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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 7, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> the headlines. donald trump dominates u.s. presidential debate. the presidential hopeful take center stage. inrench hostages released yemen. isabelle prime released after six months in captivity. she is currently in late ash in returnring oman and will later today. over 2000 people remain camped out in poor living conditions with hopes of reaching the united kingdom.
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molly: we begin in the united states where campaigning for the presidential election is in full swing. thursday night the content republican candidates -- the top 10 republican candidates met on televisedthe first republican debate. donald trump was front and center but drew both cheers and jeers as his rivals struggled for attention. our correspondent has more. tactic for a would-be nominee as donald trump refused to rule out standing as an independent candidate. donald trump: i will not make that pledge at this time. to rand paul questioning his loyalty. rand paul: he is already heading his bet on the clintons. as a he does not run republican, maybe he support clinton or runs as an independent. >> trumpeted win applause when
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he replaced to build the wall on the mac -- when he pledged to build the wall at the mexican border. that you are part of the war on women. donald trump: the big problem this country has is being politically correct. [cheers and applause] donald trump: i have been challenged by so many people, and i do not have time for total political correctness. to be honest with you, this country does not have time either. thrown the normal political rulebook out the window, and so far it is working in his favor. >> donald trump is hitting a nerve in this country. .eople are frustrated, fed up they do not think the government is working for them. for people who want to tune him out, they are making a mistake. now, he has his solutions, some of us have other solutions. >> republican heavyweights like
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jeb bush, marco rubio, and marco -- and scott walker had the chance to put their ideas forward, but it was still donald trump's show. molly: with more on the night's today, i am joined by a professor from new york. thank you for being with us on the program. what did you make of the debate? >> i think your report headline has it right. trump absolutely dominated the debate. he was unorthodox to say the least. trump was trump. it began with a question that asked for a nonverbal response you willyour hand if refuse to pledge to not run as an independent. it was asking candidates to raise their hands. trump managed to turn that into a one minute speech by himself.
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he gains attention which is why he is at the top of the pole. his interaction with megyn kelly might prove to be an important one. -- called him out on how to on his insulting women. all the people on the stage last night were men. his response to her might have played well on tv for men, but i wonder how many republican women might say to themselves this is a man who has insulted women over and over again and i want to give that a second thought. having said that, he got all the attention, absolutely. there are some second-tier candidates who did well for themselves. one is john kasich. he was relatively unknown, at the bottom of the top 10 before the polling -- in the polling before the debate. i would not be surprised if he moved up a little bit. he was optimistic, energetic. he touted his experience and differentiated himself from
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donald trump without insulting him. he could get into the top tier and become a vice presidential candidate. but if jeb bush stumbles, john kasich could become the alternative as a mainstream governor from an important state. molly: you mentioned in the beginning saying that it opened up with him saying he would not endorse, for the moment, a republican nominee if it was not him by the end of these primaries. that hurt his campaign at all? ian: probably not. that was another outlandish thing. he speaks his mind as a non-politician. that was a very non-politician thing to say. beald trump is not going to the republican nominee. let's be really clear about that. is getting about 25% or 30% of poles in the republican primaries. he reminds me a lot of ross perot, who was an independent
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millionaire businessman who ran for president, came out of nowhere in the can anyone around this time, 1992. in the summer of 1992, he was leading not only within the polls of a particular party, he was leading national polls, leaving sitting president george h w bush, and democratic nominee bill clinton. although he made an impact in the final election, he only got 18% and did not win a single state. i would be surprised if donald trump managed to get 18% or much better than that among republican primary voters in the end. he will fade. but for right now he is having an impact because he is largely sucking up the attention of everybody from primary voters in these polls. bushbly, he is helping jeb clear away the underbrush, all the other relatively mainstream candidates. i think in the end he will fade
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and it will be a matter of jeb bush stumbling. last night jeb bush was not the best candidate on the stage, but he did not stumble either. that is all he needed to avoid doing. molly: thank you for joining us on the show. we appreciate it. a french hostage who was abducted in yemen has been freed. isabelle prime was working as a consultant for the world bank when she was kidnapped in the country in february. the french presidency concern -- confirmed her release friday. our correspondent has more on what is known. >> after almost six months in the captivity in yemen, isabelle prime is a free woman. primeompatriot isabelle has been freed tonight." the 30-year-old frenchwoman was seized by gunmen in february in
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the war-ravaged country. prime was working as a consultant for yemen's social bond for development. she was on her way to send law when the capital of sanaa she was abducted. the incident took place when were takingls control of the city. hostages have been used as bargaining chips with the government. almost all of them have been released unharmed. molly: reports of a mass kidnapping in syria. according to the syrian observatory for human rights, the islamic state has inducted over 200 people in the center of the country. from a town that bias fighters captured earlier this week. according to the british-based organization, those abducted
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were wanted by irs, collaborating with the government. that's by the is. a draft resolution is identifying those guilty of chemical attacks in the country. oliver farry has an explanation. oliver: august 2013, a chemical weapon attack in the damascus region so severe that he could not be ignored. hundreds of people were killed. a security cancel resolution ordered bashar al-assad to give up his chemical weapons. he agreed. inspectors from a chemical watchdog arrived, and syria's chemical weapons were taken away and destroyed. a -- and yet attacks using chemical weapons in syria
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continue. the international community cannot hold bashar al-assad responsible for the attacks because no one came forward claiming to use chlorine gas. now russia and the united states have come together in support of further security resolutions. john kerry: what we are trying to do is get the on the mere finding of the fact that it may have been used and actually find out who used it. designate accountability for its use. what we will achieve, we believe with this resolution, is the creation of a mechanism which will actually enable us to do that. >> no information yet on how that resolution will work. molly: across to norway now
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where four years after the horrific mass shooting, the a toy island has been reopened. it is the first time any visitors were welcomed after 69 people were gunned down at a youth camp. julia kim has more. afar, the little island still looks like a place .hat promises tranquility it is quite true years since utoya welcomed any visitors. everyone remembers the bloodbath when a gunman serving a life sentence in prison opened fire on students like these. from thursday, a flood of newcomers, including some survivors of the attack, are going back. it is good to come back to the island after four years. we have to make new memories.
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that is the only way we can go on. setting wasidyllic julycene of a nightmare on 27, 2011. a 13-minute shooting rampage, as members ofnted down the labour party and killed nine people. >> there are some friends that i had there. yes, this should be good to have the own people back. julia: the island is hosting a three-day use cap attended by students, -- youth camp attended by students, to show the growth of a new generation of a party that he had attended to destroy. molly: intelligent police have
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--ested libyan and algerian they arrived in the syrian port of puts all of this friday. carryingp were -- was 350 migrants on thursday. at least 200 people are feared to have drowned. most onboard were believed to be syrian refugees. -- weng to the disaster are witnessing a genocide caused by european selfishness. so far more than 2000 people have died trying to reach europe by boat this year. once migrants reached european shores, their future is anything but certain. many travel to france with the hope of making it eventually to the united kingdom. recently there has been a spike in unrest as people try to breache channel tunnel security. france was called on for a civil emergency plan.
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>> we understand they have been requesting -- there are 10 requests to the british authorities to take over the response of people. to the best of our knowledge, the answers were always negative. what happens next -- they move. they moved to u.k. other people will find their ways. if your wife is leaving in the u.k., you're stuck in calais, you had better move. molly: that was the head of the -- speaking on the crisis. we look at the living conditions at the calais site. in this calais camp known as a jumbo, these migrants are in limbo. they fled the taliban or al qaeda in afghanistan, risking their lives just to reach europe
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. now they are stuck in france waiting to go to the u.k. >> as you know, the terror of -- that is, al qaeda why every day there are attacks. >> there is a lack of water, food, or clothing. toilets are sparse in the 100 kilometer long compound. migrants stick together and have managed to carve out the living space kitchen and beds under the constant presence of police. they cook and eat together during the day. after the sun goes down, the perilous journey begins, crossing the channel tunnel, to make their way to the u.k. the policeman catch me, so they brought me back. to cross the country now by the total. >> at least 10 people have been killed.
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migrants take inspiration from those lucky few who have managed to make it to the other side, convinced that they will be taken in by british authorities. molly: let's get a check of the headlines. donald trump dominates the u.s. presidential debate. he takes center stage at the first televised republican debate. a french hostage is released in yemen. isabelle prime was released after six months in captivity. she is expected to return to france later today. the united nations calls on friends to drop an emergency clan -- an emergency plan for migrants in calais with hopes of reaching the united kingdom. time for a business update. i'm joined by william hilderbrandt. greece entered deflation way back in february 2013, after 29
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months consumer prices have fallen. the latest figures show the inflation rate fell to 1.3% last month versus down 1.1% in june. economists had been expecting the reading to remain unchanged, so there is bad news there. and an wages and pensions deep recession exerted downward pressures. let's take a check in on the markets. it is after midday in europe. ,thens is up at the moment other european equities are in the red. a lot of results to digest, but athens is trading up 1.8%. a lot of treading water here as investors are waiting for positive jobs data coming out of the united states later this afternoon. let's take a quick look at some of the other business headlines. that profitported fell in the second quarter from the first three months of this year.
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company was oil down after a hefty settlement. the company is slowly distancing itself from brazil's biggest corruption scandal. prosecutors allege that former politicians and executives conspired in billions of dollars in bribes. three coca-cola bottlers are merging. it represents $12 billion in revenue across 13 european countries. listed ony will be exchanges in new york, amsterdam, and madrid. consolidation is part of an effort by the u.s. soda giant to cut costs amid slowing sales. fitch has given racquets its first it's outlook. iraq is planning a $5 billion bond issue toward the end of the
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year. today marks the one-year anniversary since russia banned food from the united states and the european union. a full and bargo on food from these countries, plus -- a full embargo on food from these countries, plus others. before the ban, russia was the eu's second-largest market of food. our correspondent looks at the last 12 months. cheese, german pork, and italian dessert. it has been here since french products disappeared from russian shells. eu -- this week exportssaid it cut its in half to 900 million. food prices dropped across europe as the market was flooded. french farmers are tested.
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in russia, increased domestic production has picked up some of the slack. according to official statistics, meat production increased by 6.4%, milk by 1%. russian authorities have developed and assistance plan to boost billion euros domestic supply. but farmers say the poor subsidies are slow to arrive. the negotiations over the grand have been dragging since march, and now it is already august. it has been five months and we still have no idea when we will get the money. the russian population can feel the effects of the bomber in their wallets, too. sanctions, as sent through prices soaring by 18.6% since last year. to returna's unlikely to supermarkets soon in russia. >> the one company we are used
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to hearing about is uber, but here in france there is a company that hopes to become the uber of lori drivers. krohn of truck is targeting thousands of lorry drivers. homeare often going empty-handed after dropping off the shipment. this new company says why not get them a cargo on the way back , boost efficiency, lower cost, everyone is happy and it does not get the authorities angry either. we will have to see. molly: i do like the name krohn of truck. it sticks. william hilderbrandt, thank you very much for that. it is time for our press review. i am joined by belle lupton. belle: hello.
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molly: you are going to start off with the eu migrant crisis. and i wish from the mayor of sicily in italy. he has used the word "genocide," them doingcalling now. the u.k.'s independent interviews leo lookup orlando, the eus in the future will be responsible for this genocide. he blames it all on the european government for fulfilling that for failing to provide safe passage to people fleeing persecution and war. when history records this, he says i wish to be able to say i was not complicit. a really personal feeling from a man who had been witnessing thousands of migrants arriving in his city in the last year. ,f we go to the italian press
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slightly left of center, focusing on brussels response. brussels ups the rhetoric. no country can stay alone. the paper recalls that the eu has praised italy for saving lives, but that now we need a european approach. it goes on to explain that brussels is exasperated at leaders like david cameron, who have refused to help by taking their fair share of asylum-seekers. molly: we have seen debate over what an approach would and should look like, and we are seeing something in the german press. tv presents rman reshque who used her influence to insight attacks.
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she says when you call people dirt, that is not see jargon -- that is nazi jargon. she says she is shocked at how many likes people will get for "filthyphrases like vermin should drown in the c." i am quoting there. they haday afternoon, been viewed more than 9 million times. she called on decent germans to act. she says if you are not of the opinion that all refugees are sponges who should be hunted down or gassed, then make that known. expose it, open your mouth, pillory-- hillary -- people. let's move away from europe now, and let's look at the discovery of the debris
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concerning malaysian flight mh370. we had confirmation from malaysian authorities saying that the wing flap was indeed from the doomed flight. french authorities have not gone 100% confirming that, at how are we seeing this play out in the press? belle: if we go to the malaysian press first and the star of malaysian leads with it. ho out with the discovery. the front page, the maintenance .eal is a seal of proof investigators are closer to solving that mystery. but then if we cross over to china, where a lot of the passengers on that plane were from, "the china daily" has on its front page the fact that passenger families want more answers. the timing is critical of the malaysian government for its lack of communication over this 17-month-long investigation. then as we go into the french press, they have taken a different tack. or at least one paper has.
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"the private detectives, as they called them, searching for an answer as to what happens with the missing plane's." some of them are close to the victims of the plane crash. others are aviation enthusiasts. others are charitable scientists , leaders. it profiles three of these investigations. 50-year-old is a frenchman who lost his wife and two of his children when the flight went missing. molly: we will end on a bit of a lighter note, if you want to call it that. presidentialblican hopefuls held their debate last night, thursday evening, and we saw donald trump come up swinging. belle: there are a couple of highlights from this. "the daily beast" characterizing this as fight night. they began a slinging match. the head moderator, megyn kelly, called trumpet out on his second
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question. he said i do not have time for political correctness, nor does the country. belle: trump said, "our leaders are stupid." he called the last months of the bush admin8úxúñ÷p÷999ñówçç
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>> at the turn of the 21st century, several thousand tons of scientific studies on climate change all lead to a


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