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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 10, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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welcome to the france 24 newsroom. football gets underway here in protests and security concerns. the deadliest end goal bombing and warns tourists to stay away from turkey. he is with her.
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barack obama endorses hillary clinton as democratic nominee for commander-in-chief. come, more details on our business update with stephen in live from paris. the euro 2016 kicks off in france. fans are pouring in to watch the tournament. in the capital, things are a bit messy. a trash strike comes in the midst of an ongoing traffic
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strike. >> the government will make use of any means available. criminall be proceedings and we respect the right to vote, but there will be zero toleration for things that will affect the football. >> there appears to be some movement and cleaning up the streets. trash collectors have picked up days of garbage. the mayor promises things will return to normal soon. >> traffic -- trash is being collected. yesterday was picked up. going back to a normal situation will take a few days. >> the games officially open this evening with the first
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match between france and romania. are hard for --. >> a country holds its breath. -- thursday on the they had their last training session. theof the best players on planet. the adrenaline is building up and expectations are high. it andmaking the most of we know how important the matches. >> the public has rallied behind the players. hundreds of fans arrived at their hotel on thursday. it is all or nothing in the
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opening game against romania. >> we have to start this match with a desire to win, with determination, generosity. we must keep our focus. >> history has shown when the french organize a football tournament, they tend to win. it is up to these players to prove they can carry on the tradition. >> i am joined by elliott richardson. they are getting in their last training. expectations are quite high. >> you have some of the finest .layers they will be expected to make the final on the tentative in july.
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you have fantastic players. dimitri, who is a phenomenal player. anthony of manchester united,-- to has been playing for munich. -- has won the premier league sister -- withmy leicester. >> who could we see spoil the party? >> they have been been at home by england in a recent friendly. i am not sure they are as well
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equipped. spain is the potential dark horse. think france and spain, it will be between one of those two teams. there are potential dark courses. england, a lot of pace and power up front. o could inspire portugal. it will be fun, a lot of twists and turns. >> the israeli military says the
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west bank will be closed until the end of the jewish holiday due to concerns. it follows a palestinian shooting attack that left four people dead in tel aviv. the united nations top human rights officials has reacted, saying it may amount to collective punishment. claimednt group has responsibility for a car bombing attack that killed 11 people. tuesday's blast was just the beginning of a war. online warnedsted turkey was no longer safe. freedom falcons is considered an offshoot of the pkk and has carried out attacks in the past. moving to the united states, a
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good week for hillary clinton after becoming the first woman to top the presidential ticket for a major u.s. party. she has been endorsed by the man she is trying to replace. clintonbama backed after meeting with her rival, bernie sanders. appear onobama will the campaign trail next week. pres. obama: i cannot wait to campaign for hillary. >> after a long and bitter primary season, president obama threw his weight behind hillary clinton. the video released by -- i know howgn, hard this job can be. i don't think there has been anyone so qualified to hold this office. -- resident obama
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he showed signs he would rally behind clinton once she is anointed to the nominee. >> we will see how we can work together to defeat donald trump and create a government that represents all of us. >> it could be crucial to supporters. theld trump met with chairman of the republican national committee. >> another push for hillary clinton. elizabeth warren has endorsed
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her white house bid. she is a strong critic of wall street and of donald trump. in thisready to get fight and work for hillary clinton to become the next president of the united states and make sure donald trump never gets any place close to the white house. united states,he the first of two memorials for muhammad ali were held in his hometown. interfaith service will be held later today. inhis shadow looms louisville, kentucky. on thursday, thousands attended a prayer service for muhammad ali. he converted at the age of 22
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and was remembered for his religious and political activism and his prowess in the ring. >> he means a lot to us. he is one figure who has been able to stay above that. >> i came to pay respects to a great man. he changed the world for the better. my last fightbe tonight. >> he died last week at the age of 74. the funeral procession as planned friday, followed by an interfaith service. will bid a final farewell to the man they will remember as the greatest. in exactly two weeks time,
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the eu will know whether the u.k. will be in or out of the union. the referendum over britain's membership is set for the 23rd of june. the debate was tense, with both sides accusing the other of misleading the public. , team out.ide two weeks ahead of the referendum over the eu membership, polls are tight. isnson said europe's economy dragging britain down. >> it is abominable. in greece, we are paying huge sums of money into it.
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the eu cost the u.k. 350 million pounds per week. says the claim is a lie. statistics -- was just asation intense over immigration. >> i am the defendant of turks and very proud of it. there has to be democratic consent for the scale we are seeing. >> he said leaving the eu will not stop the migrant flow. >> the prospect of a future, perhaps a prime minister with freedom to rip up worker's writes. johnson, against
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accused of campaigning for his own interest, replacing david cameron as prime minister. >> football gets underway here in france. protests and security concerns march over the event. a bombinggroup claims and warns tourists to stay away from turkey. barack obama endorses hillary clinton as the democratic nominee for commander in chief. time for a business update. i am joined by stephen carroll. we are focusing on the 2016 euro. it begins this evening. will there be any boost or help
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for the french economy? >> more than one million fans are coming to france. a study carried out estimates hosting the tournament is worth more than one billion euros to the french economy. there are major cost involved. on the face of it, no matter what happens on the pitch of euro 2016. study, around two point 8 billion euros will be spent on competition, including money spent on foreign service desk foreign visitors. the work of organizing the tournament has led to the creation of around 25,000 jobs.
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that means more tax revenue. the governor's to -- the governor -- the government stands to make 800 million euros. not so simple. the money was not magically created by the tournament. some economists point out the money spent by those living in france would have been spent even if there had not been a tournament. 2016 -- the competition is expected to deliver an economic boost. a tidy sum. one that represents a tiny percentage of the french economy. football stands to walk away with 200 million euros in profits. it will not have to pay any tax on the money it makes in france. what is happening
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in the markets. it is a rough day. atding sharply down lunchtime. .nvestors nervous precarious market conditions. investors seem to be pouring their money into government bonds. yields plummet. the oil markets are looking more optimistic. we are seeing a continuous winning streak. the price of oil is down today. it is on track for gains of 4% for the week. the increase is down to a few factors, including falling american inventories and supplies in nigeria and canada.
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awards recognize the role business leaders play and creating jobs and boosting economic growth. winners from 49 countries have gathered in monaco to compete. we are joined by the national winner from india. thank you for joining us. your company has seen growth since you took over. it is the ninth largest pharmaceutical company in the world. what is the secret to your success? >> it is a pleasure to be here. the secret to success was business.ion of our over the last seven to eight
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years, it has paid off well for the organization. significant portfolio. it is a growth in the u.s. market that has led global growth, followed by india, which has been a very strong region for us. in india atto grow 15 to 20%. we have done that for the last eight to 10 years. been through an ournsion of our footprint, sales force, our reach into the different regions within india, as well as expansion of our portfolio and partnership with key players around the globe to
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commercialize their products in india. >> if i can ask about the business environment, prime has been trying to make it easier to do business. are you backing the policies he is putting in place? >> he is making the business to be more investment friendly. we have seen a number of changes from the standpoint of a partnership. they have become much easier to implement, to make investments outside of india. another regulatory approval is required. that is simplified a bit. it helps us grow. partl expansion is a big of our growth plans. we have seen some improvement in
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the business environment as it relates to us. thank you for speaking to us. that is all of the business news for now. >> thank you. it is time for our press review. i am joined by nick. off withing to start the french press and a coverage on the euro 2016, which gets underway today. headline here, cheering french supporters at the eiffel tower, let's party. a change in mood compared to what we have seen the last few weeks in terms of protest, industrial action, the union, students. relax, time to
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have a breather from all of this social tension. reflective mood is in the catholic daily, leaving that life in france over the next month will be to the beat of the rhythm of the french expectations high because of the favorites in this tournament. >> one paper saying with all of unions are out to spoil the fun. >> they are pointing the finger at one union, this egt -- the cgt. the cgthes on between and the government. it lists all kinds of areas and sectors where strikes are taking place. not for, all-out strikes, but areas that are affected. the paper there is saying
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as the tournament begins, could sense his support may be waning. " him as saying he wants to see the euro go ahead as a great festival of the people, the stadiums, the fans. the editorial slams him and the whole protest movement, saying the situation has turned france into a mess, along with a terror threat. this tournament, as it opens, is for the image of france. the match to win is to throw the socialist government out of 2017 andxt year in clamp down on union power. >> what we are seeing with the recent event, the question of france's and that jen how it is being perceived.
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we have piles of trash on many of the capital city street. to the french edition of the huffington post. with two photos, one of them showing a paris railway station. the other photo showing piles of rubbish. that paper listing the areas that are hit in terms of industrial action. a partial train strike, and action by air france. i come out of my flat, my street is already full of rubbish because the bags are not being taken away. let's look at one of the papers online that talks about french news. the rubbish strike in paris could go on five more days. workers arend the pushing their rights, saying we
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are taking advantage of this time, but we want to defend our positions in terms of getting the things we want. let's go to one of the cartoons in the french press. if we have a closer look, it is a footie match. minister, andime the small bloke with the football. is marked, the employment reform bill the government is pushing. a lot of the negotiations are specific to certain sections. unions are mad about reforming employment legislation. if you look at the cartoon, it is trying to score a goal. the union leader is blocking the
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goal. that kind of sums things up. >> it is not all doom and gloom. france has a strong chance of winning. chances, -- tohe be the real star of the tournament in terms of stamping his label on the event. they are favorites for many people. at --side pages looks could they repeat the triumphs of 1998? he has a duty to make people smile and a country where there are so many tensions. >> thank you for that. for more, you can head to our website. >> we are going to take a quick
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break. the news continues. you're watching "france 24."
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[applause] thank you. thank you very much, and good evening to every body. thank you so much for coming out tonight. to o the musliml legal fund for inviting me here and for the outstanding work they do. i'm asas genenuine as i can be n i say everyryone in those two organizations is extxtremely impressive, even insnspiring toe because of the


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