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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 15, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> hello and welcome to this ." i of news on "france 24 am belle lupton. let's get you up-to-date with our headlines. details emerge about monday night posterity i can france. a police officer and his partner worst stabbed to death in front of their three-year-old son by larossi abballa. we will give you the latest. a new development in the investigation into orlando's mass shooting.
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the gunman's wife is now in the spotlight. it appears she was aware of her husband's plans to carry out the attack. and a police locked down as england and russia football fans to send on the french city for their next 2016 -- their next euro 2016 matches. hour, weng up this will be hearing from people in the british enclave and how they are worried about the u.k. voting to leave the european union. princess, the newest disney theme park opens in china. whole new world is causing trouble for the local economy. belle: hello and thanks for
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24." weth us on "france begin in france, where a moment of silence has taken place in memory of a police commander and his partner killed in a terror attack monday night. salvaing was -- was to the guess stabbed to death. his partner, jessica schneider, was taken hostage with their three-year-old son inside the house. she, too, was stabbed to death. the killer was shot to death by larossi abballa or he spent time in prison for recruiting jihadists. catherine norris-trent is outside the interior ministry from where she observed that minute of silence. it was another solemn ceremony. france is getting used to seeing those. is the police.t the forces must be pretty shaken over it.
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yes, that is right. the french interior minister said that france is in morning once again, that once again the police security forces are right in the firing line here. it was a very solemn ceremony at the interior ministry. the minute of silence attended by the minister, -- the interior minister, the prime minister. the minister paid tribute to the couple who was killed in monday night's attack. jean-baptiste salvaing, the police commander, and his partner, jessica schneider. that is a real sense french security forces are feeling the direct threat. they are being allowed now to take home with them their weapons, their arms which they use on duty, allowed to carry them a home -- to carry them
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home as well. police officers are being targeted privately in their own homes, too. they have been on the front lines in france ever since the 2015 attacks in january and in november. , theve had riots, strikes 2016 football turn them in. there is a sense they are being heavily mobilized. . belle: where are we on the investigation into the killer and the events? the investigation is coming in together slowly. bits of information coming out. the french prosecutor on tuesday gave an update. since then, what we have been hearing is from our main french police sources. they are saying that the three people arrested, the associates believed to be of the killer,
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larossi abballa, one of those three people is also linked to the jihadist recruitment network abballa ind larossi jail himself and 2013. we know the ages of those people -- 27, 29, and 44. that is about it. social mediathat is being scoured for updates. the killer himself on monday night posted a video of some of the attack, with the couple who were murdered with their three-year-old son online on facebook live. that has been quickly taken down. french authorities are cooperating to see if there is any more light that can be shown on that. a hit list was left by the killer at the scene. police reportedly found a hitless with other potential targets and the ip's, including
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journalists and sports stars on that list. is being ramped up as the investigation continues. belle: thank you for that. catherine norris-trent in the center of paris. in theevelopment investigation into last weekend's attack on a gay nightclub in orlando, florida. the wife of gunman omar mateen could soon be charged in connection with the shooting. salman knewoor about her husband's plan. 49 people were killed. it is the deadliest mass shooting the u.s. has seen. our correspondent brings us up to date on the investigation. >> omar mateen's wife may have known about his plans. noor salman reportedly told investigators she had been to the nightclub with her husband before, and that she tried to dissuade him from carrying out
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the attack. a person of interest, she was repeatedly questioned since sunday's tragic killings. while she has not been arrested, sources close to the investigation say prosecutors may try to charge her as an accessory to the crime. investigators are trying to determine the motives behind the worst last shooting -- the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. sources say omar mateen regularly frequented the nightclub in an attempt to pick up men. to the barto come in on the weekend sometimes. sometimes he would miss a couple of weeks and then be in again. are trying to verify claims that omar mateen had tried to approach men on gay dating apps. hele his father said that became angry at the site of two men kissing, other menace breast otherwise -- other men expressed
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otherwise. investigators say unraveling omar mateen's past connections will be key to determining the motives for his attack. belgium's antiterrorism authorities have alerted police to a potential an imminent terror threat. in their communique, they say fighters from islamic state the aim of reaching europe to commit attacks in both belgium and in france. the suspects are said to already be in position of the weapons they need. for more on that, let's bring in our correspondent. what more do we know about this suspected attack? reported by the media all day. tabloids are running big on this story about a group of armed men who reportedly left syria last week traveling perhaps through the european countries and amid the refugees perhaps and are
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planning to carry out an atrocity in a number of locations, perhaps an american fast food chain or shopping mall. there were police -- there were three locations mentioned in the letter. the organization that was set up after the madrid bombings to assist terror threat levels in the country -- they have said they received these kinds of messages a lot of the time and they are not going to increase that threat level, which currently relies on three out of four here. it has been for a number of months. that is why there is a strong presence on the street of the capital. also a number of policemen who are very visible and also undercover. when it comes to police, police are being calm, so they have gotten word of this news but
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they are taking it with a pinch of salt. they are concerned and have been told that they may be able to take their weapons at home at night if they are bearing the brunt of what happened on monday night with a policeman and his wife, who lost their lives right in their very own home. people in are brussels and belgium reacting to the increased police presence and the uncertainty? meabh: well, they are getting used to it, quite frankly. this latest report has not changed people's attitudes. people are taking the metro, the tram, the public bus, and speaking to staff and are saying do not be scared, there is absolutely no need. people want to live in peace. many people in belgium, like in football,nt to enjoy the euro cup, and are looking forward to watching a number of games. people might be hesitant to go to a public space to watch those games, but terror experts know
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that belgium is a potential target for a terrorist attack. multiple attacks could be planned across europe, and there is no point in living in fear. -- just last night, hundreds of people gathered downtown here, remembering those who lost their lives, the 49 people who lost the lives the other night in orlando. that event was organized by the rainbow here, an organization for lesbian and gay rights in belgium. the terror threat is something that belgians really have to live with, and that is a message the government has been stressing as well for the last year and a half. a threat that not only
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has, but also the rest of the world. tensions are rising in the north of france. this time football related. scuffles have already broken out between england and russia fans, even though russia risks being thrown out of the tournament if there is any more violence inside a euro 2016 stadium. french authorities are trying to avoid a repeat of the riots in marseille on saturday in which 35 people were seriously injured. our correspondent is ahead of that match, and security has been beefed up around those two matches. of thense to you get tension, or not, at the moment? to be very honest, the atmosphere here is nothing but festive. it is a surprise for everyone. we all expected tensions here coming into the area, but
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nothing so far. we arrived at the train station a couple of hours ago, and really all we saw were fans having a few drinks, chanting, supporting their team. fans, moree a bit of than russian fans. they are all decked out and they are here to have a good time. those we spoke to are saying all we want to do is beat the russians on the pitch to make it in this group, but everyone else is really just having fun, coming here to see the game. that said, as you said, security is still on high alert. we saw a lot of police officers in the city center outside -- as well as outside the stadium. what we have here in the north of france is the possibility of the perfect storm for hooliganism.
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today, russia versus slovakia, and tomorrow, england versus wales, 35 kilometers away. there were already scuffles between england and russia fans. yesterday everyone on high alert deployed a lot of police officers, 4000 here. as well as a next her 1200 to make sure that everything goes smoothly. so far it has really been the case here. thank you very much for that update. with enthusiastic but smiling fans in the background there. now it is one for disney fans. the latest disney theme park is set to open in shanghai. part -- park -- over 100 factories nearby have been closed down to cut pollution. that is in a bid to cut down pollution in that area.
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as will hilderbrandt reports, while the air may be tired year, the local economy certainly is not. as they will's tallest castle was built in shanghai, not far away, 150 factories were forced to shut down. to the were raised ground. all to reduce pollution. all to reduce pollution. some workers are moving to neighboring provinces. many workers are unsure about their futures. definitely will be moving. some people have been working here full-time for more than 10 years. we are going to have to find another job. >> disney has drawn criticism for its own practices. areas had lowney wages and poor working conditions. but supporters of the project say the economic benefits
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outweigh negatives. than 10,000 jobs have been created as a direct result of disney, and more than 130,000 indirectly. >> in the five years since the disney project broke ground, hundreds of homes were demolished to make way for the resort. some residents were happy about the forced move, upgraded at disney's expense to high-rise apartment buildings, disney park s' slogan is "where dreams come true taco but beyond the kingdom true," butreams come beyond the kingdom -- belle: we are starting with the markets. seen, mostlyave connected to fears over potential british exit from the european union, according to the
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latest opinion polls. things are looking a little more optimistic today. up a little over 1% there. one pound is trading for $1.42 compared to three weeks ago, when it was $1.46. belle: on the issue of brexit, it is not just the brits that are concerned about which way the vote will go. stephen: the head of gibraltar says there would be huge changes. concernedidents are about the impact on the local economy. >> gibraltar, a tiny british overseas territory that could soon face a mighty shock. residents and local business leaders are worried about what might happen if the u.k. leaves the european union. gibraltar's low tax regime
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attract investors who see it as a good entry point to the eu single market. leaving could affect things radically. >> how do you change or economic model to go from being able to the 520 million people to sell only to 32,000? these are challenges which are x essential to the current economic model. we would have to completely reposition our economy. ongibraltar's reliance online gaming and shipping services -- thousands of tourists and workers cross the border with spain, which could change a free movement is restricted. unemployment in the nearby spanish border town stands at 40%. most of those who have jobs work on the british side. points to the fact that it would be an economic disaster, and i think more for us than them. they would see the living standards they enjoy now
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diminished, but for us it could mean the loss of loss -- the loss of lots and lots of jobs. economy grew by 10% in the last financial year. a brexit would isolate this territory, which spain ceded to 1913 -- n controversyina and over the exclusion of the country from a list of emerging markets. stephen: it is a bit like not being picked for a team at school. msci for the third year running has declined to include china in its emerging markets list. msci made the decision because onrestrictions china places the stock market. a spokesperson for china's we saw thesays -- shanghai markets finish up
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around 1.5% after that news. some more business headlines for you now. and profits have risen in the first three months of the year. both says are and -- net sales of company stores rose by 12%, while above expectations are u.s. authorities have charged a former ibm employee with stealing tax secrets for the chinese government. the department of justice says he was a developer at a u.s. tax firm which took source codes. 28 american companies have signed a pledge to address gender inequality in the workplace. pepsi, amazon, and delete. -- promised to belle: finally, something proving that even the best laid pr plans sometimes do not go
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right. zuckerberg held a live question-and-answer session with users on tuesday. it was largely to present -- during the ascension -- during the session, he had some more offbeat questions to answer. >> are the allegations true that you are secretly a lizard? >> i am going to have to go with no on that. i am not a lizard, but keep the --h-quality, it's coming in but keep the high-quality comments coming in, please. stephen: there you have it, mark zuckerberg is not a lizard. belle: i wonder what they meant by lizard. i have a sneaking suspicion lizard is not what they mean. i think it is a code for something. stephen: i will check it out.
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belle: stephen carroll, thank you very much. it is time now for our press review. to take a look now at what is grabbing local headlines. flo is here. we are starting with the orlando shooting that happened at a gay nightclub in orlando over the weekend. especially the political response. flo: particularly the response by republican presidential hopeful donald trump. a ban ond his call for muslim migration to the united states. this is a cartoon, "in our time." you can see donald trump fishing for votes and what the paper describes as dirty water. 80 also -- he also implied that president obama have been implicated in the massacre. this made the u.s. president very angry. he responded yesterday. you read about that in the editorial of "the new york
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times." they are describing it as a to ans powerful rebuke increasingly unreasonable and dangerous donald trump. belle: some top republicans have also joined obama in condemning trump. flo: you can see paul ryan in this photo in "the washington post." set off ring has been within the gop, the republican party. this rift highlights tensions between the establishment that wants to be more inclusive and the essentially bulk of the party, which is backing donald trump. comments ares getting attention outside the united states, as well. italian paper.n you can see donald trump talking to police officers who are frisking president obama, if he said we do not trust men of color. the italian paper is also
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focusing on another story getting a lot of coverage in france. this is the attack on a police couple outside paris monday night. an attack that has been claimed by the islamic state group. flo: it has sent shockwaves through police forces here in france. you can see on this front page a police officer laying a flower there. , payingy in france tributes to the two victims today. you can see two photos of the couple. jean-baptiste salvaing, a police commander, and his partner, jessica schneider, 36 years old. they are victims of islamic barbarity. you can see this here on this black background page. they were killed in the name of , the term that french media use to determine the islamic state group.
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again inee it once these photos of the two police officers. they were savagely assassinated because they are police officers. belle: and the spotlight is now turning toward the government -- toward the gunman, larossi abballa. he had been under police surveillance. flo: the government has drawn criticism for being too wax with toward a suspected terrorist. harsher measures are being called for. he was on a terror watchlist that is getting a lot of attention from french media, particularly in the wake of the terror attacks in november. there have been calls to set up special internment camp's for people on the list.
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it is completely inapplicable. you can read it here in le mans. there are about 2000 people on the list, and also locking up -- locking them up would be against the french constitution. with french news, we are going over to the demonstration we have been talking about, this new proposal by the government to reform the labor market. it got a lot of attention first of all in the media outside of france. take a look at this photo on the front page of "the wall street journal." you can see this woman speaking to riot police, a very brave woman. a poster that up says, "everyone hates the labor law." there have been some disagreements about just how many people took to the streets yesterday. a communist paper got a little carried away, saying there were
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1.3 million people in the streets yesterday. it was massive. and on this front page you can describes ad that huge demonstration. the official figures from
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>> this next panel is--it's-- i think it's really important to me because it's so rare to find honesty in the environmental movement. not many p people are willing to confront the reality o of the situation we face. i think that's really understandable because that's a hard reality to face. but it's mymy belief that only by truththfully looking at the situation and moving through the process of grief can we come to a place of action. so with that said, i want toto introduce our panelists. this is guy mcpherson. he's a professosor emerititus from the university of arizona >> [applause] > shortlyly after earning a ,


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