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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 29, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> 9:00 p.m. here in french capital and you are watching "live in paris" on "france 24." since theo the day deadly attacks in belgium. officials are pushing for changes to counterterrorism measures. meanwhile, a planned partial reopening of the airport for tomorrow won't now be happening. a suspect under arrest and all passengers safe and sound. cyprus andrs in egypt investigating the hijacking of an egyptian airliner earlier today. and the prospect of impeachment looking ever likelier for brazil's president dilma
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rousseff. she has lost eight major coalition partner in her government amid a spiraling corruption scandal. catherine: it is a week to the day since the deadly bomb attacks in brussels that cost 32 lives. many more people are still in hospital with serious injuries. a manhunt is also underway for a third suspect who was seen at the airport with the two suicide bombers. some staff there returned today to the site of the first to attack. they are due to partially reopen on wednesday but it has been announced in the last few hours that it will remain closed. tom porterhouse as the story. tom: a big test for the airport to see if it is ready to reopen its stores.
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members were drafted on a voluntary basis to act as passengers, testing the temporary check in area is secure and up to scratch. >> at the moment we have developed a temporary system for checking in luggage and passengers and a whole system where passengers go towards the building making the terminal to the boarding gates, building that we call the connector, which allows passengers to reach the security check areas which were not damaged by the attack. normally hundreds of passenger jets land and take up every day from this major european hub. from the tarmac on tuesday, silence, with just a handful of planes sitting grounded. a week after suicide bombers tributes bombs, floral continue to be late and security remains tight. tuesday's exercise is also a chance to check of staff are ready to return to work. >> it means something to be here. we just have to move on with all this. we have to get over it. reporter: are you all still
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thinking about it a lot? >> everyone is thinking about it. we have colleagues injured two are still in hospital. we are thinking of them and we are moving on. reporter: but it will remain closed this wednesday and the chief executive says it will take months before the airport sees a full return to normal operations. catherine: a man who hijacked a ,lane over egypt earlier today forcing it to land in cyprus, is under arrest. the egyptair flight was carrying more than 60 people when the suspect that in the pilot and reportedly claimed to be wearing a suicide vest. he has been identified as an egyptian national. for now his motives remain unclear. the egyptair flight was supposed to take some 81 people on a short journey from alexandria to cairo. over an hour after it took off, it landed in cyprus. the pilot told air-traffic control passenger had approached him, saying he was equipped with
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an explosive belt. egypt and cyprus negotiatotors suspected the explosives were fake, but kept talking to the hijacker while trying to determine how dangerous he really was. >> the reality is that we have a hijacker on board the plane and we cannot take any risks except dealing with this as a serious situation. reporter: gradually, passengers escaped the plane come like a man seen crawling out of the cockpit window in this footage. meanwhile, security forces surrounded the aircraft. media reports suggested the hijacker was an egyptian acting out on personal motives. they said the suspect asked to pass a letter on to his ex-wife. but his exact motives remain unclear, even after he surrendered. at one pointer with one of the
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eu representatives and at another point he demanded that the plane leave to another airport. in general, there was no specific demand. reporter: egypt remains on edge after a series of jihadist attacks, including the bombing of a russian commercial flight from sharm el-sheikh to st. petersburg last october, for which the islamic state group claimed responsibility. diplomatic dance is going on between turkey and the united states as the two countries get ready for a visit to the u.s. by the turkish president. erdogan is due to be touching down this evening ahead of a nuclear security summit on thursday. relations between the two countries are strained over issues including ingres's crackdown on the group -- including ankara's crackdown on the kurdish population. the president says he will get a meeting with barack obama but officials in washington are keeping the cards close to their chest. reporter: barack obama and richard tyler to one -- recep
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erdogan have a tight relationship but relations have rarely been so strained between the allies. three issues in particular have driven a wedge between the two. sees the syrian president bashar al-assad is the root cause of the conflict. as soon as war broke out in 2011, uncorrected house on -- ingres bet the house -- ankara fallinghouse on assad in months. they called for six zones in syria. but obama's administration has been focusing elsewhere on the fight against the islamic state group. both leaders disagree on how to deal with that threat, too. kurdish views syria's forces as its best bet on bringing down the jihadists on the ground. nkara, the syrian kurds
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are terrorists because of their ties to the kurdistan workers party, a group that turkey has been fighting since the collapse of the cease-fire last july. turkey's crackdown on opposition media outlets has also provoke anger in washington. earlier this month, turkish police stormed the offices of a newspaper with close ties to a kyle in the u.s., who erdogan accuses of conspiring to overthrow him. for all the difference is, turkey and the u.s. badly needs support of one another at a time of growing instability. the question is whether they can sweep their differences under the rug. now, in brazil, the corruption crisis at the heart of the government is expected to reach a breaking point, and soon. the country's biggest political party has voted to break away from the president's ruling coalition. this as president rousseff find yourself embroiled in a scandal that seems more likely than ever .o lead to her impeachment
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earlier i spoke to our correspondent in brazil, and he told us that it was not, in fact," at all on leaving the government. richard: it took all of three minutes for the vote to go through so they didn't waste time. the vote was apparently ofompanied by chants "michelle tender for president," referring to the vice president who is also the leader of the pmdb, who would take over from dilma rousseff if she was impeached and had to step down. the speaker of the , a pmdbn parliament member, also himself facing corruption charges.
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anwas a very quick about hour and very quick note -- it was a very quick vote and after say in your introduction it brings the prospect of impeachment ever closer for dilma rousseff. she is struggling with low popularity ratings and a long-running scandal with petrobras. just yesterday the brazilian lawyers association put forth a new petition for her impeachment , including claims that she bytructed justice interfering in the investigation into corruption at petrobras. richard thompson reporting for us from brazil. the maker of the iphone, apple, says it will keep working to increase security on its devices, this after the fbi
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announced he had tracked into the iphone belonging to the men who killed 14 people in san bernardino, california, last december. the fbi has dropped a lawsuit aimed at forcing apple to unlock the suspects phone. oliver farry has the story. oliver: the fbi will no longer be meeting help of apple to break into the sand burdening a killer's iphone -- the san bernardino killer's iphone. apple said it would not be able to hack into the phone. the tech giant had been subpoenaed by the fbi has dropped its legal case. apple, a means the legal battle at least in this case is over. they don't have to appear in court in riverside comply with the motion to make software that they were calling government os. basically, it is over for them right now. the broader issue is not over, though. the government and law enforcement are going to want to keep wanting access to phones and tech companies will keep fighting back at oliver -- fighg back. oliver: it prompted many uses to
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think they were looking for an all-purpose back door to access all iphones. c for, supported by other tech companies, but the new developments raise concerns about -- apple stood firm, supported by other tech countries, but the new developments raise concerns about security. >> apple says they are on a never-ending battle fighting hackers and other people trying to access the devices. in this case, the fbi was successful about getting into the iphone 5c. oliver: apple could request that the fbi develops the method of breaching the system, -- diebold the method of breaching the system but the fbi may not comply. the fbi's success in hacking the apple system means that tech companies will need to up their game to keep customer data safe and prying eyes. -- safe from prying eyes. catherine: staying in the u.s., donald trump's campaign manager has been charged with battery after he assaulted a female reporter. they lewandowski denies
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allegation, saying he is completely confident he will be exonerated. female journalist says he grabbed her arm and left her with bruises as she tried to ask donald trump a question. currently the front runner for the republican party's presidential nomination and is increasingly facing accusations himself of inciting and endorsing violence by his supporters. a new report from unicef out today says that at least six children are being killed each day in yemen on average. the u.n. children's agency says that in the last year more than 900 youngsters have been killed and another 1500 have been injured, and that that is just the tip of the iceberg. unicef is warning that hundreds of thousands and risk of dying from malnutrition. the country has been published by more than a year of war between iranian backed rebels and the saudi led coalition supporting the internationally recognized government. humanitarian deliveries need to be spent in this "race against time."
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burma enters ail new era. it is a civilian government due to be sworn in on wednesday. how the changes come about and where it might lead the country after half a century of military rule. reporter: a new era for burma, following decades as a pariah state under a military junta. this wednesday will see the decoration of the first civilian government. a gradual liberalization has been underway since 2010. the president saying saying was sworn in in 2011 as the head of a military backed administration. although hand-checked by the junta, he is seen as a reformist. >> a number of senior ministers came to him a couple months into his term and said you going to they were other
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than a few changes or are you going to grasp this opportunity? in that way he was convinced. reporter: in last year's elections, aung san suu kyi's party won enough seats to form a government. it comes five years to the day after she was released from house arrest. she had been housed in detention for trying to bring democracy to burma. she herself is far from taking the presidency, the democracy campaign will be the foreign minister for the nov party. -- nld party. catherine: tens of thousands of football fans are back in the french national stadium just outside paris right now, this for the national team's first match since it was targeted by suicide bombers. leading 1-0rrently in the family match against russia. there is increased police and security presence including snipers deployed to protect the area. the national coach admitted today that the november attacks are on the players' and the staff's minds but he insisted
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that they are focused on the european championships in three months time. now, if you have ever had nightmares after watching any of the "jaws" movies, this next story might not be for you. airbnb andy harris aquarium are offering an unusual accommodation experience. it is a competition to win and i spent underwater -- win and i sleeping under death went on night sleeping underwater in a tank -- an opportunity to win a night sleeping underwater in a tank full of sharks. reporter: plunged into 3 million liters of shark infested water at the capitol's aquarium, it is the top prize in a new competition run by airbnb. as well as getting a private tour of the center, this is what is up for grabs for the lucky few who are chosen to end the night in the murky depths. >> they will be able to feed the baby sharks, and after that they will have dinner.
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then they will go into the tank for the night and be able to look at 35 sharks of six different species. to be eligible to win, the two guests have to be over 80 and was collectively weigh less than 190 kilograms this have to be over 18 and have to collectively weigh less than 190: grams. -- 190 kilograms. >> it is a great opportunity to show people that you can swim with sharks and be with sharks and nothing bad happens, but also that we need to protect the sharks because they are crucial. reporter: about from one state in its current state for too long after the last guest check out. it will quickly be transformed into a hub for scientists and marine biologist to conduct groundbreaking research on the program -- on the aquariums gray
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and hammerhead sharks. catherine: something a bit different now from underwater to outer space. the expression "out of this world" can be a little overused but in this case, "probably forgive him. he has given a live interview from the international space networkto the u.k. tv sky and revealed that one of his favorite expenses was watching the earth from above and one of the most annoying was the unavoidable problem of zero gravity. take a listen. >> certainly a lot of fun. it can be very frustrating at times. i've lost a few things. thankfully, most of them are found again. it is easy to put things down and turn around and they are not there again and everything floats away. velcro is everywhere on the space station to keep control of things. after a couple of weeks of your you really do get used to living and working in microgravity and your brain also gets is to it as well. i can work in any orientation i
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like, really, and it doesn't matter whether i talked you upside down or the right way up. my blame flicks the picture. -- my brain flips the picture. catherine: a reminder of our top stories at this hour. it is a week today since the deadly attacks in belgium. officials today are pushing for changes to counterterrorism measures. meanwhile, the city and its residents are trying to get back to normal but the plant partial reopening of the airport for tomorrow won't now be happening. is under arrest and all passengers are safe and sound as officials in cyprus and egypt are investigating the hijacking of an egyptian airliner earlier today. impeachmentpect of ever likelier for brazil's president. dilma rousseff has no lost a major -- has now lost a major coalition partner in her government. this as a widening corruption scandal continues.
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time for a check on today's business headlines with markus karlsson. marcus, taking us back to the united states. hello. stock market shares getting a bit of a vitamin boost. markus: indeed, we saw pretty lackluster start to the day on wall street where u.s. shares started today below the flat line. then, we have seen a little bit of a reversal on wall street and this hour we have seen u.s. shares in positive territory, and this seems to be all about the fed and its chief janet yellen. investors are reacting to a speech she held in new york this tuesday. during a speech that the u.s. central bank should proceed cautiously on rising interest rates. that follows much tougher statements from some of the ellen'-- some of janet yellen's colleagues from the fed in recent weeks. investors have been worried about the prospect of rising saysest rates, but yellen
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global risks could damage the u.s. economy and that includes uncertainty over oil prices and uncertainty over growth in china is -- let's listen in to janet yellen. yellen: the committee anticipates that only gradual increases in the federal funds rate will be warranted in coming years. we have to take into account the potential fallout from recent global economic and financial developments. markus: why are investors liking this message so much? there has been a long-running debate of whether or not the federal reserve should raise interest rates and primarily how quickly the fed should raise interest rates. there has been these fears in the market that too soon and too much could hurt the u.s. recovery. let's bring you up-to-date with where the u.s. stock markets are this hour. we have seen the stock market's turnaround in the past couple of hours or so with the dow jones industrial average this hour around about half a percent
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higher. .75%.p 500 up as that helped by apple shares trading higher on the decision by the u.s. government to drop its legal case against the company over the iphone used by one of the attackers in the san bernardino case. positive picture there for apple shares and that is helping the nasdaq. europe's main indices higher. shares jumped despite the weakness in the energy markets. the eurozone is recovering as bank lending to households and businesses rose at the fastest rate since 2011 in february. we are going to head back simply to the united states after the european check. california has announced a deal which will see its minimum wage raised to $15 an hour from the current $10 an hour. as long as lawmakers give the final go-ahead, the new threshold will become reality by 2022. but as josh explains, local
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business leaders fear it will lead to job losses. hike in california's minimum wage would make it the highest in the u.s. when it goes into full effect. a victory for these workers protesting for a minimum $50 an hour and for california governor jerry brown, who welcomed the deal he reached with legislative leaders. a matterbrown: it is of economic justice, it makes sense, and it will help our entire state do much better for its citizens. you have a congress that doesn't get it, that is so out to lunch much less than $15 come they cannot get to $7.15. i will bring what happens in california will not stay in, when you put spread all across the country. -- will not stay in california but spread across the country. reporter: the deal needs to be approved by democratic lawmakers and it has its opponents.
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they say it will type of business costs and result in higher on employment. some analysts say it will be the poorest workers who suffer. californian'she struggling on a $10 minimum wage, the news of an increase comes as a relief. for full-time workers committee could see them earn an excerpt $10 the year -- extra money a year when it comes into effect. it will reach $15 an hour in 2022. markus: while we are on the topic of increases, japan's prime ministers sticking to his guns whehen it comes to a controversial hike in vat. shinzo abe says he has plans to raise japanese consumption taxes in april of next year. it follows strict relation that he may postpone the increased due to our fragile japanese economy. shinzo abe says it is needed to maintain the country's welfare system. he spoke after japan's parliament back to record big budget for 2016. it includes spelling to the tune
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of around 760 billion euros, and the hope is that it spurs growth. >> i've been saying that the rapid approval of the budget is the best economic package and that is what we have achieved. i also have instructed the finance minister to find out as --h as possible in order to front loader as much as possible in order to maximize the effects. shinzo abe speaking after the record big budget was passed by the japanese parliament. let's look at other stores in brief. volkswagen's legal troubles in the united states are deepening. the was government's top consumer watchdog is suing the german carmaker. the federal trade commission wants vw to compensate carbides and is accusing the firm of having deceived customers through its advertising. it follows the admission last 11 millionw rigged diesel vehicles worldwide to cheat on emissions test. around 600,000 of the cars are
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in the united states. staying in the car sector, the chief executive of the french carmaker is facing pressure over his pay package last year. politicians from across the political spectrum in france are criticizing the near doubling of his compensation to the french government has called the 5.2 tolion-euro package damaging the state holds a 14% stake in the company after a 3 billion-euro deal to save the carmaker collapsed two years ago. still in france, it is a decisive week for the french telecom sector. french media says that the court of law for its will meet on wednesday to decide whether to sell the telecom unit. it has been talks with arrival over a potential sale and the firm has given themselves until the 31st of march to come to an agreement. sources close to the matter say some legal issues remain unresolved.
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sometimes i see origin some analysts say -- sometimes i say origin sometimes i say or-ange. catherine: we should say both. markus: i'm glad we've sorted that out. catherine: i'm glad we have to markus karlsson, our business editor. time for a short break. tuesday june. our top international stores coming up in just a couple minutes time.
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03/29/16 03/29/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> by 22-year-old son or my father or my grandchildren, my son has a two-year-old daughter. oh, my god, you should not have left me, my son. amy: that is not a grieving mother in paris or brussels, but in lahore, pakistan, where 72 people were killed, 29 of them children, and a suicide bombing in a park on easter sunday.


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