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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  October 2, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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here in japan, it's friday evening, i'm james tengan in tokyo. welcome to "newsline," here's some of the stories we're following this hour. a powerful storm brought down power lines and damaged structures in japan. north korea says it's preparing to launch a satellite, and others are concerned it's a
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cover for a missile test. chinese tourists are pouring into japan at the start of their national day holiday week, and many of them are choosing to come by sea. an extra tropical psych loan has battered major parts of japan, damaging structures, cutting power lines, and disrupting commuter transportation. the storm tore down scaffolding in a construction site near tokyo. nobody was hurt, but residented were advised to evacuate. people hundreds of kilometers north saw widespread damage. the wind rip greenhouses, knocked down trees, and damaged apples at orchards just before harvest. there's been several reports of injury, but no deaths. the severe weather crippled transportation in tokyo and elsewhere suspending trains,
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flights, and ferries. our meteorologist is joining us now with more. where is the storm now? >> yes, james. the strong low pressure system is north of hokaido. it's bringing gusts of 157 kilometers reported with record breaking sustained winds here and heavy rain affecting the rest of the country. the system was a typhoon, and if you remember, this affected yonaguni island with 292 winds reported monday, and then it turned into a depression, hit china, and contracted with cold air from the north, became a low pressure merging with another low pressure system turning into a violent low pressure system friday. this center pressure dropped in just 24 hours so the system is
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called a weather bomb or a bomb psy cycleone. there's unstable conditions to prolong into the weekend. strong gusts of about 160 kilometers per hour likely in the north, strong enough to cause more structure damage and more rain along with thunderstorms and a possibility of hail and tornados likely across the northern areas. so wet weather likely continues into the next couple days in sapporo. however, the rest of japan, sunny weather continues into next week. back to you. >> a lot happening on the weather front, thanks, sayaka. north korea says they are castg a satellite, but others are having ubts. they say pyongyang wants to test its defense program. they say a peaceful space
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program is the right of a sovereign nation. >> translator: the north korean government will defend its dignity by taking all available actions against the injustice of prohibiting a peaceful satellite launch. >> pea young you says it may launch a satellite to mark the 70 th anniversary of the founding workers party but widely perceived, if a launch if it takes place, is a test of a long range ballistic missile. the last launch occurred in december of 2012. he says that north korea's nuclear program is a measure against what he called hostile policies and nuclear threats by the u.s., indicating that the u.s. should chang its policies and hold dialogue with his country. japan's chief cabinet secretary issued a warning.
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>> translator: north korea should not conduct any type of launch using ballistic missile technology under the united nations security counsel resolutio resolutions. if they do any kind of launch, it would be a clear violation of the resolutions. >> suga said officials are gathering and analyzing intelligence information in cooperation with the u.s. and south korea. chinese media reports say the man suspected of carrying out bombings in a southern part of the country may be a kwaur ri worker who may have experience handling explosives. police say they are zerng searching for a 33-year-old man. parcels exploded wednesday and thursday, and authorities say seven were killed and more than 50 others wounded. reports say street vendor was asked by a stranger to deliver a parcel for $25. the package exploded when it was
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opened. police warn people not to accept items from unknown senders. regional authorities temporarily halted parcel and postal deliveries and stepped up security. a plane crashed in eastern afghanistan killing 11 on board. the plane went down in an airport early friday. the u.s. military says six of the victims were u.s. military personnel and remaining five were civilian contractors. military officials say the cause of the crash is under investiga investigation. reuters news agency quotes a u.s. military source saying there was no reports of enemy fire at the time, but in a statement, the taliban claimed responsibility for shooting the aircraft down. about 10,000 u.s. troops remain in afghanistan, although most of the u.s. led coalition forces pull out last year after completing their combat mission.
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japanese researchers offered an update on the patient who went through the world's first surgery using induced stem cells or ips cell, in satisfactory condition a year after the operation. the researchers operated on the woman in her 70s in september last year. she suffered from age-related mac lar degeneration and was gradually losing vision. she received a transplant of retinal tissue grown from ips cells. the process took advantage of the cells' ability to develop into any kind of body tissue. >> translator: one year after the surgery, the patient is showing no signs of health problems. >> scientists added there's no signs of cancer or other ab normalities. experts pointed out that ips cells could turn cancerous due to the ability to multiply limit leslie. the researchers say the patient's eyesight has stopped getting worse. the woman reportedly said she's happy she had the courage to go
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with the new treatment. project leader of beacon research institute said scientists hope to develop the method further to allow more patients to benefit from it. ministers involved in multinational free trade talks are gathering in the u.s. to see if they can once again come up with a deal. gene otani has that update. gene? >> reporter: thanks, james. 12 pacific nations are trying to breakthrough the log jam on the agreement. two days of scheduled meetings ended in the u.s. city of atlanta. the negotiator negotiators agre one more day to get a deal. japanese said negotiators made a deal on auto trade to smooth out negotiations. the concession is on the so-called rule of origin setting the amount of auto parts produced within tpp member countries that cars must contain
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to be exempt from tariffs. japanese negotiators pushed for a lower threshold close to 40% because countries like thailand are major suppliers for car parts for japanese makers. other countries call for 70-plus percent level under free trade deal with the u.s. japan reportedly proposed a 55% threshold. japanese negotiators are eager to wrap up auto talks and speed up negotiations on other sticky areas. checking the markets, investors in the region traded cautiously today as they await a u.s. jobs report. tokyo's nikkei average closing almost flat. for the details, we go to our business reporter at the tokyo stock exchange, giang? >> reporter: a day of choppy trading in tokyo. investors stayed on the sideline ahead of u.s. payroll numbers due out later today, but the nikkei managed to keep momentum after two solid days.
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the nikkei finished a touch higher at 17,725 after moving between positive and negative territory. the broader topix rose more than .10%, but for the week, the nikkei was down nearly .09% making for the third weekly drop in a row. let's look at today's movers, mitsubishi rose 4.5%, and sales in september up almost 36% year on year, and honda, meanwhile, recovered from a decline, up 1 %, down following a report about a voluntary recall in the u.s. to update software in the civic models. a company with domestic focus doing well is aeon gaining 2.1%. the profit reportedly rose 70% year on year for the march to
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august period. all in all, global investors await cautiously for the u.s. jobs data. if numbers are strong, it could indicate to officials that the u.s. economy can withstand a rate hike. >> giang, thanks. moving on to other markets, hong kong surged 3 tpt 2 % following a holiday, highest closing in a week. the real estate companies supported the rally. the benchmark ended up 1 preponderate 5%. and zid yi was down losing 1.2% on profit taking, but posted a 0.2% gain for the week recovering to the 5,000 mark. in seoul, the kospi slid 5% after a lower than expected increase in september. china is closed until wednesday for the national day holiday. in the final segment of our series on japan's ageing society, we look at a new
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generation of older entrepreneurs. until recently, most seniors lived out their post retirement years quietly at home. now, a growing number are starting businesses. >> reporter: he became an entrepreneur at the age of 64. the company he founded promotes products for small manufacturers and brands that lack sophisticated sales networks in japan. one of his clients makes portable massage equipment. >> translator: why not display the machine so customers understand they can change parts around? >> reporter: the contract with the company is just a year old, but sales have shot up. >> translator: his staff has an excellent business sense and impressive ability to sell.
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we've been helped a lot. >> reporter: he previously worked at an electric appliance chain for 40 years before retiring as a senior manager. he was restless and wondered how to use all that hard work and experience, so four years ago, he began his own small business at home. his first clients were american and chinese companies trying to get a toe hold in japan. he proved his medal by visiting stores and reporting all kinds of tactics including sales. his company started with just five workers. now it employs 60. >> translator: i want to keep working and remain active all my life. the way want to do that is
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business. i also enjoy the companionship of other people. it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: more and more people are hoping to launch their own businesses after retiring. nearly 100 are gathering at this business working event. a firm assisting older entrepreneurs hosts this event every month. most of the people here are at least 50 years old. those not trying to start up businesses are looking for partners or customers. >> translator: i get a boost when i meet seniors working hard. >> translator: attending this event is like sowing seeds. there might not be immediate results, but there are changes in the long run. >> reporter: the company's founder has helped 600 startups.
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she thinks retirees are more active if they keep working. >> translator: seniors have plenty of experience in human networks. many are frustrated because they don't know how to use that experience to do business. >> reporter: she's made it her mission to serve older aspiring entrepreneurs who lack experience of running a company. >> translator: it's risky to start a company alone when you know nothing about running a business. i was looking for a firm to provide support and teach me the basics. >> translator: japan is a difficult environment for preparing to launch a new business while employed. i hope it will become more natural to start making these preparations before retirement. >> reporter: the entrepreneurial
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spirit of the economy could become a major economic force if janese society can learn to accept and encourage them. nhk world. >> you can watch our series on japan's ageing society on the nhk world website, just check the url at the bottom of the screen. here's a look at some of the other business stories we're following. japan's finance minister aso says foreign counterparts and central bank's chief will face the risks at the g 20 meeting next week and said downside risks are shared by all countries as the economic outlook is unclear in china and europe. japanese firms say august household spending grew 2.9% from a year ago. they credit the summer heat which lifted sales of air conditioners and drinks. meanwhile, unemployment edged up to 3.4%, 0.1% higher than the
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previous month. total value of shares traded in the tokyo stock exchange in april to september hit the second highest in record worth over $3 trillion. robust corporate earnings and monetary easing by the world central banks lifted investors' apptize for japanese stocks. wild price fluctuations also sparked intens activity. that's it for business news. i'll leave you with the markets.
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chinese tourists are flocking to japan in the week long national holiday. one of the main reasons they visit tokyo is to shop. nhk world reports on what they are buying up. i'm in the shopping district in central tokyo. this is a popular drugstore. many tourists from china have been visiting today. this store carries a variety of pru products, not just pharmaceutical items, but also household goods and cosmetics, and as you can see, it's tax free, and the store provides chinese speaking staff. let's go inside and have a look. and the store has put out the
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most popular items for chinese customers with the chinese holiday in mind. this is the most popular item, this medication. the staff put up the names in chine chinese. let's go over here, and i'm going to ask this customer. okay. she said she's from shanghai, and today she came to buy health food. she said that she came to buy this health food, it's called end enzyme and stocked up for three months, heard from a friend it's really good, and so she's happy she can come and buy this item here so this basket is
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full. thank you very much. some chinese visitors say the quality of japanese goods is high and the weak japanese yen means that that he can buy more. according to japan's tourism agency, average spending of chinese visitors to japan increased more than 26% compared with last year. as you can see here in tokyo, local businesses are cashing in on tourist spending. >> practically buying up the store. thank you for that report. as the number of chinese visitors to japan surges, many are now choosing to come on cruise ships. here's that report. >> reporter: chinese tourists buying in bulk. this has become a familiar sight in japan. this home appliance store as installed a dedicated cash desk for chinese customers.
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he has rearranged high end rice cookers which are popular among them on more visible shelves, and there's many signs in the stores saying, made in japan. when tourists come to japan, they usually fly in, but many times visitors are now arriving and not only by air, but also by sea. a major american cruise operator offers a tour with on board facilities such as restaurants, a casino, a theater, and even a bot bar. from this, foreign visitors do not need a visa if on a cruise that was given prior permission. that's why tours like this are becoming popular, especially among families. >> translator: the travel costs are reasonable, and the economic
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slow down isn't having a big impact. >> translator: we don't have to worry about where to stay or where to eat, and there's plenty of entertainment. >> reporr: share prices in china have plunged, and the economy has lost some momentuom but the cruise operator says tourist spending is still strong. one chinese travel agent has joined forces with the western company to takedvantage of the increasing popularity of cruises. it established a joint enterprise which started operating this cruise ship in may. >> translator: to cater to chinese tastes, the ship has karoke rooms, and rooms are up sharply compared to the same months last year. the ship operator thinks the
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cruise stoboom has just begun a the number of tourists to japan will keep growing because it's close and easy to reach. >> translator: the ship is packed for the national day holidays. this industry is stable. >> reporter: in the meantime, japan is doing all it can to handle the influx of cruise tourists from china. a japan tourist official sees challenges, but is optimistic. >> translator: the biggest problem is the shortage of pass busses to rent, and in the case of cruise tours, each ship brings 1,000 to 4,000 visitors, so it's difficult to arrange enough busses, but as long as these trips to japan grow more popular, the passenger cruise business has great potential.
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>> reporter: whether japan can cash in on the opportunities that cruise tours offer, depends on how quickly they are ready to accommodate them. nhk world. >> thanks very much. let's bring our meteorologist back in the picture. the tropical storm is headed towards southern china. give us the latest. >> yes, james. the tropical storm is now moving away from the philippines, and it's now heading towards the south of china as well as northern vietnam. look at the stats, packing wind gusts of 90 kilometers per hour, and will likely hit by sunday afternoon local time as a severe tropical storm and could head north to vote naietnam. up to 300 millimeters could fall where rain is needed. rain is good news, but too much
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rain increases risk of flooding and landslides. rain will likely continue for the north of philippines for the next couple days. meanwhile, there's a newly formed tropical storm for the western pacific. this system will likely head towards the west. we'll keep you posted on the progressand a high pressure system is bringing sunny conditions in china, the korean peninsula, as well as japan with the exception of hokkaido. there's plenty of sun, 28 degrees, and 21 conditions on saturday. a strong low pressure system and also a frontal system affect the eastern areas of the united states, and there's a major hurricane over the bahamas bringing a lot of heavy rainfall. there's clouds are not moving at all. the system packing gusts of 250 kilometers, a category 4 hurricane, a major hurricane and
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likely moving north. we have hurricane warnings in place for the bahamas and it will continue to bring moisture to the eastern sea board of the united states. heavy rain will likely pou the eastern sea board for the next several days. the worst conditions will likely has been in areas of north carolina to virginia. heavy rainfall nearly 500 millimeters of rain could fall in the next 72 hours. different story in eastern canada and upper midwest. sunny conditions and chilly mornings are expected into the weekend. all right. here's your extended forecast.
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and that wraps up this hour's "newsline." for featured stories and reports log on to our website. from all ofñ÷p÷999ñówççç9ç9ç9ç9
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>> thanks for joining us on the "france 24." i molly hall. here of a headlines this hour. vladimir putin is in paris for ukrainian crisis talks. there overshadowed by russia's recent move into syria. we go to our correspondent for the latest. the u.s. is hit by another mass shooting. 9 people killed in an on-campus shooting. president obama says the


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