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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 10, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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and, european ministers cast moral doubt on the latest plans
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to get the migration crisis under control. meanwhile, angela merkel slams austria and balkan nations for shutting their borders to thousands of people trying to move north through europe. thanks very much for being with us. we are going to start off in brazil where prosecutors have been detailing more information on money-laundering charges against the former president, luiz inacio "lula" da silva. he is the latest high-profile figure to be caught up in a sprawling inquiry at petrobras. the charges are allegations that his luxury apartment. he has issued a statement saying the investigators are not unbiased.
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we will look closer with the director of the brazil institute at king's college london. thanks for being with us. these are just accusations and charges. do you see it likely that lula will eventually be formally indicted? >> i'm not sure about that. it's a good question. because to become a formal indictment, a judge would have to take these charges and accept them in his or her court and it hasn't happened yet. it's probably more accurate to say that lula has been charged, but not indicted. they are difficult charges to prove, because how do you demonstrate that a property that is in someone else's name is really owned by someone else? so, it will be contested. of given the sort of rights the defendant in the brazilian criminal system, there will be a lot of counterclaims and opportunities to appeal. so, i think it's really difficult to say where it could
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go, but it will probably take quite a long time to be resolved. catherine n.: and we are hearing that certain members of the government are trying to get lula back into the government, get him some immunity. cynics out there might think that raises more suspicion on him. >> yeah. i think that is being talked about in the press in brazil right now, but it would be risky for president dilma rousseff to do that. it would look like they are covering something up, that they require more immunity. as a minister, he would -- could only be judged in the supreme court. it looks like there is something to hide. it might backfire. i think that is being talked about, but it might not happen for that reason. catherine n.: and in terms of the workings of the brazilian government, we have seen suspicion thrown on the current president, many members of the administration, among others.
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an impact is this scandal having on the day-to-day workings of the brazilian government? is it actually able to carry out its duties properly right now? >> you would think on one level that it shouldn't. called in for questioning friday by the federal police, those were matters that didn't directly involved dilma rousseff. the same for the charges by the prosecutor in são paulo. but i think when this happens, because lula is sort of dilma rousseff's patron, it gives more animus or more vitality to the opposition. now we can goell, for it, do more on the impeachment in congress." what you also have is, it looks like a plea bargain by the former senator, which does involve, apparently, supposedly, in terms of what has been leaked -- his testimony does involve dilma rousseff.
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overall, it does weaken the evenion of dilma rousseff, though a lot of it does not involve her directly. catherine n.: thank you so much, anthony. moving on now, it is a huge cache of information, files identifying 22,000 alleged fighters for the islamic state group, now being invested by police -- investigated by police in germany. andreported on the dossier published some of its content. it says it was handed some of these files by a disillusioned former member of the islamic state group. germany's federal criminal investigatorsid think there is a high probability the documents are genuine. that statement is being backed up by the german interior minister, too. according to the analysis of our security agencies, these documents are most likely
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authentic. they show the thoroughness of this criminal organization, which effectively questioned at least some of those who were there. theink it also unmasked islamic state group as murderers. organization, who some might think of as having noble motives, that they are somehow to do good -- it must now be clear that they were bitterly of used. german interior minister speaking there today. someoneon, i spoke to who has written extensively on militancy in syria and asked whether he thinks the documents are authentic. >> yesterday, when the first
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by zones were published and all lossy -- by zaman alwasl, they looked quite authentic to me. later on this evening -- that evening, when sky news reported there were a total of 22,000 documents, my first reaction was, "this is true. massive." in one of the documents analyzed today by a dutch journalist for , ielgian newspaper identified one of the known belgian fighters, so i do enormousdue to the amount of detail inside the documents, that most of these documents are actually true. catherine n.: you said that your initial reaction was, if this is true, then it is enormous.
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what kind of consequences do you think could come out of this for the islamic state group? >> well, for most, this is one securityect of their and how they are managing their administration. that will really cost them some damage, not only inside the group, but also from other groups who might be reacting on this. and then there is enormous damage for these individuals, of course. this would mean that they would never be able to freely roam the middle east or even europe anymore, whereas before they had been perfectly able to travel back and forth from syria. catherine n.: moving on now, there are new doubts here in europe over this plan on curbing the flow of migrants into the
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continent. european interior ministers have been discussing a draft deal on offer to turkey. the plan is to deport tens of thousands of people already on european soil back to turkey and taking an equal number of confirmed refugees from turkish camps. turkey would get 3 billion euros of funding plus visa free access to europe for its citizens. the austrian interior minister says she is wondering whether we are taking our values seriously. meanwhile, the number of people in livio -- limbo on the greece-macedonian border is continuing to rise. macedonian authorities effectively sealed that crossing on monday night. torrential rain has worsened conditions there. some migrants today boarded buses back towards athens. meanwhile, istal, also seeing a continual influx of equal from its islands. reports.a laurent
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dheepthika: undeterred by the closing of the balkans route, hundreds of migrants continue to arrive daily on the greek island of lustful's -- lesbos. the migrants then take a ferry toward one of the largest seaports in europe. >> they are in a difficult position. they are blocked here. they don't know what will happen. no one explained what will be the future. it won't be a bright future for these people. greece's neighbors have made clear there in -- th eir intentions by sealing off the route, and it's already making a difference. on tuesday, not a single migrant was reported entering macedonia, croatia, or serbia. in this camp along the border, more than 10,000 migrants are being sheltered in muddy tents, and volunteer health workers are
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worried about the children. >> we fear that the number of children suffering from these conditions, these particular conditions -- the humidity, the smoke inhalation. that it will cause them severe damage to their lungs. dheepthika: turkey and greece came to a tentative agreement ring the eu summit on monday, under which every new migrants arriving in greece -- agreement during the eu summit on monday, under which every new migrant arriving in greece would be sent back to turkey. the deal includes financial and political favors. it human rights group says is illegal. it is unclear what eu leaders plan to do with the migrants already increase. catherine n.: angela merkel has had some harsh words for austria and several balkans nations -- balkan nations today, slamming their decision to block off the main routes to europe. the german chancellor has
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repeated her message that europe needs to find a coordinated solution to the migration crisis . she herself is feeling the political heat with the migrant issue expected to prove decisive in german regional elections this weekend. our correspondent has more for us from berlin. harman: she is a three-time chancellor. part of her political success is due to her flexibility. she is keynote -- keen of the political climate and she tends to change when the polls change, and not a minute before. the latest opinion polls give her a 50% approval rating. that's the highest it has been all year. i don't see her changing course anytime soon, at least based on that. the european levels aren't going her way. the closure of these borders was not what she wanted at all. she has been very clear about that. she might have to make some compromises to stay in the game on the eu level, to keep people working with her.
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catherine n.: a decision that could save a woman's life. ukrainian military pilot -- a ukrainian military pilot on trial has agreed to drink water for the first time in days. he is accused of the death of sherussian journalists -- is accused of the death of two russian journalists. doctors had warned she was likely to die before the verdict. kremlin says it will make no further comment. in the united states, the four remaining candidates for the republican party's presidential nomination are getting ready for their latest debate, due to take place later on in miami. their democratic party opponents have held theirs in the same city. the location is politically critical this time around. next tuesday's contest in florida is one of the biggest and could make or break hillary
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clinton's or bernie sanders' presidential hopes. the candidate who wins florida will take a huge step toward gaining the democratic domination. 1/4 of the state -- immigration is one of the main issues for latino voters, with both candidates saying they are firmly opposed to deporting children and families. ms. clinton: i will not deport children. i do not want to deport family members either, jorge. i want to prioritize who would be deported, violent, criminal people, people planning terrorist attacks, anybody who is threatening us. oliver: bernie sanders criticized the obama administration, which, despite immigration reform, has also carried out numerous deportations. i happen to agree with president obama on many issues. i think he has done a lot of
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good things as the president of the united states. he is wrong on this issue of deportation. isver: florida's population solidly republican, but it has shifted toward democrat in recent years. sanders praised president obama's opening up to cuba. think byrs: i restoring full diplomatic relations to cuba, it will result in significant improvements to the lives of cubans and it will help the united states and our business community. oliver: polls put clinton in a commanding lead in florida, who in florida over sanders, who will be hoping for a repeat of his surprise win in michigan. catherine n.: barack obama hosted the canadian prime minister, justin trudeau, for the first time. -- the first visit
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for any canadian leader to the united states in almost 20 years. innocenced on cutting from oil and gas operations. emissions from oil and gas operations. oure minister trudeau: great countries have been friends along time. we grew up together. and like all great, and during -- enduring friendships, we bring out the best in one another and, through it all, our enormous share the congressman's speak for themselves. ama: i don't want to go over the very real differences between americans and canadians. there are some things we will never agree on. whose beer is better. who's better at hockey. [laughter]
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pres. obama: where is the stanley cup right now? [laughter] obama: i'm sorry. is it in my hometown with the chicago blackhawks? catherine n.: justin trudeau taking that in the spirit in which it was intended. it's just gone 9:15 here in paris. corruption charges now being filed today against brazil's former -- popular former president lula. allegations related to a money laundering inquiry. files on alleged members of the islamic state group are probably genuine, so says the german interior minister this after news organizations reported they got hold -- interior minister. this after news organizations reported they got hold of 22,000 documents. angela merkel has been slamming and austrianations
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for shutting their borders to thousands of people trying to move north through europe. business time now with markus karlsson. hi, markus. all eyes have been on one place today, the european central bank, making some announcements that have had an impact on the markets. markus: they came out with a fresh batch of stimulus measures, to an unprecedented level. we have not seen this level of support ever in the history of the european central bank. the market reaction at first was very positive. stocks rallying both in europe and the united states. but after a few hours, once investors started taking it all in, we have actually seen markets coming down. more on that in a moment. first, let's take a look at what the ecb actually good. the ecb lowered its key lending to 0%, a first in the
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history of the institution. it also lowered its deposit rate for banks to negative territory. payeans that banks will more to deposit money at the ecb, which is meant to encourage them to lend money instead to businesses and households. the central bank is also extending its bond buying program to 80 billion euros every month from the current 60 billion euros. let's take a listen to mario draghi. : with today's copperheads of package of monetary policy decisions, we are providing -- today's comprehensive package of monetary policy decisions, we are providing -- markus: that was the message from mario draghi. on top of what we just spoke about, the ecb has also extended the scheme to offer cheap loans to banks that lend money to businesses and households. all of these measures are aimed at bringing down borrowing costs in the euro zone and sparking economic -- the eurozone and sparking economic activity.
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i asked whether these measures were a surprise. -- mariok having draghi him ecb president, was highly unlikely to make the same mistake this time around -- mario draghi, the ecb president, was highly unlikely to make the same mistake this time around. ofy expected an increase anywhere between 10 billion euros and 20 billion euros. we have hit the top of that range. we have seen tweaks to the interest rate rise and cuts as well. as far as therise markets are concerned. corporate debt has been incorporated into the basket of -- with which the the ecb will be able to invest. that was not necessarily envisioned. a broadening of the parameters of sovereign debt was expected, but not necessarily corporate, too.
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we got a second version of the targeted ltro's, not something being factored in by the markets. he has hit the top end of expectations. markus: to the man on the street, it probably sounds great to hear the ecb is taking measures to help the eurozone economy. but are there any risks associated with these measures that have been introduced this thursday? well, i think the biggest risks that europe faces are arguably on the political side, which is rather -- has rather stagnated the eurozone's ability to get back on track. by that, we are talking about the fact that spain does not have a government in charge at the moment. when it does, it's going to be a coalition government. the anti-austerity parties will play a large part in that. we also have the brexit issue, which is rather casting a shadow over that eu and whether the u.k. will remain part of the eu or not.
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and then we are conscious of the fact that both france and germany have general elections looming in 2017. all of these cast a bit of a gloomy picture. the more direct and swifter issues that are going to be faced by the eurozone is the fact that we have the latest tranche of austerity measures being imposed upon greece in the not-too-distant future. bearing in mind how difficult the greece populace found it to absorb the last raft of austerity that was put towards them, we are likely to see once again protests and demonstrations on the streets of greece. again, the question is going to be asked as to whether the eurozone as we know it in its current format will be able to be maintained or whether greece will be forced out. saying, thee was outlook for the eurozone and for the european union as a whole when it comes to the economy seems pretty compensated. and that -- pretty complicated.
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and that may be the recently seen a roller coaster ride for stocks on the back of the ecb's announcement. in the united states, shares started in territory. moved to energy markets. energy shares are down as oil prices have been rolling back. -- falling back. earlier in europe, we saw our rally on the back of the ecb announcement. as you can see behind me, the ftse, the cac 40, and the docs in frankfurt -- the dax in frankfurt, closing down. perhaps some head scratching over whether these measures will actually help the eurozone economy. we will return to the markets in a moment or so. first, let's turn difference. the french president -- let's turn to france. the french president says the government will press ahead with reform to labor laws. tens of thousands came out to
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protest the government proposal to do so. the labor minister has signaled she is ready for a key concession to get unions onside. delano d'souza has more. delano: a day after tens of thousands came out on the streets to protest a reformed to the labor code, the government in france says it is willing to compromise by increasing payroll taxes on short-term contracts, an issue unions have repeatedly been calling for you promote long-term jobs -- calling for to promote long-term jobs. >> the proposition exists and goes hand-in-hand with my bill. delano: short-term contracts are increasingly popular in france. nine out of 10 new hires in the country take up jobs which, half of them are under 10 weeks. at this company, the owner relies heavily on short-term staff, given the nature of his business. >> short-term contracts are
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needed based on fluctuations in demand. if you go from a wedding with 100 guests to a conference with 2000 participants, the numbers just are not the same, so we need them to adapt to the orders we get. delano: the government insists its proposal, such as making it easier for companies to lay off staff when business isn't going well, will ultimately boost growth and bring down unemployment. they are set to meet with unions at the start of next week. the reforms will be sent to the cabinet, if they are agreed to, for approval. markus: some other stories we have been watching for you. shares in the salt -- in da ssault fell back on this thursday. the company's order book got a boost last year. orders of the falcon line of business planes failed to meet targets. the corporate jet market has
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taken a hit. the u.k. has reaffirmed its place as the number one export market for french champagne. british consumers by 4.5% more champagne last ear -- year than they did in 2014. that trade was worth 512 million euros. champagne sales globally also rose last year, to 4.7 billion euros in money terms. and singapore has been named the most expensive city in the world for a third consecutive year according to a survey by the economist's intelligence unit. it looks at the number of things, including schools, clothing, accommodations. paris ended in fifth place. the french capital flipped three paces -- places this year.
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the cheapest city in the world is lousaka, the capital of zambia. catherine n.: good to know. looking for the chief move away from this expensive -- the cheap move away from this expensive city.
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03/10/16 03/10/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> i will not deport children. i would not deport children. i do not want to deport family members, either. no, i will not deport children from the united states of america. amy: hillary clinton and bernie sanders debate in miami, days ahead of the key winner take all primary. in a debate hosted by univision, the discussed immigration, u.s.


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