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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 1, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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an echo hello and welcome to "live from paris." i am annette young. let's together look at what is making news at this hour. one week until the u.s. election, and democrat hillary clinton seeks to play down the latest twist to her email scandal as the fallout continues. meanwhile, the republican rival, donald trump, says the fbi has found the mother lode of emails. iraqi government troops are closing in on mosul.
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the islamic state group was last in the stronghold in the country. entirely ins almost serbia. french authorities -- the government tends to deal with the worsening migrant crisis in calais. annette: we begin in the united states, where it it is barely a week to go until election day. the residential raise is heating up. a new probe into hillary clinton's email scandal has seen the republican bridge the gap in the polls. however, donald trump is still trailing in key states as our
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correspondent reports. >> a lifeline for donald trump. the republican candidate says rival's latesthe in a scandal could turn the election in his favor. mr. trump: the fbi found that you are not going to believe him 1 -- another 650,000 else. i think that is called the mother lode. i think they found them all. this is the single biggest scandal since watergate. the fbi'sttacking timing of the pope's weekend, the clinton campaign now accuses -- bureau -- timing of the the democratic candidate also remained adamant that she had nothing to hide. mrs. clinton: now they apparently want to look at emails of one of my staffers. by all means, they should look at them.
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and i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my emails in the last year. there is no case here. week to go into election day, the new chapter in the email zika has seen donald rump -- in the emails saga has seen donald trump climb in the polls. clinton is ahead in several key states. analysts say the democratic candidate is looking solid in swing states such as nevada, colorado, and virginia. and while hotly disputed florida and north carolina are still up for grabs, a loss for trump in either could already cost him the election. although ties between the united states and iran have been nonexistent since the crisisn embassy hostage in 1980, terror on has kept the
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night -- tehran has kept and i on its rival. and now this report. >> tehran's walls still reflect the frozen times. there have been no diplomatic relations between iran and the united states, but in recent weeks, allyes have turned to the u.s. presidential election. newspapers have often resorted to a mocking tone, and headlines such as "the fake war," or "the debate is a mockery." and cartoons like this one, "the 18 reasons trump appeals to americans." >> at university and everyone else,-- and everywhere people want hillary clinton to win because she supports women's rights. trump is a hardliner.
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if he wins, a will be a tragedy for the entire world. it will be better if it is clinton. >> if hillary clinton wins, she will be helpful in keeping the nuclear deal on track. she will not be against it. >> the implications of that nuclear deal is exactly what iranians are worried about. there is no surprise more iranians are following this cycle of the u.s. presidential campaign than the 14 years ago. oneian state -- than the four years ago. >> what can happen in the reason, it can have an influence and an effect on what can happen in both countries. --can escalate tenter is tensions between both countries in the region. >> the irony president says the isice between both americans between bad and worse. the u.n. is saying
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islamic state militants killed 44 members of the islamic state islamic -- e to use them as human shields. alexander al qaeda has the latest. alexander: -- alexander a alcot has the latest. fighting intensified with the iraqi special forces to the edge of corona district. late on monday the prime minister traveled to the outskirts of the jihadists stronghold in iraq. in on the close islamic state group on all sides. we will cut off the head of the snake. they will have no way out and no way to escape your their choice will be to surrender or die. the c.t.s. will halted to
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france until forces on other fronts get into position. troops in the south have the most ground to cover. they are currently battling islamic state group fighters in the city of shura, 54 kilometers from mosul. and while, and radiant backed military have started west to cut off the supply line from the syrian border. the operation has moved swiftly until now. many of the captured towns are largely abandoned. heading for the more densely populated areas, the advance will slow down significantly. the vastly outnumber jihadists have already started using waves of car bombs, suicide bombs, and sniper attacks as they try to hold onto their last major bastion in iraq. in the last major operation, iraqi forces will seize the city. operations have been working around the clock to prepare for up to one million people expected to be displaced in the coming weeks. annette: and france, the final
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shelter of the calais migrant camp known as the jungle has now been finally demolished. more than 7000 people living in the cap before the evacuation 1500 last thursday -- minors still remain. >> clearing out the last remains of the jungle. after moving over 6000 people from the camp this past week, police and cleaning crews were dismantled the remaining shelters this monday. helping to mark the definitive closure of europe's biggest slum . >> i want to reassure the people of calais no one will come back to live on the site. it has been evacuated. it will be secure. nobody will be able to access it. migrants 1500 underage still live in these shipping containers in calais.
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those who have family in the uk are waiting for their reunification requests to be approved. for the rest, the future remains uncertain. their fears -- there are fears most will sibley join other camp's around the country, like the one your stalingrad in northeast paris, which already holds 2000 people. most migrants here say they came through the via and italy and have never been to calais -- through libya and italy and have never been to calais. >> we have more than 2700 people here. calais,e arrived from most for months. french president francois hollande said the camp will be evacuated soon. a news housing center open in the north of paris, will only have room for only 600 people, a far cry from the thousands gathered in stalingrad. annette: to yemen now. and the conflict that has
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pre-much disappeared off the radar for us in the news media. on monday the united states called for an end to airstrikes by the saudi led coalition in a security camp meeting. continues to supply arms and provide other military support to saudi arabia. , nearlyn 10,000 yemenis 4000 of them civilians, have been killed since the conflict began in march of 2015, when who three rebels -- when houthi rebels called for the overthrow the government. iran has supported support that has provided support for the houthis. u.n., they aree one step away from famine. at's talk to george, humanitarian aid official. how desperate is the situation
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now for people? >> yes, thank you. the situation is very desperate to the people. criticaltion is very and very dangerous. right now we have almost 14 million people in yemen, people who are not able to meet the full requirements. half of them, 7 million people, are severely -- these are people who do not know where they will get their next meal. receivingals are crazy numbers of malnourished children. able in manyonger high ao handle this number coming to the hospital. system -- inion
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yemen, we have 10 governors out of 22, they are in the emergency feed. of the one step short famine situation. so the situation is really critical in yemen. annette: give us a sense of how difficult it is to get aid delivered to regions across the country, particularly those in rural areas. >> yes. the humanitarian partners, we operate in very complex and complicated situations. in ae delivering aid continuing conduct of hostility. in general, the humanitarian aid , in almost every place
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there is a need, are delivering. but it is a complicated operation. and annette: it does appear that the world has momentarily forgotten the conflict, that he has been overshadowed by events in syria and iraq. that is true. right now, our humanitarian funding is as less than 50% funded. it is limiting our ability and capacity to respond to the needs. this humanitarian crisis is generally driven by economy scare reasons. right now the full quantity coming in yemen is less than 30% of the market, prices up, poor families no longer able to afford it.
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it is a complex situation with a number of factors. you need to get back the free movement of goods, of imports, and basic food tm in. -- we they humanitarian partners do not have the resources or the capacity to deal with 21 million people. there is a need for immediate by the international community to stop this catastrophe. annette: we are going to have to leave it there. thank you so much. to venezuela now, where opposition and government leaders have agreed to tone down their heated rhetoric. the announcement coming during the first round of data can sponsored talks, aimed to diffuse the country's political races over efforts to remove
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embattled president nicolas majuro. >> will it be enough? the pope has asked for concrete gestures for the national dialogue that will kick off in venezuela on november 11. hours later, five political prisoners were freed. , -- they were low-level activists detained over the past those comments on charges such as attacking the honor of the military. the release of dozens of political prisoners is a key demand. nichols monroe is widely blamed for inflation of more than 1600% and food shortages which have crippled the oil-rich nation. the government intern accuses the opposition of waging an economic war, backed by the united states and trying to oust
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mr. maduro housewife. in a further sign of goodwill, someone whoed with supports the talks. >> we had an hour-long conversation, getting up to speed on various topics. discussing bilateral relations, and it was very positive. comes next challenge thursday, when opposition parties have called for a march on the presidential palace, raising the risk of a government crackdown. annette: time now for business news. i'm joined by susan carol. you are starting with the volatility of the prices of oil -- by stephen carroll. you are starting with the volatility of the prices of oil. explosion, aowing blast in alabama on monday, killing one person and injuring five others when missionary being used by contractors hit the pipeline. firecrackers -- fire crews are
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continuing to battle the blaze on the site which stops the flow of oil through the colonial pipeline. the price of oil today is under onea barrel, just under third of 1% on this day of international benchmark oil prices. goldman sachs has warned that oil could drop as low as $40 a barrel. it looks increasingly unlikely that there will be an agreement at a meeting later this month. oillso have two major companies -- bp underlined quarterly profit, cut almost in half. in the three months at the end of september, underlined profit of 933 million dollars. the people cut expenditures further is a falling profits. shell says the outlook remains uncertainty because of that uncertain because of lower prices.
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thanis despite a better expected increase in earnings for the last quarter. they have tripled the level they were a year ago, mainly due to the taker of bg group. the stock markets are reacting. we have shares in bp down almost 2% in london. shell is up 3%. aboutors are more pleased the results. the ftse 100 seeing good gains in london this last time. new figures show a weak pound has boosted manufacturing. but a research firm says 90% of companies reported rising costs. here in france, the train maker m awarded a 3 billion euro contract to build a commuter train for the paris region. competition from a spanish rival was beaten. another factory threatened with
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closure. alstom andne for candidates -- the two companies are set to manufacture 270 new-generation trains for the greater paris rail network. the contract is worth 3 billion euros and will provide enough work for 3200 employees. the trains will be manufactured at these plants in the north of the country. it is one of the biggest contracts in railway history. despite having a lower bid, spanish train maker -- this spanish train maker was game too the contract.e the foot plant almost closed. >> it is good news. i see it as saving jobs. jobs in the manufacturing
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sector. i am sure this could be good. >> for the near future, it appears that their jobs are secure. >> for now we are working reduced hours, but if this order had not come in, some of the workforce would have been laid off because there simply would not have been enough work for everyone. thefter stepping in to save site, the french government will be breathing a sigh of relief that it will not have to intervene again. >> on all stump us behalf. -- the electronics giant sony saw its earnings hurt by the strength of the japanese yen. sales are down by more than 10%. they have already cut their profit motion outlook by a quarter. financial says it is on track
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to make a billion dollars worth of cuts. revenue is down 6% over the last three months. china, where the battle of the theme parks is heating up. construction has begun on a $7 billion park by universal studios. it is set to open in 2020 and comes after disney opens its first chinese part in shanghai back in june. 21 theme parks opened in china last year. another 20 are under construction. personally, i cannot imagine anything worse, but a lot of people like theme parks. annette: i have never been to euro disney. stephen: i have once, and it was magical. carroll, thankn you. it is time for our press review. time to take a look at what is making headlines across the world. -- inoined in the story
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the studio by florence villeminot. no surprise that we are starting in the u.s., with papers continuing to focus on the fallout of the email scandal involving democrat hillary clinton, with the director of the fbi, james comey, experiencing the fallout. flo: "the new york times" calls this an election shaking letter to congress, talking about controversial new emails possibly linked to hillary clinton. "the new york times" is furious about this, calling it "a big mistake." they say that he did not even know what was in the emails before he sent this letter. now it is too late, according to "the new york times." you already have trouble describing this revelation is bigger than watergate. clinton and you have
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blasting james comey, with what is called a "jaw-dropping double standard." posti took "the huffington " article, that james comey is withholding evidence that would link trump with russia. why is he not doing this now when it is concerning the males with hillary clinton? this is back in the day when they were investigating the alleged russian hackings into the democrat national convention , so that is why we said we do withant him to interfere the election. some are saying he is trying to influence the presidential election outright. take a look at the article in "the daily beast," particularly
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outraged. it is talking about how easy --t's how easy that how easy how he's putting his thumb on the scale of the election. annette: and now a new president after more than two years in a political vacuum. the photo ofsee the celebrations in beirut. these are supporters of michel aoun, elected parliament yesterday. you can see how the line -- how gridlock gives way to glee. he has become lebanon's 13th president, but it was not all smooth sailing. you can read more about that in a local paper. it reports that several lawmakers tried to trip up the voting process in parliament, putting too many envelopes in the ballot box. they had to vote for times, making it quite an embarrassing spectacle. it was not very professional of the lawmakers. they made a joke of the
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democratic process in front of the whole world. watching, quite a historic election. they obviously do not care about the result, according to that paper. annette: turning back to france, focusing on the aftermath of the thealled cleanup of open jungle" refugee camp near calais. the government has been patting itself on the back for what they consistentn oppression. "le figaroa" said it happened after the attack. many migrantsthat from the jungle are setting up camp elsewhere. in paris, an estimated 2000 people were gathered in the northern part of paris, around a measure station called stalingrad, and they are calling it the many jungle. you can -- the mini jungle.
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this weekend, president francois hollande vowed to dismantle this camp as well. how effective are these spectacular evacuations at migrant camps? here in paris, a migrant camp routinely routes up. -- routinely sprout up. sometimes they sprout up again after they are cleared in exactly the same place. these kinds of spectacular dismantling's in front of the operation just a pr for authorities to make people believe they are in charge of what is going on. annette: today, for those of us who do not know, it is all saints day, a catholic holiday. it is a bank holiday, a public holiday in france, and it is a day to pay to those who have died. of course, this -- flo: and celebrating last night. annette: it is the french version of halloween, essentially. people head to the cemetery where they tend to the tombs of their loved ones, their families, their friends. there is a whole community of
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people fascinated with cemeteries. you can read about it come about these people who surf on people's graves. they are surfing the web, essentially. it is fascinating what they do. they prod
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