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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 11, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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host: hoping to stem the migration crisis. sweden reinstates more control. over occupied land. and friends of the land -- and marks theollande armistice day the tomb of the unknown soldier. "live from paris."
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welcome. european and african leaders are holding talks on how to deal with the migration crisis. strategylooking at a of how to handle the huge influx of people. division undermined it once again as sweden said it is temporarily reinstating order controls. slovenia again barricading its order. -- border. reporter: another barb wire fence against migrants. the prime minister insisted -- slovenia does not have the resources to deal with thousands along the way -- thousands currently along their way. as prime minister, i cannot
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allow this humanitarian catastrophe to happen in slovenia. a supervised have flow of the migrants entering slovenia and to reduce the number of those we will take care of here in the country. insist that their borders will not close, but austria has restricted the intake of migrants to 6000 per day. there is fear of a buildup back into slovenia. nearly 180,000 migrants have crossed the country since hungary closed its border with croatia, redirecting the flow to slovenia instead. the smallest country in the schengen zone underlined the need for a pan-european solution. in slovenia suggest the urgency with which we have to work on a pan-european solution, and that means securing borders.
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slovenia's problems could be solved on the external borders and then slovenia would not have to resort to such solutions. reporter: germany has also installed a less physical obstacle. migrants could now be sent back to the eu country they first entered, with the exception of greece. we were joined earlier by agration policy expert -- by migration policy expert. i asked how he feels about offering incentives. >> it is normal that migration byws should be dealt with countries of origin, countries of tragic -- transit, and countries of destination. the relationship between europe and africa is deeply unequal.
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europe is trying to say we will give you a few billion euros. in exchange, please keep your migrants at home. i think europe is trying to avoid its responsibility. is: in terms of trying to deal with the migrant influx, a lack of unity among european powers and the numbers are way below the numbers of people arriving. >> we need to understand that refugee flows -- this is not a refugee crisis. this is a political crisis of the european union. the eu has put itself in this situation by closing its external borders and failing to develop a comprehensive immigration policy. chris: israel says it is suspending upcoming meetings with the eu in protest of the new rules on settlements. the guidelines have been
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produced -- prime minister benjamin netanyahu says this move is discriminatory and it will not advance peace. >> labeling of products of the jewish state by the european brings back the memories. europe should be ashamed of itself. hundreds of territorial conflicts around the world and it shows to single out israel and israel alone, while fighting with his back against the wall against -- with its back against the wall of terrorism. chris: irris, can you take us through these rules? irris: the eu has agreed after some years of negotiation and in the face of strong israeli opposition that agricultural and cosmetic products that come from east jerusalem and the golan
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heights will have to be labeled in that direct way. it will no longer be enough to say "made in israel." it will have to say "made in a jewish settlement in the west bank." we heard from brussels a description that it is merely technical, but it is more than technical. we've had a contention of that from the eu's ambassador to israel. he said it is political. it reflects our views. it is a decision we made in 2005 and we are now, finally, after 10 years, implementing it. these are not israeli territories. until there is an agreement between israel and the palestinian state, whatever it will be, that's our view and that's what we are implementing. chris: we heard just now what benjamin netanyahu thinks of all this. tell us more about the reaction from israelis and palestinians. irris: it had been across the board condemnation.
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you've heard the israeli prime minister. he was forthright. so was his justice minister. she is from the jewish settler party in israel's parliament. she said that europe had dropped to new levels of hatred and she said that israel would now weigh what measures it would take. palestinian reaction has been interesting, too. they welcome the move, but say it is not enough. it is not a boycott of those goods. it is not a boycott. they would not like a boycott -- they would like a boycott. they would support further steps. very different views on both sides. chris: thanks so much, irris. hasafghan capital of kabul experienced one of its biggest demonstration in years. ashraf ghani called for calm after protesters tried to force their way into his palace.
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they are demanding justice for those beheaded by islamic militants. the taliban briefly seize control of the northern city of kunduz in september. reporter: police opened fire in protesters from afghanistan's minority after they stormed some government buildings. protesters rushed to hospital. thousands marched kilometers to the presidential palace, angry at the beheading of seven members of their community by islamist militants, one of the biggest demonstrations in kabul in years. twoseven dead included children. hase -- this minority regularly faced persecution. many were massacred by the taliban with al qaeda in the 1990's. a series of kidnappings and killings this year has reignited those fears. for many of those gathered
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wednesday, president ashraf ghani has failed these people. >> we asked the president to come here and tell us why these people were killed, why there is no security in the country. he has not made the -- he has not fulfill the promises he made during his campaign. reporter: the president, in a televised address, promised to bring the perpetrators to justice and also appealing for calm. >> we are committed to taking revenge for our countrymen's blo o in this wayd. -- blood. in this way, we will not spare any effort. we should control our feelings. we should avoid any action which could result in anarchy. reporter: the murders took place in a southern province which had been the scene of fighting between rival television and -- mic state group sessions rival taliban and islamic state group factions.
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chris: alledge islamic -- alleged islamic state group sympathizers under arrest, accused of attacking a naval base. they have twice attempted to travel to syria. nicholas rushworth has details. las: the terror suspect is accused of attempting to attack the toulon naval base, home of 20,000 military and civilian personnel. he had been under surveillance for a year. while being monitored, a parcel for him was found to contain a combat knife and a -- he had posted pro islamic state group messages on facebook. grouplamic state nationals he had been in contact with encouraged him to attack. >> if no surprise that french --
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that someoneise french can be influenced. it is both surprised -- it is no surprise they are targeted. there was also a killing in 2012. whenerror threat was seen three americans this summer overpowered a potential terrorist on a train. burma, a longtime pro-democracy campaigner, aung san suu kyi, has asked for military backed rule in the wake of sunday's historic election. congratulations from
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both the president and the military chief to aung san suu kyi. although the final tally from sunday's election in burma is still trickling in, authorities seem to be getting ahead of the results, which seem to be a landslide win for her party. >> i would like to congratulate you, the nld, for leading the race for parliamentary seats. reporter: the votes show a --shing defeat for the ute the usdp party, which is allied with the military that has ruled the country with an ironfisted for the last 50 years. fist for theon last 50 years. this time around, people hope things will turn out differently and they have high hopes for nld rule. will run the
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government, we expect to have a better economy, better health services, better education, and a better rule of law than the one we have now. reporter: burma's information minister reiterated on facebook --t military rule intowill look peacefully the transfer of responsibilities. russian president vladimir putin said this evening that his country must do all it can to stamp out doping in sports after allegations of endemic drug use among the athletes -- the country's athletes. it says the country has been unfairly singled out. this ahead of a meeting on friday to determine whether russia should be suspended from the games. >> we were ready and expecting this statement. there were cases that were solved already.
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this was a surprise. itwas so, one-sided, only -- was so one-sided, only affecting russia. scandals are continuing in kenya, africa, europe. this is our shared legacy, and we should solve it together. chris: now today, the 11th of november, armistice day. people across europe paid tribute to the millions who died during world war i. president francois hollande laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. oliver farry has more. oliver: wednesday's armistice day was a time of painful remembering. rock the partyde from the elysée palace -- cavalcade brought the party from the elysée palace to the tomb of
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the unknown soldier. ♪ and at the same time, the president made homage to french soldiers killed in action this year and then greeted their families. >> we are faced with a very difficult situation in the middle east. we are acting and france is there with its military forces. it is also present in africa, and this ceremony reminds us that four soldiers have died in france in the past year. oliver: it was a big turnout. not even the solemnity of the occasion made a presidential selfie off-limits. >> my grandfather was there. it is very important for us. he was there at a very difficult time in history. oliver: it was also a day for
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putting aside political differences, as president hollande shook hands with his predecessor, nicholas sarkozy. chris: spain's constitutional sort has suspended a secession notion by catalonia. parliament passed the resolution calling for the catalan republic in 18 months. the resulting row has dramatically escalated and is dominating debate ahead of the national election. prime minister mariano rajoy says his government is defending the country. sarah moss has more from madrid. sarah: they have suspended the appeal of the government, which asks,or the court -- basically, for monday's --laration of independence to push ahead with independence to be rejected as being
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anti-constitutional. the judges have to look at the argument. that could take a few months. while they do so, the purposes of that resolution will cease to exist. the next said they did not have any legal standing. monday's resolution set a deadline for catalan parliament to produce its own tax office and all of the laws necessary to set up an independent catalan republic. chris: if an independent catalan republic were realistic -- is an independent catalan republic realistic? arah: one of the things that the catalan parliament voted for was to ignore all spanish institutions, including so it isional courts, unlikely tonight's ruling by the constitutional court is going to stop this push towards independence.
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this is going to be a real election seige, in the run-up to the december election. nationalistsf the take extra action. what the government has said it will do is use the full force of the law. the constitutional court said it would remind the individuals and the president of catalonia and present members of parliament that, if they start to continue ,n the course of independence r they will face penalties. we don't know what those penalties could be. they could be removed from office, for instance. chris: sarah morris reporting from madrid. business news with kate moody.
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legalthere has been a decision from a judge in düsseldorf on the side of the striking unions, saying the walkout can continue, rejecting the petition for an injunction by the airline. more than 900 flights canceled this wednesday affecting 100,000 passengers. they say they are prepared to hold out until their demands are met. reporter: the stalemate continues. -- of -- love town the lufthansa flight attendants strike, and the airline was forced to cancel nearly 1/3 of its flights on wednesday. extend thisy could break even more if their demands are not met. >> our passengers will be able to fly as normal with cancer -- with lufthansa as of saturday.
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it is a ping-pong match. we cannot rule out there will not be further strikes. reporter: the dispute centers around flight attendant ansa wantswhich lufth to reduce in order to reduce -- to cut costs. they have seen their reduction plan fiercely opposed internally, with pilots also staging strikes over the past 18 months. at a time when a company is already struggling to balance its books, these additional walkouts could prove a thorn in lufthansa's side. >> we can't say exactly, but you can imagine the damage is an eight-figure sum, but that's not what it's about. it's about the affected passengers and the canceled flights. therter: strikes have cost airline and estimated 130 million euros since the
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beginning of the year. china whereg to shoppers have set a single day record with the singles day event. the final tally -- $14.3 billion. allie baba created the online shopping event as a sort of anti-valentine's day -- alibaba created online shopping event as a sort of anti-valentine's day eight years ago. it accounts for 2% of alibaba's revenue. jack ma hopes to take the phenomenon global. 11/11 starts from china and will go global. i think in the next five years, we may be in paris, tokyo, new york. is a great day11
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for every consumer, every small business. kate: shopping may be booming in china, but retailers in the u.s. are feeling less optimistic. the retail center -- sector has been trading lower on wall street. % at macy's in the past three months over concerns during the crucial hopping -- holiday season. markets trading up and down over the flat line during the session. european markets trading upward. the top performer up 13% as the company raised dividends, despite the cost of a cyber attack. the worlds two biggest brewers are joining forces -- the worl d's two biggest brewers are joining forces, ab inbev has completed its takeover of sab miller. reporter: here are some of the brands sab miller will hand ab
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inbev, the world's biggest brewer preparing to swallow its closest rival. the two have reached a deal estimated at about 100 billion euros. /3gether, they will brew 1 of the world beer. -- the world's beer. in recent years, sales have declined. >> consumers are drinking less severe. -- less beer. they are looking for more authenticity, local beers, more specialty beers. reporter: major brands are trained to emerging markets -- are turning to emerging markets, where people are growing the taste for the fizz. sab miller has agreed to sell its stake in miller course --
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coors for $12 million. turning to other business headlines, unicredit has announced it will/ -- will slash 2018. jobs y -- by the job cuts are part of a separate restructuring plan which will reduce its presence in germany and austria. japan's first commercial jet in half a century has made its maiden flight on wednesday. it took to the skies after three years of delays. mitsubishi hopes the model will help it establish in the aircraft industry. it has secured 223 firm orders so far. speaking of orders, airbus
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making sales this wednesday, including to a first-time buyer. the iranian president wants to do a deal with the aircraft manufacturer. this is ahead of his visit to paris next week. 10 ron has said it wants to buy 500 new planes over the coming decade -- tehran has said it wants to buy 500 new planes over the coming decade. parisn the streets of this wednesday, about 100 demonstrators gathered with a rather unusual protest, protesting attacks on feminine hygiene products. last month, parliament rejected a bill that would have reduced the tax on the products. is part of the growing international movement against such sales taxes on basic subsidies for women. many protesters are describing it as "sexist." finally, france has sold a
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neoclassical palace in the heart of vienna to the state of qatar. ]=
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