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tv   Dw News  LINKTV  August 12, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> this is dw news live from berlin. no end in sight, a new wave of migrants arrive on the island of costs -- kos. pmany do not have shelter orand services. should prostitution be decriminalized around the world? amnesty international says yes. we will tell you why. and china's central bank devalues its currency for the
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second day running and leaving the yuan at its lowest level in four years. stocks around the world tumbled. we head to frankfurt. ♪ >> that before those stories, we want to bring you more on that las in northeastern china that we had been reporting on. details are still coming in, but some videos posted on youtube gives an indication of the scale of the explosion. initial reports suggest it occurred at a petroleum storage facility in a port city around midnight local time. an unnamed doctor at the local hospital there has told media there that 300 or 400 people have been injured. the cause of the blast is still unclear. we will get you details as soon as we have them. they are coming by the hundreds of thousands, migrants, most of them fleeing political upheaval
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throughout africa. often, the odyssey begins on foot as refugees begin the journey with only what they can carry. then is the perilous sea passage on rickety and hopelessly overcrowded boats. an estimated 200 have died trying to cross the mediterranean this year. others seek to travel to turkey across the aegean the, which is how they end up on the island ofkos. >> chaos has erected at the sports stadium where the migrants are being held on kos. tensions flared between immigrants and authorities for the second day in a row. police reportedly pepper spray these men. it is crowded and there is no food or sanitation. the poor living conditions and uncertainty have pushed people to the brink. >> i expect more responsibility
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[no audio] guarantee that these people are able to receive food, basic health care, water, and protection of human rights, something that is not the case here. we just want these people to be treated as human. >> hopes for a better future are fading fast. first impressions of europe are not what they asked it. -- what they expected. >> we come here because we have women and children and they are all that. they need medicine -- they are all sick. they need medicine and hospitals. there is no medical care at all. >> the government now says it will charter a cruise liner that will house about 2500 migrants. >> let's go to our dw correspondent thinning by in greece. -- standing by in greece. we heard that the government sent extra police and a cruise
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liner to deal with the situation, but none of this seems to be helping. >> well, it is true. it is a complicated situation and what greeks want most of all is the reform of the so-called government regulation of the failed rules of the european union. from a greek point of view, it would enable more tax distribution of a silence -- of asylum-seekers across europe. with the situation on kos, there are more than 7000 refugees on an island with no more than 30,000 inhabitants. it is clear that local authorities cannot tackle this issue alone. eu immigration has been mobilized and will probably visitkos next week. we can only hope that he may suggest some solutions. >> when it comes to that
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situation, it is it a matter of not enough money to deal with it? because i look at the situation in greece, it has its own financial problems as well. >> it is not just a matter of money, but it is also a matter of me. on monday, about 470 million euros of financial assistance was dispersed in greece for assistance. that money will create settlements for about 2500 refugees. it is a good start, but not efficient. -- not sufficient. especially if you consider that only on kos they arrive more and more everyday. it is not enough money. >> thank you. earlier, the turkish minister for eu affairs talked to us about what his country is doing to cope with migrants and what it is doing to stem the flow. >> we are facing a human
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disaster. turkic -- turkey has taken about 2 million refugees from syria and iraq. it has been a big burden on the economy. some of them are in camps, some with relatives. but of course, if the problem is not halt at the source, -- not solved at the source, then it cannot just be unloaded onto turkey soldiers. we have to work together. it is not just migration, but how these children will be educated, how they will be socially integrated, and how we are going to fight against this illegal immigration. we need the world community together. it is not just the problems away from me. let that country do it. it is more than that. i think there will be a new wave
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from syria and the region that is over what turkey's capacity is. we need to work together. we are taking all the precautions that immigrants do not illegally emigrate to neighboring countries. we have captured a lot of them. we are changing our people code. organizing is a crime. attempting is a crime. we are very much concerned about what our neighbors are also faced in, but it is not just a problem for greece or turkey. other western european countries must also take responsibility. we are talking about millions in our countries. taking 1000 or a few thousand people and to decide on that in a couple of months or a year, it doesn't reflect -- it is not fair. the problem is big. we have to work together. >> that was the turkish minister
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of eu affairs. [no audio] they often also faced hatred and racism, and that shows its ugliest space on the internet where people openly call for them to be sent back, or even left to die. >> it is open season for hate speech on the internet with seemingly no hidden conditions. -- no inhibitions. many comments on facebook and elsewhere are not to criminal offenses. -- amount to criminal offenses. >> just let them starve. taken to the toxic dump afterwards. >> is get taken to a camp and forcibly sterilized. radicalization is clearly taking place. right-wing agitators are growing bolder. >> on the internet, there is simply the tendency for bazaar
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at pinions -- bizarre opinions to come across quite strongly to get attention. it is interpreted as a kind of invitation for others to announce their opinions, too. >> unpopular german blog collects racist, xenophobic, and other inappropriate comments from the internet. >> shipping containers burn an better and gas last longer in them, too. >> for security reasons, the bloggers do not want to appear on camera. they have faced death threats. but the hate speech does not go on -- unchallenged. >> is interesting to see that there is readiness to help out. it is a kind of cultural struggle. that is my impression, between those who hate and those who want a better society where there is also room for certain -- for refugees. >> a few of the agitators have been fired from their jobs and that to have our being charged
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with sedition, which is punishable with a prison sentence of 25 years. >> let's turn to some other news now. should prostitution be a crime? amnesty international says no. at a meeting of delegate -- of delegates in ireland, they have lobbied for the decriminalization of the global sec straight. in a statement on its website, and is he says it will now adopt a policy that supports "the folder criminalization -- the full decriminalization of all aspects of formal secs work." and they want to make sure that they enjoy full and equal protection from explication, trafficking, and violence. they stated the best way to defend the rights of six workers --sex workers and defend against violence and abuse. >> bring prosecutions out of the
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shadows, that is how a majority of delegates voted at the dublin conference. >> nobody should force -- should be forced into sex work because they don't have the rights >>. after speaking with hundreds of sex over a two-year timeframe, amnesty found a higher incidence of violence and sexual exploitation in countries where prostitution is outlawed. but some organizations against sex trafficking, such as a dublin-based one, take a different position with high-profile support from actresses including kate winslet and meryl streep. >> when a policy refers to decriminalizing the aspects around the organization of prostitution, what you are effectively talking about is those who organized brothels and
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procure, which is pending and procuring. >> recognition of the secs -- sex trade in europe varies widely. it is legal in france, but operating a brothel and pimping are not. >> are there any examples of countries that have already read not anti--- resolve -- rethought anti-prostitution laws? >> to be clear, amnesty is not advocating for the legalization of sex work. that is something different. what we are advocating force the decriminalization of sex work. that allows them to work with each other to organize without the threat of arrest or
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criminalization. the best example of that is new zealand. which has decriminalized [no audio] it gives sex workers more confidence when they are dealing with clients that they can enforce rules on clients. and they can get protection and support if clients do not behave the way sex one them to do. there has been considerable success in protecting the rights of sex workers in new zealand through decriminalization. >> catherine murphy from amnesty international there. time now for a look at other stories around the world. dozens have died in heavy rebel shelling in airstrikes around the syrian capital of damascus. rebels launched a barrage of
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rockets at the district held by the government. heavy rains have triggered floods in a southern region of italy. the water is turn roads into rivers and swept away cars, dumping them on the local seafront. local police have rescued 40 people, including many children at a hotel. a police officer in texas who has killed an unarmed black teenager has been dismissed. the police chief said brad miller -- officer brad miller had exercised poor judgment. the criminal investigation into miller -- into miller's actions is underway. if you are an elvis fan and have some spare cash, take a look at this lot. 170 elvis presley items go on auction in memphis in just a few days time. it all goes under the hammer at
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graceland. one of the outstanding items is a signed shirt from his personal wardrobe. it is expected to fetch up to 12,000 u.s. dollars. we are to take a short one minute break. we have a lot more news coming up. you are dw. i am sarah kelly.
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>> everyone on earth has their own story. do you want to share it? join us, discuss, link your life. sharing realities, changing perspectives, life links on dw, facebook and twitter. sarah: welcome back. our top stories for you at this hour. hundreds have been injured in a massive explosion in the port city in northeast china. the blast occurred at a petroleum storage facility around midnight local time. the world governing body fight -- fifa has chosen to restore the organizations credibility
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amidst a massive corruption scandal. the man they chose spearheaded the formation of the international olympic committee. he has described the situation at fifa as a serious crisis and said he is committed to implementing far-reaching change. >> he led the reform of the body after the 2002 salt lake city scandal. footballs governing body has been rocked by allegations, featuring nine who have been indicted for racketeering, conspiracy, and corruption. and just as he takes office, this warning. >> super chain best superficial changes to fifa will not be sufficient.
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and likewise, changes in personnel without a commitment to good governance will not be sufficient. we will be looking closely at what reform [no audio] >> allegations of corruption against senior pictures, -- senior figures, structural reforms that are badly needed. with his experience, he says he's the man to change fifa for good. sarah: time for our very own business news with ben. how low can they go? and we are not talking about the limbo. ben: we are not talking with the limbo, though i'm sure they are greater that it well. some say this is about giving exporters a competitive edge and a reaction to currency market. the you is still within a range
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against the u.s. dollar, which has risen against other currencies in the past year, and it has yanked the you want up with it. what is going on here is just a bit of tinkering, but it has hit economies hard the world over. >> the boom is over. china's economy continues to slow. in july, exports and imports fell compared to the same time a year ago, as did industrial production. that is apparently too much for the economic powers that be in china. on tuesday, the central bank devalued the you want against the dollar -- the yuan against the dollar. officials explained the move in a press conference. >> the adjustment of the you on --yuan, especially downward adjustments, will have a stimulating effect on exports.
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>> -- ben: statements like that have caused alarm among their trading partners. is the country doing so badly that a devaluation was necessary? and how far will they allow the currency to fall? markets have get on the news. still, analysts say, there is no need to panic yet. >> i don't see this as signifying that the chinese leaders think economy is in immediate danger of a hard landing. they just want to take a little pressure off of the exporter and this is one way to do it. ben: chinese tourists are the ones that will feel it first. will they start spending le ss? ritalin doesn't think so. >> -- this woman doesn't think
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so. >> the chinese markets want to adapt. ben: let's talk about this with our wall street correspondent. an explanation on wall street for what is happening right now in china. >> it's definitely fascinating what is going on. for years, china actually kept the yuan artificially high for political reasons, and also to avoid capital outflows out of china. so now, the reverse, of course, that we are seeing out of china is helping to show that their currencies actually more markets driven with their depreciation moves and they are hoping to gain the status of becoming one of the big official reserve currencies. ben: they were bigger drops during the day on wall street,
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but now a bit of a rebound. >> it is pretty amazing what we have seen. and a look at the front for dax, we also lost almost 300 points. it -- but then at the end of the day we basically ended flat, so we avoided all the losses. the u.s. economy does not depend so much on exports as many european countries. and there was also quite a move with the dollar, not necessarily to the yuan, but to the euro. it gained a good 1.5% in comparison to the dollar. maybe with all of the turmoil inch on a, the u.s. might wait a bit longer for the u.s. rating creates -- rate increase, and that will be a positive for u.s. markets. ben: andrea is standing by singapore. we heard a traders say a 1.9% drop is nothing to worry about.
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today, a lowering of 1.6%. that is 3.6% in all. is that something to worry about? >> no, then, not really. there was the suspicion that the yen --yuan was devalued [no audio] let's say, a 20% drop, then yes, we can agree that china is trying to boost their exports and it is something to be concerned with. right now, it doesn't seem enough for the purpose. ben: is that the actual truth behind the devaluation? we get myth -- mixed messages at times from china. >> you're absolutely right. according to some observers, the objective is for china to strengthen it yuan. how does this work? it is attached to the u.s.
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dollar to some extent, so when the u.s. dollar rises, so does its partner currencies. the key is to keep china growing heavily. it will have to devalue a little bit to normalize the pace of those with their trading partners. ben: so basically, the government is still doing what it can to make sure it is a soft landing that we are seeing in china. tell us about the consequences of all of this. could we see a currency war breakout and what would one look like? >> it is too early to see if we are, indeed entering a currency war. the western world is inclined to believe so, but there is not enough evidence for that. if there is a currency war, then there will be many repercussions. trade will be slow across not just europe, but also japan. stimulus will be fruitless.
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borrowing costs will increase. exports and stocks will be heavily affected as well. and inflation is another factor to consider. a lot of repercussions to think about. ben: certainly global effects and not just regional. thank you very much or the analysis from singapore. singapore. back to sarah. a wish come true. sarah: if you've got went to make, tonight could be the time to do it. the night sky will be full of shooting stars. our science correspondent has more. >> the observatory in the heart of berlin, it is almost 11 p.m.. -- 11:00 p.m. young astronomers are filled with anticipation, waiting to see the young perseid meteor shower. astronomers at this observatory
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wanted the next generation to be here, so they turned on the heart -- turned on the hike. they know shooting stars are famous for good luck. >> on earth when you have a candle, you cut off the excess weight so it is not covered in such -- soot. people thought that when the angels trim the stars, bits fell to the earth as shooting stars. >> it comes at the same time as the feast of saint lawrence, a christian martyr of 258. sometimes the shooting stars are called his tears. >> of course, they are scattered. when you track their source, you can find they meet in the perseus constellation. >> this has a scientific, -- scientific explanation. the orbiting meteor, swift
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title, leaves a week. it is called the perseid clout. it happens each year between august 9 and september for -- between august 9 and 14. what is it that fascinates these young astronomers? >> they are a beautiful sight to see, but it happened so fast you have to make sure you do not miss it. >> i never see anything, so it is something special when i actually catch light of a -- catch sight of a shooting star. >> i suggest using a deck chair and days peacefully into the sky. >> the next tonight to have a pretty good chance of seeing a shooting star. good luck. sarah: that is all we have time for. inc. for watching. the -- thank you for watching. see you next time.
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laura: welcome back. i'm laura ciliated out of stories this hour. --our top stories this hour. in for talks with bashar al-assad. as he arrives, violence erupts in the capital. the islamic state group claims to have killed a westerner in egypt for the first time, with photographs purporting to show the decapitated body and appeared online. official quitss. amid allegations of rape and


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