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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  November 30, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PST

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here in japan it's wednesday night, i'm james tengan. u.n. security counsel is voting on new sanctions for north korea. the aim to punish pyongyang for its nuclear and missile tests. negotiations got under way in september after north korea conducted its fifth nuclear test, but the u.s. and china-led
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talks were drawn out. security council members finalized a draft resolution last week. an annual cap on coal exports. china is major importer of the resource from north korea. the sanctions will also ban exports of copper, nickel and silver. foreign companies with offices and bank accounts in north korea will be forced to close. the measures also urge u.n.-member countries to limit the number of staff. meanwhile, the u.s. wants to impose a new sanction of its own. the embargo will cut north korea's earnings. target companies suspected of sending laborers abroad. a u.s. government source teld told nhk they want it in the sanctions but china opposed. arrangements are under way to coordinate with japan and south korea. the u.s. will announce another sanction next month against
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north korean institutions involved in human rights violations. now, moving on to the business and financial fronts officials are discussing how to raise prices. gino joins us with more on that and other stories. >> members of opec have gathered in vienna. they're hoping to set specific quotas for oil production at this meeting. if they're successful lead to the first output cap in eight years. officials from saudi arabia are leading the push for production. nigeria and libya are excluded. political instability. the focus is likely to be on iran. it has been planning to boost production after western countries lifted sapgzs. analysts say this could get in the way of a final agreement. opec has been asking nonmember countries such as russia to
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reduce the global oil supply. more from the tokyo stock exchange. >> share prices were directionless as many traders stayed on the sidelines generating market sentiment end the day little change. the nikkei 225 gained just a fraction but managed to snap two days of losses ending at 18308. the broader topix added just a touch. many oil related shares closed lower to major oil and gas developers. both ended down. but the worst performance were steel makers as moody's warned would hit earnings in 2017. kobe steel, jfe holdings and nippon steel all ended significantly lower. following the opec meeting they will follow the jobs data coming out on friday and constitutional
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reform on sunday. reporting from the tokyo stock exchange. moving on to other markets in the asian pacific region. dipping 5,4544 the closing number. the fallen iron and other commodities also weighed on the resource heavy index. seoul's kospi up by 0.25%. shares of samsung electronics climbed to a record high after the company announced plans to raise dividends. the shanghai composite up. japan's largest business group is planning to renew its call for members to hike wages next year. the japan business federation says profitable companies should seriously consider giving their
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workers annual raises. it made the statement in a draft policy for annual wage negotiations with labor unions in the spring. it would be the fourth straight year for the group to make the proposal. proposing several options. one is an allowance to help employees take care of aging family members and others hiking benefits to workers raising children. the group is also urging employers to cut workers' hours without reducing monthly pay. further discussions on how raises should be. the officials will consider that a growing number of japanese businesses are expected to post lower profits due to slow downs in emerging economies. on the labor side, the japanese trade union trade federation plans to increase a 2% increase in basic pay. here's a look at some of the other business stories we're following. home builders in japan are keeping busy on the back of lower interest rates. housing starts for october rose
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for the fourth straight month. ministry officials say construction started on about 88,000 units nationwide. that's up 14% from a year earlier. analysts say more people are building rental properties to win tax benefits and cheaper mortgages are fueling that trend. officials at the economy ministry say japan's industrial production was up 0.1% marking the third straight month of increase. rose in line with stronger demand for smart phones in china. output of steel frames for public works projects also climbebed. a tax break is onn the w wa for japanese companies offering day care facilities to its employees. it is planning to have the property tax levee on unauthorized child care centers. as of april, more than 23,000 children are waiting for openings nationwide. islamic fashion industry has taken off in recent years.
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the distinct style is a possible global growth market and designers are looking for new ways to add colors, prints and textures to this conservative clothing. nhk world looks at how traditional textiles are on getting in o on the trend. >> reporter: covered up and stylish. this is the first-ever muslim fashion show in japan. the aim is to introduce islamic culture through women's wear. designers from southeast asia are here to showcase their latest looks. they come from countries whose increasingly prosperous muslim women want clothing that blends religious requirements with cutting-edge style. >> translator: it's so chic. >> translator: the designs are very modern. >> reporter: modesty is key in muslim fashion. but as a growing demand for more
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patterns and designs, some designers are turning to traditional japanese fabrics for inspiration. singaporean designer lin siregar is one of them. the quality and variety of japanese textiles caught her eye and she has created a collection of turbans using kimono fabric. >> i'm looking for a bit flowery and hot fabric, because cannot find in singapore. >> reporter: kimono textiles are gaining popularity in southeast asia for their colorful prints. but designers say the availability of the fabric outside of japan is still limited. siraga is in japan to show her work and seek out new materials. at the fashion event, she meets a dressmaker. she creates modern pattern designs that are printed on traditional kimono fabric. she shows her a portfolio of available patterns.
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with help from the japanese dressmaker, she hopes to now start experimenting with her own custom-made prints. >> we must be very credit in our design. very variety and every time i see new idea, new fashion in the market, so that we can go very far. >> textile makers are also eyeing the islamic fashion markets. this headscarf may look like regular cloth, but it's actually an innovative material that's perfect for hot and humid regions, japanese washi paper. the paper cloth was developed by a local manufacturer. it starts out as rolled sheets of fine washi. the paper is then cut into ultra-thin strips. these are twisted thousands of times to make a soft but durable thread. thanks to the natural features
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of washi, the woven fabric has anti-odor, sweat-absorbing and uv-blocking properties. the makers think these qualities are perfect for muslim women in hot regions who cover their heads. they are now collaborating with a clothing brand in malaysia to develop a range of inner headscarfs. they get feedback from local muslim women and link up with the factory to modify the material according to their requirements. >> translator: we need to make sure it stretches more. >> translator: we'll try to add some elasticicity. >> translator: there's been rapid economic growth in southeast asia. so we see the value of targeting the islamic clothing industry in the region. >> reporter: the global markets for muslim fashion is expanding rapidly. and japanese textile makers are
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eager to ride the boom. jenny lin, nhk world, tokyo. >> you can catch her report again online with a full transcript look for nhk world and business wrap. i'm going to leave you with the markets. officials in russia's far east say they will begin regular helicopter flights between two islands. the russian-controlled islands are claimed by japan. the move is seen as an attempt to tighten moscow's grip on the
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area. the regional government will provide the helicopter. residents have been calling for a better means of transportation. the japanese government maintains that those and two other nearby islands are an inherent part of japanese territory. the islands were illegally occupied after world war ii. the territorial issue is expected to come up when they meet in mid-december. taiwanese coast guard officials held rescue drews on an island in the south china sea. china, the philippines and vietnam claim it. ships and helicopters were deployed to simulate the rescue of a crew of a foreign ship that had caught fire. taiwan has been increasing its presence on the island and has built a runway there.
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this is the first time the government invited journalists to the island since may when the president took office. relieved to bee trying to show that typing belongs to taiwan. >> there is no doubt that taiwan has sovereignty over the south china sea islands. >> back in july, an arbitration tribunal in the hague ruged that it is a rock, not an island. thatat means that taiwan is not entitled to have an exclusive zone. the ruling has drawn anger from many taiwanese. planners of the 2020 olympic games and paralmmpic games but the volleyball location valulue remains up in the air. four planning committees met on tuesday to review proposals. two sites remain in play. the proposed ariake arena and an existing facility in nearby yokohama.
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she supports the yokohama but would consider building if the costs were substantially lower than the orig nalestimates of $360 million. she will announce her decision by the endnd of december. >> translator: we wouldld like take more time. the decisision will be made by christmas. >> translator: what are you gogoing to do betweeeen now w d christstmas? i've heardrd that the yokohama officials feel upset over this matter. >> organizers have agreed to keep ovoverall costs for the gas under $20 billion. japanese officials plan to scrap a nuclear prototype reactor. it was hailed as dream reactor when it began running in 1994 but only ran for 250 days and has never gone into full operation.
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the government won't make its final decision on monju's fate until late december, but resuming operations would be too expensive. they estimate the decommissioning would take 30 years and retrieving spent nuclear fuel would take at least 5 1/2. the multi-billion dollar project was meant to play a key role in japan's p plans t to recycle nur fuel. the fast breeder reactor was designed to generate electricity than producing more fuel than it consums. things didn't go according to plan. it was plagued by safety problems and mismanagement. in 1995 the reactor was halted when it began leaking sodium and monju's managers were caught trying to conceal the evidence. in 2010 the japan atomic energy began test runs after a 14-year hiatus. but a three-tonn piece of
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equipmentt fell into the reacto andd got stuck.k. now officials say they'y're thinking of using the regegion a center for research and development of nuclear reactors. a jiinant steel structure has been completed to confine radio active substances at the site of the chernobyl nuclear accident in ukraine. the arch is 108 meters tall and 257 meters wide. more than twice the length of a football pitch. the cost of construction was about $1.6 billion. those involved in the construction say the arch will be able to contain radio active materials for 100 years. workers will continue the difficult task of retrieving melted nuclear fuel from the reactor. >> translator: i hope the bond between the international community and ukraine will be maintained. >> japan's ambassador to ukraine
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spoke as the representatative o the group of seven nations. the facility was built with aid from the g-7 and other members of the international community. >> we, the members think that the completion of the sliding of the new safe confinement is a significant achievement to convert the chernobyl site into stable and environmentally safe condition. >> exploded at a test run releasing nuclear materials. the reactor was later covered by a concrete and medal structure to enclose the radio active substances. but concerns were growing that they would leak from the aging structure. singapore's president and first lady are visiting japan. the emperor and empress welcomed the couple at the imperial
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palace on wednesday. tony and his wife, mary, are on a five-day state visit to celebrate 50 years of diplomatic ties.. thee crown prince andnd shinzo were also there to greet them. tan took a moment to review the ground self-defense force honor guard. more than 130 people welcomed the presidential couple, including schoolchildren and embassy officials and their families. the emperor said he was pleased to welcome tan to japan and expand bilateral ties. tan said he was happy that more businesspeoplele and touriststs traveling between japan and singapore. he plans to visit a a child cac centnter in quake-hit miyagi prefecture that singapore's government helped to build.
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a japanese college student has turned into what she once saw as her disadvantage into her calling. she's learning to make artificial limbs and because she uses one herself, she brings some perspective into the field. >> reporter: she was born with a left arm that ends at the elbow. despite that and because of it, she's learning to become a prostsis, a person who makes artificial arms and legs. >> translator: here's the mold for the leg. >> reporter: in october, sosaki won the top prize for assistant
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product ideas. her idea was an artificial arm with an easy adjustment for length. >> translator: i want themm people who feel like giving up. i aim to come up with products they can use. >> reporter: in high school she was on the track team and planned to become, she changed at her mind at a college recruiting event where she heard of the program to train prostsis. >> i made the decision in an innocent and changed my major. >> reporter: she rarely uses her prosthetic arm in her daily life. having grown used to her natural arm she doesn't experience it as an inconvenience. in college, though, she found certain tasks required two hands.
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>> translator:r: i couldn't do some t things because i hadad te two hands.s. fofor instance, hololding an ob in o one hand and hitting it wi the other. at first, i'd ask my friends for help, but my teachers told me that was wrong. they insisted i had to be able to do the job myself. i got the point. >> reporter: her own condition gave her insight into the difficulties others might be facing. >> traranslator: usually you'd make an arm the same length as a patient's other one. but sometimes that's not ideal. i thought, why not make the length adjustable. >> reporter: so, she did. the shoulder muscles move the hand part. a mechanism allows it to expand and contract. she is used to her left arm being short. so, for detail work she shortens
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the prosthetic. she makes it it longer when working with potentially dangerous high temperatures to maintain a safe distance. her own knees have given ideas for a host of functions. they told her what might be useful to otothers. >> translator: of course, the natural way is for both arms to be the same. but i want people to realize that different lengths can be beneficial, too. >> reporter: she continues to explore new conceptpts like a hd designed for efficientnt bandagaging. >> translator: i had thought that missing an arm was a negative thing, now i see the benefits me as i understand patients better. i want to anticipate their needs. >> reporter: anticipating their needs by paying attention to her own.
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shinichi noro, nhk world. nhk "newsline" comes to you from tokyo. time to bring you the weather. >> during the weekend as much as 120 centimeters of snow fell in parts of calilifornia.. thee same snowmaker is now lingering over the dakotas causing days of heavy snowfall. i want to take you to bismarck to show you the situation out there. the first winter storm of the season to hit the dakotas has dumped heavy snowfall and brought powerful winds to the region. the winter blast comes after an unusually warm november. some highways had to be closed due to the poor driving conditions. no serious injuries have been reported. but winter system warnings are still in place in the dakota, at least into wednesday evening.
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the combination of the strong winds and also heavy snow could cause very low visibility making for hazardous driving conditions. the snowmaker will continue to heads towards the east and greatly a affect the great lake region. down towards the south, w we ha 15 tornado reportsts i in the d south. the severe weathermaker will continue to slide into the deep south into your wednesday. the potential for severe thunderstorms and also tornadoes on your wednesday. watch out for the bad weather and heavy rain is expected for much of the eastern united states. now, this is good news for the area like eastern tennessee where large wildfires are spreading. in fact, three people are killed. so, rain is definitely good news, but winds will be kicking up, as well. ahead of the severe weathermaker, temperatures are still on the warm side. 21 degrees in the u.s. and 21 at the u.s. capital. temperatures expected to go down in the next couple of days in
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places like toronto and atlanta. down to 5 on thursday and atlanta 21 down on wednesday down to 14 degrees on thursday. tempereratures will get bacack normal within the next couple of days. now, let's go to europe. we've got reports of 110 millimeters of rainfall in parts of western turkey. that's almost a month worth of rainfall within a 24-hour period. more rain is expected for turkey, as well as the south of the balkan peninsula. but on thursday, temperature, excuse me, weather will likely improve. now, high pressure system is controlling the weather over much of the continent, so it's quite calm but temperatures still onn the chilly side acros much of the east but across the west calm and sununny weather i expected with the exception of some parts of portugal. scattered thunderstorms are expected. now, temperatures are going to be still on the chilly side in places like paris, as well as london across the east very frigid. minus eight for the high moscow on wednesday. but temperatures expected to go
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up as we go into thursday. now, let's go to japan. we are looking at dry conditions, but it was a very cold morning in many places. now hokkaido had a low w of 17. rain will likely from tonight to tomorrow morning and snow will likely develop over hokakaido, s well. drier conditions on friday and beijing sunny weather will continue into your friday, but haze develop, once again, on saturday. here's your extended forecast around the globe.
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host: it is" -- it is "france 24 " --these are headlines. brazilian members were mostly killed in a plane crash. 50,000 civilians have fled east and aleppo in four days as the syrian government troops move into the stronghold.


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