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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 28, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> lights from around the world, after morehungary bodies are found. officials say the bodies are thought to be syrian refugees. barack obama remembers hurricane katrina and the rebels -- in a result new orleans and blames the bush administration for mishandling the situation. journalists are being blamed for blackmailing the king of morocco, they say they are being framed. and they trying to find a a biker crisis,
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business leaders are making their voices heard. crisis,e migrant business leaders are making their voices heard. thank you for joining us. three arrest have been made and hungary over the death of 71 people thought to be refugees from syria. their decomposing bodies were found on thursday in a truck abandoned near the honda very border in austria. we have this update from vmm. they confirmed that 71 people were found in that truck. they have also said that syrian refugee documents were found among them. they are believed to be a group of syria refugees. they have also set amongst the dead were eight women and the number of children and the
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youngest of those was probably under two years of age. they're not making arrangements for the official investigation into the cause of, but they also suggested because so little air was able to get into this track, into the refrigerated body of they probablyhat association of a siastic sedied suffocation. the hungarian bodies are conducting these arrests in the european arrest warrants. we will learn more about that shortly. but it does appear that further arrests are taking place shortly. it could be an organized human smuggling gang. over 70 bodies have been
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recovered after a boat sank off of the coast. they were bound for his elite. those on board are thought to been sub-saharan africans, and bangladeshis as among others. >>: they drowned out of the mediterranean commit the living coast guard and rescue teams recovered what bodies they could find, in the dead of night, after an overcrowded boat carrying migrants shake off the coast. that there wass a vote of illegal migrants off the coast. so far we have arrested 198 people of different nationalities and recovered 60 bodies. >> the data among men, women, and children, hoping for a better life in europe, were placed in body bags. most of the survivors, according
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to a libyan official, were taken to detention camp's. among them, the syrian man who same way. home, they took the more dangerous camp than the crossing through turkey and the balkans. -- wewere terrorists ♪ were forced to take this route from europe. it should be called the root of death. some 2003 hundred people have died trying to get to europe. in the past two days the italian coast guard has saved more than 4000 migrants adrift at sea. sailorssday swedish saved over 570 people. also made a grim discovery, 52 people were already dead. they heard that have suffocated while trapped in the votes hold. >> a couple of bits of breaking news coming in on both of those
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migrant or refugee stor ues. -- stories. detained one being suspicion of homicide after 52 people were found dead. in the meantime we are talking fourt the three arrests -- in fact that remained in hungry refugeesonship to the found dead in the back of a truck. a natural disaster made worse by a government that failed its citizens. that is the news from broker aboutarack obama hurricane katrina. that wasas something
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,upposed to never happened here maybe someplace else, but not here, not in america. what started out as a natural disaster became a man-made disaster. a failure of government to look out for its own citizens. new orleans is something of a tale of two cities. , thelossy tourist posters a scene of poverty. the sound of new orleans. the city's historic french quarter is back to its former glory. the city has seen an uneven recovery. critics are calling the reconstruction a justification process -- gentrification process.
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when you break out, there is not a lot of place. i would go to bar to bar and play, and now they have two bars. >> in the mostly black lower ninth ward, only a small percentage has returned. the demographics are changing. the superdome, french quarter is not the only area that was hit, but it is the money part of the city. what about people who are living run the outskirts of the city? what about us? what are you going to do? there are a lot of people who want to go home, but they cannot afford to. >> 80% of white residents wellve them to be recovered since the storm.
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what percentage of black people believe the opposite. the city has emerged from the store and has a different face. it is wider and richer. father of the journalist shot on life television on thursday because bad to buy for morgan control. has pledged to fight for gun control. he appealed to president obama. >> my mission now, is i'm going to make her life matter, as it were, and i'm going to do everything i can to try and strengthen gun control laws where crazy people do not get a gun. this guy, he was crazy. -- if the nraing
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sits there and says if she had a gun, this would have been prevented, if she was wearing a some product met rifle around no one would have seen it coming, it was not have prevented it. i'm not going to let this slide. i'm going to crusade against the gun lobby and take on the and array. they are a powerful lobby and their we do find it. but i'm going to go after them. two french journalists are under investigation on suspicion blackmail the king of morocco. they published a book which reportedly contains compromising information about him. the legal team says they offered not to publish in exchange for cash. of. to say it is a set up.
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the journalist and writer would already written one book is said to have warned that a another more critical volume was s ready. he would not publish if he would get 3 million euros. the kings lawyer tells us what happened next. >> the french police their nice tasting operation. a representative of the meet again, and this time it was found. filmed. the givens in cash and the police arrested them, red-handed. greece, whereom
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the country's caretaker government is being sworn in. is --s alexis tsipras this is the first major parliament. supers resigned his prime minister last week this move is designed to strengthen his hand, but if this whole continues correct, it could backfire a little bit. they can fall short of their targeted margin of victory. there is a long way to go. without their largest coalition partner. who hundred roma people since 2009. ofpolice infected residents
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france's oldest slums. in the pouring rain, a sprawling network of makeshift shelters was dismantled. of two hoursse around 200 people were moved on, only a few families have been promised emergency housing and that is only for several days residents say they were not given any warning. >> somebody called me and said get over here the police had arrived and they are preventing us from taking our stuff. >> the police entered the camp, they went outside, and they said we will not just down -- not just down. people to not have time to take their things. my uncle was eating lunch, and he di was told to get out. >> the police are painting a different picture.
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>> the evacuation was peaceful and calm, people were able to leaves.e luggage and people who were outside rebel to get their identity papers. we tried to do this and a peaceful way. activist sayts shuttering the camp will not solve the problem. we are shocked and angry to see that the same solutions are being used. solutions that are costly and ineffective, and have been demonstrated for decades that they do not work. >> thousands of roma live in routinend face discrimination. they can't slack water and electricity and authorities cited senator reasons for dismantling them. >> 5 million people in three different countries depend on it for their survivals, but africa's largest lake is on the verge of dying.
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uganda havenya, fears of depleted fish stocks causing catastrophe. >> here on lake victoria, these fishermen lament their drinking catch. catch.nking >> the shortage has led to fish h processing factories to shut down. warming,oint to global some say the blame lies elsewhere. >> one of the major influences is undersized, immature, land perch to fulfill demand. some of the people do not have conservation mission in mind.
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>> small fish you have not had reproduce, and too many votes on the lake. overfishing could come at a high price, locals at risk of losing their livelihood. fromu're watching live paris, france 24, a reminder of the headlines. please say had a have made four a rest after some people were found dead in a lorry. the bodies are thought to be syrian refugees. barack obama remembers hurricane katrina in the new regal new york leans -- new, rebuild new orleans. he blames the bush administration for mishandling. the journalists who are
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being accused of blackmail by the king of morocco say they have been framed. time for business. his reaction to the european refugee crisis. >> the driving force behind the european economy, business leaders are saying they want the migrants to stay. the country has thousands of jobs to fill and a aging population. they want to see the is restrictions relieved. >> waiting in line for the documents to be processed. these are first in line to get work in germany. factories are shorter workers, and business leaders have sent a clear message, the migrants must stay. we must keep the most qualified said the board member of the rail company.
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germany needs to fill tens of thousands of jobs. thating population means by 2030 as many of 6 million posts will be left unfilled. we need workers in industries like hospitality, gastronomy, and logistics as well as health care and care of the elderly. if these migrants work it will be beneficial for the refugees and for companies. >> germans are broadly in favor of economic immigration. >> someone can bring their skills, they want to invest in this country, then we must not let this opportunity go. qualifiede people are , i think we should integrate them as quickly as possible. we must find them jobs. for the business owners, the
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unprecedented influx shows untapped resources. calledi.t. glitch has some customers not to receive their salary. this is on payday and heading into the holiday weekend. the mistake was due to a glitch, but even after it was resolved, thousands of customers say they still had not received credit in their account the bank has apologized and said it is working to determine the size and the scope of the problem. >> the spat between google and the eu continues. itsshopping service that of customers and businesses without distorting the market, google rejected earlier calls by the eu commissioner that i should show as ranked by other reason the facility. they accused google of abusing their dominant position. apple has announced when it will unveil the next iphone,
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september 9. the models are expected to be the sixth as an six as plus. the iphone is apple's most important product, accounting for two thirds of the quarterly revenue. versus less than half only three years ago. time now to check in on the markets. it is just after midday here in europe. -- indices are slight slower slightly lower after a bit of caution in the equity markets. investors are still digesting some economic data that came out earlier today. a pleasant surprise from greece. it second-quarter gdp has gone out, been revised up 2.9%. that is up from the initial reading of .8%. this was measured to just before capital controls came in effect it was so the impact will only be seen in the next quarter. and in switzerland, after contracting the first quarter, economist expects them to fall
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into recession. those figures are not correct, they should be reversed. s, which was aint surprise. they had uncoupled these was frightened to the euro -- they had uncoupled the swiss franc from the euro. now for one last story. there are more british millionaires than ever fred one in 65 adults are millionaires after the recent property boom. 41% increase in just over five years. note to naturally is the wealthiest area and u.k., the article says that wealth did not correlate to kind this. northern ireland is the region with the lowest annual pay, but it was by far the most charitable. only 28% in london.
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--ill not comment on that >> thank you. time now for our international press review. starting off with a grisly discovery austria. >> that is getting a lot of attention and the austrian press start with the article that calls it the a4 refugee drama. a truck full of corpses. this is a truck that was parked off the a4 highway, quite near vienna, near a village called handwork, a shopping mall. the contrast could hardly be greater. only a kilometers separated this crowds from
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refrigerated truck where these dozens of decomposing bodies were found. more details in the cronin citing, another austrian paper. this one focuses on the fact the hot weather sped up decomposition of these bodies. they are still trying to count the number of bodies, still trying to identify them, and determine the cause of their death. to april of inner investigation, they suspected the people in this truck died of suffocation and or thirst. police believe the people in this truck were from syria. and you cannot rule out that children and women are among the dead. >> another remarkable report in venezuela. you can check out an article in the new york times, an estimated 6000 colombians have scrambled across the border --
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back across the board in. they're going back to columbia. there is a crackdown underway in venezuela that has been initially did by the president of venezuela. he blames these colombian immigrants on problems of crime. colombians are being rounded up, there houses are being marked for demolition by the government. it is a major blow to the colombian community in venezuela. many of them have been living there for decades. they actually fled their home country in the first place. if you pull out an article from the colombian press that focuses on this, you can see the colombian authorities are talking to one of these colombian migrants that is going back, and he is saying what have you been fleeing, and he says your government. >> two french journalists are accused of trying to blackmail the king of morocco. >> the french papers are very
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cautious, very factual in the reporting. this is a reporting of details. two investigative journalists, independent journalists, were set to publish a book next year on the king. reportedly a book of with damaging revelations. according to the king they offered to not publish the book if the king handed over 3 million euros. >> meanwhile, the rest of the media asking who exactly are these journalists? >> these are apparently quite respected investigative journalist in the region. they had already written a book in 2012. it was called the predator king. it was not a very glowing book about the king. individually they have written
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other books about leaders in the region, there was a book about leader and hisan relationship with the former french president. not everybody liked the content of their book. and these journalists say they are being framed. >> finally, to the united states. >> there's an interesting report in the wall street journal today. they are talking about an uneven revival. has emergedple, it as a very energetic city. some people have made a lot of money. but others are still struggling in neighborhoods that still have to be rebuilt. focusesington journal on statistics of population in new orleans. -- the 90% of the population have come back, but
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it has changed quite a lot. a lot of people are saying that the population is younger, whiter, and wealthier. black residents represent about 59% of the current population. that is down from 67% from before the hurricane. and what people are saying things are better, but it is a tale of two recoveries. >> that was their international press review. weñ÷p÷999ñówççggg
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