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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 15, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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♪ anchor: thank you for joining us. that is live from paris. our top stories this hour. there is a tribute for police commander jean-baptiste salvaing and his partner, jessica schneider, who was brutally murdered. thousands offense point in northern france for euro 2016 matches. police used tear gas to disperse the crowds, while thousands of russian fans are deported. the class on the river thames,
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as the brexit referendum looms ever closer. defending britain's fishermen. the prime minister winds about out votes -- warnings about out votes. laura: first, french lawmakers have attacked security services for failing to prevent a convicted terrorist on carrying out a brutal double police murder near paris yesterday. police commander jean-baptiste salvaing and his partner, jessica schneider, were slain at their home. their three-year-old child survived. today, there were proposals to build detention centers for known jihadists, a plan that was rejected as being flawed and dangerous. politicians argued, and the police were out to pay tribute to their colleagues. reporter: paying their final
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respects i wednesday morning, they gathered for silence in memory of the two police officers murdered in their home here on monday night. >> for some here, they were friends. feathers,} today, it is also the security forces who are affected. reporter:reporter: in a symbolic gesture, one local embraces a guard. flowers just a few meters from the home of jean-baptiste salvaing and jessica schneider. policeman,nd was a and my children are all members of the police. your homereturning to to be killed there. my children and grandchildren live in and around this town, and you can't help but feel scared and afraid.
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♪ in the interior ministry in paris, government officials led a formal ceremony and condemned the brutal act of terrorism. >> once again, prompted in morning -- france is in morning. once again, for two officers. fallenerior ministry has victim of one criminals barbaric violence, committed in the name of the islamic state group. reporter: grief felt nationwide. from the french capital, to the nearby town where jean-baptiste salvaing worked. tributes will continue on thursday, when a procession organized by colleagues of the victims will take based through the town. been: police year have
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alerted to the possibility that extremists have left syria for france and belgium with a plan to stage attacks. the information is coming from the belgian intelligence services. france says it is treating the information with caution, but france and belgium are already on high alert rolling recent deadly attacks. has toldprime minister unions, enough is enough after yesterday's violent protest in which dozens of people were hurt. the hard-line cgt union has been accused of failing to stop hundreds of writers who ran -- shops ando ransacked attacked a children's hospital. other unionsys -- have been protesting for weeks against the government's labor reforms. alexander all court has more on the violence at the children's hospital now. reporter: in paris's city center, the city children's
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hospital, vandalized by protesters. the medical staff are still shocked by what happened. the psychologist was in a consultation with the building came under attack. >> yesterday was very disturbing. was falling.hail i was with the patient. on the floor there are pieces of torn up concrete, and broken glass. and it was raining down on the police. it was truly frightening. some of them were wounded and fell to the ground. the patients in the waiting rooms were scared that they would not be able to head out. to breathe in the tear gas. most of them were pregnant women. reporter:reporter: the french prime minister the actions of the rioters, and called on the biggest union to maintain better control. organize a large protest, that of course is protected by the police, but
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when you are unable to control -- protest, and there are 67 , and the cgtoters security service loss control, you must assume responsibility. the government certainly has. response, their french president francois hollande has threatened to ban future demonstrations it property and people cannot be safeguarded. laura: benjamin omar is from the cgt union and joins us in the studio. you were watching the report with me. members are people of the rally smashing up windows at the children's hospital, pregnant women inside. is that appropriate behavior for your members? >> no. comes fromf behavior
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extremists, union. the government knows that, of course. very -- asystem of a very strong system in the organization with the trade union to organize the security inside the demonstration. extremism, thef police know them. called trade union alliance union said that the police doesn't have the orders to stop these extremists. this is a problem. laura: you say that the police have colluded with the activists? >> i can say one thing.
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laura: that is quite an allegation. ago, i was in front of a demonstration. extremists with demonstration in front of a demonstration. possible?is be the cgt is not the home ministry. the home ministry has to take care of this, and they didn't do it. and we know why they didn't do it. by your own admission then, you are not in control of what happens at the rally. you have seen what has happened. you know what unprecedented stress the police are under. there is the european threat,
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and terrorists. and you will hold more rallies? these peoplehat will come out and take advantage of the fact of a national dan -- of unrest? the grove is coming. we have to stop the demonstration end the strike. after, we have the euro, we have to stop blackmail with the euro, and blackmail with that terrorist attacks. the labor law is destroying the social model. i have to wait quietly, because i can't strike with my
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organization because of the euro, and other things. this is not my job. my job is to protect the social model. this is my job. security is the job of the government. laura: the government is clear they will not back down. why will you and this -- and this? >> we require the withdrawal of this label. laura: they will not do that. you will continue indefinitely? >> we won't stop demonstrations. laura: is that responsible? >> the behavior of the government is responsible. the majority of the french population does not want these labor laws. majority of the population still support you after they have seen people smashing up children's hospitals? .> you can see organizers they are very clear about that. laura: we will have to leave it
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there, thank you very much for joining us. there's also been more street violence in france. this time, football fans. they are here for the 2016-year-old tournament. , atce were firing tear gas the met -- match between russia and slovakia. police dispersed a group of english fans who were threatening behavior, while minor -- more russian fans have been deported. more trouble is expected when germany plays poland tomorrow here in paris. hundreds of neo-nazis could already be in the country and are preparing to make trouble. our correspondent has this report. reporter: we are in berlin, and the shop that specializes in hooligan clothing. fred and daniel are familiar with the subculture, yet they were still surprised by the violence last sunday. >> attacking unsuspecting football fans in the middle of the city, it is not how
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hooligans normally act. usually, you arrange a time, agree on the rules, and you stick to them. everything has become much more extreme. flags, nothird reich see salutes. the noon -- neo-nazis are easily identified. the police commissioner is a hooliganism specialist. >> these are typically the shoes they wear the east. reporter: the far right hooligans now see it as a platform. it is a phenomenon exacerbated by the rise of nationalism across europe. >> it is really not good that there is a nationalism momentum driving these attacks this desire for riots and violence. is something we are not used to seeing in the top leagues in germany. make --e therefore paying much more attention with borders. we are conducting border
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controls, and the german federal police in particular is now strictly controlling the roads to france. reporter: alledge versus germany, a match seen as high risk, and that according to authorities, could attract between 400 and 500 german hooligans. laura: football violence took on a political edge this wednesday moscow. some into the french ambassador over what it called an anti-russian euro 2016. russia is accusing fans from other countries of provoking their fans. the russian foreign minister made these comments earlier. >> it is inadmissible to behave the way our citizens did, but at the same time, we cannot ignore the absolutely provocative actions of fans from other countries. you have probably seen the outrageous footage on television, where the russian flag is being trampled, where there are insults against the russian government, and insults against leading russian sportsmen are being chanted.
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who else would not want to punch someone in the head? but it is inadmissible to ignore the provocateurs. the wife of the orlando shooter could face charges as early as today. salman knewed noor that her husband was about to carry out the deadliest attack in u.s. history, killing 50 nightclub, six stilling critical condition, and 43 injured. a federal grand jury is convening to figure out whether there was wrongdoing on her part. meanwhile, gun control is already a hot button issue on the presidential campaign trail, is now dominating. both candidates are more vocal than ever. donald trump has renewed his proposal of a ban on muslim integration. hillary clinton, meanwhile, says she wants more action aimed at cracking down on security but
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also she is trying to, assuage fears of gun owning americans. how easy is it to buy a gun in the united states? we have this report. reporter: the shooting at pulse nightclub began in the store like this one. our team wanted to see how easy it was to buy a weapon in the state of florida. >> hello. i was hoping to buy a gun. >> first thing i would need to do is get a picture id from you. reporter: we show a driver's license, fill out a form, wait for the green light from state authorities, and three days later, the pistol is ours. restrictions applied, but for u.s. citizens and permanent residents, obtaining a pistol is relatively simple in florida. shop owner todd says he sees a spike in clients after events. andsually mass shootings then the president talking about gun reform and gun-control, and
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people thinking they will not have access to protection. every time he speaks on gun reform, gun sales go up every time. reporter: this is the kind of gun used most often in mass shootings, and ar-15 semi automatic. >> intelligent people should recognize these things for what they are, and ban all of them. they are military grade weapons essentially,. no man needs to defend his house with a weapon that -- if he thinks he will be attacked by an army, then probably he should seek professional help. reporter: past legislative reform efforts have failed, and they are now more guns than people in the united dates -- states. mass shootings take place almost daily. we asked people if they were in favor of gun control. >> let me think about that for second. arms,r the right to bear
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but when it comes to lunatics, i would like stricter guns -- gun control. >> i would like stricter gun control, but not taking away guns in general. >> i am a gun owner, i hunt and i shoot, and i strongly favor stronger gun control law. since i don't need an automatic weapon, i'm willing to submit a background check. i'm willing not to be a will to buy a gun without those restrictions at a gun show or private sale, which is how people are allowed to buy these guns presently. reporter: many believe the issue will have to be addressed eventually. the question is, how many more deaths will it take to put in and to what is being called an epidemic? british prime minister has issued moral earnings on the perils of leaving the european union, just over one week before the country votes. studycameron was citing a . it says britain could be faced with a black hole in the public finances, between 20 billion
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pounds and 40 billion pounds if it chooses to leave. elliott richardson has the story. reporter: and just over one week, britain's future will be decided. prime minister david cameron warns a -- a vote for brexit will result in huge public cuts and an increase in taxes. >> if we wake up on june the 24th and we remain in the economy, we can move forward. if we vote out, we will have a smaller cut me, less employment, low wages, and therefore less tax receipts. reporter: chancellor george osborne agrees, saying a brexit will leave a. -- black hole in the country's budget. is a 13 bill -- 30 billion pound hole in the public finances. this will be a permanent and structural hold. we could not just borrow more money to tied ourselves over. voting to remain a
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stop of the agenda. however,, they have ruled out support that any austerity measures resulting from the rights it -- brexit. >> we believe it is the best way to protect families, protect publicnd protect -- services. we oppose any post brexit austerity budget, just as we opposed any austerity budget before. reporter: meanwhile, conservatives campaigning criticized osborne's proposed budget cuts. world'st's one of the best-known rock songs, and the subject of a copyright lawsuit that had end up costing legendary british and led zeppelin tens of millions of dollars. a little-known american group called spirit is claiming they came up with the idea for stairway to heaven. the judge in the united states has already ruled that a jury might find substantial similarities between the two songs.
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♪ it is one of the most recognizable intros of all time. but was it stolen? theestates of a member of rock band spirits is claiming one of led zeppelin's signature sounds, stairway to heaven, is actually a rip off of their song. they toured together in 68 and 1969, 2 years before the song was released. >> if you hear certain versions of spirit you can unmistakably here, the opening bars of stairway to heaven. most people can. that does not necessarily mean it is copyright infringement. but most people i believe will hear the similarities. zeppelin's lead singer, robert plant, and guitarist jimmy page face a civil suit for copyright
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infringement. if found guilty, they could be forced to pay up to $40 million in damages. the song alone is thought to have earned the band over 10 times amount in royalties and record sales over the years. it is not the first time the band has been taken to court. for other led zeppelin songs, including the hit whole lotta love, had to include other credits. ♪ that has got to be the copyright trial of the century. we will keep a close eye to see what happens. business news. marcus is here in the studio. the federal reserve chairman janet yellen has been speaking. reporter: she is speaking after a closely watched two day meeting over, after the u.s. central bank. to officials were meeting answer the question, when will interest rates go higher?
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not this month, at least. that was the message from fed officials, as they finished the meeting in washington dc. the u.s. central bank is staying put when it comes to interest rates.janet yellen says the economic outlook is uncertain. she has also said the fed prefers caution as a brexit could impact the u.s. economy as well. investors have been watching this very closely. when will the fed move, and how? there are concerns that an aggressive drives a hike interest rates would hit the u.s. economy. at the same time, we are hearing signals from fed officials that fewer interest rate hikes are ahead in the united states next year and the year after. that seems like a very double dovisheshes -- debi -- message.
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the indices are holding onto the gains this hour. aey are on course to break four-day losing streak. it is worth mentioning the u.s. dollar is weakening against the euro. in europe at the close, the indices snapped a five-day losing streak, as investors looked away from a potential brexit to focus on the fed in said -- instead. mining stocks were also there, as mental prices advanced. i just mentioned the potential of a brexit and the head of rolls-royce has, said it would be better if britain were to remain inside the european union in a letter to. 23,000 employees, warren east but in the vote. he says the uncertainty of the vote would endanger investments in the u.k.
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the british territory of gibraltar on the southern tip of spain would face huge changes if the u.k. votes to leave the european union next week. the 30 2000 residents are concerned about the potential impact on the local economy. gibraltar, eight tiny british overseas territory that shock.oon face a mighty residents and local business leaders are worried about what might happen if the u.k. leaves the european union. the regime attracts investors who see it as a good entry point to the eu single market, and leaving could affect things radically. >> how do you change your economic model to go from being able to sell to 520 million people, then to only sell to 32,000 people? these are challenges that are existential to the current economic model, and we would
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have to reposition our economy. reporter: gibraltar's economy relies on tourism, financial online gaming and shipping services. every day, thousands of workers enter his cross the border with spain, which could change if free movement is restricted. unemployment in the nearby spanish border town stands at 40%. most of those who have jobs work on the british side. everything points to the fact that it would be an economic disaster, i think more for us than them. they would see the living standards they enjoy diminishing but for us, it would. mean the loss of lots of jobs. gibraltar's economy grew by 10% in the last financial year. a brexit would isolate the territory, which spain ceded to britain in -- britain. the u.k. economy is
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very much in focus for obvious reasons. we have actually seen unemployment in britain falling to the lowest level since 2005.figures put the 5%, down fromas last month's reading of 5.1%. that wages rose by 2.3%, stronger than expected. essentially, british workers are earning more. let's bring you up-to-date with other stories we have been watching for you. shares in another clothing retailer did well during wednesday's training -- trading. this is as profits rise in the first three months of the year. zara performed very well. sales of the company stores rose by 12%, well above expectations. areva hasear company outlined a restructuring plan to turn the troubled basis --
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business around. off to a state owned utility. separated fuel treatment into a separate entity. a french company would hold two thirds o
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