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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  June 13, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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live from our studios here in tokyo this is nhk "newsline." i'm james tengan. deadliest in u.s. histra. 50 people were killed in a mass shooting. the fbi says the gunman pledged his liegeance to islamic state
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group. restoring local pride. focussed on repairing a symbol of the city. it's being called the deadliest in u.s. history. 50 people were killed in a mass shooting in orlando, florida. mourners gathered sunday night at a church near the sight. rainbow gay pride colors were on display. a survivor of the attack described his ordeal. >> i'm still shaken. i've been dealing with the
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situation last night. >> the shooting started in the early hours of sunday morning. a witness said hearing multiple shots ring out. the fbi identified the shooter as 19-year-old omar mateen. according to investigators he worked for a private security company and had a firearms license. they found out he purchased an automatic rifle and handgun a few days before the incident. he pledged his allegiance to the leader of islamic state group. his former wife told reporters he was abusive. >> a few months after we were married i saw his instability
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and he would get mad out of nowhere. after a few months he started abusing me physically very often. >> president obama condemned the shooting. >> we are united in grief and outrage and dissolve to defend our people. >> obama reiterated the shooting is a further reminder of how easy it is for americans to acquire firearms. members of muslim organization held a news conference to denounce the massacre. >> it violates our principles as americans and as muslims. let me be clear. we have no tolerance of extremism of any kind. world leaders condemned the shooting.
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one of the first to express solidarity with the u.s. was president of france. french president francois hollande tweeted a message of support for american people saying he condemned the shooting saying it was a heinous act. the suspect's parents are reportedly from afghanistan. the country's president also denounced the rampage. he said nothing can justify the killing of civilians. japanese prime minister shinzo abe pledged to keep up the fight against terrorists. >> translator: japan will continue working with the united states and the international community to eradicate terrorism. >> chinese president sent a message of condolence to the white house and expressed deep sympathy to the american people. researchers have released a
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gloomy outlook. they say the biggest nuclear powers are slow to reduce stockpiles and are modernizing their capabilities. nhk world reports. >> reporter: researchers issue their annual report. data suggests the overall number of nuclear weapons in the world continues to decline. but it also suggests that none of the nuclear weapon-possessing states are prepared to give up their nuclear arsenals. sipri estimates nine countries including china, india, and north korea together held 50,935 nuclear weapons as of january. that's about 450 fewer than the clear before. the report says the decrease is due mainly to the u.s. and russia. they account for more than 90%
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of all nuclear weapons. the pace of the reductions remain slow, and they have extensive nuclear modernization programs under way. last month u.s. president barack obama spoke about his determination for nuclear disarmament on a visit to hiroshima. >> but among those nations like my own that hold nuclear stockpiles we must have the courage to escape the logic of fear and pursue a world without them. we may not realize this goal in my lifetime, but persistent effort can roll back the possibility of catastrophe. >> but newly declassified defense department documents are in stark contrast to obama's pledge. they show the number of nuclear weapons eliminateded under his administratition is at the lowe level since ththe end of the co war. and some estimates suggest the country's modernization program could cost up to $1 trillion over the next 30 years.
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the report also says north korea may have built up to ten nuclear warheads. the international atomic energy agency said last week that it has indications pyongyang reactivated a plan to reprocess spent fuel. sipri i says all nuclear weapon-possessing states continue to prioritize nuclear deterrence as the cornerstone of security strategies. hiroshi nakajima, nhk world. the latest figures out of china point to uncertainty on the economy. gene otani brings us details. >> retail sales in china are growing at a slow pace. retail sales up 10% from may last year. the number is down 0.1
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percentage point and weakest growth since april last year. slumping sales of apparel and home electronics are leading the decline. the bureau released may figures for industrial output up 6% year on year unchanged from the previous month. government backed investment helped the railway and aviation sectors but growth in capital investment continue to slow. consumers are worrying about jobs. business sentiment was in negative territory for the second straight quarter in the april to june period. surveyed 16,000 companies represents difference between respondents who view business as getting better.
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the latest figure is minus 7.9. among them manufacturers had index of negative 11.1 due to strong yen and temporary production halts. for non-manufacturers the figure was minus 6.3. concerned about the effects of negative interest rate policy on earnings but there might be positive news. the outlook for july to september is plus 5.8 for large firms across all industries. checking the markets share prices in tokyo tumble as investors worry whether the british public will choose to stay in the eu. our business reporter filed this report from the tokyo stock exchange. it has been a miserable monday here.
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closing at 16 o,0116,019. investors are turning to the yen. the dollar went below the level. the euro and british pound dropped to the lowest levels in about three years. looking at individual stocks the stronger yen pumabled d share sumco ended lower. the energy sector to falling oil prices. finished 5.7% lower. showa shell and jaks holdings fell. one bright spot was tokyo dome, operator of baseball stadium. the companies revised upwarard t profit now predicting 23% year on year increase.
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with high level of uncertainty in the market we may see risk adverse attitude continue for a little while. >> the issue struck investors. lower oil prices were another factor. kospi slipped hitting a two-week low as we see there. singapore down by 1.3%. the shanghai closing at 2,833. it posted the biggest one day fall in more than three months on weak economic figures. the latest data showed fixed asset investment groups lower than expected during january to may period. hong kong's index declining by 2.5%. 20,512 at the close sinking to the lowest level in almost two weeks.
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here is a look at some other stories we are following. the hehead o of japan's largest busisiness federation expresss concerern about a possible brex. a british departure, he says, could hurt competitive nature. more than $9 billion invested in the uk but the rise in response is an overreaction and noted nothing has been decided. thousands of companies from south and southeast asia are gathering at an expo promoting china trade and investment in their countries. china is hosting the six-day trade fair. the chinese government has its eye on the region as an important hub for one belt, one road initiative. that aims to improve l land and sea links between asia and europe. a private sector survey suggests more than half of
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college seniors in japan have job offers. the firm recruruit career polle 1,200 students who will graduate next month. job interviews were in full swing. 52% of respondents said they have firm job offers up 18 percentage points from the same survey. the japan b business federation set new guidelines allowing companies to start interviewing earlier. let's take a look at our business calendar for the week. on wednesday japan's national tourism organization posts latest head count. arrival numbers in april set a record for a single month. central banks in japan and united states hold policy meetings. slow recovery of global economy will be focus of the discussion. the weekends with china's new home prices for may. officials survey prices in 70 major cities. every monday we ask
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specialists to share their perspective on the week. we hear from former bank of japan board member. he expects no action this month from the boj. he says policy makers are still studying the effects of the negative interest rate introduced in february. >> if the bank of japan place as first priority on the achievement of the 2% inflation target in fiscal year 2017 then the bank may move any time. but i don't foresee action this month. first of all, any easing is likely to center on negative interest rates. since introduction of negative interest rates as sort of manifestation of limits to pursue quantitative easing at
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the current pace. however, effects of negative interest rates so far have been rather uncertain at the best. one more reason why the bank may wait for any action this month, related to referendum in the uk regarding exit from the eu. the bank of japan may move in july because july is the month when the bank reviews its economic outlook. if they revise the outlook downwards then the bank may use negative interest rates again. >> that's it for business news. i'll leave you with the markets. ♪
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even as the world is more digital, time pieces have a following. how master watch makers in japan are keeping the craft alive. >> reporter: mechanical watches are made with tiny parts. with proper care they keep running. >> translator: when i find a watch that was made when i was born, i cannot resist buying it knowing it has been ticking for more than 50 years. >> keeping them in tiptop shape is harder. the main reason is a lack of spare parts. >> translator: it's a shame, but i have to turn down the order if
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i'm unable to secure just one part. >> reporter: the shortage began with consolidation in swiss parts industry. largest parts manufacture, and it used to supply them around the world. the watch bought it over a decade ago and it would stop supplying to third parties. now, craftsman are taking matters into their own hands and creting custom made parts. one such master -- >> translator: i'm checking to see if the part that i just made will fit into the watch. >> reporter: his tools include a microscope and his fingers. he can shave or scrape metal rod to 0.001 millimeter.
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this is a gear to replace one that is broken. it is even smaller than a grain of rice. he needed 30 minutes to create it. >> translalator: many people as me to repair watches they receive from their fathers, mothers or grandparents so i feel like i have to do everything i can to create new parts and get the job done. >> reporter: there used to b be many crafts men like him in japan. once sports watches became popular in the '70s their numbers fell. he is trying to pass skills to future generations. late last year three people were named master watch makers, first time anyone was certified in over 30 years. yamata's wish is for numbers t
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top 100 over the next two decades. >> translator: watches that are 100 or 150 years old can be repaired with ththe right tetechniques. . i want to help keep the techniques alive and pass them down to future generations. >> reporter: mechanical watches may seem like a thing of the past but dedicated watch makers are working to keep the finally crafted time pieces ticking. nhk world. two men found missing for two days were found unharmed. rescuers found 81-year-old man on monday morning. he went into the woods over the weekend to pick bamboo chutes. when he was found he had no
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serious injuries and could walk on his own. >> translator: i went the wrong way after entering the woods and was wandering. i survived on water from a stream. >> 75-year-old man was found later the same day. he had been in the same area searching for edible shoots. searchers said he looked slightly weak but not injured. four people have recently been killed in the northern mountains in suspected bear attacks. an expert says human remains were found inside a bear shot recently in the area. for over four centuries the walls of a hill top fortress have endured flames, gun fire and political intrigue. now they are under siege by nature. earthquakes in april have caused severe damage. our next story looks at efforts
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to bring the castle back to its former glory. >> reporter: tiles tumbled from the roof of the castle tower, and the stone calls supporting this cultural treasure collapsed in 53 places. experts say it will take decades to repair. the rerestoration team isn't simply rebuilding walls. th have to r reproduce materials and construction methods dating back 400 years. >> translator: i think it's important to consider how to return the castle to its original state as it's both one of japan's treasures and a point of local pride. >> reporter: komine castle in fukushima prefecture may offer some lessons. it was damaged in the 2011 earthquake. the stone walls crumbled in ten places. five years later, repair work still hasn't been completed. every stone e has had to be numbered.
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>> translator: these are the records for each of the stones that fell. >> reporter: city officials checked each of the 7,000 stones for cracks. then they studied photographs taken before the earthquake. this helped them plot the position of each missing stone. the heaviest ones weigh about one ton. putting them back in place is slow, painstaking work. >> translator: move it a little more this way. >> reporter: the officials say it will take another three years and more than $46 million to finish restoring the castle. >> translator: i i think that i the restoration work is historically faithful, we can continue to be proud of the castle. >> reporter:r: but t the restotn team in kumamoto faces even bigger challenges.
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they have five times as many breaches in the walls to fix, and some of the buildings are at risk of collapse. these will have to be moved before working on the foundations. one expert adving the wowork says there is another problem -- the ground itself. >> translator: the ground beneath the castle is no longer stable, and this must be taken ininto careful consideration wh repairing the walls. otherwise, the entire thing could collapse in a future earthquake. >> reporter: the kumamoto disastster creatated much hards for people in the area. but the city is working to restore people's hope and local pride one stone at a time. tokyo started off the week on a wet note.
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sayaka mori has more in this hour's weather outlook. >> it's been raining all day today. rain will likely continue into the evening hours and winds will continue to effect the tokyo area. some areas had about 100 millimeters of rainfall about 50% of the monthly rainfall for june. that is quite a lot and more rain is expected for the next several hours. we are in the rainy season. the rainy season started in okinawa last month and spread to western japan and central japan and then today the rainy season has started. that was a day earlier than average. the islands don't have the rainy season so most of japan is actually under r rainy season righnonow. now, the heavy rainfall will likely move away from thee toky area by tonight so we are looking at sun coming out as we go into tomorrow in tokyo.
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the region will continue to see rainfall into tuesday. the rain has been falling in okinawa. more rain is expected into your wednesday. as for tokyo,, sunny weather wih a high of 27 d degrees and rain coming back o on thursday. . rain iss going to be quite heav on thursday. across northeastern china you can see rotating clouds causing very severe weather. we have dramatic video coming out of the city. northeast china hit by a severe storm. the hail storm lasted about ten minutes. as a result the city was covered in ice and water. hail accumulated. no casualties have been reported but the risk of hail and thunderstorms will likely continue across northeastern china. acroross the southern portions china there is a frontal system which caused about 250
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millimeters of rain in 2 24 ho. taiwan had over 500 millimeters of rain sinince saturday. the ground is very, very saturated. more raiain is expectedd for tan and also the south of china for the next three days or so. soso the risk of flooding or landslslides are getting high sr higher day by day. during the weekend across eastern united states saw extremely high temperatures. back behind it cool and dry air is coming in. there is a chance of severe weather in the middle from montana to north of texaxas. wah h out for thunderstorms, gusty winds and tornadoes on your monday. across the west mostly dry but this condition will cause cool conditions and rainy weather back behind. we will see rainy weather and cooler temperatures across vancouver as well as seattle on your monday. only 16 degrees for the high in vancouver and seattle 17 degrees for the high and hot and muggy in houston. 33 degrees expected. oklahoma at 32 degrees.
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excessive heat watches in place for southern arizona and southern california. temperatures expected to be very high from friday into monday in arizona. south of california the highs in the mid to upper 40s in tucson and yuma. temperatures expected to be 48 degrees on sunday. please watch out for heat stroke. that's it for me now. here's your extended forecast.
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watching, we just are looking live and paris with extensive coverage of the orlando shooting. authorities are beginning to release the names of the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history that left 50 people dead, 21 names have so far been made public. we will be live in orlando in just a moment. who exactly was omar mateen? that is a question being asked today. the


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