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tv   Dw News  LINKTV  July 21, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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forest 100,002 sleep. burundi's president is seeking a another term which is opponent says his unconstitutional. more than 30 killed and monday's suicide arming in turkey. security forces have identified
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a suspected bomber. and the head of japanese technology company toshiba quits. we look at how the scandal could impact the japanese economy. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] i am sarah kelly. thank you for joining us. marooned in special election has taken place against -- burundi's special election has taken place against a backdrop of violence. leaders have guided the vote saying it was unconstitutional and other serious candidates were prohibited from campaigning. it has plunged the room d into crisis fearing the violence could escalate into another -- the room the --burundi into a
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crisis fearing the violence could escalate into another civil war. >> the polling stations were almost deserted. i did not go to vote, this man says. i reject the idea of a third term for this president. it is unconstitutional. many fear a return to political unrest. there is no security in burundi. we are not sure what is happening. incumbent president voted in his home village arriving by bike and wearing a track suits. running virtually unopposed and is likely to win a third
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five-year term. he is opponents say it is a constitutional violation. >> we have to allow the people to vote and choose someone they trust, and also to choose the program that eats them best. people -- that serves them best. people will choose a program based on the past, present, and future. reporter: the past weighs heavily on this election. in may, rebel generals tried to overthrow the president in a coup. after that failed, they launched at a rebellion in the country's north. more than 150,000 have fled to neighboring countries. polls in burundi are now closed.
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a result is expected later this week. in the meantime, tension remains high. residence in the capital are gathering in protest. after a disputed election, burundi now sees further problems at home and growing isolation abroad. sarah: let's bring in our guest in the capital. the united states, among others has called this election not credible. what sort of turnout did you witness personally? guest: i saw a very low turnout especially because i was here for the last elections in 2010 so even in this area, very very
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low and i realize people have been checked who is going and who is not going. because of the fighting and the grenades and the gunshots. sarah: what is the mood there among the people? we heard and that piece there is a lot of concerned that this could plunge the country into violence. what sense are you getting from the people there and the opposition? guest: the political opposition is very frustrated. the negotiations did not lead to anything. that is radicalizing the political opposition and pushing them into the arms of a group
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that has been created in the northern burundi mountains where parts of the army have already defected. this is probably coming up in the next few weeks. sarah: so it sounds like that you're hearing from your sources that something could potentially be happening soon there. in the meantime, a lot of people are afraid. we have heard that more than 150,000 have fled the country. it has been very destabilizing. what is being done in terms of the refugee situation and hasn't escalated surrounding these elections -- has it escalated surrounding these elections? guest: after the last night and seeing how the international community is standing aside and
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no one gives help and support people are -- [indiscernible] very, very quickly. it is very clear that something violent will happen in the next few weeks to come. already, we can go to the shops because their owners hve been running away. there is a very major impact for the economy right now. let me run to a village where my grandpa lives or even to a neighboring country -- [indiscernible] in the eastern democratic republic of congo another war is going on. these people are very desperate. sarah: thank you very much.
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turkish security forces say they have identified a suspect and monday's suicide bombing near the border with syria. there has been no claim of responsibility for attack -- the attack and which 32 were killed and more than 100 were wounded. turkish security believes the attack was carried out why the group islamic state in retaliation for the government's efforts to clamp down on it. relatives of the the inns began burying their dead on wednesday -- of the victims began burying their dead on wednesday. reporter: anger turned to grief as victims are laid to rest. they are accustomed to violence and upheaval after years of war in syria, but this was on a different level. most of those who lost their lives were students. >> is still seems like he will
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be here soon. i can't believe it. he was against violence. >> we will not give up, what ever happens. we will defend peace and brotherhood. reporter: the young people had gathered outside a cultural center to express solidarity with residents of the nearby syrian city of kobani. amateur footage captured the moments immediately after the blast. soon came the grim task of cleaning up the aftermath. the prime minister visited survivors in the hospital. they have blamed islamic state for the bombing and have tightened security on the border with syria. but that pledge comes too late for the families. they are only just beginning to comprehend what happened to their loved ones. sarah: in other news ukrainian
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comic or went on trial in russia charged with terrorism. he has spent months in prison in a case announced by human rights groups. he was arrested last year just after mocks out -- moscow annexed the peninsula. he is accused of plotting terrorist acts. he denies wrongdoing. if convicted he faces up to 20 years in jail. >> i am fine, but i do not recognize your court. reporter: fighting words spoken by the accused against the russian digester h -- russian judiciary. he thinks of himself as a citizen of ukraine, but the courts treat him as a citizen of russia as his home was annexed a year ago. that is something he has not accepted. his lawyers wonder what else
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moscow will come up with. >> the process is likely to be open, but i doubt it will be fair. at the moment, i think any surprise is possible. reporter: kiev, november, 2013. many ukrainians demonstrated for democracy. he supported the pro-western demonstrators from the beginning. in april 2014, the situation became worse. his home was annexed i russia. he refused to give up his ukrainian passport. then in may he was suddenly arrested with three of his friends. the charge, suspected terrorism. moscow claims that he is the founder of the ukrainian nationalist movement that has planned attacks. he has been sitting in a moscow prison for more than a year now. >> this is not a normal case.
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this is a show trial. the authorities pretend they are terrorists. they're trying to make out that ukrainians are fascist to want to blow up everything including crimea. they're using my brother to intimidate those who think differently. it will likely -- reporter: it will likely take months to reach a judgment in a trial the defendant will not acknowledge is legitimate. sarah: in ukraine itself there is growing concern over an extreme right-wing militia. it saw two members killed in recent clashes with police as the group called for the resignation of top government officials. so far, kiev has been reluctant to crack down on the militia. >> just past 9:00 a.m., rifle practice. he is one of the recruits at right sectors training camp in
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eastern ukraine, 100 kilometers from the eastern front. he and the others are anxious to see battle. they are getting ready to fight for ukraine, but not the country's leaders. >> i am here because i aim for the truth. the powers that be have not built a functioning state. there is nothing but chaos in our country. i am here because these guys think the same way i do. reporter: he and his comrades are learning to fire into italy. their instructor joined win nationalists and right-wing extremists formed the group during last year's revolution. >> we have many demands for the government. they really have not gotten anything done. we elected them. now we have to get rid of them. it would be better if they went away on their own. reporter: after lunch, it is
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house to house combat. they do not recognize the government in kiev and refuses to take commands from the government army. perhaps one of the reasons they recently found themselves surrounded by government troops. >> we thought they would come take our weapons, but we would have managed. the army guys did not want to storm our camp, but if they have to, a command is a command. reporter: we spot swastikas on bands and here -- on their vans and hear racist comments when the cameras are not on. >> we are just doing our jobs. after the war we can think about what the people in power are doing wrong. right now, it is about winning the war. reporter: many doubt the government can come up with a solution. they are calling for a new political movement. sarah: thank you for watching in
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dw news -- watching dw news. coming up -- a scandal at toshiba. what it means for the japanese economy. an emotional farewell. champions past and doesn't -- past and present bid farewell to the young driver laid to rest in france. don't go away.
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sarah: welcome back. you are with dw news. our top stories -- people in burundi have voted in presidential elections that people say were neither free nor fair. the incumbent is seeking a third term despite allegations it is unconstitutional. two people killed in violence before the polls opened. at turkey says they have it in a fight one suspect in connection with monday's bomb attack that killed 32 people. at the prime
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minister says it was probably carried out with a suicide bomber with connections to islamic state. financial markets have taken a tumble in the united states. what happened to all of the optimism? >> it is drying up very quickly. the dow down. traders were getting involved by -- excited by earning season. let's run through the numbers first of all and explain why investor confidence is getting a bit of a shake. reporter: well, we should really not put too much into this. of course, it looks terrible when youee the dow jones down more than 200 point. it's really only two stocks united technology and then on
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the other side was ibm. also something that you cannot even really blame ibm for. they are currently moving towards more cloud software, just like oracle and sap. profit margins are large acre -- a lot bigger and that causes revenues to take a tumble and investors are fleeing out of that stock. >> not that much going on macro economically. what about apple though? is it able to save the day? reporter: apple currently is not out and it might save the day especially tomorrow. we might see that stock at going through the roof if apple managed to beat expectations are ridiculously high. wall street is looking at a revenue of 31% and profits up 35% over last year.
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so that would be quite an achievement. and if apple manages to get over that bar then we will certainly see a strong move to the outside tomorrow. reporter: what are consumers expecting from apple? reporter: aside from the numbers, it is mostly two things. how is the iphone doing? generally the second quarter of the year is the weakest for the iphone. however wall street till expects a record revenue for the iphone of $30 billion, and that is because the map and china is supposed to be a lot stronger than ever before. at the same time, the first quarter for the apple watch to be on the market. this is the first time we are getting numbers for the apple watch, and of course everyone is excited to see how this new product is selling.
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>> ok. we will check in with you later. to one of the most damaging scandals to hit japan in recent years. toshiba. the head of the electronics giant is stepping down. an independent report has found management complicit in a scheme to inflate profits. japan only recently adopted a corporate governance code to improve transparency. the findings are a major embarrassment. reporter: toshiba's ceo stood with his head bowed before flashing cameras for almost a minute, in a pose to signal deep contrition. >> we sincerely admit to having caused the trouble. i genuinely apologize to our shareholders. i am deeply sorry. reporter: toshiba overstated
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profits for more than six years according to an independent committee. the discrepancy, $1.2 billion. the report showed top management pressured employees to falsify figures. the government in tokyo fears the scandal will hurts not only the technology giant, but the economy as a whole. >> it is very regrettable because it may cause the tokyo stock exchange to lose credibility. reporter: unlike some western accounting scandals, toshiba's accounting did not enrich and individuals. employees collaborated to save face for the company. in 2011 it was revealed that camera maker olympus cooked the books. the scandal at toshiba's shows how japan is still struggling to
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improve corporate accountability. anchor: there are around 5 million muslims in germany, a large enough market for the islamic tank that has just opened up a branch here. they are interested in attracting investors interested the moral equivalent of islamic banking. we explain. reporter: another bank opens in frankfurt, but this is no ordinary bank. it charges no interest on loans, something forbidden under islam. >> we do not speculate. we only engage in real economy transactions. we do not give our clients credit area they have to put up property first. it has to be solid. we buy property and we sell property to the clients.
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reporter: that means the bank earns its revenue by buying and selling things. but k.g. banks also sees itself as an ethical institutin and rejects some types of business. >> porgraphy i'll call, tobacco. we have a blacklist. we will not finance those types of investments. reporter: other branches of kt bank are popping up another german cities with large muslim populations. they are located in the business district in the hope of attracting a much wider business. anchor: that is it for me. now over to sarah kelly. sarah: formula one driver jules bianchi has been laid to rest in
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a service attended by friends and family. he died last week following nine months in a coma after a crash at last year's japanese grand prix. reporter: formula one champions past and present were there to honor jules bianchi. the head of fia were there to offer condolences. they could barely contain themselves remembering a driver seemingly destined for stardom. >> it mean something to have everybody here. it shows how we are unified. reporter: he was the first driver for talent he as a result of race entry since 1994. >> he was so natural humble. he always knew how to remain humble. reporter: top drivers were among
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the mourners. after the service all offered a round of sustained applause to honor the fallen would be hero. sarah: now to a legend on the tennis courts. but roger federer is also a hero to many children. the multiple grand slam winner has dedicated his off court activities to improving children's academic chances in six african countries, aiming to touch the lives of millions of kids. we sent our corresponded to see the work the foundation is doing. reporter: it is mandatory even for a 17 time champion. but roger federer came to see the impact his foundation is having on children's education. it was of more interest than his wimbledon final. says but they are so committed to helping their village, their
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kids. that is the most important, that this is the ongoing thing. reporter: his foundation is focused on half a dozen countries and seven africa. >> i learned a lot. i thought it was an unforgettable journey of learning. the kids were having a great time. it was so inspiring and motivating every time. reporter: his hairstyle is secondary. sarah: now the makers of the football game series fifa have chosen female players to feature on the front cover in north america. the canadian captain christine sinclair appears on the cover of the copies sold in canada where alex morgan features on the u.s. cover. the new edition of the fight is the first where players will be
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able to play as women's teams. [cheering] sarah: good for them. it is about time. you are watching dw news. a reminder of our top stories -- people in burundi have voted in elections that observers say were neither free nor fair. the incumbent facing -- seeking a third term despite allegations it is unconstitutional. turkey says it has a dignified one suspect in connection with monday's devastating bombing that killed 32 p old. -- people. it was likely carried out by suicide bombers with connections to the islamic state. that is all we have time for on dw news. more coming up at the top of the hour. i will see you then. i am sarah kelly in berlin.
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, and now that it has finally arrived, and new explosions and gunfire echoing around the capital of normandy. people were due to begin voting a policeman and opposition official killed in the latest violence. the election held amid ongoing purchase over the president's decision to run for a third term and the opposition's decision to boycott


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