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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 6, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> welcome back, you are watching live from caret -- paris. a frenchman detained in ukraine is planned of using several terrorist attacks in the u.s. football tournament. he is a far right extremist caught holding heavy weapons. peru too close to call in as they could for the former economist to be president. twodifference between the at less than 1%. and the islamic state under attack in the self-proclaimed capital of rocca -- raqqa.
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syrian forces are making their dance. tens of thousands are trapped. ♪ first, a fry right -- far right extremist market launchers was planning attacks during a major football tournament in paris this week. that is according to the security president in the ukraine. they arrested a 25-year-old frenchman identified as a far right person from ukraine, planning to attack mosques, synagogues, and government buildings. i spoke to david stern ngf. -- in kiev. >> we don't know what has been announced by the ukrainian services, the head of the
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services. this was greeted in some circles with skepticism. we heard accusations of this sort not of this sort but of accusations from security services. domestics are going into great detail. he was caught on the ukrainian polish border at the end of last month. they are only announcing now what exactly he had, which was around 125 kilograms of explosives of tnt, thousands of rounds of ammunition, antitank grenade launchers and detonators. he was planning on carrying out 15 different terrorist attacks in france on synagogues, a mosque. , or was an antigovernment conservatives say he spoke out in opposition to the french , described as open immigration. we do not know much more than that. we are waiting to find more details, although they have released a video of this catch
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-- cache. anchor: we are talking about a frenchman that was planning to attack france. why was he picked up in ukraine? >> services say he arrived here back in december. ukraine is at war at the moment. there is a major conflict in the east. he is fairly volunteered to be involved with that. exactly what he is planning on doing, this is not clear. he obtained the services allowed him to obtain these weapons. the reason why, if he did go to ukraine, they thought it would be easier. this is a country which has a good deal of armaments at the moment. his ability to get that many are that much does seem to be quite remarkable. obviously if this is true, ukraine is a place where you can get large amounts of weapons if you want to.
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anchor: moving out to peru where it is steel to plastic called for a presidential election. after hours of counting, the president has a very narrow 1% lead over his rival. she is the daughter of the former dictator. she is hoping to become peru's first female leader. i am joined by maria. she is an analyst at the eurasia group. the you for being here on france 24. what is the main difference between these two candidates? >> they have broad similarities, economic investment, policing proposals. also the main difference has been on the issue of, from pablo kochanski's point of view, the ofinistration and the links
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recent corruption that have surrounded her closest colleagues. and in the case of the other, she has tried to portray kochanski as the elite, the dictator of the businesses. but in terms of economic and they have policies, more similarities rather than differences. anchor: you mentioned keiko fujimori, how do you explain her popularity? she is not just the daughter of a dictator, he was convicted of crimes against humanity. what is behind her support? thehe is the daughter of former brazilian dictator. he is in jail because of human rights attacks during his administration. he is still very popular among a segment of the electorate. i will say the popularity keiko
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has is because of the popularity her father still has, and also because of her own support, despite that he is in jail. he remains seen by a segment of the population, or his government remains seen as a success because of the economic recovery after years of the 1980's. and the fight against the shining relapse. againsts able to fight the shining, but take out -- but keiko will be able to fight crime, arising issue for this sector of of the electorate. anchor: we are still waiting for a definitive vote. are you worried about the popularity -- do you see results? >> it is extremely close.
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polls as leading the week before the election with a margin of four points and eight points. this will close between -- it by and the market feels very close. ify can become even narrow the boat does arrive for keiko. it is quite difficult for a reversal of the trend at this point. anchor: thank you very much. >> thank you. anchor: from the woman who is hoping to become the first female president of peru to the woman who is poised to become the first female mayor of rome, she is anti-establishment and anti-europe. she is expected to take office after local election results in italy where she did a major upset to the mainstream parties. she is the leader of the
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five-star party, headed by a comedian. reporter: virginia reggie was relatively unknown to people in the italian capital months ago. but a high-powered political campaign made this 37-year-old a permanent presence on the streets. now the candidate for the anti-establishment fight star party stands a good chance of becoming rome's first female mayor. one of her first things is to tackle corruption. this was set up after the whiche cowls scandal, politicians led to gangsters with rigged public contracts. this is an absolute disaster, and every politician has contributed to this situation. she was to upper that open up the bidding process, and the
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public is fed up with conventional politics and privileged. >> i am disgusted by how much fuel he has. i between 20000 and 25,000 euros a year. reporter: she talked of banning credit cards among city counselors as well as vowing to invest in rome's crumpling infrastructure. voters returned to the ballot box for a second round on june 19. anchor: the pound has plunged against the dollar after this service shows rising support for that u.k. leaving the european union. britain will vote in the in or out referendum on june 23. 48% of the voters are currently in favor of leaving the eu with 43% preferring to stay in. there is 43% with the invoke at
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41% -- bad weather is being blamed for train crashes in eastern belgium. three people were killed and nine others are still in the hospital after a passenger train land into a freight train. the king of belgium and the prime minister had been visiting the scene. as the morning fog subsides, the extent of the damage is made all the more clear. to train cars turned on their side after a late-night crash in belgium. >> i heard a big boom like a truck coming off the road. i came to see what was going on, and i saw lots of ambulances and firemen. reporter: the passenger train was traveling eastbound at about 55 miles per hour when it slammed into a freight train. it took rescuers three hours to free everybody from the wreckage. >> our priority is to support the victims families.
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a lot of them are students heading back to school and university in liege. reporter: prosecutors are investigating the cause of the accident. it appears the track was struck by lightning one day earlier. questions remain over where the passenger train was whether it could break before the crash. it remains eight years to the day since the strangely similar accident in 2008 of a commuter train colliding with a freight train on the same line, injuring all of the 50 passengers on board. anchor: to syria now and the efforts to retake the city of raqqa. there are two assaults on two fronts. the u.s. back to kurdish ministers are advancing from mom be should, with -- from mambish, cutting off the supply lines. eight groups are warning that tens of thousands on of
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civilians are trapped. regimeorter: syrian forces are advancing. the islamic state de facto capital of raqqa. -- positions port in the northern province. they were backed by russian air raids. >> the operation aiming to retake this passage began saturday. we have seized the strategic positions. that includes the main road leading to rack up -- rocca. route is this strategic because it leads to turkey. extra fighters, supplies, and food. at the other end of the road, the turkish border. the islamic state is being attacked, but here by u.s. forces. most of them are kurdish. from the
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said they are crossing into the outskirts of the city. the u.n. says at least 20,000 civilians have been displaced due to battles over the raqqa area. anchor: the government in georgia is calling it a terrorist attack. -- socialists were attacked four specialists were attacked. placeer: the attack took in this building. an intelligence office in the palestinian refugee camp, home to 70,000 people. so far, the investigation has uncovered the existence of at least one gunman who shot at officers using an automatic weapon. outside the building, the 30 forces are on alert. the road is blocked off. a former lawmaker visited the scene. following these attacks, we
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must re-examine the measures we have taken against terrorist organizations. we must be more firm and more effective. suggestknow these group -- exist in georgia. -- jordan. reporter: no one has claimed responsibility. security --eat up beefed up security. plan to have on stopped attacks ever seven militants were killed during the same attack. jordan is on the state frontlines against of the islamic state. anchor: talks between china and the u.s., take placing in beijing. it puts together both sides on a range of issues like climate change and finance. already, these a bit overshadowed by growing
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concessions with china's claims to the south tennessee. -- china sea. reporter: these talks are meant to bring the two sides closer together. it is hard to see how they can beijing's disk you did claim to the south china sea driving waves during the two. manual talks between the biggest economic powerhouses, china called for more trust. >> the pacific should not be a stage for competition. become an interest between china and the u.s. and the asia-pacific region, make it possible for both countries to keep up communication. cooperate more and relate to challenges. dispute: the maritime has pushed relations between china and its neighbors to breaking point. speaking alongside the chinese president, the u.s. secretary of
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state john kerry called for a diplomatic solution to the crisis. john kerry: really position we have taken is, let's not resolve this by unilateral action. let's resolve this through rule of law, through diplomacy, through negotiation. reporter: the strategic and economic dialogue is one of the most important meetings between the two countries. both china and the u.s. also called for cooperation with things like climate change and finance. this could prove far more difficult to find common ground. on the south china sea. anchor: the french prime minister has announced emergency funding for flood victims. unusually heavy rain has wreaked havoc in paris and across the country. the seine has burst its banks for the first time in decades.
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the funds will be managed by the prefectures. by each department in conjunction with the local community centers. in order to meet the most urgent needs. as people were of lost everything and cannot return to their homes, and who need the support. so we have made several million euros available as part of our emergency funding. anchor: let's get an update for you on the topics of news. kate is here in the studio. comment from the federal reserve on the state of the american economy. thannet yellen more upbeat investors might have expected after the labor market added fewer jobs than expected. the federal reserve chief said despite these disappointing situation, it is quite a bit of.
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for theined main risks economy, productivity, inflation, and oversee roots. routes. as brexit would have significant economic repercussions and back away from any timeline when the u.s. central bank could be ready to raise interest rates. she said it would be in the coming months. she was more cautious this monday. janet yellen: the economy recently has been affected by a mix of countervailing forces. i see good reasons to expect the positive forces supporting growth and inflation will continue to outweigh the negative ones. it is a result i expect the economic expansion to continue with marked improvement and tp growing markedly. -- gdp growing markedly.
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45 points,ded about and the s&p 500 above the 100 level. energy stocks rising 1.5% with major industries all up between half and 0.75%. the footsie also leading gains. one percentage point. the dax and others a bit more cautious. mining stocks were good. theaw foot -- 6% gains on session. and he was secretary jack lew has urged beijing to cut back production of steel and aluminum saying they are distorting global markets and could have a corrosive effect on the chinese economy. there are talks in beijing. the business climate in china is not conducive to foreign companies, underscoring growing international concerns about the
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tech sector. reporter: how business friendly is china? the u.s. treasury secretary made his opinion quite clear at an annual meeting between representatives of the two countries. >> as we have seen concerns about the business climate in china have risen, candidly foreign businesses wonder if they are welcome and find china's rig a jury environment harder and heart -- regulatory environment harder and harder to navigate. reporter: there is a rise in protectionism. a survey by the american chamber of commerce shows 77% of members feel less welcome in china, citing in particular unclear laws and consistent -- inconsistent interpretation. technology companies are particularly affected. they are faced with regulation proposals that would among other things worse than to store data on chinese soil and assist a court authorities with
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encryption. the problem.g the u.s. is accusing overproduction. chinese officials explaining matter is out of their hands. longer a century planned economy. we cannot instruct the businesses to do something. fact,ly, as a matter of 50% of steel firms are private enterprises. reporter: beijing has vowed to cut production nonetheless, but this would be complicated as it could cost 500,000 jobs. one of the obstacles president xi jinping's to further open the chinese economy to the world. kate: most of the oil refineries in france are getting back to work. four out of the five sites devoted to end their strikes, but it will take several days
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for production to good up to full speed. total has many refineries. saudi arabia has finalized the economic reform plan designed to wean the country off of oil revenues. they will approve the national transformation plan. details could be announced later. they will include tax rises and efforts to push private investment. burberry executive of has seen his paycheck cut 75%. the luxury brand struggled to compete. they make 2.4 billion euros for 2016 has appeared to 9.5 billion the year before. burberry showed they did not get a bonus after disappointing results with burberry shares.
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here in france, football fans are arriving ahead of the start of the euro 2016 on friday. millions will watch the matches from his ashley created fan zones across the country -- especially created fan zones. tourist numbers have fallen in the past year. private homeowners are making the most of the chance to make extra cash. euro 2016 has not even kicked off, but there are already some big winners. so here you go, here is the room i am renting out to supporters during the competition. in centralis bedroom france is available for 45 euros a night. that price has doubled. >> be announced when the matches will be played, the room was taken for all of the games. reporter: homeowners and of the only ones cashing in. hotels across the country have raised their rates. on average, prices are up 100%
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in lille and bordeaux. this hotel is in a prime location, hotel walking distance. euros.ually goes for 99 it is now 120 euros. the price is justified due to high demand annexed or services they are offering. -- and extra services they are offering. >> we are offering check out. so they can make the most of the hotel instead of having to leave in midday, they can leave at 3:00 in the afternoon. online, prices are even higher. this hotel in lille is up 140%. this one near the stade de france is up higher than that. many hotels say they are already fully booked for the duration of the european championships.
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kate: until that competition kicks off, goldman sachs has already picked a winner. the bank has said the number crunchers on the euro 2016, analyzing the past and current teams. it has a prediction. france comes out on top with a 33% probability. home advantage could make a difference over germany, spain, and england in that order. twoil 12 years ago -- won years ago. analyzing groups have but france at the win. 3-1 from one place. anchor: it would be a welcome boost to french morel. . morale time for a short break. ♪ úgú
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♪ >> f from new yorkrk, this is "d"democracy now!"!" >> i am going g to forget the years of raping and lynching and forget my people and i i'm going to look at peoeople who are tryg toto do right anand do not s sem trying to kill me? i am not that big of a fool. >> mohammed ali has died at the age of 74. he was one of the most iconic figures of the


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