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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 27, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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ered up in turkey in what a government called a trackcrackdown on militants. talking peace and human rights. barack obama praises ethiopia. his first trip to the country. he has glossed over the issue of recent elections. and here in france hundreds forced to flee forest fires are
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told they can return to their homes as they bring the blaze under control. more than 500 acres of land devastated though. kurdish forces in syria. it comes after a series of turkish of air strikes. >> turkey patrols the border after they accused turkey of shelling the positions. they pushed back islamic jihadists in the north of the
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country. they deny the accusation saying it has only been targeting the group in syria. in neighboring iraq turkey has been waiting a two pronged campaign. >> we use our rights to keep the targets. >> a nato member turkey has been a reluctant partner in the u.s. campaign over islamic state groups. it was a suicide bomb attack that killed more than 30 people in a town near the syrian border. it catapulted turkey to the frontline. it sparked protest by kurds across the country.
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they urge the government to revise. >> we're supporting them in in their efforts to fight terrorism. but self defense has to be proportion nature. >> they're holding a special meeting on tuesday. turkey's intervention would change the balance in the region but rule out sending ground troops into syria. >> let's bring in turkey specialist. thanks very much for being with us. just two years ago turkey signed a cease fire with kurdish fighters. are we back to a state of war between the two parties? >> i'm afraid the danger of coming back -- returning back to 1990 is there. in fact, they had to of course respond to the attack by the
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islamic state, but the turkish government's enemy is the p.k.k. and its branch in syria., so they're afraid that through the chaos in iraq and syria a kurdish region may emerge in the northeast of syria and of course contiguous to the region in turkey and this may lead to a kurdish state. this is the main target is in fact p.k.k. and of course turkey's in a much better
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relations with washington with nato and has become an active member of the coalition and therefore he feels that he can attack the kurdish -- syrian-kurdish armed forces. he also has a domestic strategy. on seven june -- the june 7th elections, he lost its majority in the parliament. now he's sort of been trying to show to the turdish public opinion that he's defending turk's interest. if the coalition government cannot be formed there will be a new election and there his party
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may have more wars. this is a 2-2 tier domestic and foreign. >> you could argue that perhaps a bigger enemy and a shared enemy that turkey has with the kurds is the islam tick stateic state groups. is it impossible to see them as an ally in this iingest fight. >> of course they should. the other one and the other factor with the other one is
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that he wantsdom back to his former power that is the big leader with a majority and then sort of fronting the country the way he wants. this is his -- therefore i think -- my impression is that the struggle against the kurds are a strategy to increase his votes amongst the nationalists before this current situation the kurdish party which has been very successful and very
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democratic party and they -- their leader says that they're defending the interests of the turk turkish of kurdish origin but at the same time, so the outcome was very favorable and a hope in the public opinion that the kurdish issue would be settled in the coming period. but now suddenly the situation changed and it's very unfortunate >> perhaps you see some hope. thank you for your analysis on this on going issue, turkey specialist speaking to us there. looking across to africa. barack obama is in ethiopia. this is a historic trip, first time that a serving u.s. president has visit the east
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african nation. there are some criticisms of the trip; however, ethiopia's poor human rights record and poor track record on press freedom. according to the committee it's second only in the number of journalists it puts behind bars. recently one journalist was freed and determined to pick up where she left off. yes, according to a court it gave her five years behind bars. >> i was writing about political issues about there is no equality and no justice he's
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just one of many journalists and now free she wants to spend time before her family before getting back to work, the same work that is not without consequences with her relatives. >> i was working but they came to my job and they saidomething and so it was hard to employ me so i left 4 or 5 jobs. if she continues like that they'll put you in prison again even in the worst conditions. >> she can stay silent or speaking out and for this journalist that's no choice at
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all. >> i didn't regret it and i won't regret it because i did the right thing. that right thing did many bad things on me and i expected it. i won't regret it. >> now at least nine people have been killed in a 12 hour gun battle at a police station close to the indian-pakistan border. three unidentified attackers pulled up in the early hours with guns blazing. they believe the attackers are from cashmere. >> it's been pushed back until
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at least tuesday. the stakes are high for greece which owe billions to international lenders. doesn't make me happy at all because greece by its nature is democratic. to have people coming in and check what you're doing, i don't like that at all. mid level officials from the european commission and the european central bank were in the greek capital to hammer out the terms with 86 billion euros
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at stake. they could prove difficult. the country's parliament approved two rounds of tough economic measures. greece's creditors want the prime minister to allow further concessions and carry out reforms before they pay out anymore money. the two sides are hoping for an agreement by august 11th. debt replayment deadlines loom. greece owes the ecb 3.2 billion euros and the international monetary funds 1.5 billion euros in september. failure to pay would mean greek banks would stop receiving emergency liquidity assistance which could lead to their collapse. >> wild fires are continuing to
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cause chaos. 10,000 people have had to evacuate three campsites. this is the worst fire to break out in france in five years and is it has taken emergency crews three days to get under control. the smell of smoke continues to fill the air around bordeaux. the flames have devoured 600 acres and the worst forest fire france has seen in almost five years. 600 people have had to evacuate and unable to return to their homes as strong winds meant risk of the fire restarting. >> we have a gust of wind which brings back the smoke and reignites the embers.
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they impregnate shrubs with foam to make sure it doesn't spread. >> it starts and starts again. it's in the entire where the fire is raging. bordeaux's prized vine remain out of reach but as the drought continues to plague france this forest fire may not be the last. staying in france, farmer's anger over falling income have gone international and they have his backing. calling for a european level
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meeting on the issue. tires ablaze and tractors back up to form barricades on this bridge connecting france and germany. this one is transporting vegetables. german produce and french packaging and no label indicating the origin, none. it's a scandal and we cannot find one. foreign vegetables provide unfair competition. made by people with a huge competitive advantage. their productive charges are lower because they pay seasonal workers five euros an hour while we pay 12 and gets delivered here at rail way market. >> to france the barricade started the previous night on the other side of the country with 100 farmers coming from spain. the farmers are calling for a
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harmonization across the european union. >> there is a problem with the competition. the rules are not the same. we're seeing produce coming in that's interior to ours. that has to do with tphorpls and charges. they appealed for patience. >> you cannot command things to be done straight away just like that regarding the way we do things and others. talks are on the way about harmonization. >> barricades in the east continue throughout the day and more strike actions are expected in the coming days. >> looking across to the u.k., the man in charge of overseeing good behavior britain's upper house parliament is facing police investigation. he is on video snorting a white substance. he resigned from his job as
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deputy speaker of house of lords. he has been granted a leave of absence from the house of lords but facing pressure to quit entirely. >> sex, drugs and the house of of lords. the man who until last night was the deputy speaker of the british parliament second house has been caught with his pants down as extensive footage published by the sun seems to see him snorting cocaine with prostitutes. >> these are serious allegations. he's right he stood down from his committee posts and i'm sure further questions will be asked about whether he's appropriate to have someone legislating and acting in the house of lords if they have genuinely behaved in this way. >> in a captivating twist during the time of his x rated antics he was responsible for
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overseeing proper conduct and advocating harsh sanctions. in the film he could be seen using racist and misogynistic language and his 200 pounds can be used for his after hours entertainment. >> now we have the chairman of the conduct committee in the house of lords the number two figure in the house of lords cut in this scandal bragging about public money shocking. >> at one point it shows telling the prostitute he wants to be led astray. it's hard to see how he would find his way back. >> let's move on with a look through the latest business headlines. in china quite a dramatic
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session in shanghai on monday. >> chinese stocks plunge 8.5%. that's the worse since february 2007. it started showing signs of weakness forcing the government to step in. but those efforts appeared to have faltered. now, state regulators says it will continue to buy stocks. chinese markets in the haze. after three weeks of relative calm, china's stocks mean more volatile than ever. more than 2000 companies fell, most of them dropped by more than 10%. the maximum daily limit in china. many are struggling to find an explanation. some say the drop is due to potential hikes in u.s. interest rates. but for others it's much more
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worrying of that. >> recently we've seen the central bank taking measures to steady the market but the investors' confidence hasn't steady. people might have been reminded of the previous crash which was terrible and still fresh in people's minds. >> the slump started in mid june. the chinese government tried to stabilize the market by pumping liquidity. this seemed to do the trick until now. >> markets have reached an all time low but i don't think they can get lower than that. >> over in europe the chinese crisis is being closely monitored. >> the chinese central bank will have to buy its own shares within the country. it cannot weaken otherwise the whole world will be in trouble. >> this is thought to be the worst drop in chinese markets in
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more than eight years. >> there were cuts across the board. london's closed down over 1% while it ended the session down over 2.5%. shares over in the united states this session are also feeling the heat from china. the dow jones nasdaq and s & p 500 are all in the red this hour. as you can see dow jones and s & p down 1%. here in france, unemployment data for the month of june has been released. the figures indicate a slight improve. the total number of job seekers with no work at all has increased to 0.3%. they called for caution when interpreting the data. now britain is in search of reforms within the european
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union if it's to remain part of the block. both sides agree efforts by europes own nations could go in tandem with what the u.k. wants. prime minister david cameron is seeking assurances it won't decline as europe goes further. >> >> let's look at some of the other stories making headlines
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at this hour. they're the largest generic drug maker in the world and more players should combine to fit costs and improve efficiency. the company says the deal will help improve access to affordable drugs. the shopping streak continues for billionaire patrick. he'll complete a new venture to pick up a 49% stake in tv. the move comes following the failure to recover 10 million of state aid from low cost airlines. last july commission found contractual and marketing benefits were rewarded contrary
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to rules. and the carrier announced a two year plan accessing 1400 jobs through retirement. more business news coming up in just under an hour. >> thanks very much. with the business news for us. time for us to take a sh
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this is democracy now!. president obama: i am proud to be the first american president to come to kenya. [applause] and, of course i'm the first kenyan-american to be president of the united states. [applause] amy: president obama becomes the first sitting u.s. president to visit kenya, the homeland of his father as well as ethiopia, where he arrived sunday for talks on countert


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