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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  June 29, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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. it's 7:00 p.m. on a wednesday here in japan. i'm james tengan in tokyo. here are our top stories. terror hits turkey. suicide bombers have attacked istanbul's international airport killing 36 people and injuring over 140. we give you a look at the latest artificial technology on
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display here in tokyo. and shifting defense. japan is making changes to where it stations some of its defense forces. it's in response to rising tensions with china. people in turkey are assessing the aftermath of a deadly suicide attacks at istanbul's main airport on tuesday. at least 36 people are dead and 147 others injured. turkish authorities are blaming suspects islamic state militants but no one has claimed responsibility. a twitter user posted video of what appears to be one of the explosions. turkey's justice minister says a terrorist opened fire with an automatic rifle at the international terminal and then blew himself up. a local official says there were three attackers. >> translator: the initial indications suggest the involvement of the islamic state group.
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>> president erdogan released a statement strongly condemning the attack. the airport has been partially reopened but many flights are still canceled or delayed. our correspondent keikichi mori has more on this situation. >> reporter: i'm just outside the airport where the attacks took place. now appears to be a little more relaxed. i have seen many ambulances coming in and going out. police are everywhere. istanbul ataturk airport, over 60 million people use it every year. the turks are shocked over the attack. security at the airport was occurred to be tight.
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>> translator: i heard gunshots for about ten seconds. then the first explosion. after that, there was a second blast and chaos everywhere. >> people were injured. >> reporter: turkey has been the target of a series of serious terrorist attacks. since last summer over 200 people have been killed. government forces have been fighting against the islamic state militants and kurdish armed groups that claim independence from turkey. for now people here are angry that these incidents keep happening. but there is also an element of fear because the attacks are happening more frequently and on larger scale. kenichi mori, nhk world, istanbul. leaders from the european union are spending a second day discussing britain's decision to
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leave the body. they want britain to detail exit plans as soon as possible. they are to expected to discuss how to handle britain on its withdrawal. david cameron was not invited for wednesday. he earlier said he wants to ensure his country has the closest possible relations with the eu. even though the majority of voters chose to leave, british politicians on both sides say they want to wait before triggering official negotiations. a new prime minister is expected to be chosen by october. personnel from japan's maritime self-defense force and the south korean navies held a drill aimed at response to ballistic missile launches. the drill took place tuesday off hawaii. destroyers tracked a mock fighter from a nearby base.
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the vessels tried out a communication system that shares information on the projectile including its trajectory. an msgf official says japan wants to help cooperation through such drills. since the end of world war ii, japan has focused much of its defense resources north because of russia. but china is causing japan to shift its focus and look to its southwestern islands. in the second of a two-part series, ishikawa reports on challenges japan faces in its air space. [ sirens blaring ] >> reporter: the japan air self-defense force jet to intercept an aircraft approaching the country's air space. according to the defense ministry, the recent numbers of scrambles have reached a level
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not seen since at the height of the cold war. last year more than half of the flights took off from here, naha airport. but it's also right next door to the self-defense force base. this is the most important air defense site in the country's southwestern islands. aircraft shares the single runway with civilian flights at the airport. the number of scrambles here increased more than three times in the past five years. the main reason is intensified air activities over the east china sea. a record of 571 scrambles were carried out against chihinese aircraft last fiscal year. >> translator: china is a major maritime nation in the world.d.
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the country's officials are further planning to expand not only their naval capability, but also their air capability in the future. with the improvement of both of them, beijing has tried to pursue its ideal model of naval power. >> reporter: air tensions rose in 2013 when china declared an air identification zone that overlaps with japan's. the zone includes air space over the senkaku islands. japan controls the islands. the japanese government maintains the islands are an inherent part of japan's territory. china and taiwan claim them. japan responded to the moves by setting up a new unit at the air base in naha. they deployed four planes to support land based. the area around the senkaku islands is too far away from
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land bases radar to be covered. so the defense mininistry sent e aircraftft to monitor the islal. then in january of thiss year, they ordered more than ten f-15 jets in naha bringing the total to 40. but the question is, is it enough? >> translator: china is developing its modernized air popower with an aggressive targ. japan or japan and the u.s. should establish a system as well better than china. if not, beijing may make a miscalculation to use military force. we need to pay attention to the risk. >> reporter: the japananese governnt is showowing it's paying attention by beefing up
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patrols and monitoring around its southwestern islands. what comes next would depend on military moves in and around the region. seigi ishikawa, nhk world, naha. an exhibition that features artificial intelligence is on in tokyo. some people are welcoming the benefits the technology could bring to humans while others aren't so sure. nhk world's nakamura reports. >> there are coffee shops and restaurants here. which one would you prefer? >> reporter: if developers get their wish, technology like this could soon be a common sight. hundreds of people came to check out this three-day exhibition in tokyo. designers from around the world are showcasing their latest, most innovative artificial intelligence.
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>> reporter: for example, this company is developing artificial consciousness. the image on the screen reacts with its own emotion. >> translator: the program is capable of responding to various human emotions. it can even show affection to the user. >> reporter: another company makes a robot that understands people's face and responds with what suits them. >> translator: i believe a.i. will eventually become partners with human beings. >> reporter: this exhibition highlights the possibilities of the future. but in some ways artificial intelligence or a.i. is already servicing human abilities. in rounds of matches, artificial intelligence have bested human
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players. other technology have written novels. but not everyone thinks advancing technology is a good thing. stephen hawking warns the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race. and sometimes the technology is not that intelligent. in one case, u.s. tech giant microsoft designed a robot to communicate with humans on twitter. but it wasn't long before people confused it into making sexist and discriminatory comments.. still, proponents of a.i. point to the benefits for humans. >> translator: a.i. is expected to play a major role not only in the field of web content,t, but also in fields like medicine, manufacturing, and security. >> reporter: and like it or no, a.i. technology is improving day by day. to the critics, designers point out that using a.i. wisely will
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require human intelligence. not just that of the machine. noriko nakamura, nhk world, tokyo. >> noriko, thanks. leaders from japan's governments and central bank have met again to discuss their response to the brexit fallout. gene otani joins us with that story and all the other business headlines. >> japanese leaders are studying the many challenges of brexit. prime minister shinzo abe says he'll work with other group of seven countries to do anything possible to secure global growth. abe sat down with representatives from the government and the bank of japan. also attending were finance minister taro aso and boj governor kuroda. thatat they're united in doing l they can to promote stability. >> translator: as the chair of the g7 meetings, japan will
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exert leadership in addressing risk and help establish a mid and long-term growth path. >> moved to closely monitor and take necessary measures. he urged the central bank governor to supply sufficient funds to financial institutions to help japanese firms in britain and smaller companies at home. it's been ten years since the last robot walked out of sony's factory. sony is ready to re-enter robotics. they announced a progress report for the firm's three-year management plan. he announced plans to establish a fund of more than $97 million next month for the development of new businesses.. these would include robots and artificial intelligence.
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>> translator: now is the time to accelerate our efforts to take on new challenges for sony's growth. >> managers have lowered their sales targets for the semiconductor business including image sensors for smartphones. the initial goal of about $12.2 billion has been revised down sharply to about $8.1 billion. hirai cited a rapid shrinkage of the market. due to robust performance in the game business. that's nearly twice as much as fiscal 2015. officials at toyota motor have announced a global recall of more than 3.3 million vehicles. the reason is potential problems with their fuel tanks and air bags. the move applies to seven models produced between march 2009 and february of last year. they include the prius and the
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election success ct-200-h. a fuel tank component could crack and cause gasoline to leak. and they said there's a possible defect in the side air bag of three models. the automaker says it has received 200 reports of gasoline smell bus no accidents have been reported. checking the markets, tokyo stocks rallied on wednesday. some investors bought stocks on the hopes of the japanese government providing support during this time of uncertainty. for the details, we go to giang nguyen. >> and comments from prime minister abe boosted the mood. he asked to provide liquidity to help japanese. the nikkei closed at 15,566. and the broader topix also rose
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1.9%. investors scooped up financial shares that have taken a beating in recent days. insurance companies like tokyo marine holdings, nomura holdings, and mitsubishi financial group all ended higher. shares is of sony jumped 4.8% after the company's president released its bullish sales target for the game business earlier in the day. most energy related teches were higher on rising oil pricess bu idemitsu kosan fell after announcing the merger. there are a lot of unknown factors in the eu relationship. investors need more information. the positive momentum carried over to other markets in the asia pacific region. the shanghai composite added almost .7 of 1% hitting another
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three-week high. hong kong's hang seng gained 1.3%. all sectors ended higher with rebounds of companies closely related to the uk. let's look at taiwan. up by 1% to finish at 8,586. ahead of the meeting thursday, many analysts expect further cuts as economic growth faulters. here's a look at some of the other business stories we're following. here's a look at e other business stories we're following. donald trump says if he becomes president, he would withdraw the u.s. from the transpacific partnership pact. he stressed free trade. he said it would be a death blow to american manufacturing. the japanese auto industry saw domestic production rise in
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may. the total for eight firms showed a 2.4% increase from the previous year. that's the first increase in two months. brisk sales of new models helped the upturn. suspended output of vehicles affected by the fuel economy manipulation scandal. south koreans have traditionally sought job security in big companies. but that's changing little by little. a growing number of young people are starting their own businesses. >> reporter: korean rice snacks and cakes, this is a familiar scene in south korea. but changes are taking place. this stand serves pizzas fresh out of the oven. this one serves the fried rice
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dish loved across southeast asia. and how about mexican food? youngsters flock to this stall because the food items are about half the price charged in mexican restaurants. the most popular item on the menu is tacos at about $5 a pop. >> translator: i thought the taste will be a notch dodown fr restaurants. but it's not. >> reporter: menus have changed and so, too, have the stall owners who are getting younger. this man did a student internship at a big company. but after graduation he decided to start this stall. >> translator: my mom was a cook so i was familiar with thatt world. i opened a stall for the mexican food that i love. >> reporter: more young koreans are running stalls amid uncertainty about the future.
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the slushish econonomy has left many struggling to find work. city officials have taken note of these trends and they've started a new project to create more momentum. this night market opened in march. more than 100 stalls line this 200 meter stretch of the riverside. the city government is supporting these young entrepreneurs to the tune of $800,000 from march to october. >> translator: before, there was no security and we had to search every day for somewhere to sell. now we have a steady spot at the weekends and it's more secure. >> reporter: city officials expect the market to boost the local economy by $8.5 million in
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the roughly half-year period through october. >> translator: by offering fun things, we hope to make the night market a major tourist spot. and i think it will be an important place for young entrepreneurs too. >> reporter: there are plans now to expand the projects at the famous area on july first. last week city officials invited stall owners to apply for space in a new night market. about a third of the 353 applicants passed initial screening. final approval depends on a panel of experts and citizens to sample their food and check out their stalls. mexican food stall owner moon is one of the applicants. 30 stalls that passed the screening will start selling in the new night market.
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>> translator: i'll have a chance to make my food known to many people. if my stall is given a place in south korea's most famous market. >> reporter: city officials plan z seven more of these markets by 2017. that would mean more young koreans would have a shot at success in business. kim chan-ju, nhk world, seoul. that's a look at business news. i'm going to leave you with the markets.
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nhk "newsline" comes to you from tokyo where the forecast calls for light rain. sayaka mori is here with the weather outlook starting with eastern europe.. >> yes. system moved over the northth o the balkan peninsula with hail and serious inundation. let's go to some video from croatia and serbia. severe weather battered the balkan peninsula late monday bringing damaging winds and large hail. a local hospital roof collapsed in parts of croatia and conditions in serbia were as bad as croatia. hail the size of baseballs were reported. it damaged cars and knocked down trees. the storm is still slowly tracking towarards the east tod bringing with it more severe weather. now, a front is affecting much
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of the black sea region on wednesday. watch for heavy rain and thunderstorms expected for many places. there are risks of thunderstorms, damaging winds, severe wind gusts, and large hail. please watch out if you're in and around this area. the risk can be found across the south of the balkan peninsula as well. there's anotother spot of weath across thehe iberirian peninsul with gusty conditions. an atlantic syem iss moving over the uk so more rain is expected and rain is going to be heavier than tuesday and wednesday in london. the high is going to be only 17 degrees. still on the chilly side. so rain could affect the wimbledon tournament that is taking place in the london area. meanwhile, high temperatures can be found across the black sea region. also the balkan peninsula once again. belgrade, the height could be over 30 degrees through the weekend. so watch out for heatstroke. and across japan, we have been talking of a heavy rainfall over
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the past couple of weeks. and on wednesday we are seeing more heavy rainfall and in parts of kyushu, 286 millimeters of rain fell in 24 hours. that's the record for june. so severe flooding is taking place in many places of kyushu we have some footage coming out of the island. tore r torrential rains have hit kyushu. as the massive earthquakes hit the area in april. about 230,000 people have been advised to evacuate. in kagoshima, fell in about one hour. the total rainfall since monday reached as much as 400 millimeters in some places inn thee island. so we really don't need any more rainfall. however, more rain is expected across western japan especially kyushu as we go into thursday. the risks of landslides and
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floodingrere g getting higher a higher. rain is expected for nigata as well. temperatures will be in the mid-20s but as we go into friday, the high is going to be over 30 degrees. sunny weather should come back. as for kumamoto, rainy weather should continue into your friday. now, as for china, rain is still continuing. the weather has been very wild so far this system. now more rain is expected for eastern portions of china and also there's a new low affecting the chongqing area. here's the extended forecast.
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onthank you for joining us "france 24." we start with his headlines. at least 41 dead and over 200 inured in a terror attack turkey. suicide bomber's detonated explosives inside an istanbul international airport. authorities expect islamic state. scotland is determined to stay in the european union. nicola sturgeon delivered an unequivocal message in brussels. britain's chair at the eu


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