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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 18, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> and what is the importance of the intelligence currently is to provide the intelligence at the right time in order to forbid this attack to happen. that is the important point. and even attacked four months after that is fine, but preventing attacks to happen is more important. thank you so much for sharing that with us. for theed in the studio media watch segment -- you have been looking at what the online reaction has been to the news that europe's most wanted man, solomon hill solemn -- sulla
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abdeslam, has been arrested. >> one of the first belgian officials to actually confirm --t it was at the slumped abdeslam was arrested was the immigration minister of belgium, who tweeted simply "we got him. ministere prime treating a photograph of himself alongside francois hollande saying that he was at that point receiving congratulations from the president of the united states. he says belgium and france stand united in the fight against terrorism. anhad congratulations from hidalgo congratulating this dirty forces for securing the arrest of salah abdeslam in the course of the operation from brussels. one of the quickest media organizations to confirm what was happening today, they first "arrete,"mply
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arrested, and followed by "injured and neutralized." ported airily infringe if somebody is described as neutralized, that tends to mean -- ordinarily in front of somebody has been a scrub is neutralized, that tends to mean they have been killed. i don't think they meant it in this way here because they said all along he was shot in the leg and then arrested and taken away in custody. treated, which purports to show the actual moment of salah abdeslam's arrest. not a great deal to see in that one but lots of dramatic images being shown on the internet because it is a residential area of brussels. the sight of all these armed police is a strange one. however much we might've gotten more used to seeing guns on the streets of europe in the wake of the attacks in november,
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there is still something very dramatic about the shots. the huffington post also reports that salah abdeslam didn't resist arrest, and a belgian newspaper says that only 10 shots were fired during this operation, which is interesting to note and certainly very different to what we saw happen just north of paris here when supposedly the man who orchestrated the attacks in november, when he was caught and there were explosions and many, many rounds of gunfire. tom: ok, and the belgian authorities will be obviously quite pleased that this arrest has been made. possibly even triumphant. but there has been, has in there, quite a lot of criticism leveled at the belgian authorities ever since november. emma: absolutely, because belgium has been seen as the cradle of jihad is an in europe -- jihadism in europe.
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it has become apparent how many radicalized jihadis a living within belgium and brussels in particular. this "newsweek" article says that abdeslam had been in belgium three weeks before the attacks. we know that was where he fled to the night of the tax, november 13. this is hidden on cctv footage en route to belgium on the 14th of november, the next day. what we didn't know until fairly reasoning was that he had been in brussels for a long time and the question now is going to be was he actually they're all along? we don't know at this stage. in europe a lot of people were talking about how he got to syria. -- had he gone to syria could certainly it is one of the questions that now needs to be answered. the street says the -- this tweet says the way they were able to locate salah abdeslam
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today was all thanks to what they discovered in the raid on the apartment any forest area of brussels, which happened on tuesday. if we go to "the guardian's" coverage of this one, they talk about the fact that prior to the the in molenbeek, prosecutor said it hadn't been established how all the fingerprints were and how long abdeslam spent in the apartment. they were playing very coy, perhaps, not giving information about how long he had been there and whether they believe they had only just missed him because 2 people fled from the apartment. they also report on the fact that the man killed in tuesday's algerian,ear-old thought to be among the organizers of the paris attacks along with salah abdeslam, police say he was the one who received the last text message from the attackers sent just before they went into carry out the assaults and the message
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read "we left, we are on our way." tom: thank you very much indeed, emma james, with this edition of "media watch." let's go to molenbeek and look at the scene now. we have pictures of the police cordon there in belgium, the suburb of brussels, molenbeek. you can see the police line in there. our correspondent is standing by in molenbeek. let's cross to her now. we just heard the belgian broadcasters saying that the raid in molenbeek has come to an end. have you gotten more details on the progress of the operation? absolutely. i can confirm that the operation indeed came to an end. the operation started at 5:00 this afternoon and came to an end about half an hour ago. we saw all the police exit this people rushedn
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into the streets, international press of course, to go and see and that local residents who have been waiting since 5:00 to try and get in to their -- the operation has very much come to an and. we heard the belgian prime minister taking a very tone tonight, speaking along with francois hollande went very satisfied with the operation for having captured salah abdeslam alive with just a wound in his leg. he has been taken to the then willid and surely be interrogated as soon as he is fit to do so. >> you just said that he has been transferred, salah abdeslam , to a hospital. we heard in a press conference the belgian prime minister was not seeming ready to confirm of that. but you do have information indicating he is in a hospital. do we know where? meabh: well, we're hearing that
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he has been transferred to a hospital from belgian reporters here that are on the scene here in molenbeek. i cannot, of course, confirm that. if the belgian prime minister hasn't confirmed it, i certainly cannot confirm it myself. very little access to information. all the police that have been here the whole line are very cautious to provide any information, very much waiting for the official confirmation from the belgian state prosecutor, who is scheduled as well to speak very soon and of course provide all the details of tonight's operation. about an hour and a half ago i was standing right here when we heard 2 very loud explosives, clearly grenades, that the police used as a way to get inside the apartment, and since then there was a silence from there was a lull, which means the third person must have been taken at that stage, and that is why we have seen this area evacuated in the last half an
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hour. it is right back to normal. the international press has fl to go to thee federal prosecutors conference and also to listen to charles michel and francois hollande, and locals have been able to go back to their homes. people live out here and they were peering out of their windows the last few hours, afraid to leave their house, when they were hearing such disconcerting noises. most people breathing a sigh of relief, especially residents who live on the street, and even those who knew salah abdeslam and say that he was very friendly fellow. i spoke to a group of really who saidg molenbeekers that he is to play football with them and hang out and was clever and smart and kind and he seemed to change and they didn't see him really in the last few months. they are shocked and horrified to think that he could have been so radicalized take part in such an atrocity that were committed in paris on the 13th of november.
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>> very quickly, just to clarify for those of us who don't live in brussels and don't know the layout of the city, how far is the neighborhood from olympic? -- from molenbeek? heated move around, the suspect went from one area to another. meabh: it is not adjacent to the neighborhood. and itnding in molenbeek is about a 10-minute walk and you are across center of vessels -- brussels. south of the city, it is a good six kilometers by foot from the poland league neighbor -- from the molenbeek neighborhood. it is a pretty rich neighborhood, near the poshest neighborhood, and a mixed neighborhood. , as of schools, very leafy the name was a guest, but it remains to be seen how he managed to make his way to
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molenbeek the other day and who is looking after them and if they have hands on all the people who have been helping them along the way. a lot to take in, to think that salah abdeslam has been under the nose of the belgian authorities all this time when they thought he was really far away, perhaps. tom: thank you so much for that update, the latest on that operation which has resulted in the arrest of salah abdeslam. let's get more on the possible consequences of that arrest and the value of it in terms of the intelligence that could be gathered. let's cross to a former counterterrorism operative, who joins us now from toronto. thank you so much for speaking to us to clearly, the interrogation of salah abdeslam is going to be actually key to finding out about who else is involved in his network. course.
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this is going to be the first step. i was listening to your guest previously about him being taken to hospital. that is something they want to do right away. they want to make sure he is ok, not badly injured, you want to make sure he is able to talk, able to remember, who he remembers, where they live, so look for further raids that may take lace in the coming weeks. this is always what happens. you get one guy, you shake him down, see what he has, and move onto the next guy, and one by one you close the loop on the network. tom: talk a little bit about the profile you are building up in your mind of this man, because we have been hearing from testimony there in molenbeek that he was a nice guy until not very long before the paris attacks, friendly, liked in his neighborhood. we have also been hearing that he was rather different from the other attackers in that he didn't love himself up.
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just didn't blow himself -- in that he didn't blow himself up, that we can be sure of. and perhaps he is not sure of this newfound extremist brand of been cleanhe had onto for just a few months now. well, again, this is something we see quite often come when you look at other criminal offenses, one of the most common things is he seemed like such a nice guy. this is very common. most people hide their true intentions and a true behaviors. number two, speaking about his managed look, he called a bar where he was known to drink alcohol, smoke, go partying, gambling, girls. we see this a lot. isis and groups like isis attract thugs like him, and him sometimes relies
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too late that once you are shot in the lead by a tactical police unit, of course you are going to start to second-guess whether or not you are on the right side or whether or not god is protecting you. i am not the prices see that after getting shot in the leg and drank out of the building, he may have second thoughts about what he was observing two. that's what he was subscribing to. -- second thoughts about what he was subscribing to. >> we were speaking to our correspondent about the geography of brussels and they found six kilometers from the site of tonight's raid in molenbeek, which would indicate that he traveled. i'm curious, how does that work? how would he have traveled about? how would he have done this without someone perhaps tracking team, trailing him? does it surprise you at all? mubin: it doesn't surprise me, because again, it depends on your level of surveillance. if you have people close to that person, you could be able to
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monitor his every move. look, as good as the french and the belgians are, they don't have security agents literally at every block. it would have been quite easy for him to move around. he gripped by himself, and night, wearing a hoodie. maybe you were awake. i don't think he would have gone to such lengths. but it is quite easy to prove even under areas under general surveillance but you would need specific surveillance on buildings were somebody is actually looking at the door 24/seven. that is the only way you're going to follow somebody back. tom: we are hearing -- we heard from the president just now that already it appears that many more people were involved in the powerless attacks than was originally thought. -- in the paris attacks than was originally thought. it sounds like authorities are building him a watch better picture of how it was organized. in your view, do you think it
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away astants as far syria or iraq that had a real hand in the planning and coordination of those attacks, what do you think it was merely inspiration from thousands of kilometers away that led to the attacks? , that is a good question, and it is difficult to know for certain at this one. abaoud, killed in the raid in the attack after paris, bragged about it online. the isis magazine used his bragging and comments in an article. it is hard to say. you could be connected and may be three levels of separation for any one of them to a high-ranking member of isis. if you don't know who your second degree of separation is, you are never going to know who the third degree is. it is very common that they -- they can do an attack and isis
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was just incredible -- credit for it. man now that we know this was helped and they had to be feeding him the aces level of assistance from that is going to help the authorities, isn't it, to join the dots and build up a picture of who else is involved. do you think that could prevent other tax? - attacks? said, youh, like i will probably hear about arrests taking place in the coming weeks. we heard many arrests leading up to this point. i think there were over 100 arrests. you go from one place to another place to another place and you cross reference the information you have it came from individuals who have interrogated, detained, arrested . you have community members coming forward. other information signals intelligence from which at an analytical of welcome all of this will be brought together
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and it is then very easy to start picking people up. there are always more people than you know about. one doesn't merely plan these things with a small group. you need a bigger group. the network is big and so more and more people will start getting picked up, without a doubt. tom: just lastly, it is amazing when you consider that this was just one man, and the amount of resources and effort that was focused on tracking him down and the big press conference we just saw there with the leaders of france and belgium. it is a little bit disconcerting, isn't it, that just one individual on those were the efforts they were having to go to for an attack that happened back in november. it makes one wonder what other attacks could be in the pipeline. mubin: very good question. .his is always the reality quite often one of the tactics of a group when they get caught is to activate the others who
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are not yet caught. in the larger scheme of things, taken toe isis being task in iraq and syria, expect -- this year we're going to see . lot of terrorist attacks definily there will be terrorisattacks europe. this iinevitab. it alsshows yoto wha lengt we wl go to nd you and not kill you but take you a life and put you on trial and put you in prison for the rest of your life . we are just as determined on the security side. tom: ok, well, thank you so much for sharing that with us. counterterrorism operative mubin shaikh joining us from toronto. we can show you the scene from molenbeek right now. the scene there, in that area of brussels that salah abdeslam was arrested, having been shot in the leg.
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has been a police cordon there, as you would expect, since about 5:00 this afternoon. the authorities on the level but we understand that particular grade, which resulted in three arrests, has actually come to an end now. thes get a reminder of dramatic events this friday. here is our reporter. reporter: we got him -- those are the words that the belgian minister posted on social media. after four months on the land, salah abdeslam is in police custody in belgium. two others were captured with him. one of them is being dragged away. apartment began around 5:30 in the afternoon local time. police swarmed into the molenbeek neighborhood of brussels, the same neighborhood where the paris attacks are thought to have been planned. a shootout ensued.
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and explosions were heard in the neighborhood. abdeslam was shot in the leg before being arrested. abdeslam in the end decided to stay put, something that recording to experts isn't that unusual. realize is have to that terrorist activities don't disappear. they don't go away. in fact, they know the environment they are in and when they work in a particular environment, they continue to thrive in a particular environment. out in force, belgian police locked down the entire neighborhood. residents were told to stay home. tensions in the belgian capital already on highland. nearly reached a breaking point. dozens of eu leaders are already in the city for the migrant summit. tom: here with me in the studio is emma james from our media watch desk.
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just remind us, looking online, you are examining what is being said on social media in particular. where does salah abdeslam fit into the broader scheme of things with regard to the paris attacks? emma: that is something recently don't know, the fact that he is captured alive may mean we are going to learn some of the things you have been asking questions about since november 13. if we take a look at this tweet journalist,an salah abdeslam, seen as a coward by the terrorist and a terrorist by the rest of us, is rest of the life, of course. #loser. is something that many people believed in the beginning, that salah abdeslam was running scared, that perhaps the attacks were bigger than he imagined and he pulled out. but recently don't know whether or not that is true. if we look back at this article from "the independent" in
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december of last year, they asked him did the paris terror suspect run away in disgust or is this just camouflage? the fact that he has been found along with other known jihadists in brussels would suggest that he is very much still within the hold of the jihadis. whether he has been welcomed back and despite that war is more of a key figure in the planning of these attacks than we ever appreciated at the time. this article in "the independent" points out that salah was thought to have equipped and help to the terrorists and may have taken part in it but we simply don't know quite what his role was yet , but hopefully we will now get some answers. producedgraph" has portraits of everyone who is involved, because of course it was 10 that we knew about, 9 alive, salahe abdeslam.
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he is now captured. abaaoud, the man believed -- tom: i'm going to interrupt you there, emma. we will cross to belgium and listen to the public prosecutor. at 8:30, and the forensic police officers are currently doing their job. was intercepted by the federal forces in the search and around 4:30. he was slightly injured in the leg and taken to hospital to be cared for. at the same address, the alias ahmed choutry was arrested and injured. he was taken a hospital to be
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cared for. three other people have also .een arrested all members of the family with was living.bdeslam all of these people will be heard by the investigators very soon, and the investigating magistrate will decide whether to remand them in custody or not. turnedrchers carried out out to be negative. oudry, he was last october 3 scene in germany. during this event, this finger prints were taken and they were taken again in the house used by the terrorist group.
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and ae syrian passport false belgian id card in the choudry were found. weapons and ammunition were also found. no trace of explosives were discovered. the investigation is continuing actively and it is not possible at this stage to give you more details in order not to jeopardize the investigation. i would like to pay tribute to the remarkable work done by the police services, notably/minutes of the federal police -- notably special units of the federal police and the criminal investigation police as well. the federal prosecutor's office would also like to thank the media, who took into account the
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requirements of the operation by not disseminating some information which they were aware of which could have jeopardize the investigation.
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