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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 11, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> watching live from paris. "france 24." these are our top stories. venezuela's opposition and president maduro holds at fresh talks aimed at easing a political standoff. emphasizing common values. president hollande speaks to the president-elect trump when they have a "desire to work together." the passing of ladies and gentlemenened. fans across the globe pay tribute to leonard cohen who died in los angeles at the age of 82.
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>> good evening. we begin in venezuela, a country gripped by a political crisis and chronic food shortages. well, today the country's political rivals are sitting down with fresh talks. protests erupted last month when they blocked a referendum which could have paved the way for icholas maduro to be removed from office. we get up to speed what's happening in cracks a -- caracus today. reporter: talks between the president and opposition leaders -- >> we are here to demand an election and an election timetable. we want results. we do not want to see an
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agreement between politicians. we want a political change. reporter: under a truce agreed last week, the opposition has suspended street protests to start a political trial against maduro. however, they insist on holding a referendum aimed at removing the president from power. maduro and his allies have so far blocked that effort with both sides accusing of coup money gerg. the fresh round of talks between the vatican and the countries's st chance to deal with the dead lock which includes removing prisoners. >> we, political prisoners, ask for the release of everyone, for the freedom of venezuela. to achieve this we need to be firm, show courage and determination and most of all we need elections. reporter: donald trump's victory in the u.s. could add tension and uncertainty to the situation
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in venezuela. maduro has accused trump of ing a symbol of american empeerialism and could be an excuse to hold him to power. now, the french president has held a telephone conversation today with president-elect donald trump which they talked about the battle of the islamic state group, the situation in ukraine and also the paris climate accord. the two men expressed and i quote, the desire to work together, and that they had tried to find common ground emphasizing the friendship between paris and washington and their shared history and values. while hollande made no secret out the outcome while it was not his preferred outcome. >> we have to meet up. they will shake hands and they will manage to somehow get along, at least on a personal level. we have to see how it happens in terms of policy.
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maybe similar to what we saw in the oval office yesterday with president obama. these are people when you look at the campaign trail pretty much hated each other but managed to sit down, shakes hand. and a president on the back after the meeting as well. that's world policy and world politics works but you're absolutely right. ancois hollande did not want donald trump to be the president of the united states. and those who wanted hillary clinton -- approximate was putin of russia who was very much favoring donald trump and having difficulty finding anybody else. but these are world leaders who will have to get along with donald trump and those phone calls have all now happened over the last two or three days with the main allies of the united states. we know there's been a phone call, of course, that one with the french president. also with the british prime
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minister may and german chancellor angela merkel. when you talk about president hollande, donald trump is a climate change denier after all, he doesn't believe in man-made climate change. meaning the climate accords signed in paris is in serious danger on behalf of the united states. one more example is the nuclear deal with iran which france worked on seriously with the united states. that's also something that donald trump does not like and might want to unravel altogether. >> ok. tricky diplomatic hurdles ahead. any clues emerging as to who will be in the inner circle of the trump administration, philip? reporter: well, that in the circle is getting together in new york and manhattan right now in trump tower. that is basically the headquarters of the campaign. that's where donald trump lives. that's where he works. that's where the inner circle now is. they are hoping to get those important positions that are available within a cabinet and
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within the trump white house when it comes into existence after the inauguration in january. here are some news from "the new york times" just a few minutes ago. they're reporting that chris christie, the governor of new jersey, is no longer leading the transition team. it is vice president-elect mike pence, the former governor of indiana. he will be leading that team and he, of course, has more political connections than probably anybody else inside trump's inner circle. you can be pretty sure those cabinet positions will be for people who are with donald trump from the very beginning and there weren't many, remember. a lot of republicans did not want to be onboard that trump bandwagon. those who are are now in line for some of the top jobs available within a trump administration. >> reporting from washington. well, let's take you to new york because an anti-donald trump protest is now under way there. this follows two nights of much
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larger protests in a number of cities across the u.s. we just heard philip telling us that trump is shaking up his transition team. at a meeting right now under way in trump tower in new york as he sets up his administration. basically we understand he has promoted the vice president-elect mike pence to held up that whole operation which we can interpret as being a demotion for the new jersey governor who had been running the transition team. well, last night there were a number of arrests in portland, oregon which some smashed windows, chanting "we reject the president-elect." trump called that scene very unfair. we found a facebook has head back at claims that social media site led to his victory. they say they made no attempt to debunk false information. well, mike zuckerberg called the
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accusation crazy. reporter: for its more than two billion members, facebook is an indennis pencible tool for keeping in touch with friends and family. but the news feed has become a catalyst for populism. >> they have a financial interest in giving news that is confirmtory and optimistic. because that is what makes people stay on the website and continue clicking. the blame here should be put on it and onsumers use there should be something regarding whether facebook is a news outlet. in which case it should be egulated as a news outlet. reporter: many remained confused and some pointed the finger at facebook. its website has become the main way many gets news. and algorithm promoted trump up
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the list. while articles debunking them fell by the wayside. mark zuckerberg said that a few false things decided the election. >> i do think there is a certain profound lack of empathy in asserting that the only reason why someone could have voted the way they did is because they saw some fake news. i think if you believe that, then i don't think you have internalized the message that trump supporters are trying to send in this election. reporter: zuckerberg went on to say saying his site is good for democracy. it gives everyone a voice and enables candidates to communicate more directly with them. >> in other world news, six people have been killed in a northern afghan city. this after a suicide bomber rammed a truck laden with exexplosives shattering windows as far as five clomenters away.
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the -- kilometers away. the german foreign minister expressed his sympathy for those who lost his lives. yirkey troops have been inching ahead today as they battle to retake the city of mosul. their advance is being slowed by the very real danger of sewer tracks ombings, booby and many streets are too narrow for their tanks. the second largest city in iraq has been the de facto capital for more than two years. many fled mosul since the retake campaign began three weeks ago. the kurds have an active role in helping drive the islamic state militants out of the country, but there are concerns as to what their expectations might be once the fighting is over. "france 24" robert parsons is in northern iraq with more.
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reporter: it's still in its infancy has but a growing era of perm assistance. the kurds are consolidating their presence. a soldier gazes out across the plain that stretches to mosul, 12 kilometers away. the commanding officer believes his first task is to defend kurdistan. for now against the islamic state group. >> it's the pesh mesha for now but i don't know if this is the border of kurdistan or what will happen next. perhaps it will be the border or just filled in or stay as it is. reporter: they take us to a village recently retaken from isis. in the courtyard of this house, a cannon has taken a direct hit from a coalition rocket. there are signs this was an armaments workshop. rockets at firing
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the mountain. you can see the batteries they were using from cars and motorbikes. >> they tell us they have the situation under control. but four hours earlier, just a kilometer from here, a furious gun battle has left 16 i.s. fighters dead on the plain. they've been trying to escape from behind lines. we counted 10 of the dead ourselves. two of them blew themselves up. >> don't touch them. >> is the area safe? >> yes, it's been checked but this guy still has an explosive vest on. >> this is his i.d. and this is money. it belongs to this guy over there. reporter: if there's one thing his class shows, it's that the
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-- they're clearing-houses and and ing tunnels for hidden this could be the frontier of a kurdistan independent from iraq. nobody's talking about a frontier at the moment. it's far too politically sensitive for that. but the reality is that the kurds are creating fracks on the ground. over there you have the iraqi army and iraq. er here there is the p peshmerga and kurdistan. >> in other news as the crackdown continues in turkey following the failed coup in july. one was arrested today. this is as he landed in istanbul from germany. nine other journalist fathers that same newspaper was detained during the past week alone. he has barely landed in istanbul when turkish police took him
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into custody. the chairman of opposition newspaper had just arrived from germany. this is just the latest episode cracking down on the media and in particular this one. just last week nine journalists and members and staff were arrested on charges of supporting the kurdistan workers . rty, also known the p.k.k. and also named after the one plotting the july coup. among those was the editor in chief. the paper's former editor in chief fled to germany earlier this year to avoid a six-year jail term for revealing state secrets. dozens of protesters gathered in istanbul on friday to condemn recent attacks on the media. >> we are here to make sure this
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remeans an independent newspaper. dozens of media outlets have been placed under government control. e cannot allow this to happen. >> turkey will have lost its voice, you can be sure about that. reporter: tens of thousands of judges, teachers, police and civil servants have lost their job since july. turkey has also closed more than 130 media outlets. an emergency declared in july, police can detain suspects up to 30 daze without a warrant. -- 30 days without a warrant. >> i have been joined where a minute silence was held a short while ago before the fifa world cup qualifying game between sweden and france kicked off. this as commemorations began for the victims of the 13th of november paris ache tax which claimed the lives of 130 people. just outside that same stadium, three explosions went off on
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what was almost exactly a year ago as the french team played germany. president hollande was inside there at the time of the paris attacks. remembrance have been held in several capitals around the world today to mark the anniversary of the signing of the armistice. on this day in 1918, which ended the first world war. well, here in paris, president hollande led commemorations at the tomb of the unknown soldiers. lexander brings us the latest. alexander: the eternal flame behind the arc of triumph. it is here that the tomb of the u known soldier that president hollande paid his respects. this commemorates 98 years ago that it ended the first world war. the annual ceremony serves as a moment to remember the brave men and women who died for their country in that conflict and
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others since. in france, the cornflower is used as a symbol of remembrance alongside the poppy. the flower traditionally symbolizes pure and delicate sentiments while blue is for the french flag as well as the color of french soldiers' uniforms in the great war. after laying the wreath at the tom on the 11th hour of the -- tomb on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the president joins in a moment of silence. the president then symbolically relights the eternal flame for another year. while in conflicts in the africa and the middle east, the president took time to meet with veterans and serving soldiers. political divisions were also put to one side. as traditional foes stand together in solidarity to pay their respects. >> the son of leonard cohen
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announced later thursday night that the singer-songwriter died at his home. he had a career which spanned half a century. and he released an album only last month and was still touring as recently as a few months ago. he was 82 years old. william hildebrand takes a look at his life. william: leonard cohen style was recognizable. at 74 years old ago, performing here in paris in 2008. the hat, the suit and above all, the voice. born in quebec in 1934, cohen grew up in a religious jewish family. he never abandoned judaism even decades later when he became an ordained buddhist monk in 1995. critics and fans loved how the singer blended folk music with a darker edge. leonard: everybody has this experience at some point in
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their life where things are not going to turn out as they wished. nevertheless, you have to make choices and you live your life with the understanding that your life is unfolding according to patterns and directions that you yourself do not necessarily determine. ♪ kisses deep >> he released his debut album "songs of leonard cohen" in 1967 and quickly became loved by dylan, willie nelson. best known as a singer-songwriter and poet but was acclaimed for his novels and patings. he was inducted in the hall of fame. leonard: i was glad to hear k.d. language to sing those songs. a sublime experience for me. >> "rolling stone" said only bob dylan exerted a more influence
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on his generation. his best known song was "hallelujah" later reinterpreted by jeff buckley. leonard cohen died at the age of 82. >> ♪ the battle king composing hallelujah ♪ >> leonard cohen dead at the age of 82. it's time now for business and i'm joined by kate. good evening, kate. kate: hey, tom. tom: let's look at the markets. it's been an extraordinary week for markets across the world. kate: it has continued this friday. very different reaction to the election of donald trump. the dow jones hit a record high on thursday and then uncertainty that sent stocks and currencies plummet. now overall the financial health care and industrial sectors have come out as winners on the markets. although not all the president-elect economic policies are very detailed yet.
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those industries are feeling good about their future under the trump administration. but emerging markets, the mexican peso and tech sector are more cautious and continuing to see losses this friday. peso hit another record low against the dollar earlier this session. we're seeing mixed trade on wall street. the dow jones fairly flat. just dropping into negative territory after its record session on thursday. the s&p 500 also slipping below the flat line there. the rally that we saw in the immediate aftermath of the election has faded on european markets as well. it closed nearly 51% in the red. on the campaign trail, the president-elect was a frequent and harsh critic of international free trade deals. the agreements with the european unioners partners across the pacific and america's neighbors are up in the air as brian quinn explains. brian: japan moving ahead with ratification of the
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trans-pacific partnership. the japanese prime minister says the deal is crucial to prevent protectionist policies. >> japan's approval who demonstrates our attention to lead free and fair rules on trade and investments, i will take every opportunity to call on the u.s. and other significant anytories to quickly proceed. brian: the t.p.p. was a limpling pin of president obama's asia pivot but it has yet to be ratified by the u.s. congress. president-elect donald trump may withdraw from the pact, a major plank of his campaign platform. also now on the chopping block, pif. a protectionist new u.s. administration bodes ill for the future. >> now with the new president-elect we don't know what will happen. there is strong reason to believe they will be opposed.
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this might be the biggest priority for the american administration. brian: along the campaign trail, trump railed against 1994's north american free trade agreement between canada, u.s. and mexico, vowing to renegotiate or withdraw immediately. canadian and mexican officials say they are open to renegotiating or at least discussing nafta. in the meantime, mexico hopes that the version of the trans-pacific partnership can still be salvaged with or without the u.s. kate: the world's biggest shopping spree took place in china this friday. once again the so-called single day smashed records. alley baba which launched the shopping event in 2009 raked nearly $18 billion in sales including $5 billion in just the first hour. all eyes are on domestic consumea confidence and singles' day is a potent symbol of that.
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our correspondence in beijing spoke to one man who looks forward to this yearly shopping spree. take a listen. he doesn't share his bed with anyone except his cat. this young single beijinger is a regular online shopper. >> in general i buy four or five times a week. it could be clothes, food or anything actually. >> november 11 has become a nationwide event. it began as singles bought gifts for themselves as an offset to feeling lonely. last year he spent close to a third of his monthly salary and plans to do it again this year. >> i just bought this coat. it was delivered today. and last year i bought bottles of wine and an e-reader as well as these earrings. reporter: the online shopping
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spree isn't only for singles. the entire country has caught the buying bug. this marketing consultant says 450 million chinese people under the age of 35 shop online on a regular basis. >> they got strong purchasing power and they prefer buying online. they buy everything, from cars to jewelry, handbags and luxury products. they can spend thousands of yen on the internet. reporter: that spending frenzy takes over the streets, too, with thousands of parcels waiting to be picked up by their owners. last year e-commerce giant alley baba made $15 billion in profits over 24 hours. this year the company hopes to do even better. kate: moving on to some of the days business headlines, the international monetary fund approved a $12 billion loan to egypt after cairo lifted ontrols on the currency.
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it is to help restore confidence. a brazilian court ordered a mining company to pay some $350 million towards the cleanup of a dam that collapsed last year. they have been ordered to pay for the initial work and present plans to finalize the cleanup within six people. 17 people were killed in the accident which showed contaminated mud. the worst environmental disaster. and banks across india, days after the government announced 500,000 rupey notes will no longer be valid. some people have welcomed the move as part of a crackdown on corruption. but many indians say they're frustrated by the long lines, out-of-service a.t.m.'s and8úxú?
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11/11/16 11/11/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> the national popular vote bill would have prevented the candidate from receiving a presidency without having the most votes nationwide. amy: when the loser wins. hillary clinton leleads the popular vote by hundreds of thousands of ballots, but she lost the electoral college to donald trump. it is only the second time in the past century. the last time, 2000, bush v


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