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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 22, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> hello and welcome to live from paris. i am claire pryde. the headlines -- the pound slides after the mayor of london's shock decision to back the brexit campaign. david cameron prepared to give mp's the details of leslie's meeting with e.u. leaders. as violence continues in syria with more than 100 people killed sunday, john kerry announces a deal has been's truck with russia through partial truth rid a referendum to let bolivia hospira's and, eva morales, --
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bolivia's president, eva morales, seek a term. coming up in business, samsung aims to get its groove back in the mobile markets with the help of mark zuckerberg and an upgraded smartphone. will give usworth the related -- the latest reactions in the papers to a possible brexit. claire: first, the pound is weaker after boris johnson says he would be supporting the out campaign in gu -- in the e.u. referendum. the only way to change the e.u. is to vote to go. the prime minister argues that offers more power to
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the u.k.. david cameron will take his -- membership offers more power to the u.k. u.k. missed in the that boris johnson is in favor of the brexit, the news is now all over the press. the mayor of london and a member of david cameron's conservative party is campaigning against the prime minister. boris: the last thing i wanted was to go against david cameron or the government. but after a great deal of thought, i do not think there is anything else i can do. >> johnson's decision is a blow to the prime minister, who had just negotiated a deal to improve britain's position within the e.u., and he is not alone. six ministers and dozens of conservative mp's say that leaving the blocks will bring back sovereignty, security, and improve the economy. for cameron, that would be a mistake. cameron: we will be safer,
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stronger, better off inside the e.u. shows that 48% of people agree with the prime minister. 33% are for a so-called brexit. a segment of the population is still undecided. scotland's first minister says that if this campaign wins, scotland would reconsider its place in the u.k. scotland has already seen itself as a european country. if we were to be kicked out of the european union when we expressly said we wanted to stay in, that would trigger a demand for a second referendum. in and out cap have until june to convince voters. parsons, theed rob chief foreign editor, why boris johnson's voice carries so much weight. rob: there were already party members that decided -- the fact that boris johnson has joined
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impactix adds real because barnes johnson -- boris johnson is one of those rare people in politics who is able to appeal across the divide. he has charisma because he has got personality. he appeals to people because people see him as amusing or witty or whatever. it is how he became mayor of london, which additionally is a left-wing city. but he achieved it in london through the force of his personality. this will be the big fear of those in favor of great britain staying in the european union, that he will appeal across the divide. because the battleground is not inng to be for the third favor of staying in or the third in favor of going out. the battleground is going to be the 35% of people who have not made up their minds. the fear will be that that personality, that charisma that he has will be very useful in drawing those people into the brexit cap. our report touched on
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this. tell us more about what a brexit would mean for scotland. rob: this is going to be one of the big issues after the result hits home. we are not talking just about the breakup of one union, we are talking about the breakup of potentially two. if britain does leave the european union, there will almost be a certainly strong demand in scotland for scotland to leave the united kingdom and . 45% of the electorate last year ofored for independence scotland. many got cold feet because of fear of the unknown. but there is going to be another referendum out there -- after referendumh expressly stated being in favor of being in the european union, 70% of scots in favor of being in the european union. if that were to happen, the impetus of a new referendum would be almost impossible to
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to resist. there would be a very big chance the scholar would be would be in favor of leaving the united kingdom. claire: across europe, british ex-pats are worried about how their lives would be impacted by the u.k. leaving the e.u. some british nationals living here share their concerns with "france 24." >> campaigning shifted into high gear. with the country counting down to an historic in-out referendum on the 23rd of june. across the channel at this english bookshop in paris, britainexpert hopes will vote against the brexit. >> i think it is a much better place to be, to be part of europe and not on the outside.
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lots of people are suspicious of europe for no real reason. >> for jose, there is not enough information on the reform deal that david cameron clinched friday. >> sitting on the fence. not quite sure whether to vote for or against. if the deal is as good as everyone makes out, i will vote to stay in. but i would suspect that the deal is nothing of the kind. the big question in the u.k. is about immigration. >> he has lived in paris for nearly a decade. >> it is a little bit embarrassing because we are putting ourselves in a much more special case than anybody else, and i am not sure it is as big a problem in the u.k. as other countries in europe. be asked to make the biggest political decision of their lifetime. claire: the euro secretary of
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state has announced a station -- the use -- the u.s. secretary of state is announced -- john kerry has said that he and sergei lavrov reached a deal for a provisional partial truths in syria. the final details would be worked out by president barack obama and vladimir putin. reached a: we have provisional agreement on the terms of the cessation of hostilities that could begin in the coming days. john kerryrs after spoke, multiple suicide attacks claimed by the islamic state group ripped through the central city of homs and the suburb of damascus. the death toll for the attack close to syria's capital went up to 120 with at least 59 people killed in homs. >> the twin bombing in homs struck sunday morning. -- twoores dead,
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vehicles it into a crowd before detonating. the bombing came a month after a similar attack killed 22 people in the same area. just hours later, the jihadists would strike again, this time with deadly twin suicide bombings in the syrian capital, damascus. it is likely the attacks are a response to army operations, backed up by russian air support. government forces retook 18 villages from the terror group on saturday and are closing in on its de facto capital, raqqa. it is a conflict that has left a once week syrian leader sitting pretty. >> different religions. this way they can have real democracy.
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it is very simple, a veritable problem. remove the president and everything will be fine. >> that is likely easier said than done. every cease-fire has failed up until now, with the death toll standing at 260,000. uganda, the opposition leader has been detained again for two days after long time ruler was of any was announced the winner of the presidential election. the poll was described as a sham and this monday his supporters have an planning a protest march. according to police, they planned to storm the electoral commission. a slim majority of bolivians have said no to evo morales' bid to extend his presidency, according to exit polls. but the deputy has predicted
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that morales could still win sunday's referendum. >> the future of president evo morales is looking uncertain as exit polls suggested bolivia voted against him and sunday's referendum. the government says it is too soon to be sure. tricks,te dirty defamation, lies, and misrepresentation displayed by the forces of the right these past few weeks, the forces of conservatism, half of the bolivian population, are in favor of modifying the state's lit up a constitution. >> the president called a referendum -- under the current competition -- under the current constitution, leaders can only seek reelection once. president, the people recognize the
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results and dedicate yourself to working over the next four years. do not hold any more electoral campaigns. economic, judicial, health, and safety problems that the men and women of bolivia face -- focus on those. >> it is a setback for the country's longest-serving leader and first indigenous president, who entered politics at the cocoa grower costs union leader. union cocoa grower's leader. recent scandals have capped a shadow on his present that have to cast a shadow on his presidency. company -- .laire: we are at a crossroads the prime minister matteo renzi says he will try to break a poetry deadlock over silly
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unions for same-sex couples. some are demonstrating in -- civil unions for same-sex couples. some are demonstrating. milan, one of the largest catholic churches in the world. gay activists and supporters pressed for appeal on same-sex unions to be approved without amendments. italy is the last major country in western europe that does not recognize civil unions of same-sex couples. here, 10,000 people, not second-class citizens, are tired of being treated as second-class citizens. accept any more compromises regarding the lives of children in gay families. >> opposition has been not just in the roman catholic church but also in parliament. due to opposition that allows a partner in a same-sex relationship to adopt the biological child of the other partner.
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catholic senators within the ruling coalition have opposed the clause, and the vote on the the five-star movement dropped their support. after mostly staying out of the debate, prime minister matteo renzi has weighed in, threatening to take the issue to a vote of confidence in the government. >> i propose that the governing parties try to reach an accord and put forward an amendment on which i believe we must be ready to call a confidence vote. opinion polls say that the majority of italians are in favor of same-sex unions, but against equal adoption rights. but campaigners insist legislation will amount to little without this provision. look at theick headlines. the pound slides after the mayor of london's shock decision to back the brexit campaign. sharecameron prepared to
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details. more than 100 people killed in sunday -- on sunday in syria. and it is time now for the business news. i am joined by stephen carroll. stephen, starting with the value of sterling, falling sharply in trading today. stephen: that's right. boris johnson is going to back the campaign to leave the european union, with a fairly hefty show of in trading -- about two cents wiped off the dollar, and the falling against the euro in trading as well. both currencies down by about 1.5%. starting at two cents might not sound like a lot. but trying to put this in context, for that we go to london and speak to simon smith,
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the chief economist -- there is talk of sterling falling off a cliff today. how important is it? >> you have to go back to 2008 to find a similar one move in sterling. it is significant. it is exacerbated by the fact that we did rally into a close. markets are thin. they are relieved that the u.k. put together a deal at the u.k. summit that was happening. but the reality is that the move over the weekend, especially with boris johnson, means that. there are more mps likely against the campaign to leave the e.u., and that creates uncertainty. international investors will be worried about placing money into u.k. assets, be they guilds, equities, and they are important.
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we rely on overseas investors to make a difference. aephen: it is expected to be rough few months is this lays out? >> i think we are looking for a rough few months ahead. i could see us getting down to the 1.35 level against the u.s. dollar, but given the extensive leaves we have seen, we will go below that by the end of may once the sort of campaigning is fully indebted. 280 -- once the campaign is fully embedded. we do not have a decisive move one way or the other suggesting in or out, then i can expect to on thetinued volatility currency. as i said, for most investors, -- uncertainty created on domestics are wanting to make future plans, not knowing under orch legislation or rules those plans may come under.
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stephen: having this debate is technically -- there is an effect that can have on the british economy. could a weak sterling help in some ways for exporters? >> yes. , itrally, for exporters makes things more competitive. but i think you have to go right back to the fact that if we see the continued volatility as today, it makes it more of a headache in terms of managing that exposure on the part of exporters and others dealing with overseas currencies as part of that business. so i think, yes, there are always positives to the falling pound, and less inflation means more respect. party -- for for carney. it is small compensation given the other uncertainties that this is going to create over the coming three months. stephen: simon smith, thank you for joining us today from london. simon: thank you.
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claire: how are the stock markets reacting? stephen: stock markets are trading up across your. oneftse 100 is up over percent. can we keep an i on some of those come is like exporters that could be particularly affected by a british exit from the eurozone? burberry, the election -- the luxury fashion brand there, not so much worried that we are seeing on the stock markets perhaps even in the currency markets as you can see, a fairly healthy again across the european market. turning to technology. stephen: we have seen some announcements of new phones ahead of the official opening that happens today. new s7 is revealing its and s7 edge models. there are rising stars in china. the cupboard has a secret weapon
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on him -- on hand in the face of facebook's ceo, mark zuckerberg. >> is this the future? they are hoping that pushing into virtual reality will keep ahead of the competition, especially when it comes to gaming. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg -- rather than the new flagship handset -- the s 7 will be waterproof and there will be a place to add a memory card in the back. it could lack the wow factor necessary to blow the competition out of the water. it is still used in terms of market share. apple with a higher market segment. samsung says it is not concerned. >> we all believe that competition is excellent. this is needed. this is what pushes us to strive
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for more information, better futures, barry smartphones. -- better smartphones. >> lg thought to still samsung's -- samsung's thunder. a camera or battery can be switched, or updated, or replace. competition from high-end consumers is fierce, and although every manufacturer tries to imitate, the future looks similar with virtual reality playing a major role. stephen: we will be following all the latest here on "france 24." claire: now it is time for the press review. claire: nick rushworth is here with me for a look at some of the french and international papers this monday.
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a lot of talk about the possibility of the u.k. leaving the e.u.. nick: let's go to three headlines. the focus is on the mayor of london, boris johnson. there you can see the guardian. johnson comes out for brexit. the wall street journal european addition saying that london now backs brexit, and that independent headline "out for himself," saying that boris jensen is moving against the prime minister, david cameron, who after all did come back from brussels with a deal. a special agreement for the u.k. that is the buzz about the whole shenanigans in terms of the brexit. claire: boris johnson is campaigning to leave the e.u., even though debbie cameron managed to get concessions from other e.u. leaders. seen in the be daily telegraph, the paper he
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often writes for. it is also known as the "tory -graph" for many. he will be taken as a green light for federalism. he says britain needs to be supportive of its allies, but follow the advice of winston churchill, which is about europe, be interested, be associated, but do not be absorbed by your. -- by europe. by borise other quotes johnson is, "do not hug the skirts of the nurse in brussels." critics are saying cynically that he is just out for himself, aiming to get david cameron's job as he plays a political chess game. declined --ften many saw margaret thatcher fall because of the justice issues. claire: what about the papers in favor of the u.k. remaining in the e.u.?
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there is a referendum on june 23, and the two things are entirely different. the tories are saying the important thing now is not to leave europe to the conservatives. them that machinations could lead to a general election, and early one. it says brits must follow david cameron's lead to stay in, the lead of the labour party. party, and labour also the greens and most of the other parties. it says one of the interesting things to note, two thirds of tory ministers in the cabinet are going to fight to stay in europe. claire: and the in and out referendum is getting coverage in french papers. nick: of course. "liberacion." toeron has four months
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convince voters in the u.k. , the totally paradoxical correspondent says, that ministers should have a choice on this issue when cameron has come back with a deal. "godgaro." " took six days to create planet earth, it took six centuries to create europe," and now we're seeing brexit undermining this gives european construction. it still says "work in progress." it says that in english, which is quite interesting. the argument here is that we currently have four major crises in europe -- greece and the eurozone, the migrant influx, 'se terror threat, and britain
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relations with the e.u. no real clarity solution for everybody. this is typical of european history. europe does not seem to be able concertedinto a whole series of countries working together. a fascinating piece. i enjoyed this piece very much. pinion.o to l'o there is a depiction of some of the e.u. leaders here. this is a referendum of many dangers. look very closely, the e.u. rowboat, you have angela merkel, francois hollande, shantou juncker -- jean-claude juncker, president of the european commission, and david cameron. -- you want me to stay please, my friends." david oddly, -- i thought very he was at the back of the boat having a cocktail with sunglasses on. giving out the orders.
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but as a brit myself, i am kind of like, hold on. in london, it is not that time because he is in a major spin about this and has been the curse of the tory party for decades now. gú/úúú/ / /p/p/ññbq///ññ
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