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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  November 18, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PST

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live from our studios here in tokyo, this is "newsline." i'm james tengan. french police have stormed a building in connection with last week's terror attacks. they have suspects, both male and female.
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heavy gunfire broke out early morning in saint denis in paris. the area is near the stadium where suicide bombers struck on friday. prosecutorsay there were several people inside the building when police raided. one woman detonated herself. five officers were injured. afp news agency quotes sources that they are looking for abdelhamid abaaoud. he was sentenced by a court in july. he was at large. they have been searching for suspects linked to the terror suspectshich killed 129 people. saint denis has a high
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percentage of islam residents. obama pointed out that russia mainly at first targeted moderate sources in order to support president ba shirt assad. the crash of a plane in egypt last month was an act of terror. obama commented on the move by russian president vladimir putin. >> if in fact shifts his focus and the focus of his military to what is the principal threat, which is isil, then that is something we very much want to see. >> obama also indicated if the u.s. and russia can deepen their understanding toward bringing an end to the syrian conflict, there will be wider room for cooperation in fighting the islamic state group. putin has spoken on the
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phone with french president france wa hollande. they confirmed they would wosh together in their fight against terrorism. hollande will meet obama in washington next week and putin in moscow two days later. soccer fans from france and england demonstrated their unity at a mass in london where they remembered the victims of the paris attacks. nhk has this story. >> reporter: wimbley stadium was lit up with the red, white, and blue colors of the french flag on tuesday during the friendly match. the stands were packed. britain's prince william scp prime minister david cameron were among the spectators. the prince laid flowers in honor of the victims.
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before the match, players and fans from both teams sang the french national anthem. and then, they observed a moment of silence. the match was held just four days after the coordinated attacks. a soccer stadium on the outskirts of paris was one of the targets. several blasts occurred nearby during a match against germany. afterwards, international matches in germany and belgium were canceled for security reasons. german police told the local media they detected a concrete threat of a bomb. the french team had deliberated whether to play as scheduled. officials with the french soccer federation decided the game would go on. they say they wouldn't surrender to terrorism. the captain said the team would focus on the match.
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>> translator: it was a very hard decision. but we will be playing the match for our country and for the victims. >> reporter: the match was held under tight security. but over 70,000 people came to show their support. [ speaking foreign language ] >> we're here in a big way of showing that fraternity, we're standing as one with france. >> reporter: players from both teams wore black arm bands during the game. fans applauded when france's player took the pitch. he lost a family member in the attacks. england won the game 2-0.
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recent events gave a tragic significance to the game. but soccer fans and players showed the world their determination to keep on playing. >> a great show of solidarity. thank you very much. republicans in the u.s. congress are demanding a pause to the government's syrian refugee program in the wake of the terror attacks in paris. house republicans plan to submit legislation to halt the government's plans to increase the number of refugees it accepts to at least 10,000. >> we think the prudent, the responsible thing is to take a pause in this particular aspect of this refugee program, in order to verify that terrorists are not trying to infiltrate the refugee population. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell echoed the call and criticized president obama's
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policy on refugees. governors of more than 30 states also say they will refuse to accept refugees, which may complicate obama's plans. senior government officials held a conference call with a dozen governors, assuring them, the government can manage any security risks related to bringing in refugees. leaders of the 20 asia pacific economic coalition are gathering in the philippines. we report live from manila. what are the latest developments? >> reporter: security at the fill philippine capital is tight following the attacks in paris. roads have been cordoned off to ensure the safety of delegates.
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japanese's prime minister shinzo abe has a series of meetings with business leaders and others. he's expected to announce japan's cooperation with other leaders. it was the first gathering since an agreement was made last month. the tpp can come into effect at an early date. but not only trade is being discussed here. president obama has raised tensions about the tensions over the south china sea. >> my visit here under scores
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our shared commitment to the waters of this region and to the freedom of navigation. >> reporter: obama also met separately with the host of the meeting. philippine president benito aqilla in manila. obama stressed that maintaining order based on rules is indispensable for the security and economic development of the region. he added that china must cease land reclamation in the south china sea. a position that was bked up by the philippine leader. >> the freedom of navigation and oversight of the south china sea must be consistent with international law. >> reporter: meanwhile, the chinese president is avoiding the issue at the talks.
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he said the summit should focus on the economic issues. china is not a member of tpp. >> translator: we should never allow anything to disrupt the development of the asia-pacific region. differences should be resolved through dialogue. >> reporter: leaders will start holding discussions on thursday. apec is a platform so discuss regional trade. nhk world, manila. >> we'll have more reports from manila here on "newsline." members of u.s. and china
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are taking a dim view on security ties. china's decision to build artificial islands in the south china sea was driven by a desire to impose a territory toerl claim. the panel members said china's military has improved its missile capability to keep the u.s. military away and they pointed to china's rapid rise in space exploration and its resolve to match the u.s. in that field. the report also says beijing is under mining the u.s. economy and security by supporting theft of trade secrets and personal data. it urges congress to consider
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countermeasures. the latest economic data from china suggests a weak property market. >> chinese officials say new home prizes fell -- prices fell in administer cities than they rose. new home prices fell in 33 of 70 major cities in october from the previous month. prices rows in 27 cities and were unchanged in ten cities. the drop is especially noticeable in inland and northeastern areas. the government has taken measures to encourage home sales. many condominiums remain unsold in smaller cities and real estate investment, once the end you didn't of the growing economy has been losing steam.
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oeco will go along with measures on coal-fired plants. members of oeco have agreed to restrict the subsidies used to export the technology. u.s. officials had wanted restrictions on the public funds to help stop global warming, but the japanese side has argued that plants built with their technology are highly efficient and emit less carbon dioxide. under the agreement, state-affiliated banks are in principle barred from financing coal projects. the cases involving exports from developing countries are excluded. the japanese government sees coal-fired power plants as a pillar of their strategy. japan considers the latest agreement a positive step in terms of fighting global warming. the terror attacks in paris are causing security of fears for many businesses.
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one firm that does precision machining has canceled all appointments scheduled in france this week. uki precision company produce panels for small satellites. sales have been growing rapidly in france, a company with a fleur requiring -- flourishing aerospace industry. a company representative was scheduled to fly to pairs but scrapped those plans. he said he and his colleagues in japan should stay away for security reasons. they have been communicating with staff in france about the situation in paris. >> translator: we're shocked. we must findut what wean do while putting the highest priority on the safety of our employees. >> he says he hopes the situation improves as soon as possible. tokyo share prices extended gains but only barely. the nikkei lost some of its
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earlier momentum after wores after the paris attacks. >> a rise in the dollar was initial driver of markets today which did give a boost to aot of the expoers, we also did see some action on the back of corporate news but also lingering concerns over the paris attacks dragged on market sentiment somewhat. let's have a look at the closing levels for wednesday, november 18. the nikkei is up 0.09%, closing at 19,649. the broader topix contained 0.03% to 1586. the nikkei hit its highest level since august 20th in the morni session, climbing on the back of the rising dollar but the news that air france flights were diverted by bomb threats pulled down the indexes. now, let's see some of the major movers, the chi testing maker was one of the biggest gainers today. global names including panasonic and honda also did well. now, as i mentioned earlier,
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there was some action on the back of corporate news, shares of shopping mall operator aeon mall were up overle% at one stage and now is the on the back of stock buy backs. traders will be trying to glean as much as they can from last month's trade meeting. there were a close watch on the happenings of the meetings with the bank of japan. most other markets in the asia-pacific region ended lower. in china, the shanghai composite lowered 1%. growing speculation about a december rate hike in the u.s. weighed on some markets. singapore closed at its lowest
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in six weeks. hong kong closed lower .34%. sydney gained .3%. here's a look at some of the other business stories we're following. a record number of foreign tourists entered japan in the first ten months of this year. officials at the japan national tourism organization estimated more than 16 million people visited between january and october. up 48% from a year earlier. travelers from mainland china made up the largest group their number doubled. south korea and taiwan were next. officials at mitt ssubishi motors celebrated after their 4 millionth vehicle rolled out in thailand. workers produce new pickup
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trucks and sport utility vehicles for the asian market. cars in the future may be made from paper. researchers in japanese universities have discovered ways to make the material as strong as iron. they came up with the idea by researching small pulp fibers. >> reporter: the paper administration at this university is involved in cut -- cutting edge research on paper. this is cellulose nanofiber or cnl. it is a new derivative of paper. it reduces the size of the paper fibers. this is a cnf plate. striking it with a hammer gives a good idea of just how hard it is.
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normally, paper rips easily, as the fibers are only loosely joined. but bringing down the size of the fibers to nano levels causes them to bind tightly together, giving paper the strength of iron. >> translator: it's like a dream material. the potential is huge, as it could be turned into things at that could take the place of various petroleum-derived products. >> reporter: researchers are looking at ways to use cnf in auto production. this professor of kyoto university is working on a plastic reinforced by nano fibers for vehicle bodies. that would decrease weight and improve fuel efficiency. he is now studying ways to use nano fiber to strengthen tires. the rubber used in tires contains carbon as a hardener. this enables tires to withstand the weight of the vehicle.
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research has found that adding nano fiber can reduce the weight of the rubber by 20% without affecting its strength. he wants to build a car equipped with parts and tires that use cnf in three years. >> translator: i want to help develop industries by creating highly-advanced materials using domestic resources. it's not just a dream. >> reporter: a paper company is aiming to develop products that take advantage of one of the characteristics of cnf. this is japan's third-largest paper company. the firm is making nano fiber sheets to produce wrapping materials that can preserve food. one of the features of nano fiber is its ability to block oxygen. the company uses special equipment to measure the amount of oxygen that passes through a nano fiber sheet.
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oxygen was able to pass through plastic food storage bags, but not the nano fiber sheet. the company plans to start selling bags made of nano fiber sheets for food and medicine in a few years' time. >> translator: demand for paper is falling due to the increasing use of it products. our company hopes its research will be able to save the paper industry. >> reporter: cellulose nano fiber is made from plants, the material of the future could have a big impact on japan's manufacture and industry. >> that's it for business news. i'll leave you now with the markets.
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japan's health ministry will enlist a group to help regulate isp cells. the team will study ways to monitor cell mutation as well as how to select patients for clinical trials. the team will also explore what patients need to know in order to be properly informed of the risks and benefits of ips cell therapy.
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it's time now with world weather. heavy snow and strong gusts have resulted in traffic disruptions throughout the western u.s. >> bzzard conditions are causing lots of problems for parts of the united states. we have video coming out of colorado. take a look. an early season strong storm caused traffic chaos in colorado on tuesday. numerous car accidents were reported. over 100 flights were canceled at denver national airport cht 30 centimeters of snow fell in metro denver. operations have returned to normal but blizzard conditions are developed in eastern colorado as well as kansas. denver will see sunny whether on thursday but kas per and bismarck will likely see more
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wintry conditions. along the mississippi river basin there is flash flood warnings in place. watch out for floods. this system has a history of dumping 100 millimeters of rainfall in 24 hours. this system will likely push toward the east. the risk of severe weather will shift toward the southeast. deep south will see severe thunderstorms, damaging winds anpossibility of tornadoes on your wednesday. watch out for that. a chain of lows have been developing heavy snow over locations in the northwest. temperatures are going to be 9 degrees in vancouver with a chance for thunderstorms. denver down to 9 as a mentioned. across the eastern seaboard cooling down and we'll see rain on wednesday, continuing into thursday. across japan, it was sunny in the tokyo area this morning but
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it's getting wet. there is a low pressure system approaching. this system caused about 140 millimeters of rainfal in the area for 24 hours. this is a fast-moving one. watch out for gusty winds as ll. tokyo will see heavy rain from tonight that will continue into early tomorrow morning. kinki region will see an additional 150 millimeters and tokai, 100 millimeters. tokyo, seasonal, temperaturewise, thursday on friday and going down to 15 degrees on sunday, and cooling down to 13 degrees on monday. so colder season is definitely approaching. now, further down toward the south, there is a newly formed named storm. this is a severe tropical storm,
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it will turn into a typhoon and head over the mariona islands. toward europe, the low pressure system is affecting northern portions of germany as well as poll land. berlin will see some rainfall on wednesday. warsaw rainy weather with a high of 12 degrees. meanwhi meanwhile, paris at 15 degrees of a high and chance for sunny weather. cloudy conditions expected in london as well. right here is the extended forecast. ♪ ♪
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>> two people killed and seven arrested in a raid targeting suspected militants. in less than seven hours in the suburb of saint-denis, with several police officers injured.


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