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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  June 14, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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it's 7:00 p.m. on a tuesday here in japan. i am james tengan in tokyo. welcome to nhk " "newsline." two months have passed since a series of powerful earthquakes rocked southwestern japan but many people still feel they're on shaky ground. >> reporter: collapsed and broken homes, rows of rubble still line a hard-hit neighborhood in kumamoto.
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more than 6,000 people in the prefecture don't have a house to return to. many have been staying in shelters like this one. others have been making do in tents or cars. the mayor of kumamoto city led a moment of silence on tuesday. the earthquakes killed 49 people including four in the city. >> translator: many people are still struggling to rebuild their lives. let's do everything we can so we can get out of this situation as soon as possible. >> reporter: she is still trying to deal with the shock of losing her house. >> translator: it's been two months, but i still feel like crying. >> reporter: like most homeowners here, she says money is the major barrier to rebuilding. she is a dental hygienist and sends money to her daughter in college every month. she says she does not have much
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in savings. >> translator: when i think about having to pay back a housing loan and cover my daughter's tuition at the same time, i worry. i wonder if i can manage. >> reporter: long-term residents are also feeling unsettled. this woman has been an active member of her community for more than 20 years. but she says seeing the damage around her has made her think about leaving. >> translator: i love this town. but the quakes are forcing me to decide whether i should rebuild my home or move and start over someplace else. >> reporter: there are signs of progress. families in one of the worst-hit towns are now moving into temporary housing. japanese lawmakers approved over
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$7 billion for rebuilding around the region. yet, many people are still in limbo, trying not to look back and finding it hard to move on. the governor of tokyo is pleading for more time before the legislators make a decision on his fate. yoichi masuzoe is facing a possible no confidence motion over allegations he misused political funds for private purposes. members of the assembly grilled him on the allegations. some demanding that he step down. >> translator: i want you to give me some more time, but i don't intend to stay on as governor forever. >> masuzoe said he wants legislators to wait until after the olympics finish before making a decision. tokyo will host the lex summer
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games in 2020 and a representative of the city is expected to go to rio for a flag handover. members of the public who attended the hearing didn't hold back. >> translator: i thought the session was a waste of time. there was no progress. >> translator: the only thing i want is for him to resign. i also don't want him to go to rio de janeiro. >> members of the assembly's steering committee are discussing their response including a no-confidence motion. senior officials of the governing liberal democratic party tokyo's branch agreed masuzoe has no choice but to resign. he has been under fire since allegations came to light last month. he is accused of spending political funds on family trips and artworks. tokyo stocks are down. investors took the nikkei below a key level. gene otani brings us the details and other business stories.
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uncertainty is clouding markets and asia is no exception. in tokyo the selling spree has not let up. investors are worried that people in britain could vote next week to exit the european union. recent polls indicate that the majority of people there are in favor of leaving. tokyo's nikkei average closed below the key 16,000 mark for the first time in two months. our business reporter giang nguyen reports from the tokyo stock exchange. >> they fear the vote could help send the european economy into a recession. it had the lowest close in two months. stocks fluct waited in the morning but ended in losses especially among exporters as the yen gained strength in the afternoon. toyota fell 0.6%, and auto parts
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supplier denseo was down 2.8%. takata lost .7% on news it's selling its shares to cover compensation claims related to the faulty air bags. the only sector that advanced was the utilities sub sector. kansai gained more than 1% and osaka gas added more than .5%. we have policy decisions by the u.s. federal reserve and bank of japan coming up in the next couple days. most investors are trying to avoid taking on too much risk. moving on to other markets in the asia-pacific region. in china the shanghai composite gaining by .3% to finish at 2842. some investors expected that the u.s. -- that u.s. index provider msci may add chinese shares to its emerging markets index.
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sydney had the lowest drop. dropping to 5,203. a fall in oil prices dragged down energy and resource-related shares. hong kong flipping by .6% and es cloed at the lowest in three weeks amid worries about the brexit vote. indonesia gaining by .3% snapping its four-day losing streak. japanese finance minister taro aso says he is keeping an eye on how the british referendum on eu membership will affect financial markets. he says the government is ready to take action to prevent the yen from rising. aso spoke to reporters on tuesday after the yen rose to the upper range against the dollar, the highest level the japanese currency has hit in a month, 105.
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>> translator: speculative trading has been recently seen in currency markets, but, as you know, huge fluctuations are not desirable. market stability is extremely important. >> aso says the government will take action if necessary in line with agreements with other members of the group of 7 and the group of 20. executives with major japanese travel agency jtb say data concerning as many as 8 million customers may have been leaked. they say someone from outside the company gained unauthorized access to a computer server where the information was stored. >> translatotor: we'll inform customers about the possible data leak, and we'll take all necessary measures to prevent any damage from spreading. >> the executives say the server
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contained customer names, addresses, passport numbers and telephone numbers.s. they say no one has reported problems resulting from misuse of the data. here are some of the other bubusiness stories we're following. sources say major japanese bank tokyo mitsubishi ufj will not be a prierl dealer of government funds. it's the first japanese financial institution to give up its top dealer status. the move comes as the bank of japan's negative interest rate policy pushes bond yields down. a major credit rating agency has lowered its outlook for japanese government bonds from stable to negative. fitch kept the rating at single a but says a downgrade is possible. the government's move to delay the consumption tax without specifying how it will make up for lost revenue.e. japanese electronics makers
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testing new airport technology as tokyo's gets ready to host the olympics. a face recognition systetem determines whether a person is permitted to enter restricted areas. and when an i.d. card is held over a sensor a jet of air takes in tiny particles that the system analyzes to detect the presence of explosives. people who love ha shimi put a premium on a --- on freshness but freezing fish can destroy flavor and texture. japanese researchers have come up with a new way of keeping fish fresh and tasty. >> reporter: the bonito are running at this port and workers a packing up the catch. these fish are not frozen or cooled with ice cubes. instead they're packed in slurry ice to preserve freshness. that way they retain their
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just-caught quality, no matter where they're shipped. associate professor at the university of technology is an expert on this process. he says the key is finding just the right temperature. the temperature of ice water is 3 degrees celsius, slightly above freezing and slurry ice is one degree below zero. just low enough to keep the fish from decomposing. >> translator: fish start to rot as soon as they die. they must be stored at lower temperatures to keep them from going bad. >> reporter: and the magic ingredient? common salt. when the temperature of water falls below 0 celsius the molecules bind together and the water freezes. salt freezes at minus 21 degrees, so it keeps water molecules from binding together.
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this sorebet-like liquid is the result. the team placed bon neato flil heets in in ice watater and sluy ice to test. they used a heat-detecting camera to observe the difference. the bon eto in ice washington looks purple in the middle, that means it's 5 degrees. the once in slurry ice is deep blue and the temperature is above zero. the fish freeze if the temperatures falls below minus two but the fish kept in slurry ice stays fresh one day longer without being frozen. >> translator: extending the freshness period by 24 hours means the fish delivered one day can still be eaten for dinner the next day. that really expands the marketing possibilities. >> reporter: fresh bon eto
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packed in slurry ice is now reaching diners across the countr this japanese restaurant ordered the fish about 800 kilometers away. it was packed in slurry ice. >> translator: it looks sticky. i can guess how it's going to feel on the tongue. >> translator: it didn't have the fishy smell. very tasty. >> reporter: the chef decided to add the bonito to t the menu. >> translator: i suspected this bonito wououldn't be so good sie it's been shipped from so far away. but it tasted and smelled great. that means it's still fresh.
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>> reporter: magic ice is allowimaking sure everyone can enjoy the flavors of the sea. i'll leave you with the markets. we're learning more about the gunman behind the mass shooting in the u.s. state of florida. president barack obama calls him an example of home-grown extremism. and the fbi says he had expressed solidarity with extremists.
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[ gunfiree ] >> this footage is from the moment omar mateen opened fire inside a gay nightclub. 49 people were killed. 53 were wounded. mateen also died after being shot by police. >> it appears that the shooter was inspired by various extremist information that was disseminated over the internet. >> obama said there is no clear evidence mateen was directed by extremists. he vowed to fight terrorist organizations and counter extremism and reiterated his call for tougher gun control. >> we make it very easy for individuals who are troubled or disturbed or want to engage in violentt acts to get very powerful weapons very quickly. and that's a problem. >> fbi d director james comey sd
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mateen made a 9/11 call from the club and pledged allegiance to the leader of the islamic state militant group. he also mentioned the boston marathon bombers, and he referred to an american suicide bomber in syria. >> we're working hard to understand the killer and his motives and his sources of inspiration. but we are highly confident that this killer was radicalized and at least in some part through the internet. >> comey also revealed details about the two times the fbi questioned the gunman. mateen had admitted to making statements about terrorist organizations but said he was reacting to what he thought was discrimination by a co-worker. comey also defendedd the fbi's decision to remove mateen from a watch list. thousands attended a candle light vigil in orlando to
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remember those killed. many offered silent prayers. all but one of the victims have been identified and their names were read aloud. >> i s stand here prouder todayf our community than ever. we came together to support the families and friends of the victims. >> people gathered in remembrance and prayer in other parts of the world. thousands attended a vigil in london. some carried signs expressing solidarity with the people of orlando. after two minutes of silence, hundreds of balloons were released into the air. people observed a moment of silence in paris. the eiffel tower was lit up in rainbow colors, the traditional symbol of sexual diversity. remembrances were also held in mexico and hong kong. the chief executive of apple devoted part of a speech to the shooooting. tim cookk came out two years a. >> it was senseless.
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unconscionable act of terrorism and hate, aimed at dividing and destroying. >> the white house says president obama plans to visit orlando on thursday to pay his respects. the two candidates vying to replace obama in the white house are seizing on the attack. hillary clinton and donald trump are highlighting the differences in their response to hot-button issues. the democratic frontrunner gave a speech focusing on national security and gun control. >> it's essential that we stop terrorists from getting the tools they need to carry out the attacks. i believe weapons of war have no place on our streets. >> clinton also took a thinly-veiled swipe at donald trump over his immigration policy. >> we should be intensifying contacts in those communities,
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not scapegoating or isolating them. [ applause ] >> the presumptive republican nominee ripped into both obama and clinton. he accused them of being weak on terrorism. >> she says the solution is to ban guns. they tried that in france. 130 people were brutally murdered by islamic terrorists. >> trump said he remains committed to stopping certain people from entering the country. >> i will suspend immigration from areas of the world where there is a proven history of terrorism against the united states, europe, or our allies until we fully understand how to end these threats. >> political observers say terrorism and gun control will be big issues in the presidential election in november. delegates from around the world have marked a 20th anniversary of the adoption of
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the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty for ctbt, but they failed to come up with a plan to put the treaty into effect. representatives from about 70 coununtries including japann men vienna for the talks. the treaty has still not been ratified by eight countries, including the u.s., china and north korea. japan's state minister for foreign affairs touched on u.s. president barack obama's visit last month to the atomic bomb city of hiroshima. >> we would likee to build upon the moment that has been developed to strive toward a world free of nuclear weaponons. the ctbt is a crucial and effective step to achieve this goal. >> we know that a global ban on nuclear explosive testing is good for our country. we are -- >> adding that the u.s.
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government is responsible for convincing members of the public who doubt the treaty is in the interest of national security. not taking part were some of the countries that have not ratified the treaty including north korea and india. an image that has come to symbolize the horrors of atomic weapons has taken on a new meaning. it was taken nearly 71 years og in nagasaki and shows the remains of a burned boy. until now his identity has been a mysty. a warning, some may find the following pictur disturbing. e atomic bombing of nagasaki took place an august 9, 1945, ankilled me than 70,000 people in that year alone. a japanese army cameraman near ground zero took this photograph after the attack. it has been on display inside the nagasaki atomic bomb museum. last year the image was part of an exhibition i in the city. and two sisters who saw it thought t the boy closely
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resembled their older brother sosoeji tanasaki. a forensic expert started looking into it. he compared a photo of 13-year-old soji with the one from the exhibit. he cited similarities in the contours of his face and his eyes and concluded it was likely sho shoji. >> translator: my sister and i recognized our brother. >> the sisters say he was a junior high school student who lived near ground zero. they say a water bottle and an umbrella, both exposed to radiation, are their brother's only remaining belongings. ichiro suzuki is one hit away from unofficially tying the major league record for career hits, with the hits he racked up in japan included. the miami marlins outfielder
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belted three base nok knocks in monday's game against the marlins. ichiro's all-time hits now total 4,255, including 1,278 career hits he accumulated in japan before he joined the major leagues. that's one less than pete rose's mlb record of 4,256. the 42-year-old japanese player is now in his 16th season in the united states. nhk "newsline" comes to you live from tokyo where it's overcast and 75 degrees fahrenheit. >> reporter: with the rain coming in from the south, parts of kyushu will see cooler temperatures. however, for most parts of western japan you'll see hot weather as we go into tomorrow. these are today's highs.
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parts of kyushu had over 32 degrees, that's pretty hot! the northern cantue region had high temperatures. across the south there is a frontal system causing tremendous amounts of heavy rainfall in just eight hours, 169 millimeters of rain fell in nanjo, okinawa. two-thirds of the monthly rainfall for june. more rain is expected. the frontal system will likely move towards the north as we go into the next couple days. parts of the area will be hit by heavy rainfall tomorrow. naha will see one more day of rainy weather tomorrow. 32 degrees. into thursday clear conditions are expected. let's look forward to nice weather. tokyo, 25 degrees with a 30% chance of a rainfall on wednesday and more rain is expected on thursday. temperatures are not too hot. as we go into the weekend,
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32 degrees with partly sunny skies. so it's goioing to be mid-summerlike conditions and rainy on thursday into t the weekekend. across china, heavy rain has caused flooding across the south of china and also tremendous amounts of heavy raiainfall hah been hittingng parts off tataiw. central taiaiwan had over 460 millimeterers of rain since sunday. that's a lot. unfortunately, more rain is expected for the northern areas of taiwan. this is a hilly area so land slides are expecteacroross the area. the frontal system will likely cause rainfall across mainland china. now 350 millimeters of rain could fall, the heaviest since the rainfall red season started several weeks ago. now, as you can see, more rainy weather is expected as we go into friday. tie aipei will see a high of 3434 degrees.
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it will be v very hot and muggy. watch out for heat stroke. to north amamerica. we saw severe weather across central portions of the united states on mondayay. we had about six reports of tornados on monday and hail the size of a baseball or a tennis ball in several places of the central united states. there is a low pressure system and front still located over the mid portions of the united states. more severe weather is expected around iowa as well as missouri on your tuesday. watch out for thunderstorms, largrge hail, damaging winds s well as tornadoes. across the west, due to an incoming pacific system more rarain is expected. rain is expected for the cascades and olympic mountains. there will be late-season snowfall. temperatures will be chilly. vancouver 14 degrees with a chance of thunderstorms on tuesday. let's go to eueurope, then. multiple systems are still
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causing severe weather in places like the u.k., the north of iberian peninsula, germany, the balkan peninsula and more wet weather is expected. temperatures will be in the teens for paris on tuesday. here is the extended forecast.
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there will be more updates for you at the top of the hour on "newsroom tokyo." for all of us here on nhk "newsline," thanks for watching.
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>> i am annette young. welcome to "live from paris." let's take a look at what is making headlines this hour. an act of terrorism, says the french government, after a man claiming allegiance to islamic state brutally murders a french police commander and his partner before being shot by police. no direct link is found between the man who killed 49 people at a gay club in


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