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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 6, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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travel ban, saying it will hurt individual state as mrs. and families. -- expecting the put forth their accounts on monday. and thousands of people turn out to support -- former president as he goes on trial for holding in 2014.eferendum back
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first the french presidential trying tohas been undo the damage done to his presidential campaign by reports of corruption. he is accused of misusing parliamentary funds to pay his fafamily for nonexistent jobs. he said he was staying in the race and insisted he had done nothing illegal. but he did say sorry to the french for what he called a mistake. a new phaseing it in his election campaign. iss time francois fillon laying it on the table. the presidential candidate adamantly claims his incident that his innocence in a
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tumultuous scandal. >> i employed my wife as my assistant. she had been in this post for 15 years. and 3677 euros. a salary that is perfectly justifiable for a person with a degree in law and arts. he said he had nothing to hide and to prove it he would publish all records of his wife's payments online. once considered the favorite for the presidency, he had been struggling to keep his head above water. polls show him folding in the first round of voting, beating out for economy minister . perhaps to counter his sinking approval, fillon did apologize to voters. >> that was a mistake.
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present regret it and i my apologies to the french people. like many others i followed a one clearly that our compatriots no longer want. >> he will not beginning that money back. -- be living that buddy back. giving that money back. singh he's the only one who can bring about a national recovery. anchor: taking a look back at how this story under by the satirical paper ended up making headlines around the world. 25, 2017. about to create a political storm. the series of articles, weekly newspaper alleged that been paidillon had
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nearly one million euros as his parliamentary assistant. there was reportedly no proof of her work. >> i was never his assistant or anything of the sort. >> the financial prosecutor opened an inquiry into the misuse of public funds. another scandal, accused of eating paid to work at a owned byjournal billionaire friend of the family. she earned 100,000 euros over 18 months. there was no evidence she worked there. even damaging, french media reports the journals order -- journals owner received the highest honor in 2010 for her job. fillon passage that fillon's
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children have been under investigation after francois fillon went on tv and in an attempt to transparency he revealed -- twot so happened that i had of my children do specific projects because of their expertise. -- therewere holds were holes in his story. they were just students when they were paid handsome salaries . 's news interests, the embattled politician embraces allegations of conflicts of interest involving his consulting firm. hiringalso accused of one of his parliamentary staffers to be a part of his presidential campaign, a clear violation of french elect moral rules. had presented himself as a clean-cut family oriented politician with promises to slash public spending. fighting to save his
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political career. marching tove been -- the victim of an alleged assault by police. four officers have been suspended. they carried out a brutal attack on a man. he has to be hospitalized for his injuries and it is not the first time they were accused of using excessive force. >> in this amateur video shot thursday night by an eyewitness, a police officer can be seen beating up a young man. the four men who had been accused of seriously injuring a 22-year-old man -- the officers have been suspended while an investigation takes place. pointing out the bloodstain on the site is where the attack occurred. >> they were tracing his blood.
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there were no cameras here. reporter: after his arrest the man was taken to the hospital where he was operated on for injuries in the rectal area. he is still hospitalized. >> i have a hard time staying -- hard time saying more than 45 minutes. any mother would be terrified to find her son in such a state. >> police union representatives defended their colleagues actions. colleagueshows our delivered lee violated the person. we are talking about accidental accident and not violent acts. >> the young man's attorney says the response is unacceptable. >> we can't just say he was
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resisting arrest. indecent, ately serious matter that needs answers. >> as news of what happened spread, some vandalized bus stops in the city sunday night. the town's mayor has appealed for calm. separating families, hatching businesses and damaging relations that would help fight terrorism. being used against donald trump hush travel ban. restoring the travel restrictions on people from seven muslim majority nations would unleash chaos. people from those countries are racing to get into the u.s.. >> joyful family reunion at the airport after donald trump's travel ban was suspended. after having her student visa
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revoked, iranian citizens were greeted by their sister at the los angeles airport. >> i feel great to be able to go back to school. thank you. >> similar scenes played out in other airports across the country. dc, holdingington signs of support. >> my husband he keeps telling me now everything -- >> with the band currently in a legal window, it created opportunity for travelers from the seven affected countries as well as come to the u.s.. and iranian researcher who requested a visa to be of the to
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carry out studies at stanford university. i wasn't allowed to board because of the order. i thought that was the end of the story and there is no chance to go there. then things change and i tried. finally i got in. >> meanwhile the trump administration has vowed to take the matter all the way to the supreme court if necessary. the temporaryople lifting of travel restrictions means a desperate scramble before that ban comes into force. nervousre particularly in one small town in new york state where about 400 refugees per year came and resettle. we are hoping some of those family members will be at the to join them. >> for the last 40 years, callingrs have been
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upstate new york home. from bosnia's to say rack -- two iraqi, to syrians. they now make up if the population. the city is proud of this legacy. i would love to have the president come to you to see what it is all about and how beneficial it has been. pot. a melting >> donald trump's plans to clamp down on the intake of refugees and migrants have left many feeling uncertain about their future. like iran out of iraq because of this. now i'm here and i have a feeling the same way and i'm having the exact same feeling about maybe this is not home, maybe i should move. is not my country. >> the city's resource center for refugees was founded in 1917 to welcome the vietnamese
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fleeing the war. restricts plans to immigration go ahead, the future of that center could be in jeopardy. >> boatloads of people keep trying to reach europe's shores. and spanish ships have rescued almost 500 people off the coast of libya. 18 women and children were among those saved. they were given food and water. hundreds of people have been arrested in turkey suspected of having links the islamic state group. isis claimed responsibility for the attack on new year's eve. sharon has the story. reporter: it is turkey's biggest ever crackdown on islamic state extremists.
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security forces have detained nearly 750 people suspect of links to oif -- to i.s. on sunday. rates have taken place in 29 provinces. it comes a month after 39 people were killed by a gunman in a nightclub. attack was claimed by i.s. jihadists. the group has also been blamed for a syrians this series of bombings in turkey. the country's western allies have long accused it of failing to do enough to stand the flow of militants across turkish borders. ankara has stepped up anti-terrorism efforts in recent months in addition to these latest rate. turkey sent at least 780 people remain in detention for suspected links to the islamic state group. turkish forces have been involved in operations targeting
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i.s. where battle for control has been ongoing since december. >> crowds of people turned out to support the former president -- as he went on trial for holding an unofficial referendum for breaking the province away from spain. he will be banned from public office for at least 10 years. how strong is the case? from the moment that the constitutional court band that vote, he stepped aside, he made no secret of the fact that the government did try to organize that vote. he said once the ban was reiterated by the constitutional court, they stepped aside and 3000 volunteers took over. in the next few days we will hear the public prosecutor's
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case. and really the prosecution will have to prove that he used public resources, that he was still behind that a vote. of which 2 million people turned out, 80% of them voted for independence. >> he clearly has a lot of public support. >> a current government calling for people to get out. and the other two ministers today, there were no of people coming in. the scene on the street with such that they are actually walking through. the ministers were half an hour late for their court date. certainly a bedrock of support. we have seen from thursday that catalonia is evenly divided
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between those who supported independence and those that don't. 45% 4, 40 5% against. family will they try again to take the province out of spain? >> they certainly will. there will be a referendum and that will be binding. to potentially declare unilateral independence. the spanish government will or theintervene government will back down and be in a deadlock situation. many think they will have to have an early election to settle this matter. from -- ing
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pressure mounting on romanians government after half a million aople took to the streets for sixth straight night of protests. the nationwide rallies of the biggest the fall of communism. and it follows his attempt to pass the bill stopping charges for official corruption. >> the morning papers claimed a victory for the street. but warned of an ongoing battle. govovernment backeded down on a decree that would have seen certain levels of corruption institutionalized, protesters still flooded the streets. many wanted to see the government ousted. >> this product would be the resignation of the government.
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the new government comes in and we will be 100% sure they are not just puppets of the ruling party. confidence opposition movement is set. but the majority means it will likely be rejected. the ruling party express is no intention to stand down. the prime minister and the current government have complete support. >> many romanians giving an official -- raising suspicions of entrenched attitude for corruption. him for some -- banning him for prime minister. a charge he denies. >> we are going to start with
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donald trump's executive order on immigration. it is really hurting their businesses. >> it seems to be a discontent between silicon valley and discrimination. tech giants, apple, airbnb year some of the names to add their names to the cause. some are of value to the united states and created some of the most iconic companies. >> a message of acceptance and theusion from airbnb, company packed a political punch during its super bowl efforts. it was intended to hit back at donald trump's travel ban. nearly 100 tech companies banning together, including industry leaders google, facebook, twitter and restrictionsning by the trump administration.
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stating immigrants make many of the nation's greatest discoveries and create some of the most iconic companies. facing pressure from employees and customers, tech executives were quick to voice their opposition. trumpsepped down from his news advisory board while elon musk justified why he remains on the panel in a tweet this weekend. >> activists should be pushing for more moderates to advise the president, not fewer. how can having only extremists advise him possibly be good? >> another worry for silicon possible future restriction on h one b-1 visas. >> in our company we hire people and they apply for 81 visas. >> after a federal judge placed a temporary hold, its future is uncertain.
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tech companies will be watching the court with concern. around 40% of the workforce is foreign-born. >> next angela merkel says she is opposed to taking unilateral steps on imposing tariffs on imports in 2015. the united states was germany's biggest trading partner. -- thes are mounting german chancellor says she is taking a wait and see approach. >> i have no reason to speculate what the u.s. administration does and whether to react or not. at the moment it was not necessary. >> jitters over who takes the ratings and having an effect on french government bonds.
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german debt has spread to its after alevel we this manifesto in leon. the candidate representing print feature. >> i will announce the organization of enough -- of an referendum. partners towith my renegotiate the terms of the contract. >> time to get a check on how the markets are doing. we are taking a look at political uncertainty. in paris, closing the data over 1%. tunnels --es over over donald trump's policies. both down 2/10 of 1%. the s&p 500 down three tens of 1%. how will --
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paris is hoping many of london's banks and tech companies will migrate here. french officials traveled to the capital to persuade them to do that. >> post brexit paris will be the new london. that is a message from french government officials as they travel to the u.k. sell the idea of the city leave lights -- city of lights. >> britain did an opportunity for paris. in some opportunity for many others in europe. a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we need to us he -- the 2 -- and we also need to listen. >> the officials met with over 80 companies, including investment banks and equity firms in a bid to attract london's biggest businesses.
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above all, keen to emphasize the high standards of living in the city. >> you look at all the quality , of cookingre life and health care, children's care >> aheads, this aspect of brexit negotiations, all eyes will be on the continent major capital. >> some of the other stories we are tracking now, a struggle he and has prompted the jefferies carmaker down pretty 3%. third-quarter profits came in at $4.3 billion, the second largest carmaker -- begins in legal proceedings -- begins legal --
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luxembourg begins legal proceedings. german carmaker has already announced 18 billion euros to cover litigation from -- but volkswagen's legal problems are far from over. sightth no successor in but just 16 months until his planned retirement, disney's bob may extend his contract. an extension is expected to be discussed when the company holds its annual shareholder meeting in early march. finally the largest commercial flight arrived in auckland. the flight, which originated in delhomme, is operated by qatar airways. longerurn is expected to at 17.5 hours. take a listen to passengers at the end of one long journey. >> we are all the way from england.
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marvelous. >> it was very comfortable. we come out to new zealand twice a year. better than stopping often going on and off in australia. >> a nice carriers giving you food for 16 hours. >> and perhaps drink. the thank you very much and need. we are taking a short break, stay with us.
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