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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 24, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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catherine n.: it's 9:00 p.m. in the french capital. you are watching "live from paris" on "france 24." i'm catherine nicholson with your headlines. guilty of genocide and nine other counts of war crimes, radovan karadzic sentenced today to 40 years in jail over atrocities committed during the bosnian war. relatives of victims have expressed their release. karadzic is vowing to appeal. we will get some reaction from bosnia's former foreign minister. --est haters in brussels investigators in brussels say that another suspect in this week's deadly bombings could be
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on the run. this, as the main suspect from attacks,s paris agrees to be extradited from belgium to france for trial. syria and iraq -- we are reporting on new operations in palmyra and mosul. thanks very much for being with us. the head of the united nations says it is a historic day today frigid -- for international justice. radovan karadzic has been found guilty of genocide and nine other charges. atrocities committed in the bosnian war from 1992 to 1995. judges at a tribunal in the hague sentenced him to 40 years
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in jail. karadzic is already vowing to appeal. catherine clifford has the story. catherine c.: found guilty on 10 of 11 charges, radovan karadzic received his sentence. >> the chamber hereby sentences you, radovan karadzic, to a single sentence of 40, 4-0, y ears of imprisonment. catherine c.: karadzic denies -- charges and says though those who committed crimes during the war did not act under his orders. karadzic faced to charges of genocide -- faced two charges of genocide. the second count was for the srebrenica massacre of over 7000 bosnian muslim men and boys, europe's worst war crime since world war ii. on this account, he was found guilty. accused was the sole
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person with the power to intervene to prevent the bosnian muslim men from being killed. yet far from intervening to prevent the killing from taking place at all, the accused himself ordered the bosnian muslim male detainees be transferred elsewhere to be killed. the chamber finds that the shared the extended common purpose of killing the bosnian muslim males of srebrenica and that he significantly contributed to it. catherine c.: the trial could not have taken place without the massacre could not have taken place without karadzic's support. he is the most senior official to be sentenced yet in the bosnian serb war. planned -- plans to appeal the convictions. catherine n.: let's bring in our
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guest, bosnia's foreign former -- former foreign minister, joining us live from new york city. can i ask for your reaction to today's verdict against radovan karadzic and the knowledge he is likely to spend 40 years in jail? >> we now have the ruling from a court of law, an international court of law. unfortunately, though, we still don't have any consequence for the crime committed. in the verdict, the court, the tribunal spoke of a joint criminal enterprise that karadzic headed and it identified that enterprise as bska, whicher ethnically cleansed and murdered individuals who were not of the same ethnic group. furthermore, as of a few days ago, the current president, the ,eader of republica serbska
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opened up a student dormitory named after radovan karadzic. currently, the full consequences of this ruling have yet to be felt by the victims or those who are still living in bosnia-herzegovina. tribunal's.: the powers only stretched so far. in terms of helping the region to move on from what happened during the 1990's, what body would you expect to get involved in that? what measures could be taken? >> the un security council is one, of course, but also those on the dayton accords, the signatories, the negotiators. for a long time, we used to call it --, until people in france
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were not particularly proud of the results of this accord. unfortunately, the accord themselves legitimized many of -- manyes of karadzic' of the crimes for which karadzic has now been found guilty. they are all condemned to a future that is still defined by the dayton accords and by the division that were created by forensics -- karadzic. isherine n.: we know that it very hard for countries to move on from situations such as this. it is hard to imagine what could be a cure for this, though, particularly considering how recent these events were. --th africa had its troops
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truth and justice commission. do you think something like that could be appropriate, given the amount of animosity and bad feelings that remain? >> i think that could be. i also would rather not devolve into speaking of history. unfortunately, i think the evidence that we see in bosnia 20 years ago have consequences today, including the work of isis. inspiration both from those who committed ethnic cleansing as well as the atrocities committed as the rationale for its own atrocities being committed amidst -- among andstians, youyazidis, others. until we have an appropriate reckoning, i think there will be other joint criminal enterprises that will draw inspiration, whether it is in syria and iraq,
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ukraine, or by some terror group , and we know what those terror groups are capable of. for us as bosnians, particularly for myself as the foreign minister of bosnia, an agent for bosnia before the international court of justice, it is important to speak of the justice, of the remedies that still awake bosnia, and, at the same time, be resolute about not allowing bosnia to be used by others as an excuse. condemnbeen resolute to what karadzic has done and also what isis has done. they are the same evil. no different from leaders in europe and washington. catherine n.: very briefly, i think many people would argue that we have to be careful not to demonize all of serbia, all serbs, for what happened during the 1990's. >that' a very difficult issue,
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isn't it? >> for me, it is not. i absolutely see no demons in the serb people. many of them have acted most courageous, trying to protect muslim and croat neighbors. many of them have acted courageously, even going about their government to provide evidence of these crimes. many of them insist, as much as i do, that we have not only a reconciliation, but that we do finally deliver this region to normalcy. and it cannot happen, unfortunately, until there is an objective assessment of the truth, which, i think, this tribunal has largely come to, although clearly there are some issues that i would still differ with, including the fact that i think there was genocide throughout all of bosnia. catherine n.: indeed, some differences remaining. i'm sorry, we have run out of time. thank you so much for giving us
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your thoughts. a former foreign minister of bosnia speaking to us after the ruling against radovan karadzic. latestove on now to the around the -- latest news around the terror attacks. in the paris attacks in november will be extradited to france. reports.dey josh: a change of mind. salah abdeslam's lawyer says the suspect will not fight his transfer to france. >> he wants to go to france. i really think it is a question of two weeks. he will be in court on march 31 to respond to the european's rest -- european arrest warrant. i think after march 31, it will take may be fortnight, but there won't be any appeals. we are not going to oppose it. we will do what he wants, and that's a good thing.
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josh: of this loan was arrested was arrested on march 18. he is currently the only person suspected of direct involvement with the paris murders in custody. authorities have linked him to the brussels bombings on tuesday. the suspect holds french nationality and, until now, has vowed to fight transferable from france to belgium -- transfer from belgium to france. the situation appears to have changed with what his lawyer describes as his desire to explain himself. terms of n.: and, in the investigation into tuesday's attacks in brussels, authorities have identified another suspect, who they believe may have been in the -- involved in the bombing of the malbec -- ma elbeek metro station. reporter: a new suspect in the
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brussels attacks. this facial composite has been released, apparently showing a second man involved with the metro bombing. hesurveillance cameras, can be seen carrying a large fact next to one of the confirmed suicide bomber's -- large bag next to one of the confirmed suicide bombers. authorities are trying to figure out whether he died in the attack or is now on the run. the man in the house also remains a mystery for the moment. hat alson in the remains a mystery for the moment. apartment thats the group left for the airport and where police found a large amount of materials used to make bombs. a largely nondescript building in the middle of renovation work. >> they hide in places like this. good hiding places. nobody can imagine that this
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apartment, which had been undergoing renovations for what - month -- for a month - they hid in a basement. they were hiding in a partly abandoned house. they find places and they hide. reporter: the third man at the airport, najim laachraoui, new this neighborhood well -- knew this neighborhood well. investigators believe he played a role not only in the brussels attacks, but paris. in the middle east, syrian troops have advanced into palmyra. this is reported by both government and opposition sources. the islamic state group overran palmyra last may. they have since killed many residents as well a as destroyig priceless ancient buildings and artifacts. we can get more insight live with our correspondent in beirut. the troops are said to be in palmyra. do we know if they are close to
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actually being able to say they have recaptured the city? i understand we have had some technical issues. i hope you can hear me now. do you know how close the troops are to recapturing palmyra? >> certain military says they have entered the town of how mira -- palmyra and they are within sight of the ancient ruins. may have been approaching from the last month -- they have been approaching in the last month from the desert. they have cut isis supply lines in the last week or so. they are closer than they have been at any point in the offensive. the town has been booby-trapped. our great fear is that the ruins themselves have been booby-trapped. it does not seem that isis is going to cut and run from this prize. they are going to stand and fight for it. catherine n.: why is palmyra such an important city to both the syrian government and the islamic state group? >> it became emblematic of the isis takeover.
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the syrian army's inability to do anything about that. when the isis offensive took place in may last year, those images were shocking. they showed the terror group rampaging through some of the most important ancient archaeological ruins anywhere in the world, let alone the region. and those images resonated around the world. aboutple know anything syria, it's nice -- that these magnificent sites have been a magnificent tourist attraction for years, something the syrian government has been particularly proud of. they could not defend this in a weeklong siege of the town. and a year later, almost a year later, it is incumbent upon them to try and take these sites just just -- sites back, to show that they are back in control. catherine n.: i can tell you
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that unesco, the united nations theural body, has welcomed offensive against the islamic state group in palmyra. meanwhile, in iraq, the prime minister's on new efforts by the iraqi military to recapture most saw newe prime minister efforts by the iraqi military to recapture mosul. here in europe, today marks one year since the germanwings air crash in the french alps which killed all 150 passengers and crew on board. victim's relatives gathered earlier -- victims' relatives gathered earlier close to where the plane came down. reporter: remembering their loved ones, they observed a minute of silence at the exact time of the crash last year, to remove or 16 students and two teachers from the town who perished -- to remember 16
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students and two teachers from the town who perished. the names of the dead were read out in a private ceremony. were laid at the village cemetery, where some unidentified human remains were buried. the chief of lufthansa offered his support to the bereaved families. >> we have come here today to remember the victims and pay our respects. this tragic crash has brought unimaginable grief upon many, many people. we cannot ease this catastrophe, but we can at least be here for the relatives. that's why over 100 germanwings and lufthansa employees are here. reporter: the flight was bound to -- from barcelona when copilot andreas lubitz deliberately crashed the plane after locking the pilot out of the cockpit. lubitz had been urged to check
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into a psychiatric hospital just weeks before, due to depression. today, this bond is fertilized. this friendship between the families and ourselves. we want to make it last. it is very important for us. the goal we set up for ourselves -- the role we set up for ourselves is to accompany the families every time they come here, accompany them as they mourn. after the ceremony, around 80 people embarked on a pilgrimage toward the crash site at an altitude of 1800 meters. the football world is in mourning today after a dutch football legend died from cancer earlier. he was 68 years old and widely regarded throughout his career
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as one of the finest in the game. he passed away peacefully at his home with his family around him. clubst on to manage two and he was an international star for the netherlands. we look back on his life and career. reporter: one of the true greats of the game. born in amsterdam in 1947, johan cruyff first came to prominence with his home club. he established himself as a club legend, leading them to three european cups. the individual accolades came with it. he was voted european play of their best player of the year for three times -- he was voted european player of the year three times. no one has bested that. he was a main exponent of dutch total football, inspiring the
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team to the final in the world cup, which they lost to germany. he bamboozled defenders with his trickery. a then to barcelona for world record fee, winning a spanish league title. he was just as exemplary as a team to manyg the titles. double heart bypass surgerin 1991 and began eating lipops afterol being diagnosed with cancer and quitting smoking. the illness eventually took his life. cruyff was a true footballing legend. nowerine n.: let's move on
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with some business headlines of the day with markus karlsson. we are going to start things off in france with a subject that has made a lot of people here very angry -- plans by the government to shakeup labour laws. it's already happening. markus: we have talked about this for months, this government ambition to overhaul the french labour market, but today was the ay. -- d-d this was the day the french government came out with its proposal in order to overhaul the french labour market. in the end, the government watered down simon it's original ideas -- down some of its original ideas. that wasn't enough for workers and students, who have been proposed that protesting. police -- who have been protesting. unions, student groups, and other critics say that the proposal threatens workers' rights. in the meantime, the government's plan is to make it companies to for
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do business, but businesses say the new version of the proposal does not go far enough. we have more on the sticking points. reporter: the battle to reform france's labor code continues -- labour code continues. law designedsial --the labour the register labour minister is far from satisfying everyone. now it is businesses that feel the reform's original purpose, to create jobs, has been lost. they accused the government of backtracking on several important sticking points. these include a plan to put a legal cap on severance pay. as aat will now only serve reference point, and it will be up to judges to decide whether or not to apply it. under the proposal that would allow businesses to bypass -- was also put on hold. >> this version of the law is not acceptable and won't help
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create jobs. there will be even more restrictions. reporter: and if businesses are not happy with the changes, neither are labour unions. they feel the chapter on the economic conditions required to fire employees needs to be rewritten. the government may also face resistance from within its own ranks. socialist mp's have warned there will be an extremely tough battle when the text is submitted to parliament in april. meanwhile, several students and labor unions are demanding the be scrapped entirely and are calling for more demonstrations. many more months of debate and compromise are expected. ,arkus: as we're going to see that debate continues. the latest unemployment figures in france show that the number of job seekers in this country is increasing. february, 38,400 more people
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were looking for work compared to the previous month, bringing the jobless total to nearly 3.6 million people, which is a new all-time high. there was a drop in job seekers during the month of january, but the reverse is the case this time around. the government is downplaying february's increase. it says the figures are part of an up-and-down trend over the past nine months. we are going to look at the markets next. in the united states, shares finished trading close to the flatline. traders are getting an extra day off tomorrow for easter weekend. shares were more negative early in the session. they regained some composure as oil prices recovered. in europe earlier, the mood was a lot more downbeat with the cac 40 losing more than 2%. we saw commodity-related stocks taking a hit as commodity prices dropped during the european trading day. let's bring you up-to-date with some other stories that we are watching for you.
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the united states is raising charges against seven iranians, accusing them of hacking u.s. rental companies and even a financial.s. companies and even a major dam. general loretta lynch said the attacks threatened america's economic well-being. jp morgan chase and citibank were among those affected, according to the indictment. there is a power struggle viewing over the -- brewing over the future of yahoo! one of the company's largest shareholder wants to remove the entire board, including the removal of chief executive marissa mayer. the hedge fund says that she and the board have repeatedly failed investors. yahoo! shares have fallen by more than 20% in the past year, and the firm is struggling to keep up with rivals like google and facebook. shares of a dutch football team sword on thursday. at one point, the team's market
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value has soared by 700 million euros. a number of investors placed orders on the news of johan cr uyff's death. the tribute lost some steam toward the end of the trading day and shares finished only slightly higher. still, a pretty good sentiment in the markets. investors were literally "paying" tribute. catherine n.: we have some lovely tributes from footballers as well. messve seen pele, leonel messi.el diego mayor hidalgo -- diego maradona said, "we'll never forget you, skinny." stay tuned. plenty more coming up for you after the break.
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