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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  June 27, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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. here in japan is 7:00 p.m. on monday. i'm james tengan in tokyo. nhk "newsline" starts off with a quick look at the hour's top stories. reverend up fallouts. leaders in a politically divided united kingdom and the european union are at odds after the uk voted to leave the bloc. keeping watch. government officials and bankers in central japan are monitoring developments after the brexit vote. they say they'll take action if
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needed. and business abroad. the taiwanese president is visiting panama on her first overseas trip since taking office last month. politics in the united kingdom are in chaos following last week's referendum on whether to stay in the european union. while eu leaders want the process to leave dealt with immediately, it's not looking like that will happen. nhk world has the details. >> reporter: in the wake of the uk choosing a british exit or brexit, the eu is saying get on with it. the foreign ministers of six eu nations agreed to urge britain to begin negotiations as soon as possible. they say they want to prevent a long period of uncertainty. >> translator: great britain has to outline what kind of relationship it wants to have with the eu in the future and then we, the 27 members, will have to decide to what extent we
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can correspond to their vision and what our own interests are. >> reporter: but on the uk side, it's a different story. the vote is causing political chaos, and all sides are saying that leaving the eu will take time. >> there's no imperative on us to serve the notice at any particular time. the referendum is an internal matter. >> reporter: about 52% of voters opted for the uk to leave the eu in last week's referendum. shortly after the results came the first political casualty. british prime minister david cameron, who headed the remain campaign, announced he is stepping down. >> i do not think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to the next destination. >> reporter: his leaving the negotiations with the eu to his successor, who is not expected to take over until october. right now the front-runner is former london mayor, boris johnson.
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just under the leave campaign, with no set plan for leaving the eu, johnson is also saying there is no need to rush the brexit. the opposition labor party has also been thrown into disarray. party members have called for the leader to step down. in this response, corbyn fired his foreign secretary, that led to the resignation of ten of his cabinet members. >> the labor party needs strong and effective leadership to hold the government to account as we take decisions of huge importance to our country. >> reporter: the referendum is causing part of the uk whether to question staying with britain or jump ship to the eu. in a 2014 referendum, scotland voted to stay in the uk. but a majority of scots voted last week to remain in the eu. >> my guiding principal is to protect scotland's interest, if independence is the only way that we can protect scotland's
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interest, then that's an option we must have on the table. >> reporter: the british government will need to formally notify the eu of its withdrawal. britain and eu would then have two years to discuss trade diplomatic relations and other issues. before that happens, an awful lot of loose ends need to be tied up. chiaki ishikawa, nhk world. uncertainty after the british referendum has spread around the world and countries are responding to some of the questions. japan is concerned about its business interests in the uk and is asking britain for reassurance that they won't be disrupted. more than 1,000 japanese companies operate there. british ambassador to japan met foreign minister fumio on monday. he carried a letter from the british-born secretary philip hammonds.
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>> translator: britain will maintain close relations with japan and the u.s. and other countries. >> translator: there are many japanese companies in the uk. we are strongly asking britain to support these companies as before. and allow them to continue to stably operate. >> kishida said japan and the uk are important partners that share basic values. he said the two countries should seek to further improve ties and contribute to international peace and stability. and ambassador hitchens said his own government should listen to japanese business toss sustain economic growth and stability. u.s. national security adviser susan rice said the brexit vote will not affect security cooperation between the u.s. and the uk. she says the countries will continue to work together to fight islamic state militants. >> britain plays a critical role in the counter isil campaign and in many of our collective
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efforts related to security all around the world. so that will all remain the same. so i think the immediate security implications are probably relatively few. >> rice said many things are still uncertain but she said britain is a core member of nato and the security framework remains unchanged. spanish voters failed to elect for the second time in six months. austerity measures in the eu. critical of the measures, failed to gain seats. at the end of the vote counting fofor the lower house thprprime ministerer party had won 137 ou of 350 seats. >> reporter: at difficult times, this party stood for the spanish people and is an option that spanish society gave majority support.
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>> the opposition socialist party has won 85 seats and an alliance of far left party led by anti-austerity party has 71 seats. political observers watched closely to see how many support they would win. but spanish voters kept it in third place. ab lists say voters may have opted for stability after the british referendum and briritis uncertainty but there are concerns the situation could now adadd to instability in europe. which party depends on coalition which didn't happen in spain. government officials and corporate executives in japan worried about the impact from the referendum. gene otani joins us from the business desk with more. >> leaders from the japanese
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bank held emergency meeting over the brexit vote. he instructed to take any financial ventures by cordiating with g g7 members. prime minister pointed out reaction has shaken stocks and currencies. he says stabilizizing the marke will be important and cited lingering uncertainties and concern over risk. >> translator: we have to strengthen our cooperation among g-7 countries and deal with any kinds of risks that hold back global economic growth. japan is ready to lead that effort as the host of g-7 meetings. >> abe also stressed the need to prevent the damage from spilling over to the real economy, including small businesses. the bank of japan's deputy governor spoke to reporters after the meeting with the prime minister and stressed that the central bank will continue to thoroughly monitor the situation and will respond if necessary.
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>> translator: the boj will ensure market liquidity, by closing coordinating with other central banks. we will makeke use of cucurrenc swap arrangements if needed. >> nakaso said he told the prime minister he e doesn't see any problem in market liquidity so far. he refrained from making any comments whether boj would hold an extra pollty memeeting. suggested it't' an overreaction >> most japanese companies do business and make p plans assumg a dollar yen exchange rate between 110 and 115. the yen appreciated from that range by 10 yen. >> said some kind of action is needed to stem the yen's rise.
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japanese companies also expressing concern over the brexit vote. officicials from industry minisy met representatives from m majo japanese firms operating in britain. at the meeting werere executive of major companies include car and electronics makers as well as private industry. said, extensive information gathering will be essential. >> t translator: i would like t call for cooperation between the government and the private sector to minimize t the impactn the japanese economy. >> some corporate representatives said they were worried over possible tariffs on trade between britain and eu members. others said their firms may move their british-based operation centers from europe to elsewhere in the eu. the ministry plans to send officials to the country to gather informatition and hold me meetings with company executives. checking the markets, tokyo share prices rebounded.
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many investors scooped up stocks after sharp drops triggered by britain's vote to leave the eu. for details our business reporter reports from the tokyo stock exchange. the nikkei average closed higher by more than 2%. many investors picked up bargains after a dramatic day friday when nikkei fell 8%. concerns about easing somewhat after japanese government said they would take all possible steps to support the economy. nikkei ended up 2.4 at 15 pow 309. they are worried about business environment. gains in pharmacaceuticall companies. producers performed strongly. ajinomoto gained 6.4%, meiji holdings 5.3. 6 .1 on plans to produce a new
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bullet train witith safety features. brexit repercussions are rippling through the finanancia sectoror. bankss and brokerages withth london-based operations are trading lower on concerns over earnings. nomura holdings fell 6.3% and daiwiwa secururities d down 5.4. mazda plunged, causing a buy. a slowdown in the european market and sharp rise in the yen. on currency markets the dollar covered slightly over the yen after it hit 2 year 2 month low. still seeing volatility. markets feeling the effects of british decision to leave the eu. knopf has a clear picture what this will involved. uncertainty remains high. analysts are expecting more
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volatile trading ahead. i'm fphoebe am rosa. shanghai composite gaining 1.5%, 28 95, china says it will be limited as capital market not fully opened. sydney's s&p 500200 seeing gains up 0.5. hong kong's down 1.6, singapore declining by 0.2%. here is a look at some of the other business stories we're followining. japan, south korea a and chihin resumed talks in seoeoul on fre trade. they said brexit m made the glol economy less stable. negotiators agreed on importance of speeding up their decisions with the rising sense of
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instability. tens round of negotiations on a three-way deal. china's premier calling for global manage uncertainty. spoke at international forum, said all countries should face challenges to promote recovery and growth in n the world econo. lee said china committed to developing relations with eu and britain. let's take a look at our business calendar for the week. on tuesday we have a final reading of u.s. gross domestic product for the first quarter. there were signs last quarter economy losing steam. this will be closely watched. central ba central bank polled officials how they feel about the economy.
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consumer price index for may. also for june, purchasing managers at manufacturing companies. every monday we ask special iss to share their view on the week in this edition of expert view. we hear from an economist at krid suisse japan, expectt tankn to show sentiment after leveling off of confidence in march. >> i expect manufacturers a little bit down to 20 from 22. manufactures up six. i think there are both downside and upside factors.s. down factors should be yen. yen of course, damaged corporate income. positive story should be
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mitigate inflation and mitigate inflation will support consumption demand. domestic consumer will be more robust for thehe price. >> looking ahead, he expects the trend to continue but points out more downside risks. >> focused also should be, we expect just 6 points and 20 points for rover remembers. but the risk should be the downside especially for the exporters. yen appreciation could continue. also federate hike, our country lowering. this can lead to more appreciation. yen. this should be downside risk.
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>> that's a look at business news. i'm going to leave you with the market. a group of u.s. high school students has met a man who experienced the 1945 atomic bombing of hiroshima. mori is one of the survivors that spoke with u.s. president barack obama in the western japanese city last month.
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the 17 students were on a tour. mori doing research on the atomic bombing. the students heard from him on how p.o.w.s, including a 19-year-old, died in the bombing. >> if you could give one history lesson to the united states, what would that history lesson be? >> translator: peace is not something other people create for you. you cannot maintain peace unless you always think about it and make an effort toord that end. >> mori praised president obama for a commitment to a world without nuclear weapons and for always thinking about how best to maintain peace. >> i was really amazed by him, by the dedication he had, self-less dedication for years
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of working on behalf of people he never met, people who weren't even his nationality. i was really amazed that he had dedicated his life to doing t t that. >> mori says he's glad he may have better helped students understanding the feelings of the people of hiroshima. in the u.s. the latest polls show democratic presidential contender hillary clinton has extended her lead over presumptive republican nominee donald trump a poll conducted by abc news and "the washington post" shows 51% of respondents support clinton while 39% back trump. two-thirds of poll respondents saidid they think trump's cocoms are generally biased against women, minorities, and muslims. 64% said they don't believe the billionaire businessman is qualified to lead the country. that's the highest figure seen in this campaign. a new "wall street journal"/nbc news poll also found that clinton has widened her lead since last month. it says 46% of respondents
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favored d her while 41% support trump. taiwanese president in latin america on her first overseas trip. she attended the opening ceremony of the newly expanded panama canal. the trip to increase the presence in the world. here are the details. >> taiwan's new president arrived on wednesday. the first overseas trip. >> translator: we will witness a great project, opening ceremony for panama expansion. it's like coming afar for a celebration in a friend's house. i'm full of expectation and happiness. >> she talked about taiwan's future in the international arena. > with me i take the strong
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hope of the taiwanese people to make a contribution to the world. >> taiwan with a close relation, including panama. >> reporter: taiwan has a traditional coalition with latin american companies including panama. taiwan has diplolomatic relatio with 22 countries in the world. and ababout half of them are concentrated in this region. thai -- tsai sees this as one opportunity for taiwan. strengthen the collaboration between taiwan a and all latin-american companies regarding trade. this is a market full of business opportunities and potential. >> reporter: taiwan could be the long-time business partner for many countries in latin america, but recently china has been looking at getting in on the action. it's been embracing its influence in the region for economic assistance.
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china sees taiwan as one of its provinces. the worry is that coununtries m cut their ties in favor of china. and for taiwan that is trying to branch out, china's influence on other countries could easily hurt that plan. nhk world, taipei. they say people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones but what about ones on the glass bridge. over the weekend people in central china took sledgehammers to it. the 430 meter long bridge is suspended over a canyon in a national park. its walkways made up of layered glass panels. volunteers at an event slammed it many timeses to check the strength of the bottom. a vehicle was then driven over it.
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after they stopped hammering an engineer said the glass was proven and people should feel safe. expressed concerns after a glass walkway in another location was shown online with cracks. by the way, that bridge is known as the brave man's bridge. hoonan province planning to open another one this year. sayaka mori. >> rain felll lasast week, 250 meters of rain fell in one day and significant flood, said to be the worst in a century occurred. let's go to some video out of west virginini at least 2 24 people have been killed in west virginia due to floodi. officials are still searching for missing residents. hundreds of people were rescued. atat least 66,00000 people lost power. the state governor declared a state of emergency. they really don't need more
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rainfall, but unfortunately there's a cold front still producing more rainfall. we still have flash flood watches in place for the area and heavy rain will likely happen across this area. meanwhile, there's a cold area of air coming from the north and warm and juicy air coming in from the gulf of mexico. in between, there are two spots of heavy rainfall. one is west virginia. the other is the central locations of the united states. there's a possibility for large hail as well as damaging winds. please watch out for that. definitely a different story across the w west, it's been hot and d quite dry. so,wildfires are scorching the ground, let's take a look at some of the footage coming out of california. a massive wildfire continues to burn out of control in central california. the blaze has already destroyed 150 homes and another 75 have been damaged. the fire started out thursday about 60 kilometers northeast of
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bakersfield. more than 110000 firefighters se been sent to tame the flamames. the blaze is still yet to be contained. two people have been k killed d to the fire. well, rain is not t anticipated for the western united states at least for the next three days. so more wildfires could happen. an on top of that, temperatures are going to be quite hot. we have heat advisories posted for south of california as well as nevada. temperatures in nevada could be over 40 degrees, so watch out fofor heatstroke as well. across the philippines a tropical depression made landfall north of the philippines early this morning. the system caught early rainfall. the system is located over the south china sea and this system may intensify into a tropical storm over the next 24 hours. if it does, it's going to be the first tropical storm of the western pacific so far. now, the system will likely affect the south of china as we go into the next4 hohour so watch out for heavy rainfall as well as strong windows.
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across the north, there's a frontal system that is causing more heavy rainfall. now lalast week a a massive tor hit the province killing at least 99 people. now, more significant whether -- weather could happen as we go into tuesday. the frontal system is still located over the eastern portions of china and that surface temperature over the eastern china sea are warmer than normal. now the same system is affecting japan. momore rainfall and severe weatr can be found across eastern portions of china. also affecting western japan, kyushu. more rain will raise the potential for flooding and land slides. it's a gorgeous monday. but starting tuesday, it will be wet once again but temperatures cool down to 24 degrees. here's the extended forecast. ♪ ♪
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>> live from paris. >> your rendezvous with the world right here. this is france 24, time for 60 minutes live around the world and these are the headlines. european union leaders are calling for britain to make a quick exit from the eu. the french and eu council sat down in paris before heading off for more talks in berlin. spain's prime minister is claiming the right to form a new government after his conservatives won the most seats in parliament. election in six months does n


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