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tv   Dw News  LINKTV  August 20, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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coming to you live from berlin. greec plus prime minister is dissolving -- greece's prime minister is wanting to silence opposition and his leftist party and seal support of the country's bailout. also coming up, macedonia declares a state of emergency.
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troops and police are being deployed to stop migrants at the border. you will hear from the u.n. refugee agency. in thailand, 10 people were involved in planning the bangkok bombing. one person turned himself in but was later released. one suspect remains at large. i'm sarah harmon, glad you could join us. alexis tsipras has resigned to clear the way for snap elections. he said he wanted a fresh mandate to implement the bailout deal negotiated with international creditors. the leftist leader is seeking to enter -- within his party. september 20 is the most likely date for greeks to go to the polls.
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>> it has been seven bruising months. it has been leading building up to the announcements. it will give greece another chance to decide to go along with the creditors demands. >> you, with your vote, will decide if this agreement is enough to get out of the dead and we have reached and for the economy to rebound. for us to finally extricate ourselves from bailout and austerity. reporter: nearly one third of lawmakers refused to back the bailout agenda in parliament last week. some say the decision to return to the ballot box will deepen political uncertainty. others believe it will enhance his popularity with greek voters and allow him to read his party of anti-bailout rebels hampering the government. residents have mixed feelings. >> it is the only way. we need new elections.
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>> i don't agree with this because it is a huge mess at the moment. but there i no other way. >> i am against a new vote. nothing will change. three elections in eight months? that is nonsense. >> nothing changes no matter who wins. reporter: calling the elections in september means that the election might be held before they feel the pain from the measures links to the latest bailout. brent: nasa don't -- sarah: macedonia has declared a state of emergency. the area has seen a dramatic increase as migrants head northward. the goal is reaching hungry. reporter: now the country wants to clamp down on thousands
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heading from greece to western europe through its territory. officials say that is why they have declared a state of emergency here. >> we ask back -- we expect deploying the army will ensure security and peace for locals. and it will provide more secure access. reporter: but macedonia is one stop on the way for massive migrants. it goes through greece, macedonia, serbia, towards wealthier countries with more support for refugees. to restrict part of that route -- the one thing the country is not doing is coordinating with greece.
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>> nobody cares about us. and we sleep here. no food, no nothing. reporter: as macedonia closes its border, the crisis is sure to persist. the u.n. urges the country to give shelter to the hundreds already stranded there. sarah: we are joined in brussels. barbara, macedonia has declared a state of emergency. migrants are stuck in limbo. what can the eu do to help here? barbara: the eu can give emergency aid, logistical aid. food, water, maybe transport. the usual things. and when a catastrophe like this happens, a humanitarian disaster -- on the other hand, what the eu needed to do is provide safe
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passage for the refugees so that they can reach the northern european countries and be processed in safety there. but that is a political measure that takes a decision by the european heads of chief and government. it will not come quickly if at all. sarah: greece and italy are often the first port of call for refugees arriving in the eu. according to rules, the country where a migrant first arrives should decide their asylum application. is that sustainable? barbara: it is completely unworkable and has been shown to be totally unworkable. how can the accident of geography determined that two southern countries just because they are on the mediterranean have to process and keep hundreds of thousands of refugees. even formulating it, it is completely mad.
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what we need in europe is a new refugee policy. everybody says that we will start to discuss it in the fall. it will bring the mother of all political battles to brussels. it will pale in comparison and angela merkel will have been right when she said just a couple of days ago that the refugee crisis will be the biggest test for the european union yet. far more difficult to master than the battle in the fight about the future of the euro. sarah: sounds like a long road ahead. thank you. britain and france have announced a joint operation to tackle people smuggling. police will work together to stop gangs trying to smuggle undocumented migrants across the english channel. thousands are camped and hoping to cross to the u.k.. reporter: they are not giving
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up. even if it means living amongst garbage. these people are hoping to catch a ride on a train or bus. to travel less still a ways through the tunnel to britain on the other side of the english channel. -- to travel as still a ways through the tunnel to britain on the other side of the english channel. >> [indiscernible] reporter: that is likely to become more difficult. french and british ministers have traveled to announce a new operation to secure the area. they thanked police for stopping migrants from escaping and promise them reinforcements. a new joint control center. surveillance cameras. floodlights. infrared detection. all and at stopping people smuggling through the tunnel. -- aimed at stopping people smuggling through the tunnel.
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>> we are reaching the goal because we have a high level of gaings -- [indiscernible] >> we have already taken a number of steps that have started to improve the situation here in terms of the numbers of people trying to access the tunnel. and the numbers of people trying to get through to the united kingdom. but the work must continue. reporter: the situation escalated. in late july, thousands of migrants attempted to climb over fences aboard freight trains every night. several died trying. despite the dangers, there are still 3000 people waiting in c allait with the same hope to cross the euro tunnel to britain. sarah: i am joined by a syrian
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journalist in berlin. thank you for coming in today. why are so many syrians headed to europe? guest: going to neighboring countries is not such a great idea because you cannot settle there. you haven't got much potential there for money, food, living, school for children. europe is a much better place and much safer. the neighboring countries are not safe anymore. libya and turkey are not that safe. sarah: migrants are headed for germany. why do you think that is? guest: germany is a target for syrians and other refugees because it has a rich economy. it is a strong country politically. it is a good, safe place to be. you don't have to worry about living there. meanwhile, other countries in europe -- you will go there and get the same problems.
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in germany, you don't have to worry about it. sarah: the syrians you have met in germany, how are they coping? guest: for them, getting here is a great thing already. they are not worried about what next. they are in a country they feel they are incubated in. the language is a barrier, but they feel safe, they are risk acted, they are treated in a decent -- they are respected, they are treated in a decent way. at least they are not facing death anymore. sarah: thank you for being here. a family feud tearing apart france's far right national front has flared up again after the party's executive board voted to boot out founder --[indiscernible] he has been the thorn in the side of his daughter that took over the party from him in 2011.
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she has been trying to steer it away from the over racism and anti-semitism of the past. the elder once described not to gas chambers as a detail of history. -- nazi gas chambers as a detail of history. she has been trying to oust him for months. germany has lost one of its most influential politicians who pioneered the engagement policy in the 1970's, reaching out to the communist east long before the end of the cold war. he has died at the age of 93. reporter: he always found time to smoke his pipe. he always had time for politics even as an elder statesman. berlin was his city. he mostly worked behind the scenes. that is well -- how he learned the name tricky.
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he negotiated an agreement with soviet leader brezhnev that recognized postwar voters -- borders and called for peaceful relations. i gave him what he wanted and he read through it. he would just say it is fine and he would not even discuss it. in 1970, they travel to the soviet union for talks. it became west german policy when he and the soviet prime minister signed the treaty in moscow.
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it was a hard blow. the final recording in moscow. he worked until his last day. the social democrats are mourning the death of one of their greatest statesman. sarah: you are watching dw news. more to come on our broadcast. thai authorities no longer believe a foreign-based group was behind monday's bombing in bangkok. they're looking for 10 suspects in the attack in which 20 people were killed. german chancellor angela merkel is on a trip to brazil to talk business.
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we will look at some of the deals that could help boost that country's lagging economy. that and more in just one minute's time. stay here on dw.
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sarah: welcome back to dw news. our top stories. tsipras has announced his resignation and called early elections. in a televised speech, he said his mandate to govern had to be written. he is looking to silence rebellion within his far left party against the country's bailout. macedonia has declared a state of emergency in europe's growing
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refugee crisis. the country says it will deploy the army to turn back migrants coming in from greece. as an's have been transiting macedonia heading for western europe. international terrorists were probably not behind the bangkok bombing is the verdict of authorities in thailand as the investigation moves forward. at least 10 people were involved in the attack as they describe as carefully planned. one person turn himself in but was later released after questioning. reporter: circled in red, the images show the suspected bomber's progress through the streets of bangkok. he has nothing on his back which success -- suggests he made his getaway after placing the bomb. police have offered a reward for the vehicle driver if he comes forward. the military government made the announcement they thought it was
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unlikely the bombers were international terrorists. they also said they did not think chinese people were being directly targeted. the shrine is popular with chinese visitors. they say anything was possible when it came to which group was responsible for the bangkok attack. it could be many issues. political and missed groups are all responsible. i have not ruled anything out. not yet. relatives of the dead have been collecting their bodies from a city hospital. a man lost his wife and daughter in the blast. at the scene of the attack, mourners continue to pray for the victims. sarah: angela merkel is on a visit to brazil. but this is not a vacation. daniel has more on why she is there.
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daniel. : a speedy visit to the latin american country. she is there to encourage investment between the two countries. german export grew last year by about 1% to 11.8 billion euros. there is 20 of room for growth. merkel's trip is not coming at the best time. facing an economic crisis and a corruption scandal. reporter: angela merkel has a little time to cover widespread agenda about climate change and strengthening economic ties. one of her key aims is to improve investment between the two countries. and they are worried about the economic downturn. they fear brazil will resort to protectionist policies in response to the economic slowdown. a free trade deal has dragged on for 5 15 years.
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many countries have so far been unwilling to get rid of industrial tariffs. angela merkel expressed optimism about the free trade deal in a joint conference with the brazilian counterpart. in these times of difficult global economic development, we are especially focusing on economic cooperation. brazil has sent some very positive signals concerning the fast tracking of the free trade agreement between the eu and the region. her visit to brazil took two years to plan. that may be why she had to cancel her meeting with the brazilian president. even though public dissatisfaction is so high, the hold on power is threatened. the approval rating has plunged to a record low of 8%. daniel: oil is spiraling
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downward. u.s. treasury bond yields are tumbling. there are ongoing jitters over an impending interest rate hike. joining us with details from the new york stock exchange is has a -- jose. how are markets reacting to this volatile mix? jose: not very well, daniel. the major indexes are in negative territory for the year. the major concern for u.s. investors, it is still very blurry timing for the next interest rate hike which could bring the dollar up, and prices lower. it perfect storm that could take the toll on u.s. recovery. that is why investors seem to be dumping risky assets and running to save harbors like gold and treasuries. daniel: you mentioned oil. i would like to get into that a little bit more. do you think oil could reach the dreaded low of $20 a barrel at some point?
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jose: well, daniel, that is a number that some experts here in the u.s. are considering very possible. oil producers will continue pumping crude. a stronger dollar normally puts pressure down on commodities. on top of that, the weaker demand coming from china is the icing on top that will continue pressuring prices down. daniel: briefly, can you tell us -- china is weighing on markets after devaluing currency. could there be more devaluations around the corner? jose: experts believe right now that, for sure, it could continue happening in china. they can continue to devalue their currency 5% to 10% over the next few months. continuing to deal with that and a weakening economy. if the fed raises interest rates this year, the dollar will keep raising. these circumstances will put
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more pressure on american currencies. daniel: dw correspondent, thank you. now to something completely different. leading ladies to lusty lives has never been so lucrative. sprout, the manufacturer of the libido pill is being sold off for a rousing $1 billion. that is two days after the think pills were approved in the united states. canadian pharmaceutical company valiant is putting up $500 million to start, and another $500 million when the deal closes. it is dubbed women's viagra, but unlike the drug for men which focuses on fixing the plumbing, it acts on brain chemistry. african nations with money to spend are looking to make smart investments. in tech, financial services, manufacturing? perhaps. but what about agriculture?
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africa has millions of hectares of for thailand that is not being used. relying heavily -- of fertile land that is not being used. reporter: every year, africa spends tens of billions of dollars on food imports. it has left farmers unable to meet the manned. the answer -- demand. the answer can be found in ethiopia. the country was grappling with famine. things to the introduction of educational schemes, the farmers have adopted modern farming methods. this man has the best techniques for predicting his produce. ethiopia boasts a young and cheap labor force, as well as
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huge swaths of untapped fertile land. africa import 61% of its food. in ethiopia, it is 55%. the african continent exports just 29% of its food. ethiopia exports almost half of its produce. ethiopia's agricultural development has made it darling of the world bank. it maintains 10% of the fertile land is being used for agriculture. at least 400 million hectares of unused arable land half of the area -- arable land. early half of the area of australia. the expectation to up exports is huge. overall growth could rise to 10% annually if it focused on promoting agriculture as a career. ethiopia now one of the fastest-growing oil economies is
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being seen as a royal -- as a role model. daniel: that is all from me. you will have business news the next few hours, but it is back over to sarah. sarah: let's get you up-to-date on stories making headlines around the globe. a palestinian held without trial by israel has ended. his life-threatening hunger strike -- has ended his life-threatening hunger strike. the country's highest court has suspended his detention due to his deteriorating condition after a two-month fast. doctors say treating his health -- it has improved dramatically. ships in the chinese navy have arrived in russia's pacific port. it will be taking part in joint military maneuvers. this is the second drill organized by the two navies
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after exercises held in the mediterranean sea back in may. the u.s. and eu have expressed concern that this strategic partnership could develop into a new geopolitical bloc. north and south korea have exchanged fire as tensions rise over the use of loudspeakers to send propaganda messages across the border. the north warns of military action if they do not stop broadcasting anti-pyongyang messages within 48 hours. a reminder of our top story here on dw. greek prime minister alexis tsipras has announced his resignation and called for early elections. he said his mandate to govern had to be renewed. he is looking to silence a rebellion within his own party. thanks so much for joining us.
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anchor: the greg resigns, alexis tsipras has asked for fresh elections as soon as possible. his own party rebelled after austerity measures that he agreed to as part of an international bailout. newu.k. agrees to tough measures to try to do term i greg from crossing the channel tunnel, as macedonia declares a state of emergency as thousands pour across the border from greece. and france expels the party founder over a public spot with his daughter.


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