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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 10, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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weets "see you in court." another legal stumbling block.
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iranians mark the anniversary of the islamic revolution with celebrations nationwide. mass rallies also see protesters with anti-u.s. slogans, the president calling trumps administration a problem. ministernce's interior says another plot to carry out a terrorist attack on french soil has been foiled. three men and a 16-year-old girl are being questioned after being arrested by anti-terror officers in the city of montpellier. the girl being held has allegedly sworn allegiance to the islamic state group in online video. more in this report.
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reporter: for people are being held in montpellier since 6:00 local time. two of the suspects were arrested in this house. they are a young couple, a --year-old girl whose family she expressed a desire to travel to syria or commit an attack in fran. -- with her is her 20-year-old boyfriend. he had already been arrested and sent back to france. during their search police found more than 70 grams of tatp, a volatile explosive nicknamed the mother of satan. it is difficult to detect and can be made with easy to purchase chemicals. two close friends have also been arrested. the man had already been known to to the police for being radicalized.
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on the other side of france police searched the home for the parents of the young couple. -- the attack had been planned to take place in paris. anchor: we can speak with the head of national security services at the royal institute in london. thank you for being with us. we are hearing the 16-year-old police, does by this plot once again there hallmarks of a refugee yet for -- refugee? >> it would indicate something in that direction. it is not entirely clear. allegiance to the group and there was a video made of this swearing. it suggests something that is probably close to the sum of
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their plots. the decision to make explosives is an interesting choice, quitee making tatp is complicated and difficult and requires some expertise. they managed to make a certain amount of it and would suggest the level may be expertise and a bit out of the ordinary for many -- peopled homegrown focusing on knives or much more basics. i think it is the technique that people -- it is a very volatile explosion. bank ands a very loud sometimes hard to detect. we have seen various terror groups figure out how to do this. the thing is it is quite difficult to do and a very
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volatile substance. i think we have seen the recipe isn there in the group covered in explosives. circumstances -- other key elements is it is fairly easy to make from ordinary items one can find in most major cities. that relatively easily access to the recipe with a certain amount of practice, and the high volatility make it -- make it an of explosive. anchor: no fewer than 13 plots involving individuals. does this mean the state of emergency is working in france and the security services are successfully doing their job?
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guest: i think one can certainly draw that conclusion. authorities in france have been under a high tempo of alert for some time. since a state of emergency has been declared it certainly elevated their response. we have seen maybe some of the slips in the past. there have been attempts to rectify that. [indiscernible] it is very difficult to be able to directly link a specific security front to disruption or the threat, when you really don't know what other factors may be in place. there may be more french fighter staying abroad. may be french fighters were themselves to the battlefield or maybe the islamic state or other terrorist groups are focusing on other targets. we can't conclusively say that. a lot of effort has been put into ramping up efforts in france.
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and it certainly has had an effect on disrupting a lot of plants -- lot of plans. anchor: why did the french government go public? guest: i'm not certain about that. i think the french authorities have decided that the plot is fairly contained and they understand it quite quickly. there was a protector speculation filling the void and making things much worse. the 16-year-old girl involved in the plot will get people concern. with a very thing young adolescent, it is always very shocking to the cap -- to the public. boyfriend whoer
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help people understand and little bit better what they are actually seeing. anchor: thank you for joining us here on france 24. authorities are embracing themselves with potentially more unrest this friday evening. the five people were detained overnight thursday into friday. supporters of a young man allegedly raped by police clashed with security forces. the 22 year old man received horrific injuries. the interior minister announced more police should be equipped with body cameras in a bid to better protect more parties involved. >> hello sir, this is an identity check. reporter: french police have started using body cams. alsose of body cams,
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called body worn videos will be expanded to 2600 security officers. authorities and police officials say so far these cameras have held tension during arrest and prevented violence. the government hopes by expanding their used it will lower tension between the population and police. startse cameras will filming automatically, as instructed by the quality and citizenship law. this will make identity checks and police operations safer. >> the images shot by these cameras will -- won't be viewed live but could be examined at a later stage in case of a violent incident. 1600 body cams are being used by police. the plan was to make them available to security forces operating in france by 2020. anchor: if armor who became a hero and eyes of many across europe.
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eurosended fine of 3000 for helping african migrants illegally cross the border from italy. the prosecution had wanted his vehicles to be confiscated and restrictions placed on his driving license. the court rejected both of those. next we are now looking through oh -- through all the options but we would like to win the case. so says the white house after an appeals court refuses to reinstate donald trump's temporary ban on refugees from seven mainly muslim countries. over one dozen additional lawsuits are now progressing through the u.s. court system. trump's administration could appeal to the supreme court as early as this friday. more on the options available to
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donald trump as he vows to fight back. >> see you in court, these were donald trump's words tweeted in all caps after a federal appeals panel rejected his petition to reinstate the ban on travel to the u.s. from seven mostly muslim nations. key provisions of that ban were suspended with a temporary restraining order by a federal trial court in seattle, while it hears arguments against a ban in a suit brought by the attorney general. that the president has broad authority when it comes to specific orders. but they still have to file the constitution. the trump justice department demanded that restraining order be reversed, saying executive decisions on national security are unreviewable by the judicial branch. ruling aled their political decision and predicted
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he would win easily on appeal. that appeal would go to the supreme court. but trump's picked to fill the seat vacant by justice antonin scalia is still waiting senate confirmation, with the court currently split evenly between liberal and conservative members that could be a dead end. >> i don't see how the trump administration would expect to win after the u.s. supreme court. by theinion today circuit court would just be affirmed and would go back down. reporter: the trump administration looks set to continue defending the executive order in over one dozen other lawsuits, working their way in several states. >> the japanese prime minister, with two days of talks with donald trump. the president welcomed shinzo hopes the decades-old
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alliance can be bolstered, after was shake and on the republican position on trade and security. all they osh visit comes after trump held his first telephone exchange as president with china leaders xi jingping. a conversation which the white house this grabbed as extremely corneal, trump underlined his commitment to the china policy. reporter: donald trump walking back his doubts on the china policy. in a phone call with xi jingping, trump affirmed the u.s. would continue to honor the policy, which has been a staple of china relations for decades. policy, thee china
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u.s. officially recognizes one government of china and does not maintain direct diplomatic relations with the taiwanese government. during china's civil war, which saw the communist party take control of the mainland. the chinese government praised the development. is ae one china policy political foundation of the u.s. china relationship. -- ppreciate >> taiwan acknowledged the news, saying it has been in close contact with the u.s. and will continue to take a zero surprise regional pointing out stability is a vital importance to u.s. interests. thursday night marked the first time trump had spoken to the chinese president since his and occupation, a fact that had started to cause serious concerns in diplomatic circles. relations were strained after trump roca protocol to accept a
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congratulatory phone call from taiwan's leader following his victory, and publicly questioned the one china policy. now that the issue is officially resolved, china and the u.s. has indicated they can proceed with more normal relations. during hisccusations campaign, notably of currency manipulation, it is not clear how normal those relations will be. anchor: hundreds of thousands of iranians have raved subzero temperatures to mark the 38 anniversary of the country's revolution. demonstrated -- anti-u.s. and anti-israel slogans. the president told crowds that the administration is a problem, and those that threaten iran from overseas should learn to respect the country and its people.
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reporter: 38 years after the islamic revolution toppled the country, tensions between washington and tehran are threatening to boil over once again. hundreds of thousands of iranians took to the streets on friday to swear their allegiance to the countries clerical authorities. or calls of death to america. increasingly hawkish rhetoric since the election of donald trump has been met with an insistence by iran's president, threateningsing language will regret it. >> anyone threatening our our armed and the nation isow united and must stand against our enemies until the end.
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>> last week, trump imposed over ballistican missile tests carried out on the 29th of january. iran asttis described the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. all this as washington saw to defend a temporary travel ban that would have prevented people from seven muslim majority countries, including iran, from entering america. has sinceeals court ruled that the ban was unconstitutional. but not before the travel plans of thousands of iranians were thrown into chaos. u.s.-iran relations have reached something of a historic high under obama when the iran in exchange for the lifting of international sanctions. trump has called that accord a really bad deal. anchor: iran's prosecutor
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general has announced authorities there have made a number of arrests and broken -- whose members were planning to disrupt those anniversary celebrations. a prior injunction was correct and we are sticking to it. hamburg onudge in friday as they upheld an earlier ruling banning the publication of parts of a satirical poem that mocked the turkish president. the text would suggest that everyone -- that president erdogan watch child pornography was published last march. also testing the limits of artistic and literary freedom. two new zealand where the race against the clock to save pilot whales beached on a sand bar. it was one of the country's largest recorded mass whale stranding.
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have died already on the golden bay, located on the northwest point of south island. more on that rescue mission. out acrosstretched the beach, hundreds of wales stranded at low tide. one of the worst the country has ever seen. came to try and help. >> anybody who has heard about this, three hitch hikes over. doing what they could. >> the whales were discovered late on thursday with nearly three quarters of the 416 already dead. want a chancedn't of nighttime rescue, waiting until morning to get efforts underway. >> it's going to be a good thing. get00 volunteers trying to
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the creatures right way up and hydrated. they were in bad shape, even with high tide and many of those rescued washing ashore again. >> they're looking very organized. all put in thee same way. >> this is the worst since 1985, 100 -- when the hundred 50 were washed ashore. >> is 9:20 p.m. here in paris. a french police spoil yet another terror attack. four people are under arrest after a raid on a flat in the city of montpellier, where explosives and bomb making tools were found. an angry donald trump tweets
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see you in court after his graham plan to block refugees from seven predominantly muslim countries hits yet another legal stumbling block. and iranians marked the anniversary of the islamic revolution with celebrations nationwide. mass rallies also see protests chanting anti-u.s. slogans. calling trumps administration a problem. time once again for a business update. following au are visit by the japanese prime minister shinzo abe. the world's first and third largest economies have a lot on their plate, trade for -- trade the top priority of their discussion as trump withdrew from the transpacific partnership, a trade agreement spearheaded by washington and tokyo. a bilateral trade deal -- trump
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said it bilateral trade deal would have to be fair and reciprocal. highlighteder abbe the car industry, as was japan's expertise in high speed trains as to areas where japanese businesses contribute to the american economy. comes plans -- trump's plans to invest in infrastructure projects. >> those of you who have ridden on the shank constants chain -- on the shinkansen train, you may have experienced comfort and safety. japan, with our high-level willical capabilities contribute to president trump's growth strategy. even more jobs will be created. >> record highs on wall street this friday. soon.s. president will
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release a tax report plan. one of the big dangers of the session helping to boost half a percentage point. major european indices closed just above the flat line. this friday. investors in europe have been restrained by growing concerns -- theeece's debt load euro group chief said on friday those fears were greatly exaggerated, although there has been a sharp selloff of greek debt in the market. creditors have been trying to reach a deal over the terms of the next bailout. reforms, budget surpluses, and debt relief are all items of contention. since an 80d a half million bailout agreement, greece's style higher -- greece's skyhigh debt increases to worry lenders. wondering if they will be able
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to stick to their commitment to finance greece amid growing eu sentiments. >> support is not unconditional. it depends on commitments to reform, it depends on implementation, it depends on targets being met. insists greece is that can be paid back. but the imf have maintained that budget targets will be impossible to achieve and lenders should offer at least partial debt relief. greek prime minister alexis the progressded made by the greek economy. avoid ouranage to backs being against the wall, this is due to the fact that we
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ended 2016 with growth while everyone was forecasting a deficit, including the imf area -- imf. reporter: greece doesn't retain a major deadline until -- all sites prefer to have an agreement before elections in france, germany, and the netherlands later this year. >> moving on now, who knows if profit surged in 2017. operating profit increased to 2.3 billion euros. the world's largest steel maker has returned to profits for the first time in five years. boarding a net profit of $1.8 billion last year. back frominging losses of nearly 8 million in 2015. global commodity prices have also begun to recover. it could benefit
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from a planned increase in infrastructure spending in the united states. outdisney is trying to buy private investors and take almost complete control of euro disney. that is a company that operates the paris theme park. 1.5 billion euros into the business, especially since the terror attacks in the french capital of 2015. celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. uber is facing yet another legal battle. this time it is not from taxi drivers or other competitors. a man from southern france is accusing uber for being responsible for his divorce, after his wife had discovered he was conducting extramarital affairs after tracking his app. victim that he says he was a victim of a bug in the app experienced by other users. declined beyond saying
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protecting personal data remains a top priority. >> quite a lot. when using such online applications -- >> a security warning. >> thank you very much. time for a short break but don't go anywhere. i'mawawawawkçkw
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