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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  June 20, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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it's a monday night here in japan. japan's nuclear regulator allows 40-year-old reactors to operate up to 20 more years. rebuilding lives. the governor of quake-hit kumamoto says plans for reconstruction will be announced around the end of next month. and service at your doorstep.
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new businesses are popping up to cater to china's growing middle class, covering everything from delivering lunch to washing the dog. japan's nuclear regulators are giving two reactors built more than four decades ago a new lease on life. they've decided to extend the reactors' life span. the first such move under stricter rules introduced after the 2011 nuclear accident in fukushima. the decision affects the number one and two reactors at takahama plant in central japan. both are currently offline. but the regulators' decision to keep them operational for up to 20 more years. in april, inspectors determined that the reactors met new rules for fire prevention for electric cables and other measures. two months later, regulators approved a plan to make the plant's facilities more resistant to earthquakes. the reactors cleared the final hurdle on monday. regulators accepted a plan to reinforce aging pipes that don't
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meet earthquake safety standards. the plant's operator kansai electric power company says it will take more than three years to complete the reinforcement work. japan's chief cabinet of secretary said the status of american troops on the country are underway. one goal of the discussions is to prevent crimes being committed by u.s. personnel. residents have been angered by the murder of a local woman allegedly at the hands of a u.s. base employee. the incident is one of a string of crimes committed by u.s. personnel over the years. suga said change is needed. >> translator: we aim to move forward with the treatment of american personnel and employees during the bilateral forces agreement.
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the goal is to set out effective preventive measures. >> the top government spokesperson said tokyo would spell out crime prevention steps of its own. more than two months after a series of big earthquakes hit southern japan, reconstruction plans are still being developed. the kumamoto governor says a strategy will be compiled by the end of july. the prefecture's task force held its first meeting on monday. governor kabashima is heading up the unit. >> translator: it is important to set viable reconstruction targets that exceed residents' expectations. >> the governor received recommendations from an external panel of experts. the panel suggested that reconstruction should exceed how conditions were before the quakes. concrete measures on how to proceed are to be announced in september. official campaigning for japan's upper house election will kick off in days.
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lawmakers and others preparing to run are preparing. let's walk you through the key pledges. the ruling liberal democratic party said it priority sizes the economy. it vows to move forward with shinzo abe's economic politics. it says it created more jobs and raised wages, and as abe said, the ldp will postpone the country's con supervision tax hike originally scheduled for next april. it will make sure that the economy comes out of deflation. the ldp said it aims to amend the constitution. the manifesto doesn't say how but it will be done by furthering discussions in the diet, cooperating with other parties, and winning people's support. it promises to raise the minimum wage. the democratic party is the main
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opposition, it says. abenomics is a failure. it said the economic policies will correct that gap and vows to create more subsidizes for human resource, development, and research groups. the party also says it's against amending article ix of the constitution which reannounces war. it will demand the government revoke national security laws passed in the diet last year. it allows us to come to the aid of countries that have a close relationship with japan. former governments had said the constitution forbids that. ldp's junior partner said it aims to energize the economy so households feel the benefit. it nows it will implement a consumption tax -- for various goods whenever the tax hike takes place. the japanese communist party will put a stop to what it calls
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abe's reckless politics. it pledges to repeal the national security laws and cancel the planned consumption tax hike. initiatives said constitutionals are necessary to reform japan's governmenting system. it wants to make education free including university. it promises to cut both the number of lawmakers and their salaries by 30%. the social democratic party said it will put a stop to abe's politics. it vows to revoke the national security laws and strongly opposed to changing the constitution. the people's life party is making its key issue about the daily lives of citizens. it proproeproproses to give fam about $250 per child per month to increase household incomes. the party for japanese kokoro vows to create a new constitution to reflect what it
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calls japan's character. the new renaissance party said it will implement an economic policy that focuses on households to reinforce abenomics. the first representative of north korea is going to the meeting in four years. the deputy director didn't speak to media upon arriving at a beijing airport. hui is attending the three-day conference that starts on tuesday. the meeting brings together officials and private researchers from members of the six party talks on north korea's nuclear program. she's expected to defend the north korea's north's nuclear program by referring to its policy of pursuing nuclear and economic development. the korean workers' party congress approved the policy in
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may. negotiators fo the six party talks last met in december 2008. the parties are japan, the united states, china, russia, and north and south korea. officials from u.s., japan, and south korea are calling on p ii pyongyang to take steps toward denuclearzation. gene otani has more. >> for the second straight month they blamed the slow down on the stronger yen. the japan department stores association said duty-free sales totaled nearly $130 million. that's down more than 16% in yen terms from a year ago. each foreign visitor spent about $540. 26% less. the growing number of visitors have been japan before and want a wider range of experiences.
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>> translator: many foreign tourists are shifting from shopping to sightseeing. the overall trend suggests they're interested in lowered price merchandise. >> the industry expects sales to decline for some time. japan's latest trade figures are out. they show the country is buying less and selling less. the trade balance in may fell into the red for the first time in four months. lower oil prices have been cutting the imports and seeing fewer exports of steel and semi conductors. the trade deficit was nearly 41 billion yen. it shrank 11.3%. exports fell nearly 40%.
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and exports to vietnam and other countries were down 20%. imports fell down nearly 14%. tokyo shares rallied on monday. the nikkei closed for the highest level in a week. now we go to phoebe. >> investors regained their appetite. they had to regain some momentum. the nikkei jumped 3.2%. the index briefly rose above 16,000. the broader topix rose by the same margin. the dollar and euro rebounded against the yen. the u.s. currency dropped below the yen level for the first time in about 22 months last month. it gave exporters a boost. toyota gained 2.71% and komatsu
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and toshiba gained more than 4%. mitsubishi motors was down more than 3%. investors are closely following opinion polls on clues how to make the next market move. >> other forces in the asia-pacific region rallied. hong kong climbed 1.7%. the biggest one-day gain in a month. companies related to britain such as hsbc ended higher. singapore added 1.4%. brexit pushed up commodity prices. the s&p 200 index gaining by 1.82%. finishing at the highest level in more than a week. in china the shanghai composite inched higher to close at 2888.
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property shares rose after data shows that prices of homes in second tier cities grew at a faster pace. here is a look at the other business stories we're following. japanese shipments of home appliances in may were up 1.3% from a year earlier. rai rising for the 13th straight month. the humidifiers for the rainy season, al also sold well. japan limousine services and they provide with a tour guide that speaks their language. the minimum charge per day is $1,000. india's central bank chief says he will step down in september. he mentions a surprise by the
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governor 'announcer. they give him high marks for reigning in inflation. and his departure affects economic growth in india and the markets. now a look at the business calendar for the week. on tuesday investors will be checking out a gauge of retail spending for japan. officials release supermarket sales for may. u.s. federal reserve chair reports to the senate the same day. she'll deliver testimony before the house of representatives on wednesday. on thursday voters in the united kingdom make the big decision whether or not to leave the european union. executives at mitsubishi have a lot of explaining to do about their fuel efficiency scandal. that happens on friday. aiib calls the first meetin ini representatives from the nearly 60 countries will take part in two-day exhibit.
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every monday we ask specialists to share their opinions. we hear from martin schultz this week. he's one of the analyst watching the upcoming referendum in britain. we asked for his opinion on the mid and long-term impact of the u.k. exit to the e.u. >> i do not expect that will be immediately chaos after the u.k. decide to leave the e.u. there will be very strong long-term impacts. the u.k. government has to renegotiate all contracts. this takes years. and it is very difficult. it will have to establish its economy independently from its large market. the e.u. basically becoming an offshore center which requires very, very clear cut often restrictive policies to bring prices down which will be a problem for the u.k. on the e.u. side, the euro needs to be stabilized.
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it will have a strong impact when the most liberal and one of the biggest economies is leaving the euro is still fragile. governments are still in crisis solution mode. other countries might want to leave. that would be very problematic. >> looking at the impact for asia. schultz said the financial markets are likely to face even more volatility in the event of a u.k. withdraw. >> if there is a brexit, the uk leaves the e.u. we'll have a negative market which will bring down growth internationally. it will have a strong trading impact. we don't know what happens to the pound. it might be a long-term impact on the euro. it means currencies like the japanese yen will be stronger during a period. it also means that many of the
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plans asian economies, in particular japan and china already have a large european market which is recovering who will probably be off the table for quite awhile. we'll see stronger balance between the euro and asia, in particular, and this will be hard to adjust for asian economies in the current situation. >> that's a look at business news. i'm going to leave you with the markets.
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it's been a week since a gunman went on a deadly ray page at a gay nightclub in florida. more than 10,000 people attended a vigil for the victims. the crowd gathered on sunday near the nightclub in orlando. many people held rainbow-colored flags, a symbol of sexual diversity. candles were lit as the names of victims were read out. >> it's been very draining, very emotional, very somber, very sad. we need a clear motive so we can put this to bed and move on. >> the gunman attacked the club on june 12th killing 49 people and wounding 53 others. u.s. authorities say the suspect, omar mateen, pledged allegiance to islamic state militants when he called the emergency services.
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but it's still not clear why he chose his target. some say mateen reportedly a regular at the club was himself gay. the rooiz of china's middle class is seeing people with more money in their pocket but less free time. how it lead to the growth of personal concierge businesses and provide services to their clientele at home or in their offices. >> reporter: motorcycle riders shuttle back and forth in central shanghai during lunchtime. they're delivering meals to their clients' workplaces. the drivers receive customer orders online. then they pick up selected dishes from affiliated restaurants and deliver them door to door.
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business is booming. more firms are entering the home delivery market offering a wide range of services. this heavily loaded motorbike is heading to a client's home. the driver works for a pet care company. she carries a set of instruments to provide a selection of care services. the firm started the service last year with a sales pitch that customers no longer need to take their ps to salons in town. patrons use a smartphone app to book reservations at their convenience. the staff turns the bathroom into a makeshift pet salon. this canine customer receives a full service. polished toenails, clean ears, brushed teeth, and a full-body shampoo. the dog gets to enjoy the luxury of detailed care on its home turf. the price is set at a level similar to that offered at regular pet salons, about $25. the pet care firms are able to charge lower fees because they don't have fixed facilities in a city where rents are sky high. >> translator: it saves me time
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because i don't have to go out. the care's hygenic and my dog looks relaxed. >> reporter: car wash services are also becoming popular as the number of vehicles in shanghai keeps increasing by more than 10% each year. after a client places an order, an operator dispatches a staff meer closest tthe location. there are up to 400 personnel on stand-by. the worker shows up soon and cleans the car inside and out. the service takes 40 minutes and costs about $6, the same as at a car wash. payments can also be made with smartphones. >> translator: i don't have time to take my car for a wash. and i hate getting caught in traffic. >> translator: we're getting 20% to 50% more customers each
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month. it's a promising market. >> reporter: another firm is expanding its home cleaning service. it rents dust mops to customers with regular visits to their home by company staff. the firm developed its business model in japan. the staff examines how a client is using the mop, replaces used mops with new ones, and provides tips on cleaning methods to each client. the firm's managers are holding regular campaigns to familiarize people with a new genre of services in the country. they say the number of contracts has risen three-fold in the past three years. >> translator: customers may not understand the merits of our products until they actually use them. the rental service is not familiar to chinese people.
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i think the home visit system best fits the market. >> reporter: home delivery service providers are trying to win the favor of china's growing middle class and their services are backed up by the country's ever-expanding mobile network that already has more than 600 million users. let's see what is happening in weather with jonathan oh. >> we're continuing to see temperatures rising. in fact, on monday it's going to likely be the hottest day that the area has seen over the last few. it's already been very, very warm because of warm air coming in from the south. the mechanism right now for the hot air is a low pressure system and it's funneling in very warm air into the southwest and southern california. that's not a good thing because it is also means the potential for fire danger weather. that will continue as we go throughout the day on monday. the high in los angeles a high of 38 degrees. that's hot.
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ask ever that's hot. but some other areas may be seeing temperatures in the mid to upper 40s for highs, possibly flirting with the 50-degree mark as we go through the day on monday. 33 in houston please if you are able to stay indoors, try to do that. make sure to take precautions if you have to spend time outdoors to stay cool as much as possible. the heat extends into vancouver and seattle with highs in the 20s. 31 in denver. 33 in houston. we are looking at very warm temperatures for a good portion of the united states and also into canada. 34 degrees for the high in toronto coming up on monday with a chance for some thunderstorms. that's very, very warm. that's not a safe temperature to be in. we're looking at highs like i mentioned from the mid to upper 40s in some areas in southern portions of the united states. palm springs, 48. las vegas looking at a high of 46. we'll have a slight cool-down going into the middle of the
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week. until then, it's going to be sunny and it's going to be hot. meanwhile we're keeping an eye on a tropical depression that' formed over mexico. this is the fourth for the atlantic basin so far this year moving to the west at kilometers perour. wind speed i55. it is expect to become a tropical storm, if it is it will become danielle. the biggest concern he will be the rainll. we're looking at up to 120 millimeters possible along the coastline. if it stays offshore, it will be just mainly a rain event. but if it picks up all the rain and moves onshore we could look at some very high rain totals. just be on the lookout for that. down toward the south into venezuela, it's been a very dry period. we're seeing the rains starting to pick up. i wanted to show you this very interesting video from the drought that has been in the area. this is back earlier this month where a dam dried up ia town and a church building emerged from the bottom of that area for the first time in 32 years. former residents returned to the area to see the sight. earlier this month. you can see the cows trying to graze in the actual pasture that has developed. e rainy season is back in th picture. the area will likely see the water ing rested in there as we go forward in time. the intertropical convergence zone has moved north so we're
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seeing much more of an active weather scenario as we are going through the the month of june. as you look at east asia, some of the rain totals into the western portions of japan have been very high. we're looking over the past couple of days anywhere from 150 to 200 millimeters of rainfall that took place. the stationary front indicates that rainy season front continues to hover around the area. we're looking at the possibility of more rainfall into japan, extending into portions of china. be on the lookout for heavy rainfall from time to time. we are looking at cloudy skies for tokyo with a high of 28 tuesday. rain, thunderstorms beijing to shanghai as we go throughout the day on tuesday, also down into manila, also into bangkok. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here's your extended outlook.
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naomi fujiyama has won the best actress award at the shanghai international film festival. she was recognized for her performance in the projects, a comedy directed by junji sakamoto. she ays a wi who mov into an apartnt compl with he husbanin theestern janese ty of osak the new sidents'igh jink on begino cause ouble. the lm was fujama's fit leading le in years. the movis distbutor says fuyama is thfirst panese
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to winhe award. > cgratulatns to her. ase from t day's news ú
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genie: welcome to "france 24." it is time for 60 minutes live around the world. here is a look at today's headlines. a major flap in the face for -- a major slap in the face for italy's prime minister. movement wins big in local elections, with rome getting its first female mayor ever. campaigning gets back underway three days before britain votes on whether or not to stay in the european union. the murder


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