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tv   DW News  LINKTV  December 30, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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berlin. a diplomatic route reminiscent of the cold war. resident putin projects a tit-for-tat response to u.s. sanctions. washington is expelling 35 suspected russian spies over allegations of hacking. russia says it won't be expelling anyone. we will wait instead for a tent at the white house. also on the program, in syria,
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the first signs of a return to normal lifife, a nationwide cease-fire the is to take part in many parts of the country. in sum, the fighting continues. and staying safe, german authorities wrapup security across the country, that is ahead of new year's eve celebrations. my name is christopher spring and good to have you with us. the day after president obama slaps sanctions on obama -- on russia, moscow on washington had continued to exchange diplomatic blows. earlier today, the russia recommended expelling u.s. depomed. president vladimir putin has chosen not to take any immediate action. now his sanction has countrymen
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packingg their bags. >> they were given 72 hours to leave. this mansion in new york state was abuzz with activity after 35 russian spies were expelled. the compound and itself and in maryland were ordered closed. under the watchful eye, the russians strive away. russian officials have another story. the u.s. says this place was used for espionage. >> i think it was what scandal is that they went after us. they know full well that those abilities that they -- that those facilities they mentioned where for our kids. this is christmas time. >> meanwhile, in moscow, the cold war style events made vladimir putin look more states the mike in his u.s.
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counterpart. rejecting a earlier proposal to strike back at washington's actions. the russian president said he would not expect -- expel u.s. diplomats. he invited them and their children to a party. on the streets of moscow, people reacted with defiance to the u.s. moves. >> our russia has always existed and will always exist. we don't have to negotiate with anyone. it is the motion negotiate with us. this is not nice on the apart of obama to leave in this way and enend the year like this. in my opininion, he built as his policies in regards to all countries. often says he will wait until donald trump moves into the white house before he decides on furtrther steps. whether trump would reverse the obama administration costs sanctions remains to be seen but putin's magnanimity is countingg
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on closer ties to the new truck administration. >> let's get to do from the united states on this. we are joined by wayne mary. he is a specialist in u.s. russian relations. it was a conservative think tank in washington. what is your take on and that's moscow today? how are you interpreting the russian reaction? collects and my view, president putin that this entire episode is much more about american domestic politics that it is about domestic relations. as between moscow and washington were already pretttty dreadful d they could not have gotten much worse. as important, by not responding to the american expulsions of russian diplomat has been much guaranteed that the relationship will start off with president trump and a better time. what this is really all about is the outgoing american administration responded to
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pressure from capitol hill for both republicans and democrats. more from people on mr. trump party than h his own. and to some dedegree trying to leave behind a legacy in relationship to russia that will make it more difficult for donald trump to improve the relationship. i've no doubt that in trump tower, they have no -- we know the donald trump sees better days ahead in that relationship. now we have seen that vladimir putin is willing to precipitate. unfortunately, i think this recent series of responses to this on the american side are unlikely to contribute anything to the good reputation of the outgoing american administration or to make things more difficult for the new american administration. think that is their intent. >> point you're saying, in your
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view, are the sanctions not proportionate, are they unjustified? >> it depends on what they are responding to. cyber espionage is something that all countries practice. united states as well. the question is what countries do with their cyber espionage. there is still a valid question. to my my mind, a very real question about whether or not the russian or cyber espionage was actually the source of the leaks that -- the wikileaks that julian assange expose. wikileaks did not need the russians. julian assange had a better vendetta against hillary clinton that he was pursuing on his own. we now know the democratic national committee andts senior figures practice no cyber security whatsoever. a 14-year-old hacker could have broken at kilis files. i think there is still a real question. not that russians are committing
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cyber espionage. of course they were. it is what they were doing with what they were learning. i to tell you that there is a significant number of people in the intel -- intelligence community who are still rather quite skeptical about that. the perception in the american political environment is that there -- this is basically all russian in origin. somehow, we have to respond. i'm bad to say that i am recalling the character the of the french police officer from casablanca who says he is shocked to learn that gimli is going on as he collects his own little -- winnings. the united states committed cyber espionage i guess the german chancellor. not only did we use our technical means to be her blackberry and other digital
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communications but we shared what we learned with the the german intelligence service which is prohibited by law from getting the credit information about german political leaders on their own. you might ask the question what was the united states trying to do? but involving themselves in german domestic politics? >> many thanks for talking to us. this just in, there has been a response from donald trump to vladimir putin's announcement. trump weighing in on twitter of course. tweeting that this is a great move on the delay of a put in. i always knew he was very smart. turning out to the conflict in syria. russia is seeking endorsement to the united nations for his peace plan in the relation countries. loss cap has submitted a draft resolution to the united states with a both expected tomorrow.
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the cease-fire brokered by russia and turkey is taking hold across syria. it has been marred today by continued fighting in western syria and also near damascus. in inlet, one of the places thousands of opposition forces fled to from aleppo. there is anger at the terms of the cease-fire. >> for now, the sounds of war have been replaced with chance of protest. thesese antigovernment demonstrators welcomed the cease-fire. and emboldens the machine. >> the people a are inclined too support t the ceasfirere. they want to be up to live in peace. this c cease-fire is not acceptable to us.. it is insincere. the syrian army is killing people. the regime is selling o o country to iran and rurussia. they are bringing in militia to kill our people. for others, there is relief.
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this despitete fears that the government could focus is military efforts on england. a rebel stronghold. the cease-fire is good. it is good for the people. we need a and to the bombings and the killings. the people are very tired. we don't want any further war. god willing, the of this is the end of the death of -- and destruction that has been inflicted d upon us. so far, the deal is mostly holding. there have been clashes near damascus. it is one of the rebels last districts near the government health capital. according to the syrian observatory for human rights, government forces had carried out at least 16 airstrikes against opposition fighters on friday.
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russia and turkey are looking ahead to new peace talks and they said the u.s. and the u.n. are welcome to participate in the future. the next meeting is about a month away. as skirmishes continue in places, there are fears that syria could slip back into war once again. >> our correspondents in istanbul been giving us more on this. turkey is working so closely with russia in the syrian conflict. i asked him why they appear to be getting washington on board as well. >> i i think t that while moscoe not widely seen as the two most importrtant place inin the syria civil war, they do a knowledge that eveven with their influenc, they will neneed all the support they can get. in one particular area, the syrian opposition. it is extremely fragmented. it is s in many grgroups. turkey does have an close over
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many but it t does admit that it doesn't have influence over all. the u.s. has been one of the main backers of the syryrian rebels a and they will be lookog to the u.s. to use itsts influee in dealing with the rebels and holding them together. beyond that,t, there i is a quen of the syriaian kurds. they are excluded from the cease-fire. ultimately they are seen as part of the resolutionn process. the e u.s. is one of the main backers of t the syrian kurds. they could play a potentially very important role. the on that, but as for moscoww -- both for moscow and the others. they both have important roles to play. >> here in germany, the authorities are rolling out massive security measures ahead of the country's new year's eve celebrations. that is a nice surprise after the terror attack in berlin which left 12 people dead.
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it is also the reaction to cologne after last year's new year's eve celebrations. north african immigrants assaulting hundreds. >> berlin is getting ready. concrete barriers block the streets. these are security measures unprecedented in the german capital. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to ring in the new year here. amid increased police presence. here inside thee party, you are probably in one of t the center spot to germany. he had 13 kilometers, is hundred security guards and stringent security checks at the entrances. dangerous firecrackers are the least of firefighter's worries. 1600 firefighters will be on duty. a slight increase over the
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number planned. terrorism remains an abstract threat. that is what it was before the december 19 attack. that is what it has remained. we have come up with planned of actions. -- plans of action. by contrast, in cologne, on the other side of germany, security precautions have increased dramatic. five times more security will be in the train station. >> we will focus on intervening in any event of disturbances or potential danger. in order to protect the many people who want to celebrate peacefully. it seems like people in cologne will never be repeated. the city's new year's eve celebrations turned into a scene of mass sexual assault.
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hundreds of women reported being groped, robbed or raped. now security is better equipped to face potential terror threats. >> still to come on this program, india's controversial gas crunch -- cash crunch. more on that after this very short break. do stay with us.
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>> will come back. vladimir putin has decided against tit-for-tat measures against u.s. officials in his country. that is after the white house opted to expel 35 suspected russian spies from american soil. the move followed allegations that russian actors influence the u.s. residential election in
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a bid toto favor donald trump's chances. and a nationwide cease-firee in syria has taken hold in many parts of the country. fighting has continued in some areas. while russia and turkey press ahead with their peace plans for the war-torn country. united nations secretary-general is handing over his job to former portuguese prime minister. he said farewell to the organization today. his turn and office ends at the end of the year. he said he had tried to give a voice to the voiceless during his decade in the job. he leaves in the shadow of criticism for failing to be visible enough and for presiding over united nations in decline. it has been the last day of trading today. here is the latest market news. >> stock markets in some locations around the world are still trading.
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with just a few hours to go, let's have a look at how some of the most important markets performed for the year. the blue-chip short tempered covered and will remain strong for the rest of the year. the puts in london hovered around 6000 points for the entire first half of the year. surprisingly for many, a rally getting almost 14% and 7142. in tokyo, they started at 91 thousand points. the call -- they lost a quarter of their value over the summer. as for the dots in frankfurt, it had its shares of problems.
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and the never ending dieselgate story at volkswagen. the index is up 6.5% for the year. ending trading at 11,481. wasn't a good year for the dax? they filed this report. >> 2016 was a remarkable year for people here at the stock market. it will be a year that most will remember for a very long time. it was a year shaped by political events like almost no other that i can remember. and eu country wanted to leave the union and then the election of donald trump. someone who has never held elected office before, a populist in the white house. yet, people pegged high hopes on donald trump. his collection was one of the reasons why share prices were covered for many shocks throughout the year.
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they close at higher levels, a record on wall street and a new annual highs here in frankfurt for the end of the year. that also made forgotten crises in between for the oil industry and banks and on the chinese economy, trump busty federal reserve raising interest rates contributed to a strong dollar and a very weak europe at the end of the year. 2017, traders are hopeful that it will be quite as turbulent as 2016. it will also be a political year. they are convinced. that only will they be washing donald trump in the white house, there will be elections here in europe. germany, italy, the nestlings, that could cause new turbulence here in the market. >> investors who put their money and oil received very good returns this year. oil prices increased the talking
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-- more than any year since 2009. several members agree to cut productions substantially early next year. the move pushed prices higher in january. crude was selling for $35 per barrel. now it costs more than $56. the deadline has come and gone for indians to hand in their bank notes. the tech down -- crackdown on tax evasion has hit the economy hard. they wanted to take 5000 rupees bank notes out of circulation. the benefits of this bank note with drawer of our proving elusive. -- w withdrawal our proving elusive.
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>> this is usually full of customers this time of year. sales s have gone down by almost 70% since the monetization happened. you can imagine w what our business is like them. it will be sometime before our sales normalize and go back to the way things used to be. it is a vicious circle. many are desperate to take out cash but banks don't have enough of the new notes to distribute quickly. cash-strapped customers are spending less. therefore businesses don't have my to hand over to suppliers who are in turn running it hard to meet existing demands. our incomes are based on the supply of goods. now there is no supply because there are cash problems everywhere. the first two months after the molestation were so bad that we don't even have money to buy food. now that the catch is coming back into the market, hopefully the supply of goods will resume.
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>> the indian government assures the public it is playing a long-term game that requires patience. with consumers unable to easily spend their income and small cash online business is going under, patience is wearing thin. >> that is your business update for now. back to christopher with world news. >> we are going to take you to kenya now, that is one of many countries across the world which has a problem with plastic bags. plastic bags and supermarkets causing all matter of environmental problems. the government and kenya has introduced a ban on plastic bags. implementation is patchy. many are going to continue to circulate. for a group of local entrepreneurs, that is turning out to be a business opopportunity. >> this is bus of the company challenge gift tags. -- bags.
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his staff of 15 make carryout baba with handles. the aim is to find a replacement for plastic bags. >> it is too much. especially in our country. some places that we used too go take hours. we can no longer do that. >> the rivers and roads are full of plastic trash. it poisons the water and hinders the flow. it is an of struggle.. it is a major culprit. food is delivered wrapped in plastic and then sold. also plastic and up in the river. -- andnd up in the river.
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> realized -- >> business is good. especially when developing producucts with new customers. a number of youngsters have found work at his company. james is 20. he was trainined on the job ands now one of the firm's most experienced members of staff. >> i've worked inin this place r seven years. it is a really gooood job.
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secures m my livelihood. yes, i i fully depend onon it to suststain my life. >> the bigs so for 30 or $.40 each. more than 50 businesses are regular customers, they want to develop new products. >> that is the immedediate plany now. >> it can increase sales. that should mean that there will be fewer plastic bags disfiguring and polluting the environment. a small but significant victory for environmental protection and kenya. -- in kenya. >> we leave you with the memory
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of a great african musician who passed away this year. he died in april, age 66. the superstar across the african continent and beyond. a great man performing in germany five years ago. stay with us.
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anchor: a fragile cease-fire in
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syria, reports of fresh violence more the response by russia and turkey. that deal, they say, will pave the way for peace talks. russia's president vladimir putin says no u.s. diplomats will be expelled to fight washington's decision to expel 35. modern hottest year in times. scientists say by the end of 2016, 3 million square meters of polar ice will have


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