that means. war with iran in the middle east. >> well, the pressure is now on the u.n. weapons inspectors to ensure iran keeps its side of the deal. the international atomic energy aiming sill will be in charge of up suspecting sites to make sure iran no longer has the means to make a nuclear bomb. here is more. >> in a room in vienna is a room staff named the dungeon. it has all the equipment to check whether a country is respecting its nuclear obligations. it monday stories the transfer
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of radiation sill terse, and neutron cameras, and even next generation surveillance cameras. these are state of the art gadgets that will be used to make sure iran isn't secretly building a nuclear weapon. >> with the cooperation of iran, the agency will be able to establish an understanding of the whole picture concerning issues relating to military dimensions to iran's nuclear program. >> the iaea has on average between four and 10 inspectors on each site in iran. but soon more will be needed. the agency will be expected to inspect certain military sites and monitor the design of reactors capable of producing weapons great plutonium. this promises to be one of the
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biggest missions the iaea has every taken on. if iran keeps its promises, the international sanctions gets it could be lifted. >> the scenes on the treats of athens as greek lawmakers discuss tough noah economic reforms. police have been firing tear gas on youth who have been throwing petrol bombs. clashing erupted just before the debate, the majority of the violence taking place in the square just outside the greek partment. if lawmakers don't vote for measures they will lose an 86 billion euro offer. the perform doesn't believe in the agreement, and now he is struggling to sell it to members of his peer. here is more. >> it could have been far
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worse. that is the message greek leader alexis tsipras conveyed to the nation while struggling to rally political support for a raft of brutal economic reforms demanded by the e.u. in return for another bailout. >> i am telling you that i take my responsibilities for errors or omissions and it is my responsibility that i signed a text i do not believe. i will be responsible for the non-collapse of banking system and guarantee the governs of the country. >> obligations that bring them to worse reforms than last week. tax raises, reform, and a pledge to reverse the position on which alexis tsipras' party came to party. many won't vote for the reforms to pass.
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that leaves tsipras' majority in jeopardy. they don't have a -- >> it is a third package of austerity measures, tough measures. they are digging even deeper in the pockets of the greek citizens from a tax point of view. we are supporting the government, but we are calling, even at the lost moment, for it to retract this deal this ch is so destructive for the greek people. >> tsipras however, appears to have little choice. greek banks are still closed with questions over how long it will take to recapitalize them even if the reforms pass, something to which 70% of greeks believe there is no alternative according to a poll. >> france has long been a stefani supporter of greece staying in the eurozone. today french mp's overwhelmingly voted in favor
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of the bailout deal. >> france could not let the notion of european solidarity be done away with. i said it here myself with the president. our country made its voice heard and presence felt. you do not eject a country from the union like that on a whim of fatalism and selfishness of each man for himself. that cannot be the language of europe. >> and france is also hoping to recover the billions of euros it has already lent greece. here is our coverage of that debate. he was speaking earlier. >> french members of parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of deal agreed between greece and the european union. the french prime minister defended the agreement saying that europe took the path of
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responsibility and truth that france could not abandon greece and played a key reali in preventing an exit. in the debate that followed, parliamentary groups got to speak their minds on this deep. the left wing, the communists and the green party said this deal was too liberal and imposed too much austerity on greece. despite voting in favor of the agreement, the senior right party, the republicans criticized francois hollande for giving in and not showing decisive leadership. france has now voted in favor of the deal clinched with greece. other european countries will be expressing their points of view on this deal in the coming hours and days. on friday, germany will vote on the deal between the european union and degrees. >> now the so-called book
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keeper of's wits has been sentenced to four years in prison in germany. oscar groening valued items stolen from concentration camp victims. there is a question whether he will be able to serve out his victims. >> a symbolic victory as oscar is sentenced for four years in pro bowl. >>'s wits as a whole was a death machine. , in the end no one knows what is the appropriate sentence. in the send, it was a death machine, and each person involved has to assume respond for their part. >> greoning seized the assets. it is only the second time one
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was convicted of murder, a former ss guard. one owusu convicted in 2011. holocaust survivors see wednesday's decision as justice long overdue. >> i am pleased with the verdict, but i wouldn't want him to go to prison. i northwest what it is like to be in prison. i was in auschwitz two three years. >> a freeman for the past 70 years, he will now have to pay for his crimes. but his ill health will likely determine whether he will spend any time behind bars. >> after months of fighting in yemen, sheehey -- the shieah rebels are out of the city. it is the biggest set back in months. >> shooting in the streets.
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but this time to celebrate. after months of fighting, yemeni forces are pushing fighters out of the city enableds. it is the biggest set back yet for the husi's and maybe the battle that turns around the war. supported and armed by saudi arabia, the loyalists took over several neighbors and airport on tuesday. >> the airport is now completely under control of the southern resistance. this victory is a gift for all the martyrs who gave their lives in these battles. we hope for victory, and victory is near, god willing. >> on wednesday, witnesses say the loyalists took over a port, a strategic site through which half of the world's oil is transported. this battle is maybe the one the saudis had been waiting for. they took over sinai in much of
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the south, forcing the president to flee to riat. the pro iranian fighters said on wednesday that saudi bombings continued killing several people. >> mexico's government has released a video showing fugitive drug lowered guzman breaking out of his prison cell. it is the second time the -- in shall years the drug lord has escaped the maximum security prison. it shows him going into the shower before disappearing. >> a modern day prison break and orchestrated without a flaw. cctv footage taken from a camera in the cell shows the convict sitting on his bed and putting on his shoes. he then goes behind the blind spot of his shower and appears to squat before disappearing. by 8:52 p.m. on saturday, the
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mexican drug lord is the most wanted man in the country. >> all the security forces of the state of mexico are coordinating closely to try and recapture g guzman. >> what the camera can't see is an escape route, a hole about 50 cent meets square. the tunnel is a kilometer and a half long, it contains a lighting and ventilation system as well as a motorcycle built on rails to move building materials. the convict fled up a tunnel, going out into an abandoned construction site in the middle of a field. the moment the guards noticed he was long, the prison was placed on lock-down but it was too little, too late. the mexican government has offered a $3.8 million reward
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for his capture. there are suspicions of an inside job. >> the british government says it is creating a secure zone to help with the problem of illegal stow aways. there will be a secure waiting area for vehicles to stop those if timmying to illegally enter the u.k. >> boarding a truck for a better life in britain. thousands of my grants from sudan and syria attempt this crossing every day. climbing into one of the vehicles lined up for kilometers on end at the french port town. but britain has had enough. in an timmy to establish a secure zone, eliminating the last four kilometers. removing them from the open road where they can become targets for migrants attempting
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to board their vehicles. the prbs are clearly symptomatic of a wider issue that needs to be tackled at source and in transit countries. >> millions of pounds of goods are being lost and truck drivers traumatized. >> our prime concern is the safety of drivers. there is a valuable lead load open the back of every track maybe perishable food. >> the drivers face off with my grants desperate for a better life in britain. 5,000 my grants live in a make- shift refugee camp. they are willing to keep trying until they make it. >> i hope to get to britain. every day i try four or five times. >> they hope to bring down the
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number of attempts that can be made per day flores. >> let's get an update on the day's top business news. will is with us. you are going to take us back to grease where that debate is going on. lawmakers must accept more austerity or risk losing a crucial bantamweight. >> the creditors are doing weighing what to do with the debt. it is 177% of g.d.p. it could become much bigger. imf has warned it may walk away from the program. that puts it at odds with another creditor, the eurozone. charles has more. >> it has been one of the thorniest issues in the bailout talks. and now the special monetary fund has made its strongest call yet for greek debt relief. it says that greece's debt now
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can only be made sustainable through relief measures that go far beyond what the imf has considered so far. it stands at 177% of g.d.p. that could hit 200% in two year's time. it presents two options. either give greece an extra 30 years before it has to make any payments on debt or reduce the amount it has to pay back. but the european commission explained sustainability should not be a question since they have long grace periods as is. >> they have a period for interest until 2020 and principal until 2023, which means that greece is currently paying neither interest or principal on new loans. >> germany said it would consider extending payment so long as it doesn't actually
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reduce the value of greece's det. >> this will not be the solution if it leads to a significant reduction in the cash value of the debt. then we would in the end essentially have nothing. >> the new bailout package hinges on the i.m.f.'s participation, but the i.m.f. has signaled it can't approve anymore bailout money for depreast until the issue of its debt has been resolved. >> earlier in athens labor unions are against more tax increases and reforms. those are among some of the measures which will be debated this evening. lawmakers are voting just before a midnight deadline. unions, the communist party and and arcists have planned more rallies throughout the day to reject the austerity. some have called the terms barbaric. >> this is a new government with old policies policies
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that will only lead greek society to poverty and wretchedness. however, for us this is the beginning of a new fight, a tough fight, to overthrow the new bailout, should it be approved. >> greece was singled out in a speech by the chair of the u.s. federal reserve tonight janet yellen said uncertainty regarding its future in the eurozone could pose a threat to the growth prospects. she said the u.s. central bank remains on track to raise interest rates this year. take a listen. >> if the economy evolves as we expect, economic conditions likely would make it appropriate at some point this year to raise the federal funds rate target. there by beginning to normalize the stance of monetary policy. >> big remarks from yellen, but
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they were expected, so mild reaction on wall street. stocks are lower in new york, this as the deadline looms in athens and clashes between protestors and police have erupted. that has pushed all the indexes down in the red, but just below the flat line. time to look at some other top stories. mexico's historic oil auction missed its goal. in the first round, only two out of 14 fields were sold. the combined fields in the gulf of mexico are worth an estimated $80 million. it was nearly 30 years ago that they ticked out foreign energy companies. indians online pastrana service plans to launch in 18 new countries by 2016. the company is valued at more than $1 billion. >> and sir mike rake is leaving barclays. he has served as the bank's
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deputy chairman since 2012. that comes just after anthony jenkins had a falling out with the board. he is taking up a new position with word pay. they say there is a lot of fish in the sea, but how many are worth $1 million? just one. in australia, the top end region is holding a fishing competition to promote tourism. one lucky winner will catch a fish worth $1 million. they are trying to boost visits in low season which begins in october. they say it will be australia's biggest fishing vinny. >> what would you do for $1 million? go skydiving, swim with shorts? what if it was as easy and throwing in a line on your next holiday. this october, 76 fish will be
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tagged and released. catch one and you want. there are $75 worth $10,000 each, and the big one is $1 million. >> that may turn me into a fisherman. >> not much fun for the fish, is it? >> we won't ask their opinions about it. >> maybe they get thrown back. >> not a fly fishing competition. >> that is a shame. >> sorry nemo. >> thank you, will with business. we are did go to take a very short break. do stay with us. more news and headlines still to come.
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rom pacifica, this is democracy now! >> criminal justice system is not as smart as it should be. it is not keeping us as safe as it should be. it is not as fair as it should be. mass incarceration makes our country worse off and we need to do something about it. amy: one in four. that is one in four prisoners in the world are held in the united states. that's right. the u.


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