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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  June 16, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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here in japan it's thursday night. i'm james tengan. welcome to n nhk "newsliline." here are our top stories. no major damage. northern japan was jolted by a magnitude 5.3 earthquake thursday afternoon. investor disappointment. the yen soared and share prices tumbled after the bank of japan refrained from introducing more
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stimulus. and a magic kingdom in china. people in shanghai enjoyed the opening day of disney's sixth theme park in the world. japan's meteorological agency is urging people in the country's north to remain on alert. a 5.3 quake struck off hokkaido thursday afternoon and more could come. the jolt registered 6 minus on the seismic scale from 0 to 7. this footage is from our bureau in the city. our staff members say they felt tremors for about 30 seconds. no major damage was reported, but about a dozen panels fell from the ceiling at a fishery cooperative office. there are no reports of major injuries either. authorities say an elderly person in a care home received minor injuries after being hit by a falling object. the nearby had i gaaiwaii gausc plant has not experienced any
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irregularities. both shinkansen and flights are operating normally. seismologists say the region has a history of repeated jolts. >> translator: there is a a possibility that a quake on the same scale as the one that hit today will occur. please be aware of seismic activities. >> researchers say the focus was shallow which caused the intensity to be strong compared to the mag nunitudmagnitude. survivors of the abombic bombings are putting pressure on president obama to abolish nuclear weapons. they gathered in tokyo and agreed on an action plan. they'll collect signatures internationally through 2020 as a way to press for a treaty banning nuclear weapons. members also discussed the speech president obama gave last
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month in hiroshima. they noted obama did not mention u.s. responsibility for the clamiti calamities caused by the atomic bombings and questioned how much he learned. >> translator: he should have listened to survivors more carefully. i doubt he understood everything in such a short time. i want him to come again. >> the association adopted a resolution urging obama to work harder to abolish nuclear weapons as a form of apology. japan's central bank policy makers are standing pat as they wait on the results in the british referendum next week. they say they're not making changes to their easing program. the decision has had a big impact on the markets. gene otani brings us the details and other business stories. bank of japan officials are holding firm on monetary policy. they declared they'll press
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ahead with their eastiing measures. the officials say the economy has continued its moderate recovery trend but exports and production have been sluggish due mainly to slowdowns in emerging economies. they say some of the weakness is expected to remain but domestic demand is likely to follow on upward trend. the boj governor expressed concern about the rise in japan's currency. >> translator: this kind of surge in the yen could have an unfavorable impact on japan's economy and on inflation in the future. >> he says if necessary the bank is ready to extend monetary easing to hit the 2% inflation target and the boj will monitor the impact of britain's referendum. policy makers have been
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discussing the matter with counter parts in other countries. the boj's decision to hold monetary policy steady sank the nikkei index to a four-month low. the yen soared against major currencies. our business reporter has the details. >> the nikkei index took a downturn after the boj announcement. some had speculated that the bank would make a surprise move ahead of the u.k. referendum on eu membership, but that wasn't the case. the nikkei tumbled by more than 3% to close at 15,434. that's the lowest finish since february this year. the broader topix also fell 2.8%. looking at currencies, the yen surged against the dollar. the dollar dipped to the lowest level in two years. the stronger japanese currency continued to batter exporters. electrical component manufacturers saw big declines. nitto lost more than 7%. alps and taiyo fell 6%.
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to bonds. investors are continuing to buy. the yield on the ten-year japanese government bond dropped to an all-time low. both the fed and boj have kept monetary policy unsteady amid uncertainty over the possible brexit. we're likely to see investors continue to trade cautiously. i'm feebi amoroso. most other markets across the asia-pacific region ended in the negative on brexit fears, lower oil prices also took a toll. hong kong tumbling more than 2%. down by 2.1. closing at the lowest in more than three weeks. singapore declining by .8%. in china, the shanghai composite retreated .5% to close at 2,872. the drop ended two days of gains and came on sagging financial and energy shares. but resource-related companies rose after government officials said they would get a handle on
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over-production in the metal sector. a bright spot in the region was the philippines. it gained .8%. utility and banking shares climbed and led the gains. japanese governmenent officials are touting a plan to build a hydrogen f fuel plant in fukushima. it's part of their plan to turn the prefecture into a hub for clean energy. prime minister shinzo abe says the initiative can go a long way to helping fukushima recover from the 2011 disaster. public and private sector representatives have compiled an outline of proposals. officials say the fuel plant will be ready to go by 2020, and it will produce enough hydrogen annually to power 10,000 fuel cell vehicles for a year. the outline recommends setting up hydrogen fuel stations throughout the prefecture. it also calls for more transmission lines to carry wind power. government officials say they'll roll out a more concrete plan soon.
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here is a look at some of the other business stories we're following. nhk has learned an emiail responsible for a possible data leak came from someone posing as an airplane employee. previously officicials said i iy hahave been a compuputer virus. the sender's emailil address included the l letters ana, and the subjecect title indicated tt an attached file contained ticket information. h hitachi and 13 other firm are aiming to set an international standard for technology known as the internet of things. i.o.t. creates network that links vehicles, buildings, factory equipment and everything in between. it enables people to gather data they can use to improve efficiency and develop new products. there will be a test next month. fewer people are working
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japan's farms as the country's population ages. there is an exception to the trend. more women are choosing a career in agriculture. that's creating opportunities for other new-comers. >> reporter: this woman grows mushrooms. eight years ago she gave up a career in tokyo to return to the family farm. she isn't pursuing the quiet life. far from it. she sees a big future in agriculture and she is busy shaping up the shiitake business. her parents had a limited customer base. the local supermarkets. but she is shaking down new clients. she has already signed up 13 restaurants. she is also developing new products. she supplies ten varieties of
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processed foods incluluding a sweet milk paste mixed with shiitake. >> translator: agriculture has great potential because i can decide what i grow and how i sell my produce. that's the most interesting aspect of farming. >> reporter: japan's government is encouraging more women to follow in nukui's foot steps. it's offering financial aid to first-time farmers. the number of female new-comers has risen 30% in three years. as more women choose farming as a career, others are eager to follow them into the field with specially designed products. this grass c cutter is an examp. designed with a feminine touch it features a pink blade andnd heart shape cord.
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not justst a style makeover. it straps on like a baby pouch. there is a pouch for a smav smartphone. ththe maker says the product is whipping up new attention. >> it's very light and cute. >> translator: women farmers are afraid to use machinery. we hope this cute device will get them interested. then maybe they'll try out other equipment. >> reporter: they're not the only ones targeting female farmers. these people work for a top brand garment maker and have been talking to farmers, potential customers. >> translator: when i plant seedlings i am in this posture for a long time and it's tough on my lower back and knees. >> translator: when i get all sweaty, it feels uncomfortable. >> reporter: it seems the
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company has been listening. it has developed a new material for women working under hot sun. the fabric absorbs sweat instantly and dries much faster than traditional nylon-based fabric. as for women planting seeds, here is one solution. these tights are made with highly elastic fabric, so they won't squeeze the stomach. the testing continues. the company plans to announce the final product i in november. >> translator: we think agriculture is an industry with great potential. the connection with women farmers could lead to fostering new customers. so developing these products is a big thing for us. >> reporter: more women are making their mark on the land. in doing so, they are creating a promising new market as both
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producers and consumers. that's a look at business news. i'm going to leave you with the markets. leaders in britain are engaged in heated debate with only one week to go before the public votes on whether to stay in the european union. some of the latest surveys put the leave camp ahead of those wanting to remain in the eu. about 10% of voterss are said t be undecided about the june 23rd referendum. british prime minister david cameron has been stressing the
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importance of staying in the union. >> if we wake up and we're in we can continue to move forward. if we vote out we'll have a smaller economy, less employment, low wages. >> u.k. independence party chief nigel faraj sided with fishermen campaigning for britain to leave. >> our communities are being devastated and being destroyed as a direct result of the fisheries policy. > the debate has been shakin up financial mararkets. share prices aroround the world are falling as investors worry about the impact of a british exit. >> the g7 and other big carbon emitters want to enroll businesses in the fight against climate change. representatives are in tokyo to talk about market-based policies such as carbon taxes. japan and germany are co-chairing the first meeting of the platform for a strategic dialogue on carbon marketets. it's a follow-up to last month's g7 summit.
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jajapanese environment ministet tamayo m marukawawa said greenh gas emissions must be slashed and the global economy decarbonized. she said both need to happen this century to prevent more global warming. >> now is the time for us to step forward and take concrete aconon. >> the officials are discussing ways to spur corporate activity and investstment through carbob taxes and emission trading systems. they're expected to focus on how to balance emission cuts with economic growth. disneyland is renowned for being the place where dreams come true. people in shanghai are hoping that's the case for them as they visit the newly-opened theme park. but for disney it may not be. its first park in mainland china faces some challenges.
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as krau >> reporter: the line started overnight. by thursday morning thousands of excited people were waiting to get into shanghai disneyland for the grand opening. >> this is the first disneyland in mainland china. i am looking forward to what kind of surprises are in store. >> reporter: one of the surprises was a big show to mark the opening. the brand's most famous characters were on hand. it's the start of what the company hopes is a massive undertaking. disney's sixth resort park is built on 390 hectares of land at a cost of about $5.5 billion. the fantasy castle center is disney's largest. and the facility features hotels and stores in addition to the attractions. >> translator: i am so happy. >> reporter: the park was designed with chinese
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characteristics like traditional architecture. the shows based on disney's movies are performed by a traditional chinese acrobat team. the disney store opened ahead of the launch and many tourists rushed to buy souvenirs. >> translator: i feel better when i have a genuine product. it's a shame if i have a fake one. >> reporter: not everything is magical. the store will have to compete with many others selling knock-off products. still, chinese people's enthusiasm for enjoying leisure activities is real. as average incomes in the country have gone up, so has interest. with a booming leisure industry the markrket is becoming fierce competitive. the question is, will shanghai's
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disney r resort livive happily after. kurando tago, nhk world. japan's ichiro suzuki has made baseball history. the marlins veteran outfielder broke the record for the most hits ever. there is debate as some of the hits were during his career in japan. he says that's not going to slow him down. > translator: i have e been humiliated by peoplple who d do believe in me. so i a am determined to keep exceeding their expectations. >> famously known by his first time, ichiro, reached the milestone against the san diego padres as soon as the game started. the japanese legend used his speed to snatch first base.
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[ cheers ] >> in the ninth inning ichiro belted a ball and made it to second base. it marked his 4,257th hit. it surpasses the record held by baseball great pete rose. but ichiro's record is unofficial because his hit total spans two professional baseball leagues. before moving to the u.s. to play in major league baseball, ichiro racked up 1,278 hits with the professional baseball organization in japan. asked about his accomplishment, ichiro said he knew there are people who throw cold water on this. >> translator: of course, i am glad, but i have mixed feelings at the same time.
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i hope someday someone will susurpass pete rose playing onl in major league baseball. to say more, i want someone to do it playing only in japan, because i think that's more difficult. >> at 42, ichiro is in his 16th season in the mlb. newspaper extras were handed out to announce the news in japan, where people cheered him on. >> translator: ichiro taught me it's important to keep going. he is a man who keeps trying his best, and i want to learn from him. >> translator: i was encouraged by him as i am from the same generation. i am especially proud of him as a japanese person for what he's done in the u.s.s. >> in his hometown in central japan, people hung a banner to celebrate their local hero.
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>> translator: he was small when he was a boy. i didn't think he could be a professional baseball player, but now we're full of pride. >> this, of course, is not ichiro's fir milestone. next wllll take a lolook at howe got there. >> reporter: ichiro suzuki started his career in 1992, and it's been full of breakthroughs. only two years in, he set the single-season record of 210 hits and went on to be the single-season leader for seven consecutive years. he then moved on to the major leagues to play with the seattle mariners. in his first season he got a lot of attention. with 242 hits, he broke an mlb rookie record. that was on top of the highest
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batting average and the most stolen bases. all of that earned him the title of "rookie of the year" as well as "most valuable player." >> i am very happy. that's it. >> reporter: in 2004 he set another mlb record, with a whopping 262 hits that season. and in 2010, ichiro became the first mlb player to have more than 200 hits for a straight decade. ichiro was eventually traded to the new york yankees where he continued his standout playing. in 2013 he reached significant milestones, including 4,000 hits over the course of his career. ichiro has played for the miami marlins since 2015.
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he just hit a major milestone on wednesday, but he is not that far from his next. only 21 hits away from reaching 3,000 in the mlb. >> you're watching nhk "newsline" live from tokyo. as we have been reporting a sizable jolt was recorded in parts of hokkaido. sayaka mori joins us with the weather outlook for the region. >> reporter: rain is falling across parts of hokkaido including hakodate where the earthquake occurred this afternoon. we have thunderstorms and wind advisories in place across hakodate and more stormy weather expected the next couple days. there is a low pressure system with a history of causing severe weather across the korean peninsula set to move into northernrn japan into tonight a tomorrow. so winds, heavy rain and high waves are anticipateded for the next couple of days. across the rest of japan, it's wet with the exception of
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okinawa. the rainy season has ended today in okinawa. that's seven days earlier than normal. many beach-goers are excited about the news. sunny weather will likely prevail next week: temperatures will be warm for this time of year. it's the rainy season and another rainy day friday with a high of 28 degrees. you can see a nice break in the rainy weather during the weekend. across china rain is falling heavily across the southern portions of the country. more rainn is expected. some of the rain will also spread to taiwan as we go into tomorrow. temperatures will be follows. 31 degrees with rainy weather in hong kong on friday. taipei, 33 with rainy weather. shanghai at 31 degrees with beautiful weather. if you're planning to go to disneyland, don't forget to bring water. meanwhile. beijing there is a chance for thunderstorms with a high of 32 degrees. let's go to hawaii. hawaii is known for its beautiful and warm weather, but
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up in the mountains earlier this week we saw some snowfall. this is on the big island. snow in june is not unheard of, but definitely relatively rare for this time of year. now, for the low-lying areas it will be quite warm. 28 degrees for the high in hilo thursday and a chance for rainy weatheher t the nextt couple of. moststly dry in honolulu and temperaturures about 30 degrees. to north america. we have excessive heat warnings or watches, i should say, in place across the desert southwest. temperatures expected to be extremely warm starting saturday going into next week. take a look. death valley, the high could be up to 50 degrees. this area hosts the world record high temperatures, 56.7 degrees. not as hot as the record but still dangerously hot on monday. palm springs up to 47 degrees on your monday.
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so dangerous heat is on the way. across the north, record low temperatures were set across parts of washington as well as oregon. very colold air for this time o year i is gripping the area, lolowering temperatures s and a causing snowfall across the mountains. meanwhile, there is a chance for severe weather a across the eastern uninited states, especially the washingtoton, d., area. so please watch out for thunderstorms, hail, damaging winds as well as tornadoes. now, temperatures will be in the 20s for you in new york. a high of 24 degrees. atlanta, 34 degrees. very high conditions can be found across the south. 36 in oklahoma city. we have excessive heat warnings in place for oklahoma, kansas, as well as missouri. that's it for me now. here is your extended forecast.
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for your thoughts and comments just log on to our website and click on "contact us." be sure to watch "newsroom tokyo" at the top of the hour.
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>> welcome to the france 24 news room. it is 1:00 p.m. in the french capital. football european championships are hit by fresh violence. 36 people are arrested and a crash withed as fans police in the french city of lille. it gets in search teams have found the wreckage from flight 80 four, which crashed last month, killing all 66 people on board.


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