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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 29, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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to natoajor blow trained security forces. britain can and must change. germany cordon makes his first speech since becoming the --
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jeremy cordon makes his first speech since becoming the labor party leader. he promises a return to straight politics. barack obama has warned of successes and setbacks in the fight against the islamic state. the warning comes as he chairs a summit on counterterrorism on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly. speaking earlier, obama pledged all possible tools to deal with islamic state, but he said a position on defeating the iis would depend on bashar al-assad resigning. barack obama: as i said lesterday, defeating isi requires, i believe, a new leader.
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this is going to be a complex process. are have said before, we prepared to work with all countries, including russia and iran to find a political it isism in which possible to begin a transition process. latest, bring us the jessica is in new york. jessica: obama is hosting the counterterrorism summit, and the russia's lower -- russians are holding a meeting on the same issue on wednesday. a un security council meeting. fromems there are efforts the russians at the united nations to try to take center stage and steal the american spender when it comes to coordinating international support in the fight against the the americandeal sender when it comes to
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al thenating -- ste thunder when it comes to coordinating international support in the fight against the islamic state. we can expect a un security council resolution on coordinating efforts to fight islamic state. earlier today, i spoke to the french foreign minister. at a p5 lunch that is taking place roundabout now with foreign ministers, those who wield veto power with the security council, and a special envoy to syria, they will surely be discussing all of these issues, how to come back it islamicstate -- combat state and how to pave the way to
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some sort of political transition in syria. there is still talk about what that could look like. the west is saying there is no way it could include bashar al-assad. the question is whether there could ultimately be space for a solid -- for bashar al-assad at the beginning of a transition. flatly ifnot saying that would be impossible. intense talks at the general assembly, u.n. peacekeepers have been high on the agenda. dozens of countries have vowed to lend their support to the international force, which relies on voluntary contributions by member states. reporter: coming together for a stronger, more capable u.n. peacekeeping force. brock obama: at this summit, more than 50 countries are making commitments totaling more
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than 30,000 new troops and police. by the end of the meeting, world leaders pledged 40,000 new troops on top of the over 106,000 currently involved the globe.ons around two decades ago, 40% of them came from a european nations. now that number is down to 7%. just 78 troops but provides nearly 30% of the over 8 billion dollar budget. china has become a significant player. pledged 8000 a fund to thatup includes a 100 million dollar pledged to african union forces.
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cash and equipment are exactly needs.e u.n. force click specialized equipment, capacities, specialized personnel. that is what it's about. at the end of the day, it helps enhance the overall performance of u.n. peacekeeping. in support ofost that comes after a wave of scandals, including allegations against french troops in the central african republic. soldiers seized control of a military camp with little resistance, and army officer has said. this is in the wake of a failed coup this month. troops were carrying out cleanup operations. the rebel leader was not at the
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camp, according to army officials. next, the battle to retake afghanistan in a strategic northern city. on monday, the taliban seized government buildings and freed hundreds of militants from jail. reporter: they took the city of kunduz in a day. while the soldiers are under orders to treat the population well, it has not stopped them from robbing banks and leaving town. while local security forces were treated monday, they are now -- retreated monday, they are now on the offense again. biggest the taliban's victory since the collapse of their rule in 2001 has been a huge embarrassment for a
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government just one year old. >> i want to assure all of my countrymen that this is under our control. therefore, we should not be worried about any plans of stirring fear in the area. it seems as though many underestimated divisions within the militants ranks. >> it is very high despite the recent announcement of the death might be taliban confused for a few days, but then forces will be able to retake it. reporter: there are questions around the ability of the afghan military to handle the insurgency alone. host: the u.n. says the death
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toll from a suspected airstrike that hit a wedding party in the southwest has reason to 131. against rebels denies in monday'sed attack. ban ki-moon has condemned in intentional- attacks on civilians that violate humanitarian laws. reporter: a wedding party turned into a bloodbath. pictures were broadcast by a pro-hootie tv channel. blames the saudi coalition for the attack. >> people were celebrating a wedding. we saw a plane bomb the tent and then target a house where women and children were gathered. >> in a nearby hospital in southwestern yemen, he met with some survivors.
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among them, children and teenagers. >> i beg god to take revenge on saudi arabia. on tuesday, the saudi led coalition denied any notgdoing, saying it did fly over that zone at the time. a u.n. led team is on the ground to try to shed light on what happened. it could be the single deadliest in -- deadliest incident since the start of the conflict. violationspoint to and abuses by both sides of the conflict. -- accuset deliberate the coalition of deliberately targeting civilians or civilian infrastructure, but it does a large number of attacks that caused civilian injuries. estimated 2300
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civilians have been killed since march. host: the croatian prime minister has criticized his hunger arian counterpart over a plan to build a fence between the two countries. -- hungarian counterpart over a plan to build a fence between the two countries. there are rising political tensions due to the migrant crisis. the croatian prime minister walks around the grounds of a refugee camp, striking up conversations with volunteers and asylums he covers, and approach that starkly contrast that of his hyundai arian counterpart. hungaris on gary and -- ian counterpart. hungary closed its border with
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serbia on september 13, prompting a massive influx of asylum seekers croatia, with an estimated 85,000 people entering the country in the last two weeks. struggling to cope with the arrivals, the small balkan country has been largely migrants back into hungary and slovenia, but now ary wants to build a wall along the border, a move heavily criticized by croatian officials that could sour relations between the two countries. around 300,000 migrants have entered hungary so far this year, but most are just passing through on their way to other european countries such as germany and austria. as unprecedented numbers of migrants continue to arrive in europe, many lack the
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resources to cope with their new environment and climate. pose winter months could new problems for migrants, most of whom are not properly housed. reporter: after weeks and months on the move, they have finally made it to croatia. the treacherous journey has seen a sea crossing through turkey followed by a long slog overland. their latest drug a will be against the elements. struggle willest be against the elements. it started to rain yesterday evening. we lack supplies, things like waterproof clothes, close for winter, and there's clothing for winter, and food, like canned tuna.
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overnight, temperatures dropped to as low as seven below centigrade. >> there are members of vulnerable groups, very small children. we saw they become, 15 days old. there is a rising number of chronic diseases, which i suspect will increase in these cold conditions. winter is coming. for most ofe dream these people is to leave war in poverty behind, to start a new life in the more prosperous eu nations to the north. with winter closing in, their march has become a race against time. britain can and must change.
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the words of jeremy corbin in his first conference speech since becoming the leader of the labour party. he promised a return to straight talking politics with people and values firmly at the core. a standing ovation for labour's new leader. jeremy corbin took to the stage in brighton to outline his vision for the party's future. >> a kind of politics, a more politics, ander more caring society. these are laborers values -- labour's values. reporter: he covered a wide range of issues, from the railway to the housing crisis. he also took a david cameron and the tory party to task over their handling of the british economy. >> austerity is an outdated and
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utterly failed approach of the past. it is for us to develop a forward-looking alternative. also touched on the syrian crisis. a lifelong activist, he has called for more aid for refugees. >> much more should and i hope will be done, because it is a crisis of human beings just like you and just like me looking for security and safety. let's reach out a hand of humanity and friendship to them. with 100 60,000 new members, one of corbin's challenges will be to harness their into z as him. he is not without critics. set -- harness their enthusiasm. he is not without critics. some felt his speech was light on policy ideas. than 20 years, october has been synonymous with
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breast cancer or month. worldwide, forums and fashion shows are planned. ishave a report on how paris preparing for this pink month. , sparkly, and lighting up the sky for a good cause. paris kicked off international breast cancer awareness month by painting the town and the eiffel tower pink. breast cancer awareness month is meant to inform people of the deadliest and most common cancer among women. every year, according to the world health organization, around 1.4 million women are diagnosed. around 50,000 were told they had breast cancer last year, with some 10,000 deaths, making it the most common cause 55-65 yearsng women
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old. early detection and prevention are the best ways to fight breast cancer. in recent years, the number of women getting mammograms has dropped. across the globe, according to a awareness organization, one woman dies of breast cancer every 74 seconds. top: a reminder of our stories. prepare for successes and setbacks, the warning from barack obama as he speaks to the u.n. in an attempt to drum up support to fight islamic state. afghan troops launch a counter offensive a day after insurgents overrun a strategic northern city, dealing a major blow to nato's forces -- nato's trained forces. jeremy gordon makes his first major speech since becoming later.
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he promises a return to straight talking politics. time for a look at business. marcus joins me in studio. we start with a look at volkswagen. >> as many as 900 thousand vehicles in france may have been dragged into the emissions at volkswagen. we do not have the official word from folks like in itself. remember, volkswagen has said all in all we are talking about 11 million cars worldwide that have been implicated in the scanned all. meanwhile, we're also seeing the w tried to cash in the scandal. scandal.ated in the meanwhile, we are seeing the vw try to deal with at fallout. the new chief executive presented a plan to top it
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managers on monday. he warned that vw is facing the biggest test in its history. taking the drivers seat to steer volkswagen through the biggest scandal in its history. during a meeting monday night, the new boss revealed a plan that will be presented to regulators. customers will be advised in the coming days which cars have to be refitted. 11 million vehicles are expected to be recalled, including vw and audi. vw is suffering from low profit margins. new companyf a structure is the first step toward modernizing vw. he also warned that there will be setbacks in what he called the long trudge ahead to repair the damage from last week's scandal. the german carmaker admitted to
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manipulating software in the diesel cars to cheat emissions germany has opened a fraud investigation. three top engineers have been suspended. the group is facing up to $18 billion in fines in a scandal that has wiped out more than one third of its market value. it has also brought into question the viability of a clean diesel industry that has been promoted by several european carmakers. >> the company lost nearly one third of its market value in just one session. the roller coaster ride comes on concern of glencore's ability to serve its high debt at a time when oil prices, metal prices, and other commodities are low. glencore issued a statement saying it did not face any
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solvency issues. they are trying to push back at the losses we have seen so far this year, especially yesterday and monday. -- on monday. that brings us to the stock markets. in the united states, a pretty choppy session. this hour, the main indices are in negative territory. they are still firmly in correction territory, which means they have lost more than 10% since recent times. we did see a big drop on monday. are a lotthis session milder. we have seen energy shares had higher together with oil prices. health-care stocks have also tried to bounce back after a seven session losing streak. date also bring you up to on the european picture. we saw the footsie leaves --
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ftse loose some ground. lost .3%.rt, the dax we solve volkswagen shares drop of about 4% throughout tuesday's -- saw volkswagen shares drop about 4% throughout tuesday's session. let's bring you up-to-date on other stories we are watching for you. the lender is considering 1/5 of itsmany as branches in this country. as many as 400 branches appear to be on the chopping block them according to union sources. they are opposing the plan. seen as a sign of the times, as customers are increasingly headed online. staying in france, a business tycoon wants more than one
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billion euros in damages from the french government. the spotlight back on a case that has implicated even the head of the international monetary fund, christine lagarde. kate moody explains. reporter: he has been a sportsman, a politician, and an actor, but the business mogul shied away from the spotlight on tuesday as his lawyer launch an appeal in a decades long case that has reached the highest echelons of french politics. >> we will make our arguments to the magistrates. my client will not be here so that the hearing can go forward without spectacle. reporter: the case dates back to 1983 when he sold his share of adidas. two thousand eight, france's then finance minister and now i
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am in chief, christine lagarde -- imf chief, christine lagarde, heard the case before a panel. the ruling was overturned in february this year as links between the lawyers and judges were exposed. christine lagarde phot accusations she had given him preferential treatment -- fought accusations she had given him preferential treatment in exchange for political support. find that not only was he not robbed, but the banks did him a service. since the contentious sale, the 72-year-old has filed for bankruptcy, spent time in prison, and then placed under investigation for fraud. 's mosttill one of france colorful and controversial figures.
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>> time will tell what happens with this affair. let's bring you up-to-date on other stories we are watching. concerns of a slowing global economy has prompted india to cut interest rates to 6.75%. a bid to kickstart economic growth. india has been undeñaw=>>ú>7
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09/29/15 09/29/15 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica this is democracy now! >> the united states is prepared to work with any nation, including russia and iran to resolve the conflict. >> we think it is an enormous mistake to refuse to cooperate with the syrian government. amy: how to deal with syria. that is the center of discussion between president barack obama


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