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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  November 7, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PST

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come aing to you live from our studios here in japan. i'm james tageg. employees are working overtime
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hours. the inspectors raided the company's headquarters and three branch offices on monday. they found evidence that some employees put in far more overtime hours than dentsu and a labor union agreed to. ministry officials will decide whether to extend the case to prosecutors. japan's top government spokesperson won't comment on the raid but says the government wants to do more to solve the problem. >> we will try to improve working conditions so no precious lives are lost due to overwork. we will try to promote reforms including the problem of excessive overtime and ensuring equal pay for equal work. >> the investigation began last month after a 4-year-old killed herself due to overwork. they're fully cooperating with
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the probe. the labor ministry earlier this year certified that a 30-year-old dentsu employee killed him himself due to over work. dentsu president has pledged to rebuild the company. he made the promise at a speech to employees monday afternoon. he cited the need to review work loads and reform working methods and job performance assessments. he also called for unity in the effort to overcome the problems facing the company and create a new dentsu. >> translator: its re regrettable that it requires an outside organization to bring about this essential reform effort. >> the chinese government has barred to politicians from taking office. it ruled that lawmakers might swear allegeance to hong kong as
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part of china when they take their oath of office. the national people's congress made the ruling monday. >> hong kong is a part of china and historical fact and according to law. they are challenging hong kong's basic law and threatening national unity. >> li warned that chinese authorities would not show any leniency in suppressing sources. in october the two lawmakers altered the wording of theiraths at a swearing in ceremony and displayed a banner that said hong kong is not china. theiraths were invalidated and their right is being challenged by a hong kong court. based on china's interpretation of the law. so, they are likely to lose their seats.
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thousands of pro-democracy protesters took to the street on sunday over the decision. some of them clashed with riot police who fired tear gas. the unrest continued until early monday. a japanese freelance journalist has been set free near the city of mosul in northern iraq. he said he is unhurt and in good condition. the authorities took him into custody last month. the journalist was in the area to cover the offensive launched by iraqi and kurdish forces to retake mosul from the islamic state militant group. he plans to return to japan on tuesday. the u.s. federal bureau of investigation has cleared hillary clinton two days before the presidential election. the fbi had reopened its case on her use of a private e-mail server when she was secretary of state. and it says it found no evidence of criminality. director james comey revealed
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the decision on sunday in a letter to congress. the fbi worked around the clock to review newly discovered e-mails. he said the bureau stands by its july recommendation of not pressing charges against the democratic presidential candidates. >> we're glad this matter is resolved. >> republican presidential nominee donald trump was quick to respond from the campaign trail. >> hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. the people know it. and now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box on november 8th. >> the reopening of the case gave trump a boost. as of sunday, some nationwide opinion polls show clinton with a narrow lead of 1.8 percentage points. the asian american community is the fastest growing racial group in the u.s. they've been expanding in
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electerate strength. their votes are harder and harder to overlook. visiting residents in new york to see how they feel about getting their voices hear. >> reporter: amy immigrated from taiwan. this election, though, she's motivated. >> i wish i would go early this year because i wish there's a change. plus, i'm really against trump. >> reporter: just across the street, jack supports donald trump. he came from mainland china looking for better business opportunities. >> i think he promimises some i foreigners to do business here and encourage that
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and he's a business person. >> reporter: their neighborhood of flushing is one of the most ethnically diverse. it's not just chinese. other immigrants are also streaming in. it's something that can be seen across the country. a report released by several university professors last month draws attention to their growing importance in the electorate. it points out asian americans are often ignored in national polls and surveys. >> hello. >> reporter: then again it isn't like their voter turnout has been high. one of the challenges is language. you don't speak english. okay. >> no english. >> reporter: a community-based organization provides support. staff members here are mostly bilingual and they are trying to tear down the barriers asian americans face going to the polls. this korean american woman came
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to the center with her registration paper because she wasn't sure where to take it. staff called the board of elections for her. >> i've seen the board of elections misspelling asian names. that's a big issue. when they are going to the polling site their names are not recognized by y the poll worker. that's another issue. >> reporter: those are the kinds of things that keep people from voting. not lack of interestst. many people are concerned about the economy, education, anand hehealth carare. they came to the united states with dreams of a better life and want their voices heard. some who grew up in the united states, though, are worried that what they and their parents fought for is at risk. the chin family lives in brooklyn. she's a playwright and director. she was born in japan and became an american after coming to california with her parents. irwin teaches journalism and design. he was born and raised in tennessee. his parents moved from taiwan in '60s.
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the two embrace the united states. the different ethnicities, genders and cultures that flourish. as this election campaign has played out, those e values have been questioned. >> it was hard to get to a point where i felt like, hey, wait a second, i can take ownership over where i am living. i have the right to ask for the things that i need and deserve. >> irwin too remembers as a kid that the priority was to assimilate and he was worried about fitting in. but for his children, he had believed times had progressed. >> i think it's just -- it's easier to go backwards. it's harder to move forward. >> reporter: what sort of place you wish this place to be? >> no matter what your background is, you are treated
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with respect. and that opportunities are available to you, no matter who you are, what gender you are, what ethnicity you are. >> reporter: the couple hopes that even after election day, people will continue to discuss the issues that have surfaced. as important as discussion is, so is going out to vote. minorao takao, nhk world. we'll keep you updated on the u.s. presidential elections to be held on tuesday, november 8th. it's decision time in america. two devisive candidates have been fighting for the white house. >> he's denigrating. he's talking down our democracy. >> impacting relations around the world.
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including here in asia. u.s. election 2016 on nhk "newsline." affecting the choice for the new prime minister. park over political scandals involving her confidaunt of 40 years. on sunday a spokesperson for the democratic party of korea demand that park rescind her appointment of kim as soon as possible. park should accept a candidate recommended by parliament as a new prime minister and give up some of her authority. kim is close to some opposition parties and once held a key post under the progressive late president. park is believed to have tried to seek a break through with the appointment in order to steer clear of the quagmire. the opposition party is maintaining its tough stance against park and daily protests
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across the nation and mounting calls for her resignation. a recent poll in south korea shows 45% of respondents were in favor of repealing park's appointment. japan's independent auditing board has completed its assessment of government spending. here's more in the world of business. >> officials that board of audit of japan say they found over $11 billion of wastete or inineffece governrnment spending. the assessment is for the previous fiscal year. the commissioner submitted the report to the prime minister. auditors found 455 cases of improperly managed spending. the total amount of mishandled funds is $11.7 billion, the second highest on record. they say about 90% of the money funds not being used at the insurance coperation of japan. the money was earned by selling
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stocks bought during past crisis. the auditors say those funds should be returned to the government. auditors also assess the bank of japan and increase its finances. yields on government bonds held by the bank could fall further as a result of its negative interest rate policy. two major japanese companies have released earnings reports for the first half of this fiscal year. nissan motors suffered from the stronger yen but softbank group gained on mobile phone services. nissan officials said the net profit was about $2.7 billion for the april to september period. that's 13% less than yen terms from a month earlier. unit sales dropped 20%. after the fuel efficiency scandal there. in contrast, softbank group's
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net profit rose and the firm also proved from the sales of share. turning to the markets. tokyo stocks and the dollar rallied on the news that the fbi cleared hillary clinton in its investigation of her e-mails. the decision removed a degree of uncertainty for investors in the u.s. presidential election. details from the tokyo stock exchange. >> the fbi's announcement was a relief for investors. you see clinton as a safer choice for the market. this helped them regain an appetite for risk. let's look at the closing levels for this monday, november 7th. the nikkei added 1.61%. closing at 17,177. that's the biggest gain since mid-september. the board of topix rose 1.2%. taking a look at individual stocks, the weaker yen gave export related companies a boost. automakers in particular. toyota raised almost 2% and
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shares of suzuki motor raised 7% for the fiscal year ending march 2017. the company said it had robust sales in indian and europe despite the stronger yen. which supplies lcds for apple smartphones climbed almost 9%. the inoovation network of japan, a government-backed fund is preparing about $500 million in aid for the struggling manufacturer. as election day in the u.s. draws near, many investors are still on edge. we might be in for some sharp movement at the final stage as the race plays out. australia's index gaining by 1.35%. south korea's kospi also gaining by 0.8%, despite the country's deepening political crisis. over in china, the shanghai
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3,133. coal miners and metal producers on signs to produce overcapacity are bearing fruit. 5,386 after indonesia authorities reported economic growth of 5% for the third quarter, which was largely in line with market expectations. here's a look at some of the other business stories we're following. >> the average monthly salary in japan rose. workers on average earned about 265,000 yen or $2,500 a month, including bonuses and overtime pay. that's up 0.2% from last year. in yen terms it amounts to 0.9%. real wages have been inching up for the past eight months. food s safety officials in taiw arare considering a gradual easg
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of the ban on food importss f f japapan. they imposed the trade embargo after the 2011 nuclear accident. they say they are considering foods from four prefectures including fukishima. restrictions on imports must be adjusted in line with internatational rules. mayors in the u.s. state of texas are asking japanese companies to come openen their business. japan was the second biggest foreign investor in the u.s. last year after britain, but many japanese firms are now wary of investing as both the democratic and republican presidential candidates back pedal on a transpacific partnership free trade deal. let's take a look at our global economic dallender for
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the week. the presidential election will have attention of investors across the globe. on wednesday china comes out with key inflation gauges. the producing price index for october. japan machinery orders for september. do we have earnings for the first half of the business year in japan. things come to a climax on friday when more than 300 listed companies post their results. and every week we ask a specialist to share their perspective on the coming week in today's edition of "expert view." we hear from equity stratetegi. the strong yen continues to make life difficult for japanese exporters. he is expecting further decline in profits, but he says the results won't be as bad as many had expected three months ago. >> more than half of the major firms and disclose the first half results and recurring
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profits of those major profits showed declined. 14% year to year. and that is smaller compared with the previous company projections that was 21% decline. >> the yen's appreciation makes it harder for japanese exporters to compete. but many firms have found ways to cope with a stronger currenency. >> manufacturers trying to make their more profitable by their cost cutting measures and also shifting the production or their products. and also in the electironic sectors we showed increasing demand for semiconductor production equipment sectors. they also seeing the incoming orders increasing. the auto partmakers also capturing the increasing demand in the u.s. and with china.
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>> pretax profits have continued to improve in the coming quarters leading to a pickup in capital investment. >> we expected the japanese major firms to expand expenditures by 6%. and compared with last year 2%. >> and that's a look at business news. when disaster strikes, time is of the essence. people in one japanese coastal town at risk of tsunami have begun a special program with that in mind. they're helping ensure the elderly can get out quickly. nhk world reports. >> reporter: this looks like a super fun exercise class, but for these people in central japan it could mean the difference between life and death. they do seven different
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exercises using rubberbands. >> translator: it's fun. we get to sing as we are doing our workout. >> reporter: this town minamlise could be hit by a tsunami. if that happens, the locals need to reach higher ground fast. however, more than half of the population here are elderly people. this couple is now in their 70s. from their home, it's 500 meters to the evacuation area and much of the way is up a steep hill. >> translator: five years from now, we don't know what condition we'll be in. so, we need to keep exercising.
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>> reporter: besides the classes which are held twice a month, they also started doing the exercises at home. after doing this training almost daily for more than seven months, they are starting to feel the difference. >> translator: if we keep this up, we should be able to reach safety for many years to come. >> reporter: the proteser designed this training program. she has found that some people who have used it for at least a year, can reach the evacuation area two minutes faster than they could before. >> translator: the results are better than i expected. i hope people will make their legs as strong as possible so that they're able to evacuate quickly on their own. >> reporter: helping elderly people to help themselves in a disaster. these exercises are becoming so popular that neighboring communities are training more
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instructors to lead them. >> a few minutes can make a huge difference. thanks for that report. fair weather prevails in tokyo with the current reading 12 degrees fahrenheit. jonathan oh from our weather desk has this update starting with the wintry conditions up north. >> hello. i think that snow continues to expand over hokka oorx dirxido. the sea of japan tends to have warmer temperatures and the colder air from the north helps to generate some of that snow. i think that we're going to see this continue to expand. as we go into the winter months but this year particularly has been a little bit busier when it comes to the winter precipitation. the top picture in hokkaido to give you an i idea what it look like. by the way, last week it wasn't this snow, but now we're seeing
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the snow for this area of the country during the weekend. 23 centimeters of snow was reported at peak on sunday. over 20 secentimeters of snowfa took place in early november. that is the first time in 21 years in this particular area. also in another portion of ho hokkaido 50 centimeters of snow there being reported. definitely seeing a lot more in terms of thehe wintry precipitatation and more is o oe way. as we go forward in time. let me show you what is happening on the map here. high pressure that is place. that is bringing in a southerly flow along with the warm sector of this low pressure system that is located over the sea of japan. that's going to help elevate the temperatures as we go into tuesday and that will create more of a rainy type situation. that would change as we go into wednesday because then the colder air wrapsps back around d drop t the temperatures back do. in factct, not just for norther
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japan, but the rest o of the country will alsoo see a a cool of the conditions and we shoulu expect things toee a a little bt chillier as we go into the middle of this week. also saw some snow, as well. so, rain into tuesday from tokyo may be lucky and not get as much rain. snsnow comes back in the pictur. 14 in tokyo and 13 in oskaa. prpretty dry towards the east a windy in the northeastern portion of the united states and back over to the mountains we're seeing a bit of a dry pattern and we have a cold front moving through the central plains. that is going to b bring a chan for some rain and thunderstorms dodown towards the south and al bringing down the temperatures just a bit. more windy and wet conditions into the northwest. high of 13 in british columbia and vancouver. dry conditions along the eastern seaboard and rain into miami,
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houston. houston down to 25. cooler than what we have been experiencing over the past week or so. 18 oklahoma city with some thunderstorms coming up on monday. now, a lot of people are looking forward to tuesday. what does it look like in terms of the presidential election in the united states. wet conditions over the great lakes into the ohio river valley and looking at rain and thunderstorms into places like texas and into louisiana. dry towards the north and west into the mountains of the uninid states. but wet and windy, once again, into the pacific northwest coming into tuesday. wrapping up a look here. a cold front that moved through italy brought a couple tornados into rome. that was bitit of a problem. we're looking at the unstable pattern to continue o over the southern portions of the continent. rain also continues for the western areas of europe looking at wet weather from berlin and pairs and madrid. chilly up towards the south. stockholm looking at snow on monday. hope you have a good day wherever you are.
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here's your extended outlook.
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qéa be sure to watch "newsroom
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>> hello, and a warm welcome back to the "france 24" newsroom. you are watching "live from paris," with me, thomas waterhouse. with just one day of campaigning left, the finish line is in sight for the race for the white house. but donald trump is maintaining the election is rigged after the fbi announced it is closing its investigation into hillary clinton's private email server.


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