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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 25, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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to print 24. we are broadcasting live from paris. terrorism, climate change, and the world economy. these are some of the key issues that the president has addressed during a conference to fresh ambassadors -- french ambassadors. the two careers find a diplomatic solution to these military tensions. has agreed to
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stop broadcasting over the border. coming up in the program, and the european shares bounce back as china's central bank steps in to call the turmoil on the market. we will get the latest in business. we start here in paris as the ambassadors week is underway. it is an annual meeting work french ambassadors around the world rather in capital to meet with the french president and his foreign affairs minister. they focused a lot on terrorism. he mentioned the failed attack on the train last weekend he said terrorism has never reached
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such a level of our verity, the world should prepare for further attacks. first to beity is insured within our borders, and this is the reason why we launched the sentinel operations . this is why we have reinforced our television services and modernized our legislation, the better to act. international affairs reporter has an following the speech for us. he joins us live from the palace . he talked about the global terror threat outside of different orders. what point did he make? >> this is not the first time he has spoken about terrorism.
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much a sense in this year's address that it is becoming a growing preoccupation of the french authorities, a growing concern. they are really up against the wall in many respects, finding ways to cope with it, especially in france where they have the extra heightened security measures to outside france is it is a concern. unending civil war in .he case of syria no real viable government at this point. these conflicts are very fragile conditions or the -- for the types of extremist movements that are posing such a threat to the world. he says you need a firm
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response. military measures will not do it alone. way tod to find a resolve these conflicts at home, where they are happening, in order to stamp out the threat of that fertile breeding ground for jihadist movement. >> one of the hottest topics is climate change. he says it is a threat to the planet. >> hwnd thread along with terrorism. majoreech comes as a international catholic conference will be held right here in paris at the end of november. he has been counting this or many months. this is the final chance to save the planet. he says the failure of this would be an absolute disaster, a catastrophe. he says equally vital is the
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need to find financing for a n transitioned to a cleaner planet. he says countries are not prepared financially to step up to the plate and follow suit unless they have a way to fund it. will be aoping this success, but they are calling all the parties involved to step up the talks ahead of this conference. there are targets on the table by 56 countries that represents about two thirds of the world's carbon emissions. he says that as a sign for hope and a sign for optimism. job thatys it is not a is done, and he is putting a lot of personal and political capital into this conference. >> thank you. landmines, propaganda speakers, and altered lori fire. over the past skied of days the two koreas have been on edge. but after a marathon of bitter
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talks with both camps have now found a diplomatic solution to ease tensions. we find it what is in the deal. following mounting military tensions, carefully ordered statement, not quite an apology, was broadcast from the news media. just --expense expressed regret for the explosion that happened in the south portion of the militarized zone. after aons escalated north korean landmine explosion left to south korean troops injured following in exchange, it said it would seem the broadcast of propaganda of from loudspeakers along the border. they have exchanged fire across the border. deal says that they
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will improve ties. >> what is important now is to carry forwards is something roger agreed by south and north smoothly through follow-up talks so that they ease tensions between and north and pursue peaceful development in the korean peninsula. apart byamilies torn the korean war will be reunited as attention to reduce between the koreas. in last reunion was held february of 2014. some of the elderly relatives have been separated for over six decades. the turkish president has reappointed the same prime minister to form an interim government. the prime minister will now head the cabinet until snap parliamentary elections take place in autumn. we learn what's the point of the new vote is. ballot box.he that is the future for turkey in
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more than two months after election, and the justice apartment has not been able or unwilling to find a coalition partner. rather than giving the leader of the largest opposition the chance to create a promise, he created another election. he hopes to rectify the situation with a new vote. >> they did not give him the 400 deputies he needed to rule the country alone. he does not have the majority. he they are in no way obliged to do so. they want representation for the first time, picking up 30% of the vote brady since the been a thorn in the government's side. >> the point is to try to push them out of the 10% threshold, and to try to pick up the
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turkish nationalist votes and get the majority government. >> says the government elections, they have resumed action against the party, shattering a 2013 agreement coming say this is about up support for the president so he will get more support around. said a massive demonstration could take place this weekend. they want authorities to remove the tons of rubbish that has ofn piling up in the streets beirut. they also say that politicians should put an end to corruption to political garbage. towarders tried to march
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the government building, but they were soon escorted by security forces. full and patient in sierra leone has been released from hospital. now the country begins to count down to 42 days until he can declare itself free of the virus. in full and has ravaged west africa for a year and a half and has infected within 28,000 people. a party atmosphere in central sierra leone. some 15 months after the country's first case of a bullet the last patient to be diagnosed is finally released from hospital. the 35-year-old was that by the country's president, who gave her a certificate to mark the occasion. >> it is the beginning of the end of the five against ebola. -- fight against ebola. hometownsidents of her
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, about 500 people can 14 for three weeks after she fell ill. are still being monitored. now a 42 day countdown until the country can declare itself ebola free. the 3586 remember civilians that we lost to ebola. let us also use this as an opportunity to renew our commitment to support the 4000 survivors. the worlds worst notable epidemic infected more than 28,000 people in west africa over a time of 18 months. around a third of those that contracted the disease died. the world health organization helps the epidemic could be contained completely the end of
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the year. washington's day have ravaged more than 400 miles. the situation is so bad that firefighters from australia and new zealand have been called in to help battle the flames. >> spurting through the record books, they have been witnessing their largest fire on record. the unusually hot weather and high wind has upped the blaze prior to 400 square miles. it continues to threaten homes. >> in his very aggressive, we do continue to make wrong, but as i said earlier, these fires for the only way to deal with them -- eatingening elephant, one bite at a time, and there's still a lot to eat. >> these extraordinary conditions have stretched existing resources.
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military, and foreign countries, firefighters in australia and new zealand are prepping in the receipt idaho before tackling the blaze. >> the amount of resource that is committed to these fires, it is incredible. us west coast is in the midst of one of its worst fire seasons on record. over 11,000 square miles forced so far. >> your ceramide top stories. terrorism, climate change, and world economy. these are some of the key issues president francois hollande has addressed in a conference with french ambassadors for a dramatic solution to these military tensions. regretng has expressed over landmines, while south korea has agreed to stop
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broadcasting propaganda. the eu has yet to find a common strategy to deal with the influx. looked at to be today's business news with stephen. let's focus on the turmoil on the central bank that has now stepped in. >> we have waited for some reaction about these selloffs, and we have gotten it now. reserve requirements will make it easier for them to lend money t. perhaps they are moving away from this policy of intervening, but now we can see they are not willing to let the stimulus policy just yet. we can inflation prompted this
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move, but the the real reason might be the shanghai composite falling another 7.6% in trading today, after the 8.5% fall on monday. there were some knock on effects across the asian market as well. >> how have european markets reacted to this? sharesave seen european back up at the start of trading, but you can see all of the main european markets are in the order 4% in paris. it is gaining back almost all of the losses that we have seen from yesterday. let's get into a little bit detail, we can speak to the -- is the crisis over? >> i would not say that the
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crisis is over, because one thing that i do think this points out is that while they have intervened by cutting interest rates and reducing the amount that they have to have in reserve, which therefore controls the amount that they can actually lend to individuals, it is not a great deal. and i think it is a realization by the government that while they can control the economy, they cannot control how we thought they could, the markets. >> what is going to happen next? we saw the european markets react very positive. it looks like wall street is going to do the same. is everyone going to calm down elsewhere in the world? >> there are a number of knock on effects but because this is a jolt back to reality really.
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china is the growth engine of the world, and valuations are falling there. valuations forat commodities have fallen significantly as well. that is because china, who have in the biggest buyers of commodities for raw materials our falling back significantly. that point, monitored prices and oil prices that we've been seeing falling in recent days, are we likely to see a recovery? what will happen in terms of oil prices? in terms of oil prices, number of people are thinking that after the last crises which was not that long ago, that things would recover slowly.
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we had this jolt again, and it looks like the new normal might be lower oriole prices for longer. is good news. there is a silver lining to this as far as markets are concerned, particularly in the united kingdom. about 25% of it is represented by oil stocks and related stocks. that is bad news. and as far as going to the supermarket and getting the petrol that you put in your car, it is cheaper to transport goods around. or that point of view, it is a longer-term positive. back to the chinese crisis, and the market, another reason for falling markets is the concern that in america interest rates were going to be rising eminently. in the u.k. and in the united states it has been
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pushed out to not this year, but year's first quarter, but autumn of next year probably. it is cheaper for longer. .> good news for some of us thank you for joining us. >> finally, after black monday on the stock market, one business is actually telling its --ff to previous customers treat customers differently. >> the coffee chain starbucks. they say the customer can be extra stressed about the selloff in the u.k. and the united states. else and be very sensitive of the pressures are customers may be feeling and do everything we can to exceed their expectations. they are worried about people coming in to need that extra cove copy.
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>> qr. it is time for the press review. it is time to take a look at what is grabbing headlines across the world. today we are going to focus on waiting major story, and that is a plunge in chinese stocks, that started a global selloff. one of the chinese papers saying? >> you will probably be seeing --s photo a lot in the other and a lot of the other papers. a stockbroker holding his head. you're to understand what is , in chinaehind him and the colors are reversed, red is a been green is down. been quiteages have wactual, talking about ho
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they have the biggest loss since 2007. black monday, as it has been called in the chinese press. yesterday's nosedive really highlights the unbearable turbulence of chinese shares. there is quite a lot of alarm in the press. >> feeling of doom in many papers. >> that is right. a domino effect is felt. they are talking about this a photoalso once again of a stockbroker clutching his head. wall oft the great china, it is the greatest threat of china. and they are talking about how this chinese crashes growing global markets into a panic. lots of economies, especially here in europe, the are feeling the pinch of the last level financial crisis in 2000 eight.
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papers are wondering if this could be history repeating itself as we take a look at the page, talking about the global 2800 2015,001, should we be worried about what is happening in china? >> some papers are trying to play down the threat of global contagion. >> the air talking about this chinese contagion for global markets, but it says what is interesting is if you look at the fundamentals, this panic is actually hard to justify. isrica's recovery, it continuing to recover, and even europe is finding its feet and according to the economist, the situation is quite surprising. the french business paper also saying that this feeling of 10 ago on the financial markets is unreasonable and dangerous. it really calls for investors to keep a cool head. , to golan withl the contagion metaphor, when
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shanghai sneezes, does the world atch a cold? how this is normal, let's not get carried away. maybe that can explain the front page of this paper, taking a more relaxed stance. unlike other papers committee rader clutching his head, it is an athlete. >> the blame game has already begun. who is to blame? >> it depends upon the paper. the french paper blames the incorrigible financial market investors and stockbrokers. stockbrokershese
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have been betting a lot of money on china's super human growth rated seems they have forgotten the lessons from past stock market crashes. they are still only interested in their own profit. the daily beast is very critical of beijing, especially of the recent interventions by the government, forceful interventions according to this theicle, to prop up stock market. the losing battle to save stocks, intervention is making it worse. >> you have pulled out an it's as the root of the crisis today is actually coming from the growing inequalities in china. different article, stepping back to look at the root of what is going on. for generations now, the thing power of the lower classes in the chinese society has been
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basically stagnating while the purchasing power of china's growing rich population has been going through the roof. and they actually quote henry ford, a famous capitalist. if you pay your workers as in, they will not buy cars. as generous as billionaires can be, they cannot support the global economic expansion. the government seems like this running out of tricks to fix the economy, so maybe it should fix the inequality. >> you have some papers that are u.s..g to a new hero, the >> can team america saved the day? come to thea can rescue. for all the talk of his declining power, the united states still is the world's leading economy, and perhaps it can lead changes in the global economy really needs.
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the new york times has a different analysis. they say the american people hero, becauseper while there in better shape, they are not growing fast enough to save the rest of the world.
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man: this is a production of china central television america. mike: this week 7,000 athletes from 177 countries are converging on los angeles. they're here for the special olympics 2015 world summer games. but this is more than just one of the world's largest sporting events. the special olympics have become a global movement with a mission to create a better world by fostering the acceptance and inclusion of all people. i'm mike walter in los angeles. let's take it "full frame."


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