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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 2, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> thanks for joining us on the "france 24." i molly hall. here of a headlines this hour. vladimir putin is in paris for ukrainian crisis talks. there overshadowed by russia's recent move into syria. we go to our correspondent for the latest. the u.s. is hit by another mass shooting. 9 people killed in an on-campus shooting. president obama says the government's ash says the
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country's growing numb to the strategic city. how the militants are holed up on the outskirts. program, a up in the sting operation for french customs officials as 100 scorpions are confiscated in a u.s. bound shipment from cameroon. more legalgen faces woes, this time in france. kate moody will have the latest in business. molly: we begin with russia's -- the third day in a row russian jets have hit targets in syria. carried out new rounds of airstrikes, hitting 12 islamic state targets.
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concern has been expressed that moscow is striking all opponents of syrian president bashar al-assad, not just isis. moscow announced the campaign could last for the next three to four months. russia's sudden intervention in syria is dominating talks held in paris. francois hollande is holding discussions distressi on ukrain. we go to douglas herbert, who is covering events for us now. doug, we have the russian president, vladimir putin, meeting currently with francois hollande, the french president, at the present palace behind you. what are the leaders talking about? ukraine are serious? doug: that is the question we all want to know. they are supposed to be talking about ukraine. the reason this summit was convened is because it was y iv.d the normand
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these four leaders have not really sat down since then. they were all night talks, they dragged on into the wee hours of the morning. they hammered out a multipoint deal on how to bring the ukrainian conflict resolution. that is what they are supposed to be talking about. vladimir putin and francois hollande, their talks have been underway behind me in the french presidential palace. a lot of speculation, and it is just that speculation because i am not a fly, i am not on that wall. frances hollande, launched its own airstrikes on syria in recent days. he and french officials are perhaps a little bit alarmed as what many perceived as vladimir putin riding into the rescue. perhaps an agenda very much at odds with france's own agenda. so it is hard to imagine they will not bespeak the about that. when angela merkel sits down with vladimir putin, there will also be speculation on whether
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syria comes onto the agenda. there have been some suggestions in germany that there be some compromise, easing the sanctions in return for cooperation in syria. we all know -- we do not know. it is all guesswork. syria in some way, shape, or form, will be on the agenda today. molly: when we talk about the conflict in the crisis and where it currently stands, who is facing more controversy, petro poroshenko or vladimir putin? doug collins vladimir putin is the one in the line of fire or ire, if you will, of many of these european leaders, in the sense that is -- that it is incumbent on him to put pressure on the russian backed separatists, to put pressure on the rebels and influence them and persuade them to make good on the terms of the minsk cease-fire accord. to get a political settlement in place but at the same time,
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petro poroshenko is under a lot of pressure in ukraine. his own coalition is under a lot of pressure to decentralize power so the separatist regions. both leaders need something that can bring home to their own publics. molly: doug, thank you per douglas herbert reporting from the presidential palace in france. investigators in the united states are trying to piece together a clear profile of the government -- of the gunman who opened fire in organ state, leaving 10 people dead, including the gunman. he was a 26-year-old from california who lived near the rural campus. armed with multiple guns, he walked into a morning writing class and opened fire. to name the an oregon county sheriff said thursday that naming the gunman in the umpqua community college shooting would be
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counterproductive. >> we have information that leads us to believe that we know who the shooter is. i will not name the shooter. creditnot give him the he probably sought prior to this hornacek and cowardly act that this horrific and cowardly act. >> he said the focus should not be on the perpetrator who died in the incident, but on the nine people he killed and the seven he wounded. when he opened fire in a classroom at the rural college. the victims were the focus of a candlelight vigil in roseburg, oregon, on thursday. the u.s. media have released his name and reported him as a 26-year-old. in his online profile he said he disorganized -- he liked that he disliked disorganized religion -- he said that he disliked organized religion. that the obama said
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frustration felt by communities has not led to nationwide gun reform. time wet obama: each see one of these shootings, our thoughts and prayers are not enough. it does nothing to prevent this carnage from being inflicted someplace else in america. been 140 two school shootings in the u.s. in the past three years, each reigniting the fierce debate about gun control in america. -- sadly,ly, a mass mass shootings have become a --iliar scene in the u.s. all shocking the nation. none have brought stricter gun control laws. we take a look back. 2 students 20, 1999, opened fire at columbine high school in colorado. they killed 12 students and a teacher. they also injured two dozen
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others before taking their own lives. this was the deadliest attack in an american school in more than 50 years. since then, there have been many more mass shootings in the u.s. the one in virginia tech in 2007, a student opened fire on andus, killing 32 people winning 15 others. then came the shooting in aurora, colorado, in july of 2012. with 12 people shot dead at a cinema screening of "the dark knight rises." five months later, a 20-year-old man force his way into sandy hook elementary school in leaving 26 dead, including students and adults. more recently, the killing in south carolina, with dylan roof
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opening fire at a church, killing nine african americans. according to a study by the university of alabama, there have been more than 100 public mass murders in the u.s. since the 1960's. this means that with only 5% of the world population, the u.s. has close to the one third of all mass shootings. two isthe west bank -- really parents were shot dead while driving with her four children thursday. israel's military says the children were physically unharmed and now they are searching for an area of suspected palestinian attackers. our correspondent has more on the latest bloodshed. >> this couple were driving with four of their six children in the northern west bank near the palestinian town. they were driving between two jewish settlements when they were shot by unknown assailants. therefore children watch them die. this has led to that section of
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the west bank being closed while the israeli military looks at the assailants. they believe that they fled back into the palestinian town. israelihave heard in politics is a combination across the board. right wing israeli politicians blame the palestinian president for his incitement. more central and left-wing politicians blame the politics as a whole, looking also to the fact that there is -- at the whole political process and that there is disappointment and confusion on both sides. heard that there was criticism in israel by israeli politicians when jewish suspects attacked a palestinian family, and they say there have been no -- there has been no condemnation by the palestinian authority for these attacks. now to the latest in the
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battle for control of the afghan city of kunduz. the government says it has retaken the city center from the taliban and. government's announcement friday, there were reports that fierce clashes continue. catherine clifford has more. >> dozens of taliban fighters lie on the ground into news. -- in president's says the city is back in the government has hands. dr. we praise our security officials for their efforts in leaving the war from 10:00 p.m. was the night in till early morning. during the rest of the day they managed to successfully dodge operations. say mostry officials taliban fighters have fled, but some are holed up in civilians homes.
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fighters have withdrawn to the edges of the city. the provincial capital attacking from four directions, the taliban took the city of 300,000 in less than a day. we three days of heavy fighting, afghan troops backed by u.s. airstrikes amassed on the outskirts. the international military coalition said they also returned fire in self-defense. the attack, one of the taliban and's most significant, has raised questions over whether afghan forces are ready to stand troopsow that foreign are left. that have left. donnie'say, president -- the president's -- and charitiesls in croatia are scrambling to prepare for winter conditions. temperatures are dropping and
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thousands of migrants are left facing the elements. more than 90,000 people have transited through croatia since september. they are trying to reach northern europe, especially germany. in france, 100 syria and iraq he refugees have been granted official status. the asylum-seekers are brought here to ease the burden on germany. >> in his hands, and envelope that will change his life. the document that gives him refugee status. he is one of the first to -- these two syrian students, originally from aleppo, are told the good news. dark of the two of you are officially refugees. here are all of your papers. >> this is what they waited for since they arrived. dark of thanks to this, we can now stay in france. >> this allows them to work and
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study and be given the same rights as citizens with the exception of voting. a new life, too, for this syrian student who fled the civil war. >> yes, we are relieved. now we can learn the language, study, and work. iraqirly 100 syrian and refugees have received their refugee papers, a process that has been accelerated at the request of the french president. the other 500 asylum-seekers that came through germany are being assisted at other centers. most say they would like to stay in france. at this refugee center, french lessons are already underway. the leader of burkina faso's short-lived coup has turned himself into police. general gilbert diendere.
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the president sought refuge at the resident of the vatican's ambassador tuesday before an army raid on the merits of his elite military regimen. -- regiment. customs officials at charles de gaulle airport got a stinging surprise when they searched through u.s. township and's from cameroon. they discovered someone hundred 15 life -- some 115 live scorpions slated for medical research. staff thinks they were destined for sale on the internet. thou -- now they will be given to different zoos. 15 minutes past the hour here in the french capital. let's get an update on the headlines. vladimir putin is in paris for the ukrainian crisis, discussions overshadowed by russia us recent intervention in syria. the united states is hit with another mass shooting, 9 people killed on a college campus.
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the afghan government says it has retaken the center of kunduz , but fighting continues in the strategic city. militants are reportedly holed up on the town's outskirts. let's get an update of the day in business news. i am joined by kate moody. we are going to be starting off with volkswagen, which finds itself in some more legal trouble. weeks sinces two the cheating in missions scandal broke. the paris prosecutor has announced an official inquiry into what they call aggravated deception. volkswagen has admitted 11 million vehicles were fitted with in missions cheating software, including 1 -- with e missions cheating software, including many of them in france. 4000 have been put on hold in the u.k. credit suisse has released a report saying the scandal could cost the carmaker up to 78 billion euros, including legal
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fees, penalties, and the cost of recalling and repairing all the affected vehicles. volkswagen have seen shows the value more than a third of their value in at least two weeks. air france is preparing to announce significant job cuts monday after talks with unions about working conditions broke down earlier this week. pilots and cabin crew refused to increase their flying time without a pay raise. says it may be forced to suspend up to 10% of long-haul routes and cut between 3000 and 4000 jobs. unions have threatened to strike, possibly repeating last year's 14-day walkout, which cost the airline 300 million euros. morerance shares are up than 2%. volkswagen is not faring so well. 3.5% trading down about
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midway through the session. major european indices are all in the green, trading up, between 1.5% and 2%. investigate -- investors around the world are waiting for the yet -- the latest u.n. jobs report, -- u.s. jobs report. portugal is heading to the polls the sunday in its first parliamentary election since exiting its international bailout program. brought its budget under control and emerged from recession. many fear the economic recovery could still falter. our correspondent explains. this is one of portugal's main exports. industries like fishing were badly hit by the recession between 2011 and 2014. on top of that, the e.u. proposed a punishing reduction on the country. heading into this weekend's election, these fishermen say they hope things are about to change.
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i hope the next government takes a look at the primary sector. fishing and agriculture, and sees its potential for the future of the country. to reinvest in fishing, we do not need much money. our -- we need the changes, not the money. >> the economy has slightly improved. 1.6% -- 9.3p grew percent from 1.3% in 2015. the situation is far from stable. >> even if things have significantly improved and we are much better than we were when the process of the bailout started, we cannot rest. the patient is no longer in a coma but is still being monitored. whatever the outcome this weekend, portugal's alluded -- political leaders -- if they
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win, portugal's current coalition government has vowed to continue a regime of social cuts and higher taxes. their main rivals, the socialists, are not promising anything radically different. kate: the european commission says it is looking into reports that software and televisions may be skewing ratings reports. samsung uses half its power consumption when a standardized test is carried out than they do in real life. samsung has denied wrongdoing. trade ministers from a dozen pacific nations have extended talks on a sweeping trade deal until saturday. they are trying to seal an agreement that would affect 40% of the world's economy, from the anon to canada. a key point is intellectual property section for medicine and the dairy industry. the controversial fast food
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outlet, chick-fil-a, will open its doors in new york city for the first time this weekend. it creates 180 jobs. it is known for its current -- for its conservative politics and its outspoken opposition to same-sex marriage. it enjoys strong support in the largely leveler they got that in the largely liberal big apple. apple music has wrapped up its three-month, free trial period. apple executives say they are thrilled with the response to the new service, but it still has a long way to go before it catches up to spotify. they expect to have 100 million subscribers by the end of this year. some users are complaining that they are automatically charged for the coming month's service week as they did not activate -- on wednesday. app molly: thank you for that.
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kate moody with a look at the day's business news. it is time now for our press review. studioam joined in the by florence villeminot, for a look at what is grabbing headlines around the world. we start off in the united states, where sadly there has been another mass shooting. flo: it happened in oregon on at a community college. how oregonian" talks about 10 people died including the gunman. what is interesting is u.s. media have published the name of the suspected gunman. he is reportedly a 26-year-old man. that has not been confirmed by local authorities. the local sheriff has encouraged the media not to use his name so as not to glorify him. the sheriff said he in no way a
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process, to focus your attention on the victims and the families and help them get through this difficult time. flo: as we have seen in the past, the debate rages once again over gun control. we heard the u.s. president speak on the matter. papers say it was very obvious the president was upset and angry. this article says "obama is done comforting the nation. an outraged president obama lashed out against u.s. all makers -- u.s. lawmakers for not fighting against gun violence. he says laws, not prayers, are needed to stop the violence, and then not passing them control laws is pretty much the same thing as mass murder." he said that gun violence is worse than terrorism in the united states. if you look at the figures, they are quite staggering. that is what "the washington post" does today in their editorial. so far this year there have been 294 mass shootings.
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called the mass shooting when four or more people are killed or injured by gunfire. there have been 294 this year. keep in mind that we are only at 274 days into the year. you can see here "the washington post" in their editorial talks about another infuriating gun tragedy. what is sad is that these tragedies are starting to feel unsurprising. the washington post lashes out against congress and its cowardly obedience to the national rifle association, which makes it easy to get a gun in the united states. molly: we need to clarify what is involved in a mass shooting. we are going out to the situation in syria, where we are seeing russia stepping up involvement in the conflict there. sian talking about the escalation -- what in the world
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is vladimir putin looking for by carrying out these airstrikes? is this all about saving bashar al-assad, or is it about defying the west? several papers say that russia might be playing a very risky game here. there is an article in "forbes" that says his syria gambit could be his waterloo. i point out that russia's intervention will fortify the flagging spirit of shiite armies in the region, but it will make russia the prime target of sunni fighters, including the islamic state group. molly: what are we seeing concerning french politics? flo: marine le pen is excited about the news coming out of a science school here in france. like all universities, and has a bunch of clubs, including political clubs. up until now, most major political parties had a club
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except for the national front, but that has changed this week. yesterday the national front was officially recognized in order to be carry out that on campus, etc.
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