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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 18, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> i am molly hall. here are your headlines this hour. it is crunch time in brussels. the eu and turkey try to reach a deal on the migrant crisis. they hope to finalize a pact with the turkish minister in the coming hours. brazil's political drama continues after antigovernment protesters of the embattled leader called for rallies today. ignores a u.n.
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resolution by firing a ballistic missile. the launch comes as pyongyang condemns military drills between south korea and the u.s.. ♪ molly: first, it is day two of a crucial youth summit with turkey. european leaders met last night on a common position. this latest position to send migrants from turkey back to greece is waiting on a resolution from the turkish minister. it is not clear if all sides will side with this. in may where do things stand? reporter: the has been progress, but there is no deal.
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that is what has been expressed in the last few minutes. we saw the prime minister of and the european union to a bit of musical chairs in the may closed. they are said to have more technical meetings with their lawyers before they meet again .ogether on the 28, they will meet separately to look carefully at all those points and the rest of the concessions that were given to turkey to see if they are in agreement. if they are, they would invite the turkish delegation back into the room to sign that deal. there seems to be a willingness on both sides to have a deal and find an arrangement. what we are hearing is no special treatment for turkey and no blank check either. molly: what are we hearing from turkey and all this? meabh: that is what we are all
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dying to know. the delegation says they can live with the deal on the table right now, but they are looking for much more guarantees when it comes to opening chapters on their eu membership. we heard from angela merkel last night. she was very vague. she said there would be references to these chapters being opened, but she was very vague as to when. turkey is looking for much more clarity. we heard from the turkish president, speaking from turkey, calling it shameful the treatment of migrants here on european territory and reminding his counterparts here in brussels that turkey is hosting up to 3 million refugees. however, there is no interest in putting the eu membership for turkey and the migration talks in the same document kee.
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people want to keep them both separate and human rights campaigns want them to remain. molly: we're joined in the studio by armen george. if we do see an agreement between the eu and turkey, one thing important to note is that it is only concerning a fraction of the syrian refugees an involved in all this. >> even if the two sides reach a deal, it will only cover a tiny portion of all the syrians who are now stranded in turkey. let me show you a graphic which illustrates this. the eu is making 72,000 places available to syrian migrants who would be coming in from turkey. but turkey hosts 2.5 million, actually 2.7 million syrian migrants according to the prime
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minister. are 2.7 million in turkey and 72,000 places for those refugees in the eu. of 2.7as a percentage million is 0.026%. it is absolutely tiny. you can imagine that means if you are a syrian now stranded in turkey, even if the deal is approved, you have virtually no chance of coming into the eu legally. not only that, we are also seeing just with this tiny europe this 0.026%, already disputing how it's going 72,000 we have heard the hungarian government say it's not going to participate in the resettlement it willand britain say
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not expand its existing program for taking in syrian migrants . i think turkey will be looking at the very checkered history of previous resettlement programs into the eu. you may remember last september that that you agree to relocate 160,000 migrants could. six months later, only a few hundred have been located. if you're turkey, you're probably saying it is not going to work. europe is not going to be able to deliver on the numbers it is proposing. let's emphasize those numbers that europe is proposing is an infinitesimal part of the overall number of syrians now in turkey. molly: thank you very much for that. eu leaders are meeting with turkey to try to reach a deal concerning the migrant crisis. the talks are being closely watched by those at the border
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crossings. some 14,000 people have demonstrated their after macedonia stop allowing entry to migrants. the brussels refugee plan concern syrians. that has left non-syrian refugees questioning what could be in store for them. reporter: tensions are boiling over in this migrant camp. this afghan man is being taken to the hospital after clashes between a group of afghan and syrian migrants. scuffles have also broken out over the limited supplies available. is is brussels proposing that migrants arriving in greece should be sent back to turkey, those who have crossed into europe remain in limbo. here14,000 people stranded are closely watching the goings-on with brussels talks the tween the eu and turkey where their fate hangs in the
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balance. >> we do not know what to expect. they have to solve this issue for us. they have to. them to taket pictures of us and put us in newspapers to remind people that we exist. we need an end to this. each family needs to know it's fate. the idea that syrian refugees sent back to turkey will be put in camps there was some resettled directly from turkey to europe. however, migrants from other countries find themselves in a gray area, wondering what will be their fate if they returned to turkey. the united nations has condemned the saudi led coalition in yemen. the senior human rights official says the air campaign has killed twice as many civilians as all other forces put together there. earlier this week, a saudi coalition airstrike hit a market, killing 119 people. riyadh's that its
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military coalition will scale them operations in the country. north korea fired a medium-range missile into the sea this friday. that is according to officials in both south korea and the united states. it was in defiance of a recent u.n. resolution as pyongyang has condemned ongoing military drills between south korea and washington. the susa has the details. stepping up its defiance of international sanctions, north korea fired a ballistic missile into the sea weeks after the countries leader nuclear andore missile tests to improve their capability. the tests were swiftly called a violation. >> are military takes the development of north korea's nuclear capability seriously. attack against the
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u.n. resolution and a significant threat to peace in the international society. reporter: joint military drills between the united states and south korea began last week. iny are the largest ever response to the nuclear test from the north earlier this year. pyongyang views the exercises as a rehearsal for invasion. meanwhile, china is calling for calm in the region. >> we urge north korea to carry out the security council's resolution. we also hope all parties involved remain calm and restraint and avoid any action that may escalate tension on the korean peninsula. reporter: it is unlikely that fresh u.n. sanctions will be imposed on north korea following its latest tests. u.s. slapped new measures on the country wednesday. they aim to blacklist bobbies and individuals that deal with the north. supporters of embattled president dilma rousseff are calling for mass rallies today.
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it is to counter a political crisis that threatens to drive her from office. night, the refresh antigovernment protests in large crowds demanding dilma rousseff's resignation. the unrest cap the day of political drama. accusing the government of hampering the free exercise of justice, a brazilian judge blocks the appointments of ex-president as chief of staff just minutes after he was sworn in. hisjudge believes nomination could derail a federal probe against their former leader who is being investigated in connection with briberyanging conviction with pepto grass. >> he is a person who has been involved in political activism against president dilma rousseff's government. this judge has sent many
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messages as an ordinary citizen no doubt, taking a position favoring the end of dilma rousseff's government. brazilian media has suggested that his appointment could be a blatant move to sidestep justice. in brazil, cabinet ministers can only be investigated by the supreme court, not by federal courts. publicesday, judges made a wiretapped conversation between president dilma rousseff and him that seems to confirm the media theory. i'm saying to you with a decree that way we have it just in case it's necessary. it is the terms to invest that you are ok. >> sure, ok. reporter: meanwhile, antigovernment protesters filled the streets in major cities for the second night in a row. >> we want the impeachment of president dilma and we want him in jail because it has been irrevocably proven that they are
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obstructing justice. >> i brought this toilet paper to represent the paper that dilma gave to him to write off the justice system. reporter: opposition figures are calling once again for the impeachment of president roos of , stoking fears that her days are numbered as the head of the country. molly: let's take a look at world news in brief. in the united states, the democratic presence of candidate -- presidential candidate hillary clinton won the missouri primary could th/ / the vote was held on tuesday but was too close to call. bernie sanders conceded. a fever outbreak has killed 158 people come up from 50 a month ago. the disease is transmitted by mosquitoes and health officials
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say there has been an increase in malaria and cholera partly due to a breakdown and sanitation services. leths after the of the outbreak was declared over in west africa, to bobbies have tested positive for the deadly virus in guinea. declared ebola free last december and would be celebrating the end of its 90 day heightened surveillance period at the end of this month. let us cross not the egypt where there is new evidence of a secret room behind king tutankhamen's team. lost thought to be the very chamber of queen nefertiti. let's take a look. delving into a veritable chamber of secrets, radar scans show a 90% chance of hidden rooms in king tutankhamen's tomb. >> what we are discovering could be the discovery of the century. big this know how
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discovery is incoming. we are finding another tomb. reporter: two empty spaces behind the thick walls of the by a teamanalyzed whil from japan who says the materials are metal. it could be the final resting place of queen nefertiti of the officials from egypt have shied from speculating on what could lie inside. >> at the end of this month, we radar involved and be thatcheck the guy mentions dimensions. reporter: nefertiti is one of the most famous symbols of ancient egypt.
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anddied in 14 century bc thought to be king tutankhamen stepmother. her fate is a mystery as old as the pyramid, which could be one step closer to being solved. move over, krone, here comes the mac arounaronut. the french president has it his way, it will be the next food fad. of who can forget the ultimate cronut, a blend of a croissant and donnut? it has a light new get finish in the middle to make the right texture between the two lovely pastries. let's get an update of our headlines this hour. it is indeed crunch time and
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parcels -- in brussels as eu in turkey hope to finalize a deal with the turkish minister in the coming hours. brazil's political drama continues after antigovernment protesters of the embattled president dilma rousseff call for rallies in support of her today. north korea ignores a resolution by firing an it may range elastic missile as pyongyang condemns military drills between south korea and the u.s.. it is time now for a business update. i'm joined now and the studio by kate moody. this is where we have seen more press tests for efforts to change the labor laws, but we know some companies are welcoming the proposal. did see french students and labor unions hitting the streets once again on thursday. they are concerned that job security could be put at risk as reforms make it easier for companies to both higher and
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fire workers. some businesses do view the sweeping reforms as a lifeline. the world of these and antique lace limbs could end up in a museum with this lace maker splitting for survival. it's a dying breed and what was once a thriving industry. based in the northern port city of calais, it dates back to 1890 and supplies major brands such as gucci. due to current labor laws in france, the company is on the brink of collapse. calais lace, the real lace, is a treasure and we are likely to lose it tomorrow. we are going to lose something really important. tomorrow france cannot produce any more red line. in 2015, gerard was
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forced to rehire workers he laid off two years earlier. he said they should of been offered alternative decisions with the company before being given the boot. oakdale -- it dealt another blow to the heritage lace maker. >> let us not kid ourselves. we are in a period of crisis. eny it.ot than d night theor some companies like lace, the reforms are a welcome change. the workers court challenge would've been much more difficult. take a look the markets now. mostly upwards trend as the dow jones turned positive for the year there's and i could european indices have rebounded a bit. russia's central bank has kept
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its main lending rate at 11%. it is fighting concerns about inflation despite signs of a stabilizing economy. a better boost from oil prices, which have hit their highest with optimism that producers could be nearing a deal to freeze output sometime next month. closed over $40 a barrel for the first time since december. up nearly 2% brent at $42 point five cents per -- $42.25 per barrel. ebs has bucked an industry trend by upping its bonus by 40%. the business letter posted at strongest profit in years and was the only european bank toward higher compensation last year. the chief executive got a 28% boost in his paycheck. the total compensation is around 13 million euros.
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the u.s. justice department has filed a lawsuit to block the tribune publishing group from acquiring more newspapers in southern california. nineroup already owns papers including "the chicago tribune" and "the los angeles times" when a bankruptcy auction. antitrust authorities say it would give the tribune group 98% of sales and dl and the l.a. ara and said that readers and advertisers alike need more diversity. spotify has reached a deal with the u.s. publishers association to resolve a dispute over unpaid royalties. includes about $15 million in royalties for songs whose ownership was previously unknown. they are also under pressure to increase songwriter royalties in europe. finally, companies around the world are developing robots or
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drones to cut down on delivery costs. domino's has unveiled the first ever robot to deliver pizza to d your door. it is called the domino's robotic unit, a wireless fo four-wheel vehicle that could be unlocked with a special code that customers are given along with their order. tested out in new zealand, but could be rolled out in other pizza 11 countries as well at the trial goes well. as if ordering pizza to your door was not lazy enough. [laughter] molly: somewhat frightening at the approach coul b. x-ray look at the business news. -- that was a look the business news. time for a look at the press review. topeka, you're going to start off with a big story coming out of south africa.
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>> is a political corruption scandal involving a family called the group does and the president. it is making headlines and has been for the last couple days. the south african deputy finance minister revealed on wednesday guptas offered him a isisterial position and zuma fighting back against these allegations. he was forced to defend himself against angry parliamentarians, saying they did not have a hand in appointing any prime minister and that only he alone chooses who represents government. --ly: other and allegations newspapers are saying allegations are nothing new. >> if you look at what the mail and guardian are saying, battle lines drawn. they have come up with this neat
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contraction between the zumas and guptas. it seems to be the one scandal that is tipped everyone over the edge. what i like about this front pages they have gone with a really good cartoon this morning instead of other newspapers who have been running photos. a family members represented online shopping for government ministers. you see a dog on one of the members lapse and that represents zuma. it's very evocative this cartoon. molly: the paper is saying that the political headache will continue. >> the mail and guardian reveals another article and its newspaper saying another mp revealed that she was offered a ministerial position while zuma was in the house. she has proof but she is not revealing it yet.
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she says she will reveal it in time. the newspaper says that for other ministers have turned down positions offered them by the guptas. molly: what we ask and are we seeing in terms of the public? >> a lot are calling for his resignation. south africa's economy is in has been seenma as responsible for that. ,ccording to this opinion piece zuma is a puppet president of the guptas. it says how can the party run by nationa by nelson mandela become such a laughingstock? he wants the country to reclaim itself back from what he calls the mafia. they are making a declaration that they will establish a federal state in the north of syria. i'm sure there's reaction coming
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into that. >> different reactions depending on the publication. of the lebanese paper is calling it a big adventure on the political and military front. the newspapers as the kurds have tried to impose themselves into the equation at such a crucial point in the syrian crisis and they are really welcoming this . on the other hand, the turkish newspaper presents a different angle on the issue. while it does say the kurdistan democratic party has a valid point and their concerns about being a people without a state, it also warns that borders in the middle east are already fragile. that,ill only enhance especially with all this uncertainty surrounding the syrian crisis. molly: we are to end with something perhaps lighter. simpsons," and american cartoon that has been around for quite some time.
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simpsons" "the predicted a trump presidency years ago. >> it was a very famous of the so-called "bart to the fd"b"b
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