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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 15, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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molly: you are watching "france 24." beginsdlines -- russia to pull out forces from syria. it is time with a fresh round of syrian peace talks in geneva. burma elects a new president. of syu kiis
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become the first civilian ruler in two decades. democrat hillary clinton looks to consolidate her lead in the race for the white house. also coming up this hour in our business update, we will tell you about the bookstore in paris that started a new chapter by renting books on demand. that will be with stephen carroll. we would bring you the latest discovery. haverchers say they discovered the long-lost ancestor of the tehran a saurus rex. rex. the tyrannosaurus first, russia has begun to withdraw military equipment from syria. president vladimir putin made the surprise announcement yesterday, saying moscow will pull most of its forces from the country.
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five months of air support have helped the syrian army regroup and go on the offensive, but that this stage -- but at this stage it remains unclear what the kremlin's plan involves. claire williams reports. claire: our task has largely in a koppers, the words of vladimir putin as he announced most russian troops would be withdrawn from syria. vladimir putin: i hope today's decision will signal to all will increase the the peacell sides in process and solve the syrian question using peaceful means. claire: another round of un-sponsored peace talks in geneva monday. the opposition negotiations committee responded to russia's
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move cautiously. despite kremlin denials, it is believed russian troops have targeted not just islamic state targets but moderate opposition once, too. when they remove all russian the othersyria, positives that should be taken by mr. putin by saying that he is standing beside the syrian people, besides the dictators of syria. claire: putin did not specify how many troops would be withdrawn. he did say russian air and sea basis will stay in operation, and they will be secured by land, sea, and air. activity has been reduced since the cease-fire began last month. officially it's job will now be to monitor to what extent the cease-fire -- molly: for more on the fallout,
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"france 24"by our specialist in jihadist movements. we know the air campaign and the with thebegan in syria objective to beat terrorism in syria, but we know as of now the air campaign will continue, despite this drawdown. so what is the impact going forward? they were very specific and said they wanted to defeat terrorism but also islamic state. russia succeeded in achieving its goals in syria. which is fighting rebel factions rebellion, moderate from islamic al qaeda in the region, where it was vital for the regime to maintain itself. so they corrected no man's land, to the coastal area.
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they succeeded in squeezing the opposition, if i may say so, north of aleppo, and making the government forces more and more throught on the ground this air campaign. so they achieved their goals. molly: so we still have to wait and see how much russia is pulling back, the beginning of that taking place today. what impact to this likely have? >> they are at the beginning of the retreat. it does not concern the naval base. airbasenot concern the where they are going to keep some air force keep fighting those groups, as they said. because as for damascus, everyone who opposes arms against the government in syria -- the impact will be political theuse what is left of armed opposition on the ground has two choices.
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they have to fight the islamic because fight nose rub they are squeezed in aleppo. after the advances from the fight al nusra. because they are squeezed in aleppo. have one ofs, they two choices come either fighting the islamic state and al qaeda in order to have a place for negotiations, or vanishing, having a place in these upcoming areas. the name of fighting islamists and radical moves is also a western him since many months today. this is why we can say that putin and russia managed to achieve their political agenda and to invoke their political agenda on factions that were closed to the west. molly: thank you very much for
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that analysis. in other world news, burma has elected a new president. parliament has chosen a close ally f aung san suu kyi. the constitution blocked her from becoming president. willgtime ally of hers take office, where he is expected to act as her proxy. our regional correspondent, ishmael wolf, has more from bangkok. ishmael: today is a momentous day in the history of five decades or more of rule, and now they have -- who is this man, is the question? this is the man chosen, by aung san suu kyi, the leader of the pro-democracy movement, the ledon who was elected and
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the movement to victory in november. the vice president has shown that this is not going to be so much a power-sharing agreement as many thought moving forward, but really a battling of wills ahead. what is the future of myanmar and burma? what is the future of the country? there are pressures from the international community, from inside the country, from within the military, and a lot of issues to deal with. it is hard to see how this man is going to be seen as the true leader of the country. what can he do, and what will a country be able to do with the myriad problems such as poverty, wars, human rights problems, that are really troubling the country for many many years now. a uncharted waters and complicated situation that has at the heart of it been written from the beginning by the military rulers that had their grip on the country for so long.
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molly: that was ishmael wolf reporting from bangkok. foreign and interior investors have headed to ivory coast today, offering logistical support and intelligence after gunmen from al qaeda possible if african branch lost -- launched an attack at a breach -- at a beach resort sunday. 18 people died, and an ivorian leader has been trying to reassure the public. we are doing everything we can to ensure the ivorian safety , and that of everyone living in the country. i am asking all of you not to give in to fear. you can all carry on with your lives. because our security forces have the situation under control, and the safety of the whole country is being assured. now to an ongoing story
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out of the german capital. earlier today, a car bomb exploded in central berlin. police say the car's was killed, but at this stage it does not appear to be terrorist in nature. our correspondent, jessica saltz, is in berlin with an update. jessica: police have confirmed that they believe a bomb was responsible for this car exploding while in transit in the western district. the car was driving from the west into the center of the city when it exploded. police ruled out any possibility that it could have been a fault with the car itself. they cordoned off the area many of thed streets as they investigated. they told local residents to stay inside and keep the windows closed while they checked the car for any further explosives, which they did not find. the man driving the car died at the scene because of his
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injuries. not much more is known about the man himself or whether he may have been a target. homicide investigators are currently at the scene, investigating the car and the surrounding area, trying to get any evidence they can. one prosecutor said they are investigating this as a homicide. and i would miss who was walking past told press that she thought it was a firework, shortly followed by an explosion that was so huge that the ground shook beneath her feet. exploded, so it's zigzagged across the street before it stopped. the images, it was quite a severe explosion. not much more details yet, but police are continuing to investigate, and we will keep you updated. jessica saltzs reporting from berlin.
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next, it could be a decisive day in the race for the white house through today marks another super tuesday on the campaign trail. missouri, -- they are winner take all contests. donald trump could seal the deal for his nomination. florida senator marco rubio is hoping to get the win from his home state. donald trump: which means it is not going to happen anymore. jobs, you'reg your using your income, your you losing your factory, they are going to china and mexico. japan is doing it with the cars. it is everybody. we do not make good deals anymore. marco rubio: we do not have candidates say to the people,
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coming to a rally, if someone comes to the rally and someone heckles me and you punch them in the face, i will pay your legal fees. in the good old days, we used to wheel people out on stretchers. we have a candidate who uses profanity. we have never had a presidential candidate who needs to be bleeped out. molly: this in the final push as voting is underway in the second super tuesday third for more on how the vote is going in miami, let's cross now to douglas who joins us there. , marco rubiolearly making a final push against trump in the state of florida. douglas: that is for sure. this is marco rubio's last stand, and the polls look so dreadful for him in his home state. trump seems to have had a surge in the last week of the polls, and some have marco rubio not fighting for first place but for second place behind ted cruz.
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will it be as big a bloodbath as the polls predict? thane doing much better people think. but even in rubio's public statements, you are starting to see a trickle in of a sense of resignation that he will not win this. if he defies the polls -- and it has happened in this cycle -- it would definitely be the upset, the comeback of the year. over: and really, walk us what we are seeing on the democratic side. we are expecting hillary clinton to consolidate her lead. obviously all are about -- obviously the primers all are delegates. the only hope for the other candidates that donald trump falls short of the 50% majority that he needs, to get the nomination outright. trump, it is either going to be
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trump getting the most votes or on the democratic side, hillary clinton is ahead. andou lose but not so badly you still get some delegates, it is hard to close that gap. it is still doable, but she is expected to win florida and maybe the polls and the other states are unclear. but she is looking relatively good in the long run. again douglas hanks, once , reporting from miami. find inan exciting archaeology, a newly discovered cousin of the t rex may explain how the legendary dinosaur leaped inside to become undisputed king of the food chain. researchers have had little evidence of how the iconic creditor became one of the largest carnivores to ever roam the earth, before it went
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extinct 65 million years ago. they are expected to have some new answers on that fact. they say it is about the size of a horse. , imagine thatx roaming the earth. let's get an update of the headlines now. russia begins to evacuate some of its forces from syria. the surprise move is timed with a fresh round of syrian peace talks in geneva. burma elects a new president to aung san suu kyi becomes in --rst elected ruler civilian rule in two decades. donald trump looks to cement his status as the republican front-runner in the waste -- in the race for the white house. it is time now for a business update. i am joined in the studio by
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stephen carroll per you are going to start off with the markets. stephen: we have central-bank hanging over the stock market today as sort of a spectre in trading. chosenk of japan earlier to leave its stimulus plan unchanged. the federal reserve in the united states will have a meeting, later in the mining sector. we have seen the brent crude index of oil prices falling again today, down around 2%. a barrel of oil now drifting from the $40 benchmark it had hit last week. you can see there, is under $39. pressure on dilma rousseff is said to hurt the brazilian economy further. into its worst recession this year. american banks predicting a contraction of 4.3% in 2016, worse than the 3.8% last year.
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years, ithose two makes the worst recession brazil has seen since records began in 1901. morgan stanley says it will be downgraded even further if the situation with dilma rousseff worsens. the governor of bangladesh's central bank has resigned against a massive cyber heist at the bank. $80 million was stolen. after it emerged, the bank did not tell the country's finance minister for a month after it happened. cyber thieves had reached the bank system and transfer the money to casinos in the philippines. paris, and bookshop is turned over a new leaf. the academic publisher closed its doors 17 years ago, but now it has been resigned -- it has been revived with the new business model. it may the outside, it not look out of the ordinary,
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but this small store is the first of its kind in europe. the bookshop which only sells on demand. >> it makes it a lot easier to manage the store and simply get rid of the whole stock managing aspect of the job. it is a waste of time and very costly. >> at the heart of the operation, this industrial printer, known as the espresso book machine, allows operators to print, bind, and trim books while customers wait with coffee. >> we have a selection of over 5000 books. we have the catalogs of our department publishers with over 3 million titles, and we can stand this as we can extend this as much as we want. >> book sales rose around 2% in sales last year. that is sales of e-books and devices such as the kindle have stalled. there is no replacement for the real thing. >> when i have a book, i can always lend it, and i like that
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idea. was always associated with the heart of the french capital before closing its doors 17 years ago. now it is back for a new chapter. stephen: more business headlines for you next to it hundreds of volkswagen investors are suing the cup than 3 billion euros in compensation over the emissions scandal. germanyest court in claims the carmaker did not inform investors about the trouble with the diesel models in time. investors in 14 countries are represented. that comes on top of the other legal cases taken by individual shareholders. shares in a mining company are down 10% in london after a slope and profits. reported an 83% drop in pretax profits for last year. it has been hit by the collapse in copper prices. likely cocktail, the camparion group -- the
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group buying grand marnier to become the world 11th largest drink maker. i cannot imagine what those days tight together -- with those taste like together. and from the estate of michael jackson, a backlog of 3 million songs ranging from the beatles to taylor swift are the $750 million deal ended up partnership that began with michael jackson in 1995. the deal would allow the sinker to repay a reported -- the singer's estate to report -- to pay debt. that is the news for me. maybe you will find the time to see what that cocktail taste like. i am sure you and i can do it. stephen, thank you very much for the business update. it is time now for the press review.
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studio byd in the nick rushworth for a look at what is grabbing headlines from international press. we are going to start off with a surprise announcement by russia's president, vladimir putin, pulling out forces from syria. : let's go to pravda. "truth," the russian paper, , what we arexists seeing from vladimir putin, it is reporting that he talked with his foreign and defense ministers monday before informing of his obvious decision. putin has ordered a full security protection for one naval base and one airbase to monitor implementation of the syrian cease-fire. one of the other russian papers leaving home as the russian military returns. let's go to a common piece in the arab line which press, a publication based in london.
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it translates as "opinion daily." it asks worldwide, what has made them take this decision? has he been angered by bashar al-assad in some way? the editorial in the paper is that the comments made on sarah that it on saturday is was nonnegotiable, a transition phase that could not include a departure. that was according to the islamicists here. this, in turn, prompted washington to up the pressure on moscow. -- acinating from fascinating comments from "the opinion daily" in london. molly: perhaps it is just that and has outfoxed the white house and obama. politico, one to of the main news websites in the
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states, his quote is that white house officials were left scrambling at this news. they were not in the loop at all, and you can see the obama been "has outfoxed again. those years ago in march 2014, putin moved into crimea and that over and since then has been paying a that playing a fox game with obama. the quote there is from a former pentagon official. listen to this. "if putin's objectives have been achieved, he clearly was not aiming to smash the islamic state organization. ,he timing of the announcement it is a clear signal to a side that he must -- two assad that he must move into talks. there is growing exasperation between damascus and the kremlin, and is effectively
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equalizing in terms of the syrian talks in geneva. molly: it remains to be seen what impact this move from russia will have moving forward in terms of peace talks in syria. we go to u.s. politics now. it seems that a day does not go by and the press review where we do not talk, trump. nick: i went to "the new york times" website. there were not just one, it was one after the other. i had to choose this one about misogyny. it is republican activists organizing an ad campaign against 12 to focus on his sexist and misogynistic comments. the word "bimbo," ig" whennd "fat payin referring to women.
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dozens of articles about his behavior out there. on?who was looking the chinese. et's go to "the boston globe." the state-run international paper said, what do you expect with a democracy echo what you have got is the u.s. not being a mature example of what to expect ,rom campaigning, which instead there are themes out of an emerging country and are a disgrace. beijing wrapping the knuckles of washington about this demographic -- about the democratic process and it indicates how bad things have gotten. lenny give you a quote from "the global times, -- let me give you a quick from "the global times," saying it is a worry to the whole world. it goes on. not good news for the united states in terms of its pr.
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let's just end this time with a look at a paper that i like a lot, the local france, a syndicated network of online publications. .here is a fascinating story it is french line which55ñññ1
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