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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 12, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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it is not :00 p.m. in the french capital. you are watching "france 24." a pause in the violence. diplomats agree to a temporary cease-fire due to take a week -- take effect in a week. russia is considering an aerial bombardment. secure your borders. the eu gives greece three months to meet its demands. on zika.n to detect theed
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mosquito-borne virus in a matter of five hours. good evening. five years on and more than one quarter of a million deaths later, united a's, russia, and other nations have agreed on aiming to cease hostility in syria and bring humanitarian aid to people may in need. as the talks in munich wrapped up, a temporary truce could begin within a week. cease-fire,anted a but moscow had been aiming for it to take effect on march 1. a week from now is considered a compromise. more on what this deal could mean for but seized countries. for ad the hopes cease-fire, there were steps towards providing concrete relief for the communities.
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kerry, there is no time to lose. >> we believe we have made progress on both the hand terrien -- on both the humanitarian front and the hostilities front. we have agreed to accelerate and expand the delivery of humanitarian aid beginning immediately. sustained delivery will begin this week. international serious support crew privatized -- prioritize the number of areas to be --. the first meetings of the task force took pace in in geneva. meetingcalled this the special envoy last week decided to suspend talks he could as he did not want to have talks.
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aleppo was being bombed. people were being starved. >> regions under control of the islamist a group will not benefit from the aid. -- access to areas was passed in december of 114 requests for access to besieged populations. only 14 have been granted by syrian authorities. john kerry says thursday that had to change. >> for more on the humanitarian aspect, we are joined in the studio by the emergency coordinator for the aid organization care. what will this cease-fire mean like yours in terms of how aid is distributed? >> it is a good step. we are skeptical about the for melon -- about the fulfillment
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of this. bombing, youe stop have to protect civilians. right now, civilians are targeted in syria. that is a disaster. it is against every geneva convention and italian law. we do not have access to syria. syria to helpo people. we work with partners. it is difficult for them. is them, helping every day risking their lives. of the worst affected areas, what are you hearing? what is the situation like in the worst of it? violaine: the worst areas are the ones that are hard to reach. millions of people. seen, people starve
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to death because they do not have access to food. no water, no health, nothing. impossible for humanitarian actors to go there. like leaving people dying without be able to help them. for us, it is a disaster. it is very dramatic. what kind of aid is care international providing specifically and where? i cannot say exactly where we were for security. besiegedn towns in areas. what we do, emergency response. haveans helping people access to water, shelter, food. we have more than 6.6 million people displaced. they do not have anything.
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theyver, most of the time, do not have any -- any more. we have to help them find where they can sleep and live. in terms of humanitarian needs. food. people cannot buy food. planto not have fields to crops or seeds. health. every hospital has been destroyed. people do not have access to medical centers. >> tell us about the flow of aid. roadblocks have there been and what kind of barriers has care encounter trying to get aid from one place to its destination? aid toe: we cannot bring syria. we have to bring everything to syria. ofyou want to buy one kilo fries, it is 100 euros. it is very expensive.
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it is also finance. last week we had -- in london. they have to fulfill the commitment. secondly, think about the reconstruction of syria. >> it is important you coordinate with other ngos. you do not end up doubling up on the same areas. violaine: we coordinate with the human agencies. .e can cover all areas we do not duplicate. also, to complete our aid. provide water and shelter and another agency will provide health services. >> thank you for speaking to us, emergency court for the international aid organization care. munichthe talks i name president the syrian
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bashar al-assad gave an interview. in the interview, he spoke of control ofon to take his country and vowed to continue fighting what he calls the terrorist. tomas waterhouse has this report. tomas: in his latest interview, the president was defiant. seemunich agreement aims to factions down weapons within a week. bashar al-assad maintained it is possible to talk and target terrorists at the same time. have believed in negotiations and political action since the beginning. if we negotiate, that does not mean we stop fighting terrorism. the two tracks are inevitable in syria. a civil war in its fifth year, the main goal is to capture all of the country from
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the opposition. to do that, his government's latest back defensive in aleppo aims to cut off from turkey. his timeframe was clear. a year.hievable within he warns france has to change its destructive policies in support of extremists. >> of france needs to do something towards fighting terrorism. so far, it has some good terrorist. in some cases politically, and others --. peace talks currently suspended, the immediate hopes of ending the conference -- the conflict is slim. the munich deal's words on paper one what is needed is action on the ground. stance from the syrian president gives his forces and its allies the green light to keep up the fight.
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>> the european union had tough words for greece today, calling on them to address issues on how it processes migrants. been given three months to address the recommendations aimed at tightening border checks. more from brussels. yesterday, published greece has not been registering nor fingerprinting the thousands of migrants arriving under -- arriving on their soil in the last year. up set inspectors team of unannounced back in november. they just showed up undercover and put all of their recommendations together on paper. this information was released to the ap.
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it was not published online for fear smugglers and human traffickers would get their hands on the document and realize the areas they could enter into the greek islands. for greece.ear they are still coming out of the financial crisis as well. reporting fromn brussels. it is known as a calle jungle. it is home to migrants and refugees. camped out in hopes they can sneak across the channel and build a life in the u.k.. residents have launched complaints after a number of reports of attacks blamed on police and far right groups. localsions rise, officials are investigating options. our correspondent explains. the biggest shanty town in france, but possibly for not longer. is home to calais
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migrants from afghanistan and the middle east. a quarter of the numbers about to be moved on. authorities have come up with an alternative. >> it is time for us to tell that we have a solution for them. there is no reason for them to stay in these conditions. welcome them. they are top of the list at the temporary housing center. they can go to the orientation center. these are the two solutions. these solutions could be implemented monday when authorities will visit the camp to explain to migrants in person. those who choose, will be housed in a new reception center. life is a struggle. those who choose it do so in the hope of reaching the u.k.. registering at a reception center code scoffer their chances of crossing me -- could
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scupper their chances of crossing the channel. for local authorities, the situation has become untenable. venezuela is the latest south american country to announce deaths from the zika virus. at least three have died. more than 60 others have been treated in hospitals. it spreads across the region and moores being found out about the virus. doctors have developed a test capable of detecting zika. -- alexanderaught has the report. alexander: they are expected to ika viruswhether the z twohe leading reason for --. >> the evidence is building on the link. we are not there yet. in colombiarospect o
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of women who are pregnant and have been infected and known to be infected and they -- the outcome of the presidency -- the outcome of the pregnancy is being looked at. we will see how many deliver a child with microcephaly. >> the new research and development blueprint will help speed up the creation of treatment for zika. diagnostic test kits seen as vital for combating the disease are expected to be ready within weeks. of a vaccinent expect expect it to take a year and a half. >> 15 companies have been identified so far. most have only just started work. s seems to me more advanced.
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>> the who has advised not to travel to the area where the virus is. further outbreaks are expected in warm climates across the rest of the world. >> the 66 edition of the berlin film festival is in full swing. a number of films about the european refuge he crisis. in the running, the first arabic language contender. >> it is no surprise the berlin -- began with "hail caesar." what is more surprising is the absence of arab contenders until this year.
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for the first time in two decades, and arab film is in the running. it is a love story set in the aftermath of the arab spring uprising. >> political censorship under the regime had made everyone not. we were no longer curious about others. we were lethargic about what was happening. it wasruck me most was like lifting a veil. that is when we were starting to discover each other. >> the festival will screen the diary of anne frank, as well as michael moore and's new documentary, where to invade next. organizers are rallying behind --. the refugee crisis.
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a dozen films are dedicated to the plight of the migrants. including fire at sea. nearly 80,000 refugees arrived in the german capital last year. of capital has invited some them to attend screenings for free. the theme runs deep. in first addition to place 1961, 6 years after world war ii left millions of people displaced in europe. many refugees fled germany. you back to the cuban capital, where the head of the church is holding a meeting with pope francis. their meeting, being held at the airport in havana, is underway. it is scheduled to last about two hours. it has been about half an hour since the men sat down for talks.
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the pope is en route to mexico, where he will arrive before heading on to other latin american nations during the world tour. we will bring you more as soon as we get it. in the violence. diplomats agreed to a temporary cease-fire in syria, due to take effect with in a week. russia is continuing with its airport -- it's airborne bombardment. aimed tos three months meet demand and at stemming the flow of migrants into the eu. zika researchers in brazil developed a test capable of diagnosing the virus in a matter of hours. of business news stories. kate is here.
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what a weekend has been for traders and world markets. how has it all ended. >> a few minutes ago in wall street trading. if we go back, asian markets extending their losing streak. europe has gone into the weekend on a better note. a sharp uptick for the maker indices, banking shares rebounded. a boost to friday trading. dax up about 2.5%. athens in the lawn wrapped up their trading in the green. wall street following the upward trend. stocks are accelerating gains as they approach the closing bell. oil prices have spiked this friday. futures of u.s. wci crude are up
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about 11%. the energy minister of the united arab emirates suggest the opec production cartel was considering scaling back output. the banking sector has been hard hit this week. financiers have tried to downplay concerns. steps tobank is taking reassure investors and the markets that it is in good shape. the largest lender has confirmed it will buy that 4.8 billion euros of its own bonds. after a week of sharp rises and falls, shares closed up nearly 12% this friday. the euro zone economy grew in line with forecasts last year. gdp grew by .3% in the fourth quarter of 2015.
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the quarterly figure marks no improvement from the third quarter. decline inis a industrial output in the month of december on 1.3% for the year. economists had expected a rise of nearly 1%. that data has revived speculation that the european central bank may need to take more action to stimulate growth. disappointing figures came from greece. in farmers protested against reforms that international creditors demand go further. to deal with an influx of migrants and the economic slowdown. >> greece slides back into recession.
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protestingrs are pension reforms, which would require them to pay more income tax and increased social security contributions. there is a condition of the $86 billion bailout. the eu wants more action. >> we called on the greek authorities and institutions to pursue the issue further. particularly on the item of pension reform and open fiscal issues and a privatization fund. is on track to be completed at the end he of march. it comes as the country falls into recession. the greek economy shrank in the last three months of 2000 15, following a drop of 1.4%. said unlesscials
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the government and creditors come up with a credible plan to make the debt sustainable, fears grexit willet -- resurface. have been struggling to deal with falling prices, too low for them to make a living. the french government has authored hundreds of millions of euros in aid to livestock farmer since last summer. said he wouldnde try to lower taxes, but did not say by how much. the president met with representatives earlier this friday. the industry needs reforms on a european level. >> we must have more regulations governing production. if there are too many dairy production -- too many dairy products on the market, dairy production must be decreased.
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today, we find ourselves at a complete dead-end. >> ministers will meet to discuss the crisis on monday. let's look at the other business headlines. the independent is to stop printing physical papers and become digital only. british daily is the latest to be hit by falling ad revenues. ite staff would be cut and would sell the sister publication to finance the move online. -- plans to hire a thousand new employees. the carmaker said its net profit rose by almost 50%, nearly 3 billion euros. charles gunn defended the practices and investors fear it could be drawn into and omissions cheating scandal. it has been under pressure since
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it revealed it was searched by government fraud investigators. a more optimistic outlook for rolls-royce. shares soared 14% this friday. they reported profits in line with expectations. profit warnings, the company would likely gain traction in the coming year. lovers around the world will mark valentine's day this weekend. the holiday is about business as it is romance. is making the most of that. best known for its christmas markets, it is running its several regional products at a valentine's market in tokyo. it -- turnrn a path a profit. tart pflaum bay, all with an extra serving of love.
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the city of strasburg is targeting japanese couples to boost exports. of france,gion valentine's day is an opportunity to demonstrate its reputation for romance and attract more japanese tourists into the bargain. >> storks are amazing. we have these plates illustrations. >> she explains her work of art to visitors. >> would you like to have your picture taken with me? strasburg is known for its cathedral and traditional woodframe houses. >> we found out valentine's day is important in japan.
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the purpose of the operation is to share this experience of valentine's day and show strasburg is a great romantic destination. >> the strategy seems to be working. markets have seen japanese
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02/12/16 02/12/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> secretary clinton, super pac, as i understand it, receives $25 million last reporting period, $15 million from wall street. $27.verage contribution is i'm very proud of that. >> i debated then senator obama numerous times and stages like this.


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