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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 1, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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they are shipping food and other vital supplies. and it is the biggest day in the u.s. election calendar. hundreds of delegates up for grabs on super tuesday, with
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donald trump and hillary clinton predicted to win big. >> thanks for being with us. well, the medical charity doctors without borders is porting that gastroenteritis and colds are starting to spread. it estimates that 9,500 people are at a camp intended to house 1,200 or so. they are hoping to make it through into northern europe. here is a report on the situation. >> desperation and misery in northern greece as more than 9,000 refugees and migrants struggle with worsening conditions on the border
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between greece and macedonia. they have been stuck. >> it was a nightmare. we wake up in a swimming pool. we are forced to move our things to a different place because it was raining water. >> people go to the border. they will jump over the border and do whatever to cross the border. countries must do something. otherwise a catastrophe will happen. >> greece is a key rival point for those fleeing the middle east and elsewhere. however, following last year's border restrictions, austria s slowed entrants to a trackle. several other nations have done the same. lead to go a huge backlog and a huge humanitarian crisis. >> living conditions here are bsolutely inhuman.
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illnesses are limited to respiratory diseases, common flu, especially for the babies. a lot of fever. >> as european political rangling over resettlement quotas continues, greece has witness left to quote. ey are asked for 480 million euros in funding. it fears it may have to handle up to 70,000 people stuck in its territory. >> george is head of amnesty international in degree. thanks very much for being with us. can you give us a feel for the situation where you are starting with how many people are actually at the border now? >> yes. good afternoon and good evening everyone. i just left the border about 45 minutes or hour ago. on my way back i saw more people going that direction. so i wouldn't exclude the
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possibility there is over 9,000 people sleeping outside in the cold right now. the humanitarian situation is only getting worse. many of them have already spent seven to eight days there. i don't know what will happen if rest of the people already in greece start making that wear to that border. >> people may ask why people are still heading to the border? the macedonians have been firm this for a couple of days now. people do still seem to be heading on up there. >> well, it is mainly syrians that are heading up there. there were very few that made it through that border. so that glimmer of hope keeps people moving. when you flee your home, you are seeing destruction and death. they are looking for safety.
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>> berger in mind, as you said, a large portion of these people seem to be rejeez from syria, does macedonia have any legal obligation to open its border. >> macedonia has an obligation to accept any asylum claims rom anywhere in the world. they can make a clay whether they are refugees or not. the blocking of the border shows what can happen. it is emblematic of the european-wide handling of the cries. some states are very quick to block the border and create humanitarian situations. but we don't see the same emergency when it comes to providing these refugees to safety and the basic right to
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apply for asylum and have a dignified way of living. >> these people are currently on e.u. territory. they don't want to be in greece. they want to be in richer e.u. countries. we haven't heard much from the e.u. though. what might you at amnesty international intellect the european union to do to help alleviate this crisis point in greece. >> there has to be a plan and the long-term solution is two-fold. one, people have to be able to go safely, orderly and legally from turkey to european countries, and from grease to re-election. already relocation. d definitely in terms of financial support to greece. they must get the financial support required. we do have to keep in mind the
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long-term solution to the tragedy, and that is the safe passage of these people to safety and dignity. >> if we can have one final about the act what conditions at the border there. you said around 9,000 people there. we understand this site was only intended to hold about 1,200. can you tell us more about what the conditions are like for people here at the border? are they having to sleep out in the open? do they have access to food and supplies? >> many of them have to sleep out in the open in tents, which are made for summer holidays. not really to hold them in this situation. food supplies and medical supplies are low, and more people are coming. what is also very concerning is these are families. lots of families and a lot of babies among them. it gets really dangerous for their health and well-being.
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>> thank you very much for iving us those insights. joining us live. klay in in france, france has been reduced to mud. an estimated 3,000 people have been living at this portion of the site near the port town. officials have offered alternative accommodations in tents and containers in designated centers. many are still holding out for hopes they will eventually be able to do so 20 miles away in the u.k. we are looking now to the middle east. peace talks over the future of syria have been pushed back. the united nations envoy has announce add two-day delay. bashar al-assad has pledged to
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do his part to guarantee the success of the current shaky cease-fire. he has told the german tv network that the four-day old struse a glimmer of hope. >> there was a breach of the agreement in the very first hour. refrained ours from retaliating to give a chance for the agreement to survive. it depends on the other side. >> that cease-fire is giving vital breathing space to syrians who have been caught in the crossfire for years. the united nations is taking advantage to deliver tons of aid, hoping to reach some 150,000 civilians this week. michelle reports. >> slowly but surely they file into here southwest of damascus. no less than 51 trucks stocked with humanitarian aid, bringing desperately needed relief to syrian civilians. carrying blankets, hygiene
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supplies and other daily necessities. it is the third batch of assistance to reach the houn, but the first since the truce came into effect last saturday. the partial cease-fire has cleared the path for the convoy and other humanitarian organizations such as doctors without borders. >> the information we have received is that the general situation is much calmer since the truce came into force just a few days ago. we have continued to receive regular supplies from a number of countries, which we take through turkey to reach syria. but situation could change at a moment's notice, so we have to adapt when it comes to ensuring that the supplies get through. right now we are successfully managing the provisions, and we hope to continue this way. >> the u.n., which hopes to make the most of a lull in fight,, has planned more aid operations this week in several besieged areas. it is hoping to reach some
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154,000 people over the next few days and wants to expand the coverage of humanitarian assistance to 1.7 million syrians before the end of the month. despite reports of violations from both sides, the shaky cease-fire is plargely holding. and as more aid flows into the war-torn country, there are hopes this is the momentum negotiators need to get a fresh rounds of peace talks off the ground. >> syria's state news agency has released footage of a group of foreign journalists coming under fire at the turkish border. they are saying the fire was coming from inside turkey. russia's defense ministry has announced that four journalists have been hurt from russia, china, bulgaria and canada. >> also in the middle east it has been going on for months. the garbage crisis in beirut is
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still unresolved. it is estimated that two million tons of rubbish are littering the city streets. it is a bye product and reminder of the country's dysfunctional political situation. here is the story. >> winding its way past homes, roads and through parks, this is way beirut residents call the river of trash. bag upon back of ratting garbage. this neighborhood north of lebanon used to attract workers and families. >> with -- we are suffering from the bad smells, the flies and the mosquitos. i can't even open the door to get fresh air. everyone is coughing. >> the rubbish has been building up for the last seven months, ever since the authorities shut down beirut's main lands phil site. an alternative still has not been found. >> the city's police are standing here, and they are letting people come and dump
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their garbage. this was supposed to be a new road. this is the tourism we have. the garbage tourism. > frustrations boldin over late last summer. the you stink movement emerged, wanting the government to find a way to manage the waste. site was set up but it is now overflowing. many in lebanon see a corrupt and deadlocked political class. >> looking to the united states now, the stakes are high indeed this tuesday for the men and woman who would be president. it is super tuesday, the day when voters in a dozen states and territories get to pick the person they want to stand for the republican and democratic parties on november 8th. traditionally a win overall on super tuesday tends to
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translate into getting the final nomination. i spoke to our washington correspondent, philip, and he told us about the bitterest battle of them all between the republican party's candidates. >> yes, it certainly is a bitter battle. but it is pretty much straight-forward, at least when you look at the latest polls. they put donald trump very much as the winner of a very large majority of the 11 states that will be voting on the republican side. except em in fact maybe texas. texas gives the largest amounts of delegates in this contest, votes going to the republican convention for their nominee in the end. but texas is the home state of senator ted cruz. he is the only other person running for the presidency on the president side who has won a primary contest. that was the very first one in iowa. this is seen very much as a last stand for ted cruz.
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he has to win his home state. otherwise he will probably be forced or encouraged to drop out of the race. if donald trump is to win texas, that would be a major victory for him. that would make that road to the nomination even clearer for him. he is a very confident man going into today's voting contest on super tuesday. he has already said that he wants marco rubio of florida, the man who is challenging him the closest -- he wants him to drop out of the race. the reason given by donald trump is that marco rubio hasn't won a single contest so far. that is true, and it could be the case this super tuesday. it could potentially be a clean sweep for donald trump. >> a look at the democratic party side. hillary clinton seems to be pulling ahead of her rival, bernie sanders. analysts pointing out the fact that most southern states voting took is likely to go in her favor. can you explain why that might
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be? >> it is because of the african-american population in the southern states and because of the prose dent that was set in south carolina last tuesday. that is when hillary clinton came away from that southern state, the first one to vote in the south, with a massive victory over bernie sanders. we know from the exit and entrance polls, this was largely because the african-american community that make up a majority of the democratic voters in south carolina, sided with hillary clinton. she hopes that is the case in southern states. hat is bernie's problem. he is hoping to win his home state of vermont, where he will be holding his reali. he is hope fog a victory rally, but for it to be a victory rally he will have to win a few more states, like minnesota or massachusetts. there is one clear sign on this super tuesday that hillary
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clinton is confident, she is talking increasingly about a potential matchup with donald trump for the presidency. she is taking her eyes off slightly off bernie sanders in the democratic race and is already looking forward to what might happen in a few months time. >> philip reporting for us. it is a quarter past nine in the evening. a reminder of our top stories this hour. yet more migrants have flocked to the greek-macedonian border. illness is spreading according to reports. and in syria, bashar al-assad said the cease-fire is a flipper of home. they are delivering food, medicine and other vital supplies to refugees. >> right now we are going to move on with some business matters with marcus coulson. >> hi there. >> shiny cars to start off the european car show in geneva.
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>> absolutely. we are going to start off over in switzerland, where the geneva car show has opened its doors. it has opened its doors, and car makers are feeling optimistic in their outlook of the year ahead. car sales grew by 9% last year and look to grow again this year. french sales grew by 13% in february on the same month last year. william has more on what is driving this development and the european car market. >> it sounds like makaziwe awe erat, but it we is not a razzano -- it highlights the importance of the s.u.v. as europe's car market rebounds. everyone who is anyone is rolling one out. every one will have
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crossovers and s.u.v.s. it is a section that continue toss grow. by 2020 car makers tell me it will account for at least a quarter of the car market. car makers are offering and -- more models. nissan is hoping new premium versteegs of the x-trail and ash kai will be cash cows. the car makers say european sales are looking strong. >> i think we are seeing a lot bit in southern europe. we saw recovery in spain and italy. france and the u.k. were also very strong markets for the ndustry. >> but it is not just about the flash. ed as a car gard
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show that appeals to the broader markets. there are many more affordable nd practical models as well. car makers are scaling it down. the theme is bigger is not better. take audi's smallest crossover yet, the q-2, appealing to a more eek logically minded and urban driver. >> the jobless ray in the eurozone has dropped to a four-year lone. there were 105,000 fewer seekers of jobs. it pushed the unemployment lower by .1% so 10.3% overall. that is the lowest we have seen since 2011. there are still stark differences between the 19 countries. greece and spain have jobless rates above 20%. germany, meanwhile, has the lowest at just 4.3%. the french unemployment rate stands pat at 10.2%, and to drink that figure down, the
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government is pushing for every overhaul of labor laws. president hollande defended this controversial reform. in short, the government looked to make it easier to hire and fire. that sparked bad blood. the president said he is open to compromise, but he is calling for quick action. >>? the past few years, i have prioritized employment, and i will continue to do so. for me, that is the essential. stable and durable employment. i want our country to advance. there is no other way than to move ahead. nothing would be worse than inaction. >> the president of argentina is also calling for action. speaking in congress in buenos aires this tuesday, he is calling on lawmakers to back a deal that could see the country return to debt markets. the government struck this $4.7 nt to pay nearly
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billion to four investment funds. it is an attempt to settle a long-running debt dispute that sprang from a default four years ago. >> for 15 years, this is how argentina dealt with its hold-out creditors. it called them vultures and worse. they are economic and other terrorists. it is those who de-stabilize the economy of a country and cause poverty and hunger through the sin of speculation. >> the stand-off began after argentina defaulted on its debt in 2001. most credited accepted to shave off 70% of the lone's value. but a group of hedge funds wanted more, a lot more. they launched a legal battle, making it impossible for argentina to borrow monday.
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after a few years, argentina elected a new president determined to settle the dispute. >> i think for the first time in 15 years we can make the decision for argentina to definitely leave behind the default. >> leave behind default, restore argentina's credibility. the government says the agreement will also safe money and help create jobs. >> if this had been done five years ago, today argentina would have two million jobs more than it has. >> the deal can only take effect if approved by argentina's congress. lawmakers are voting later this week. those opposed to it say it sets a bad precedent, encouraging creditors not to compromise because in the end they can get a better offer. >> we are going to talk about the oil markets next. russian oil companies have agreed to freeze their levels.
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so says vladimir putin. it follows an agreement last month between russia, saudi arabian other producers to halt production levels at their current levels. the goal is to cap a price slide that has seen world prices go well below $30 a barrel. oil prices have been headed higher, which in turn are fueling stocks in the u.s. they are in positive territory right now with the dow jones industrial average up more than 2%. this follows better than expected deity from the u.s. car cturing sectors, and sales are up. in europe, the indexes closed with gains as well with the frankfurt dax powering ahead. this despite down beat data
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from china. we got down beat data from the chinese manufacturing companies. auto stocks are the winners on this side of the atlantic after the geneva show opened up and the news flow we got out of that show. let's talk you through other stories that we have been watching for you in the stock markets. shares in the london stop exchange itself popped on tuesday. it follows the news that american rival, intercontinental exchange is eyeing a take over bid. it set the scene for a take over. a german company is also in the market for a deal. a stand off between apple and the f.b.i. has gone from the court room to the u.s. congress. the f.b.i. and government are facing off off a locked i phone
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that was used by one of the shooters in a terror attack. they say the technology could endanger the privacy of i phone users everywhere should it fall into the wrong hands. bill gates has been named the world's richest person by gary forbes. the microsoft co-founder has a net fall of >> 75 billion. that is $4 billion less than last year but still $8 billion ahead of number two. the american investor, warren buffet is number three with a elt of nearly $6 -- a wealth of nearly 61 billion. that is is a treasure trove of information. donald trump is in 324th place,
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but he has been slipping and heavily so. in last year's ranking he was at place number 121, so he has slipped quite a not. forbes says he is worth around $4.5 billion, which is still less than half than what trump says himself. >> and about $4 million more than i am worth.
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03/01/16 03/01/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> i'm just talking about david duke and the ku klux klan. know david, i don't duke. i don't believe i have ever met him. amy: it's super tuesday, one most important days of voting in primaries and caucuses in the 2016 presidential race as republicans and democrats each go to the polls in 11 states. donald trump's lead comes as his campaign is under increasing fire after hit


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