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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 30, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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rom a boeing 777, heightening the possibility it could be wreckage from the missing flight. the object has been transported to france to verify if it is the first trace of the lost claim. the flight vanished last march with 239 passengers and crew. mark thompson reports on the mystery. >> there were no signs of problems on the runway before
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takeoff. within one hour on march 7 last year, this airplane with 239 people disappeared from radar and was never seen or heard from again. >> this flight lost contact with air traffic control at 2:40 am. >> the flight failed to check in with traffic control. the reaction on the ground was slow and confused. it took 17 minutes before the plane was reported missing. for the next four hours authorities across several countries try to make contact with jetliner before a search and rescue operation was finally launched. at beijing airport, passengers and family gathered to demand answers. >> at first they said it was
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delayed. then they gave me a piece of paper and asked me to wait. >> adding to the confusion, search operations were carried out in the wrong area. rescue teams spent two weeks scouring the straits before investigators determined the pilots turned west over the mainland and away from the initial flight path. >> according to this new data, flight 370 ended in the southern indian ocean. >> investigators lost a race against time to find the all important black lockses. -- bl oxes. search crews continue to look,
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focusing in particular on an area near perth after satellite spotted what appeared to be degree. -- debris. >> at least 300 pieces scattered in the area. >> in january, authorities made a statement on what they believe to the plane to go down saying they are no survivors. >> on behalf of the government of full asia, we declare this flight an accident. >> a verdict many continue to question. >> there is no verification of what they have done to come up with this decision. a few months ago, they were saying they believed the flight
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was under the control of a hijacker. how is it now an accident? >> with those who lost loved ones unwilling to trust authorities, this could find the answers and closure they are looking for. rochelle: u.k. will not become a safe haven for migrants in the frenchtown of calais. the message as migrants tried to storm the channel tunnel. police say the number of migrants trying to access the tunnel eased on wednesday. 3000 attempts have been made this week alone. >> a stretch of land along the highway, the closest thing to home for 3000 migrants after a night of risking their lives to cross into the united kingdom this is where many of them return to sleep on the outskirts of calais. basic living conditions are far from given. >> toilets were set up.
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there are about a dozen here. we needed permission from the ministry to install these. it took two months. the morning after the minister granted permission, the toilets were installed. then running water. >> improvised structures house them, as well as a church and small businesses. >> our specialty is setting up small shops, like this one. it is not open yet. the people are still sleeping. there are 20 businesses here. the news is -- the nearest the store is five kilometers away. >> people tried their luck and many return wounded. this young man was waiting for medical help. >> i could not get to work.
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i told him it is dangerous. >> some 1300 people have already been treated in this hospital where medics cad patients every day. they are equipped to deal with broken bones, less so with the trauma many have suffered. >> they suffered during the trip here and from police violence as well as living conditions. they have nightmares and insomnia. some of them have lost to the ability to speak. some of them see their friends die. at least 10 in the past few weeks. >> like these sisters who sign number of people die on their journey. >> those who have made it are
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determined to keep going to the other side of the channel. rochelle: the greek prime minister has called for a vote to sideline rebels opposed to the rescue deal. alexis tsipras's move is aimed at getting political support. israeli police say six people have been injured after a man stabbed multiple people at a day pride parade in jerusalem. witnesses say in the men attacked before police jumped on him and arrested him. authorities say the assailant is the same man who stabbed three people in 2005. he served several years behind bars. he was released three weeks ago from prison. the taliban has appointed a successor to mullah omar after
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confirming his death who led the movement for over two decades. the new deputy will replace him. on wednesday, officials confirmed omar had died in 2013 from health-related issues. for more on this story michael from the woodrow wilson center joins me from washington. good evening to you. tell us how significant this is for the taliban. >> well, it is very significant. he had been the second in command of the taliban. mullah omar he is very close tomullah omar. he has taken a lot of measures to consolidate his power. he has tried to sideline rivals. he has tried to clear the way for his succession to become the next leader. the taliban and is a fractured organization. there are many commanders and
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other members that do not want him to be the next leader. there could be a very messy and even violent succession battle to see who becomes the next leader. rochelle: tell us why it has been difficult to confirm the death of mullah omar with various -- we know it has been confirmed now, but different versions of whether he was dead or not until yesterday when it was confirmed. mr. kugelman: i think that they have wanted to keep close control. his status about whether he was alive or dead. many of us assumed he had been dead for quite some time because he had been so quiet. all of these major events have been happening, including a challenge from the islamic state. mullah omar had said nothing.
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it is not a matter of trying to confirm he is dead, but when the time is for the afghan government to actually confirm he is dead. for whatever reason, they decided this week was the time. we may never really know exactly what happened to mullah omar. the government said he died at a hospital in pakistan. others say he died in afghanistan. we may never know. he was mysterious and his death is just as mysterious. rochelle: michael kugelman thank you. rejecting a desperate last-ditch cleat to delay the execution in india. a man convicted of financing the 1993 mumbai bombings. he was a only one of 11 people convicted over the deadly bombings to have his death sentence upheld. the others had their sentences commuted. >> executed on his 53rd birthday
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after spending 21 years behind bars. the body is handed over to his family. the former accountant was hanged on thursday morning, helping to raise funds toward the mumbai bombings in which over 200 people lost their lives. the explosions hit a dozen targets including the stock exchange and a luxury hotel and with the deadliest ever on indian soil. despite his lawyers attempt to buy time, the supreme court rejected a last-minute mercy plea. >> he was given a punishment according to the law. he was given time to prove himself innocent. he was not able to defend himself. his death is a message for the militants. >> india has been elected to enforce capital punishment, but declared an end to this in 2012
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when it voted against a draft resolution banning the death penalty. executions are nevertheless rare. for survivors of the blast justice was done. >> he took the lives of so many people. there is no sympathy toward him now. i think it came too late. it is good to the government is doing something. >> the case has whipped up controversy as police considered his brother and a local gang boss to be the mastermind behind the attack. both men remain in hiding. rochelle: police are investing after four confederate flags were found near the martin luther king center. last month, a white supremacist appeared in photos waving the confederate flag. the flag remains divisive in america, seen by some as a
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symbol of oppression. in the u.s., a white police officer killed in unarmed black motorist during a traffic stop and has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder. samuel duboses's death comes with -- bail has been set at $1 million. you may find the next images disturbing. >> 233 traffic stop. >> things start to go wrong when the police officer stopped for a minor offense. the officer asked the driver to get out of his car. suddenly -- >> stop! stop! >> gunfire. >> the officers said he shot the driver in self-defense because he was trying to run him over. the video footage left on his own camera blind his claim.
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a local prosecutor called it a central -- a senseless act. >> he was not dealing with someone wanted for murder. he was dealing with someone who did not have a front license plate. seriously, let him go. you don't have to shoot him in the head. that is what happened. >> the 25-year-old has been indicted on a murder charge. if convicted, he could face 15 years to life in prison. >> he should have never been released after they saw the film. why is he walking the streets? it was murder. >> the incident is the latest in a showing of deaths of black men at the hands of police including michael brown in ferguson, missouri. the washington post reported nearly 400 fatal police shootings have occurred since the start of the year. video evidence has played a crucial part in bringing some to justice. the government has urged police
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to wear body cameras. rochelle: a ukrainian pilot has gone on trial in -- he could face 20 years behind bars. his lawyers say authorities have violated procedures and are calling for the trial to be moved. >> a police wagon transports him to the courthouse where she will be put. the 34-year-old military pilot has been accused of working as a spotter in eastern ukraine and providing the coordinates for a motor attack that killed two russian journalists. this hearing comes after she spent a year behind bars and
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three months. at a hunger strike to protest her detention. >> live evidence she crossed the border on her own and did so illegally with no documents. >> her lawyers say russian authorities are trying to shield the hearings from the public eye and are demanding the trial be moved. >> we think the courts cannot hear this case because there is not one condition a comprehensive legal process. we ask the legal status of the case is changed and this case is heard in moscow. >> the court has agreed to examine the request. amid the ongoing conflict, the high profile case could do even more damage to moscow-kiew ties.
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nadia, who has denied involvement, faces 25 years in prison. rochelle: time now to get a reminder of the top stories this hour. malaysian authorities say it is a certain plane debris is found on the island is from a boeing 777. it has been transported to france to verify if it is from the missing flight. the u.k. will not become a safe haven for migrants in tally. the warning as migrants storm the channel tunnel for a third night. rejecting a last-ditch plea to delay the execution india hangs the man convicted of financing the 1993 mumbai bombing which killed 257 people. time for business. markus karlsson joins me. starting with changes in the nuclear industry. markus: ideal some have called a
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forced marriage in the nuclear industry. brought about by the french government as the french utility edf has agreed to buy the reactor making business, valuing the unit at 2.7 billion euros in line with expectations. the sale is part of a plan to turn it around after losses. it is unlikely the deal will save the company on its own. it will need 7 billion euros over two years. >> a brighter future for areva. that is the goal of a deal between it and defedf, also state owned. areva has been in need of a bailout. the company has seen his business suffered from a slowdown in demand for nuclear power stations and delays on next-generation reactors.
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the french state of five pressure for a merger. the deal values the reactor unit at 2.7 billion euros and they will sell summary 5% of it to edf. both companies will look for other partners to sign on. a sticking point in the negotiations was the future of the power station in finland. costs have tripled. billions in cost us are looming. edf has ensured they will not be exposed to any financial risk from the final project. the french taxpayer is likely to be stuck with the bill. areva will also cut spending. it would fire up to 6000 people worldwide in may. they will focus on uranium mining. the company said earlier this year is needed 7 billion euros. the french government has admitted it will have to provide
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billions more to get areva back on its feet. markus: the french state owns 87% and taxpayers may have to build a company out by injecting up to 5.5 billion euros. the economy minister did not want to commit to it. >> the shareholder who says i will give you this much money and then see what you do with it does not exist. the state will take responsibility. we want a battle plan. and to discuss and analyze it. markus: moving on to some other corporate news, big oil keep slashing costs. royal dutch shell will illuminate 6500 jobs and reduce investment. the company says it is making the cuts to adapt to a new landscape with lawyer -- lower oil prices, aligning itself with bp. prices could remain low for years to come.
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>> new projects, some will not see the light of day anytime soon. oil giants are cutting down expenses and they are not only slashing jobs. show will eliminate about 6500 staff. it is also cutting investment. >> if you look at all of the measures we have taken, cost spending dividends and also depressed men and restructuring i think we have managed the company prudently and that is what you need to do. >> shell is not alone. other oil giants are also cutting investment. together, the super majors have postponed projects of a total value of $200 billion. saving money is the response to the price crisis. the value of crude has dropped
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over the past year due to growing supplies and shrinking demand. >> we see signs of balance by the end of the year and by 2016, we are expected to have stability in our markets in the long-term. >> for now opec has kept its output steady despite lower prices. more oil from the united states is hitting the market. it has prompted the oil price will be close to the current levels. markus: shell made this announcement as it reported lower profits in comparison to the same time last year. that was better than expected. they were not the only company to report today. far from it. let's talk you through some of the other corporate results we have been getting. the found the -- lufthansa is
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benefiting. they have also confirmed its full-year outlook, forecasting pretax earnings of 1.5 billion euros. it warns that ticket prices will come under pressure as low-cost ryanair presses into the german market. at the same time, no kia reported stronger-than-expected second-quarter earnings. net profits rose 60% on the same time last year. it suggests the company's bid to turn around is paying off. it sold its mobilephone business to microsoft and is now focusing on selling networks instead. meanwhile, samsung suffered a fifth straight drop in quarterly earnings. it's profits between april and june slipped by 8%. the drop came as samsung's
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fortunes declined in smartphones. sales fell despite the launch of the new flagship handset. in other earnings, an upbeat picture of corporate europe, which helped shares in this part of this world on thursday. we did see the main indices finishing in positive territory with the cac 40 in paris leading the way. energy shares in particular on the back of those cuts from shell. we also saw better than expected earnings from rolls-royce, rbc, and siemens. this picture is different in the united states. although we have seen the indices come off some previous session lows with the dow jones industrial average in the s&p 500 ever so slightly above the flat line. investors are digesting a weaker reading of economic growth in
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the united states. let's drill down on the economic growth as we look at some stories. the biggest show the economy expanded by 2.3% in comparison to 2014. that fell short of expectations and there were forecast for a stronger forecast. the economy swung back into growth after a week forced quarter with a harsh winter and strikes on the coast. the german jobs market seems to have taken a summer break. unemployment rose unexpectedly in the month of june. there were 9000 more jobseekers in that month, bringing the total to 2.8 million people. unemployment remains at 6.4% in germany, which is low since the country was reunified in 1990. and the company is facing a
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backlash for using exotic skins for handbags. animal activists rallied in front of the store. this came a day after an actress and singer
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