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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 25, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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anchor: we begin in france where investigators are saying a group of terrorists were planning a december 1 attack. they believe disneyland paris and the french police intelligence headquarters were among the potential targets. five suspects have been charged. two of them according to the paris prosecutor have traveled to the turkish syrian border in march of last year.
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>> under orders from the islamic of the men, five arrested last weekend, accused of planning attacks in france, acts to using encrypted communicate. their actions overseen by the syrian iraq region. accused of storing and transporting illegal arms and planning to attack civilians, evidence uncovered show screen , indicating potential targets, including the french intelligence agency headquarters. paris, a metro station, a church, and a library. technical examination has allowed us to establish that it
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-- that an attack was planned. we can't determine which of these areas where the precise targets chosen. >> police don't believe there was direct communication. instructed have been to acquire arms by a member of the islamic state group. anchor: security is at an all-time high. >> all the lights flicker to signal the start of the festive season. french military and police already combing the streets. the threat of a terrorist attack is considered extremely high. pass by al have to checkpoint on foot to reach the city center. to arraignhave outside of the city.
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there will be random screenings. controls will be spread out from the bridge, leading to the city itself. attack,e wake of the when -- extraurg is taking precautions to keep unauthorized vehicles outside of the city. for the first time 300 stores will be laid up together in a closed circuit in the heart of the city center. >> it reassures the public it is good. is -- ket i didn't come last year but this year i think i will. despite all of the attacks trying to drum up fear. >> 2 million visitors are expected to pass through the market this month. it remains a christmas season staple. despite the threat of terror. >> moving on, the countdown is on here as two veteran
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politicians battle about to be of presidential candidates the conservative labor republican party. ahead of the polls is francois feel and -- is francois fillon. juppe accusing his rival of pandering to the far right. the two men are holding rallies this evening. let's take a listen to what had to sayllon earlier in the evening. >> two months ago my platform was considered by everyone to be the most developed. is certainly impossible. a week ago i was seen as a reformist. now they are calling me a neoliberal and a destroyer. what has he been
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telling his supporters? guest: as you can see behind me, he has finished speaking now. nothing really explosive this evening. on campaign policy, really recapping those policies he has been putting forward over the last few months. he touched on security. he has also touched on this fillon's desire to cut 5000 private sector jobs. that is just not possible.
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anchor: is his team and support is still confident that he can win that vote? guest: as he said, we had a surprise in the first round. might hear offscreen, they are quite happy. i think that shows a lot of the sentiment here. that has been tampered by the uphill battle on sunday. they know they have a lot of work to do. and it does raise a larger question. people --lot of former president nicolas sarkozy endorsed president feel on -- fi i think what we are
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uppeg to see is whether jew managed to get that across party lines. anchor: thank you. news -- in other news -- a woman and a six-year-old child died following a gas cylinder explosion. -- after local, media outlets accused people of carrying contain just diseases cap -- carrying contagious diseases. reporter: tensions boil over in migrant holding centers in bulgaria and greece. on the island of less -- of
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lesbos, the death of n iraqi child. >> we are not animals, we are human beings. you people say united nations. but we don't see any human rights. we don't see any freedom, we don't see any democracy. reporter: the camp has capacity , but thehousand people currently houses 5000. it is a similar story in bulgaria. corrupted between migrants and bulgaria police. at beingence serious penned in for two days. residents protested for the closure of the camp.
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health authorities then intervened, only to find rumors were false. protests have spread across bulgaria this year, with many calling for the immediate closure of all refugee centers. they want the migrants to be sent back to turkey or deported, they use a porous member state and cannot afford to support them. least 44 people have been killed and 103 injured when an iranian passenger train collided with another -- the president has ordered an immediate investigation. there have been angry protests across southeast asia to denounce erma allegations of indiscriminate killing and rape. in a military crackdown on the 5000ry, some for
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morestrated -- hundreds protesting in kuala lumpur. accusing the burmese government of ethnic cleansing and genocide. yuan test of the you and refugee -- charges denied by the government. >> a major camp on the bangladesh border. they u.n. says the cuff from it is carrying out ethnic cleansing with aid workers reporting allegations of gang rape, torture, and murder. >> i would like to question the professionalism and ethics. he should space -- should speak
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on concrete fact and truth. reporter: burmese officials say they are setting fire to their own properties. more than 1000ow homes that have been burned to the ground. has led toon protests in thailand and indonesia. they are demanding respective governments do more to help. >> what is happening is a slaughter. criticize our own government, which is not doing anything. >> it is a symbol for peace. when the muslims are being slaughtered in this country, she keeps quiet. million rohingya muslims are in burma. they u.n. says the latest
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crackdown comes as politicians claimed the rohingya muslims and groups for the -- blamed the rohingya militant groups for the killing of nine guards. anchor: and will minister in prison time for murdering her husband after decades of abuse. lawyers throwing in the towel after her rejection of an early release. despite a partial amnesty, judges found that she failed to show contrition over the shotgun my -- shotgun murder of her spouse. she is eligible for parole in 2018. story making news on the internet all day for the elimination of violence against women. >> violence is a human rights
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-- it can impacting take the form of physical, sexual, and psychological violence. more than one third of from have experienced violence in their lifetime. almost half of all women who were victims of homicide globally were killed by intimate partners or family members, compared to just one out of 20 men. only 52 countries consider marital rape a crime, leaving women bone herbal to attacks in countries where marital rape is not criminalized. 700 million women have been married as children below the age of 18. million -- 7 million women have been married as children below the age of 18. 4.5 million have been --
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in the eu, half of all women have reported experiencing sexual harassment, starting from the age of 15. an increasing number have come for to say they have been sexually abused. received more than 50 calls within the first two hours of its opening. >> it was here in the training pitches over 20 years ago where young adding footballers were targeted. he advised them on the careers and then allegedly raped them. -- he is encouraging others to come forward and tell
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their story. named,don't have to be you don't have to put yourself on the front of the paper. but you do need to get closure. >> he served three sentences totaling -- after first being arrested in 1992. he has multiple convictions for sexually abusing boys he coached but is currently out of prison on license. two former england internationals, including one who said -- saying he was sexually abused by different coach from the age of 11. >> i turned to drink on many occasions. i have been unable to show any sort of a motion to my children or to my wife in the form of saying i love you are putting my arm to catch my arms around them.
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i don't know how the football association responded -- i spent most of my time tried to get up to speed to protect the kurds generation of children. -- the current generation of children. reporter: a hotline has been charityp by children's for anyone wanting to report such incidents of abuse. they have received over 100 calls in the first 20 four chary hours, including allegations concerning half a dozen clubs, including newcastle united and new -- newcastle united. the rapid melting of ice caps are triggering some 19 tipping points in the region. catastrophicve
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consequences around the globe. temperatures are currently 20 degrees celsius above what they should be at this time of year, which scientists are describing as being off the charts. >> record temperatures are robbing the arctic of its winter. in the north pole reached its lowest level ever recorded. has been decline documented by nasa over the summer. usual has melted during this period because of record temperature over the last few months. it is 20 degrees celsius higher for what it should be this time of year. worried scientists now expect the ice cap will most completely disappear before the end of the century. >> perhaps we will have small but evenpermanent ice,
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if they are more optimistic than what we observe we donon't see much ice left in 20432050. drastic --ld have to 2050. the countdown is on and frances two former prime minister's battle it out to be the next presidential candidates for the conservative labor republican party. also another terror plot foiled in the country. five men being charged after rate earlier in the week -- charged after a raid earlier in the week. protests denouncing burmrma over allegations of killing and rape in a military crackdown for the countries will
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hinge a -- countries rohingya muslim minority. today is all about shopping. one of my favorite activities. it is one of the busiest days of the year. guest: this is black friday, the day after thanksgiving, which stores in the u.s. have traditionally used to launch their holiday shopping season. customers are attracted by low prices and big sales. some stores even start their blacks friday sale on thursday. stores opened at 5 a.m.. last year americans spent $10.4 billion.- $10.4 shoppers are logging online rather than buying in person. >> black friday is going to be the best day to buy all things
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technology. items to homee appliances such as washer and dryers. thoseg historically, types of items are very well reduced prices and very compmpetitive prices comparededo any otheher time of ththe year. we learn consumers are purchasing apparel as well as items and gifts. gift cards are their number one item they prefer to get as a gift. paleack friday sales still in comparison to china's single day. it is increasingly becoming an international phenomenon. stores in the u.k. and now france joining in. >> it was once a shopping phenomenon limited to the u.s.. haslore of black friday
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been too powerful to resist. become the most important shopping day of the year. capturing that demand that is increasing as consumers get ready for christmas. >> christmas discounts may have been boosted by fears that a weaker pound could drive up prices in the years to come. that figure stands at 735 million for the french counterparts. >> black friday arrived in france three years ago, and it is gaining momentum. just a few minutes after this shop opened, some products were already sold out. >> the friday, saturday, and sunday. >> one analyst the leaves the
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late november promotions could make things harder for retailers. >> consumers begin to lose sense of what a fair prices. they are expecting deals and shops online. for the time being black friday is looking pretty bright for business. boost fora welcome retailers as they head into the holiday season. >> let's check in on the markets. retailers hope and get a boost from these black friday sales. wall street has closed early the day after thanksgiving. dow crossed 19,000 earlier this week and has risen once again. this is the third in a row winning streak for the american markets. major european indices also closed slightly higher. each pharmaceutical sector doing well here in europe.
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more -- the pilots flight dragged on. strike is about 2.5 years in. the mending a 3.7% pay rise while the airline has countered at 2.5. 345,000 passengers have been affected and losing 10 million euros per day. they insist they are not yet ready to back down. >> strikes lead to financial damage. if the purpose of the strike is to put pressure on management. we would obviously like to end the conflict differently. for that you need compromise, which is impossible when one is prepared to give more leeway. >> we need to find a solution or both parties.
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we have been doing this today as well as over the past few days. we communicate with each other via the media. >> moving on to our business headlines now. shares in the swiss biotech group jumped 19% after it confirmed it was in takeover talks with johnson & johnson. they have a market value of around $16 billion. johnson & johnson could prompt competing offers from pharmaceutical giants. saudi arabia has reported told opec it will not attend scheduled talks. the oil cartel's meeting with producers like russia to discuss a coordinated cut or freeze announcement to diminish global oil prices.
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it is expected to announce its own deal. is the government of iceland suing a british supermarket chain. they say iceland foods should not be allowed to keep the european trademark of the word because it is hampering visibility to promote themselves. the cases taken to the european union property office. finally, just how valuable is diligent beer? priceless according to the government. belgium is asking the united nations heritage body to add the beer industry to a list of protected cultural traditions. the application says brewing improves the well-being of the belgian people by stimulating the economy, promoting local products, and strengthening local ties. what a special is the combination of innovation and tradition.
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we have more than 3000 beers and belgian. and also these have created around them a beer culture. we have rituals of how to survey beer. anchor: practices including indian yoga and puppetry. >> i would say that as a frothy end to the bulletin is very nicely done. i win the contest this time around. do stay with me because i will be back with more news and headlines after a very short break.
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