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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 29, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> you're watching live from paris, our top stories this hour. europe's first post-brexit summit and the united kingdom -- innocent -- isn't invited. a day of mourning in turkey killed andople were hundreds wounded in a gun and on istanbul attack airport. the government has blamed the islamic state group. suspended jail sentences for the two french accountants behind luxly tax scandal. documents that
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luxembourg.s with there's to be no special deal for britain on immigration. european leaders have been brusselsheir first summit without the united kingdom after prime minister david cameron made his final last night. a joint statement laid out the in stark terms. to workwill not be able in the common market unless it accepts the free movement of people. the union, they want norway, for example, to be access to the european market. united kingdom must respect the four freedoms. the freedom of movement of
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goods. free movement of services, capital and persons. and there cannot be any exceptions. they can't take three freedoms fourth. out the ministersh first nicola sturgeon says she's heartened following talks in brussels today. most voters chose to stay in the e.u. she admits that staying in the e.u. won't be an easy task. for my part, i have emphasized that scotland voted remain part of the european duty as firstve a minister to respond to and seek to find a way to give effect to the democratic will of scotland so if there is a way for scotland to stay, i am determined to try and find thatt way. >> both spain and france have independent talks with
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scotland. ourier i spoke to correspondent in brussels and asked her how the other members the union were coping with the prospect of a brexit. >> the e.u. leader and president eager andmission very vocal about the fact that the e.u. should invoke that article 50 as soon as possible. as you know, it's been talked about all week. article 50 is the only legal means to get out, to withdraw from the european union. and when they do trigger that, as we've seen from francois hollande, they will not be sort of alcart treatment. donald tusk said that, as well. yesterday, the head of the party, theople's biggest group in the european parliament, said there will be policies of appeasement for the united kingdom and the e.u. would no longer represent london but rather 440 million other european
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citizens. what the 27 did agree on often-- and they squabble -- but today they agreed on one thing. that this brexit should serve as call and that radical reform is needed. they put a date in their direy reform,off that february 16, in bratislava. was said, this summit emotional. there were tears. david cameron seemed to apologize profusely for the referendum. the feel like 27 will have to work harder together. you mentioned ireland. talk about scotland, as well. nicola sturgeon has been going scotland'smake position known, trying to distance herself from the decision last week. in brusselsreceived
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today? reporter: she was received like royal treatment. as she said herself in the press conference, the doors were open everywhere. that's in the european parliament and united kingdom. european commission. she didn't make her way into the council. she said herself that she was about in the city and people were friendly and sympathetic. she said she was determined to whatever happens, scotland and its five million people will remain in the european union. an error with he said he would not influence british politics as they begin negotiation. what's happening in brussels, the council and the european commissioner coming head-to-head about who should guide the negotiations.
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many feel juncker should not be anywhere near the negotiations between the european union and the united kingdom. flaring at westminster for the first round minister's questions following last week's shocking results. reporter: back from brussels, back in the hotseat. >> questions to the prime minister. reporter: david cameron faced parliament over negotiating britain's exit from the european union. you, mr. speaker. the tone of the meeting was one of sadness and regret. reporter: though european leaders have insisted no brexit can beginny kind until britain has formally triggered article 50, cameron a differents with impression. >> they have said no negotiation without notification but i don't that excludes discussions that a new prime minister can have with partners or the institutions. thehe referendum has left
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u.k. divided along various fault lines, from age, class and location. dublin has signaled it is ready to fight to remain in the e.u. but cameron is urging unity, saying the best possible deal for the u.k. will be the best scotland.eal for >> keeping the united kingdom together is of paramount ouronal interest for country. reporter: that may be easier said than done. is divided, as well. cameron is frank on resigning and says he'll stay out of the conservative echoedhip race, but calls for jeremy corbyn to stand down as the leader. nationalot in the interests and i would say, for heaven's sake, man. reporter: it may be corbyn's last time to take on cameron at prime minister questions as both the entire u.k. scramble for answers. >> turkey is observing a day of mourning after 41 people were
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killed in a gun and suicide bomb attack in istanbul airport. people were left wounded. three attackers were seen opening fire before blowing themselves up. one's claimed responsibility. the government, though, is blaming the islamic state organization. ataturk airport is the third people in the europe and from several countries were among the dead. reporter: the latest is that intelligence apparently warned government 20 days ago of a possible islamic state group istanbul, mentioning several targets. one of them being ataturk airport. now, i think this just shows that in confrontations of this kind, the advantages do lie with the terrorists. the governments can take will reduce the casualties but they cannot eliminate them. familiar with airports in london, paris and frankfurt and to my unprofessional eye, the
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at this airport is as as good as in europe and in some better.'s even you notice that in march when islamic state attacked brussels airport, their bombers opened fire at the check-in counters of airport. last night, these attackers didn't get that far. attackers opened fire at the x-ray machines just inside entrance to the international terminal. >> this is a busy international airport, jasper. it is feared last night's attack will have a devastating impact this year. reporter: well, this is ontainly the third attack tourist sites in istanbul this year. january, islamic state killing sultan ahmed, 12 tourists, mostly german. attacked islamic state the famous pedestrian mall in
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old part of the city, killing four tourists. night, 13 of the 41 casualties were foreigners and three of the turks were people tourismed in the industry. however, i think the main -- wider thaned the tourism industry. we've had bombings in turkey at rate of one or two a month for 13 months now and these killed more than 250 people and the saddest fact is there is no end in sight. is no attempt at reconciliation. one cannot expect the government to start peace talks with the islamic state group. no government on earth is doing that. but many turks would like the government to restart peace the kurds and the government has ruled that out. anchor: jasper mortimer. by turkey on the line specialist and politics professor. for being with us.
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this is the latest in a string of terrorist attacks to hit turkey. some have been claimed by the islamic state. some by kurdish separatists. it seems the government doesn't have a strategy, doesn't seem to either. to deal with a strategy but it has many mistakes on foreign policy and internal policy. today, for one year now, since 2015, it created the government itself, created artificially two enemies by mistakes in internal policy and foreign policy. peace processthe was almost ended with kurds, in ,une 2015, after the election ankara preferred to open up the with kurds and since july until today, there are many
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effects and fighting between kurdisharmy and militants. on the other hand, for three and four years now, turkish government supported directly or inirectly islamic state syria, and as always, the is attacking its creator today. , a very a trap, dangerous trap and as mentioned, and thousands of people crying every day in turkey. anchor: in the meantime, erdogan to have made a u-turn in foreign policy. he is reaching out to neighbors the region. there was a deal with israel on monday. he's importantly reaching out to well., as are those relationships likely to make a difference? well, i don't know.
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but actually, the foreign policy for the last 10 -- even 15 years but more 10 years was just enemies around turkey, regional policy without any allies and israel, of course, russia, of course, but also egypt. government doesn't mind the egyptian government ankara realized continue possible to to deal like that. it needs state structure so it's a huge shift of foreign policy to get back in about the region russia and, with including egypt and i think that sooner orlater, later, maybe very soon, turkey negotiations with
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the regime. we are used to seeing shifting policies in 24 hours, the leader of turkey can change course, can change enemies, allies. unfortunately, the population is used to seeing this kind of shifting. anchor: thank you so much for talking to us. saying, turkish president, recep tayyip erdogan, diplomatico reset ties with russia. expected to meet for the first time in months after a caused bylomatic row turkey shooting down a russian jet. and russia,rkey bitter foes the last seven months, have decided to put aside differences. an essential element, the lifting of harsh economic on ankara butsed
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russia. >> i asked the president to begin the negotiations of trade turkey.tions with reporter: turkish tourism in particular will breathe a sigh of relief. itsia has lifted financially devastating ban on packaged holidays to turkey. exporters, too, will once again find a warm welcome in russia. turkish primehe minister had in mind when he announced on tuesday that turkey regionale lookout for allies. >> we will increase the number we have and reduce the number of enemies. this regard will continue at a steady pace and russia, or egypt, but with all black sea and mediterranean countries. that's our main goal. statementputin's comes two days after the turkish russiant apologized to
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for shooting down one of its military jets on the turkish-syrian border in november. russia described the incident as planned provocation. the countries find themselves on opposing sides of the syrian that's a fact they can, at least for now, put aside, with both countries realizing that an ongoing diplomatic stalemate wasn't in best interests. anchor: a court in luxembourg suspended jail sentences for the two behind the lux leak tax scandal. former employees showed that the withnment had colluded companies to avoid tax. journalists were acquitted. reporter: there was dismay, atulsion but not surprise the courthouse in luxembourg as rulings in the
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notorious lux leak whistleblowers case. two whistleblowers were convicted and handed suspended prison sentences and fines of euros.000 and 1500 supporters of the whistleblowers say they were acting in the public interest by copying and handing on to journalists detailingof documents the tax rulings in luxembourg multinational firms to pour their profits in a secret tax regime and pay tax rates sometimes under 1%. case has concluded for now. the two men convicted say they europeanal to the court of human rights. meanwhile, we've had european officials saying the european to do more tods
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stop whistleblowers from being prosecuted. the commission has yet to take concrete action on that. of our a reminder headlines this hour and europe's first post-brexit summit without the united kingdom. european leaders have told the u.k. there will be no special immigration while france and spain have ruled out scotland.alks with a day of mourning in turkey after 41 were killed and wounded in a gun and suicide bomb attack on istanbul airport. the government has blamed the state group. suspended jail sentences for the two french accountants behind luxleak tax scandal. the two leaked documents that multinational companies had deals with luxembourg to avoid paying taxes. let's get to more business news. kate moody with me in the studio. you're looking at the markets, they plunged
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dramatically following the brexit result but have moved back into stable territory. actually positive territory we're seeing this wednesday. shruggingseem to be off growing concerns about how and when the u.k. will cut its european ties. u.s. stocks have so far erased more than half of their brexit losses. session highs. wall street's boosted by a gain in oil prices. the dow jones added about 100 points earlier in the session. up wellmajor indices over 1.5%, nasdaq trading up nearly 2%. soared. markets thany 100 jumping more 3.5%. currency markets, after hitting 30-year lows in the aftermath of the vote, the pound sterling has rebounded trading up 1.2%. more volatility is expected on both currency and markets, some
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analysts believe the summit in brussels has led to a period of calm. >> markets are gambling for time britain won't start the legal process of leaving in the short politicians ingh brussels are standing firm, saying britain must now leave. are only words. behind closed doors they may be looking for solutions for britain to stay in the e.u. crazy as that may sound. >> at that summit in brussels, hearing from european leaders, they've begun setting parameters for the u.k. to leave the e.u. one of the most crucial issues londonron is having -- is having access to europe's largest market. it's one of the things that makes the u.k. an attractive place to do business. will hope tonment negotiate continued access but european leaders are drawing a line on british efforts to maintain that privilege. here's the president of the
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council, donald tusk. >> we must make it crystal clear to the single market fourres acceptance of all freedoms, including the freedom of movement. be no single market a la carte. the telecom giant vodafone has been the latest to it could move abroad over the brexit decision. it says the free movement of and goodspital provided by the e.u. was to itself operations, currently in london. firm on seventh largest the ftse 100 stock exit. other companies try to come to terms with what brexit will mean for them. about a quarter of the firms are as theyfreeze hiring wait for more clarity on the circumstances. >> there needs to be clarity, about e.u. citizens
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already here. employ0% of our members non-u.k. e.u. nationals and we that theiritment rights to reside here will be protected because the last thing makeess wants is to retrospective changes to its work force, getting visas for already here. also, they want to have try to have as much unrestricted access the single market as possible. >> tuesday's deadly attack at istanbul's airport was the latest in a spate of violence that has swept across turkey in recent months, a further blow to the already struggling tourist industry. reporter: the terrorist attacks an adverseaving effect on the tourism industry's bottom line. in this parisian travel agency, calls are flooding in from worried customers. of the cancellations are a fall innd so is
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revenue. >> there's a 60% drop in revenue compared to previous years. we don't put pressure on customers. if they want to postpone their postpone it. if they want to cancel, we cancel the trip. at ataturkhe blast airport this tuesday was the fifth attack this year, many of popularrgeteded areas with tourists. on january 12, 12 german near als were killed landmarkne of turkey's tourist attractions. travels tourism and industry is reeling. in may, the country had already number ofowest visitors in 22 years, down 35%. troubled times, the government has stepped in to provide a support plan of iteral million euros but might not be enough. so they're also trying publicity airbus like sinking an the aegon sea on
2:54 pm attract >> other business headlines, a won a $2.9has billion contract to expand dubai's metro network, building 15-kilometer long extension to fair.te of the world alstom will begin work on the expansion at the end of this year. in general mills rose after the u.s. food giant reported better-than-expected quarterly profits and forecast a strong year ahead. brands including haagen-dazs and a change in seen sales. drivers call for more
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uber in colombia. here in france, businesses in 2016ost cities for euro games are taking stock of a busy few weeks. of international -- has boosted hotels and local businesses with new customers to cater for. the northern city has completed its hosting duties. counting upers are the profits. euro 2016 is over and it's to take business owners stock. cafe owners cold thousands of fours of beer during the matches played here. on game night, this restaurant sold close to 1,000 beers. >> we manage without having to of extra staff. it was practical. it was like with all big parties, it was stressful.
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but everything went well. happy. reporter: restaurants saw a 30% in turnover in the past fortnight. the biggest money maker was the and wales.en india this small bakery cashed in. like french specialties eclairs and baguettes were a hit with foreign fans. 100 times morest sandwiches. it was hard work but we have a great team. we divided up the tasks. reporter: toy shops benefited from the competition with all related to euro 2016 selling very well. paint,s, lots of face whistles, stuff that makes noise and stadium,s everything needed for a party. eurore looking forward to 2016. people really got into it.
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reporter: 200,000 fans in total visited. returns to normal, they toe visitors will continue visit. anchor: we'll take a very short break. [captioning made possible by
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democracy now!] ♪ amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> someone next to us got shot. then a bomb exploded. everybody around us died in that blast. they got up to look through the window to see the shooting. amy: in turkey, a triple suicide bombing and gun attack targeting istanbul's international airport kills 41 people,


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