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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 13, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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genie: mrs. france 24. live aroundminutes the world. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. protesters turn out across mexico in anger at u.s. president donald trump. the of thousands take to street against his crackdown on immigration and his planned wall on the border. north korea says its latest ballistic missile test was a success. the launch yesterday is the latest to violate u.n.
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resolutions prompting an emergency meeting of the un security council. e beats beyonce at the grammys. she pays tribute to queen b, saying she should have one best album. awards season at the bath does. the musical lala land except five of the coveted british movie awards. we will take a look at the box office results in business with a lego version of batman beating 50 shades of grey, the sequel to 50 shades of grey. darker, the sequel to 50 shades of grey. in mexico, tens of thousands of
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people turned out across the country to protest donald trump. there were showing their anger at trump anti-mexican comments and his promises to make mexico pay for a wall on the border. in a rare display of national unity protesters came from across the political spectrum. mexico relations plunged their latest point in decades, thousands of mexicans marched against the man who has called them criminals and rapists. >> i think mexicans are against everything he's doing. we are against the wall. against deportation. against all that he's doing to mexicans over there. as if we are enemies. >> mexico and the mexican community in the united states have become donald trump's favorite target. we mustn't forget that north
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america was built and continues to be built by immigrants. >> since he took office three weeks ago trump has vowed to deport millions of unauthorized immigrants. mexico is gearing up for a wave of deportations after hundreds of arrests. the u.s. president is also wreaking havoc on the mexican economy, promising to move ahead with construction of his border wall which he has repeatedly said mexico will pay for. to slap steepwed import tariffs on mexican goods. trump was not the only target of the rally. protesters voiced disappointment with their president, accusing overf not -- presiding rampant corruption and violence. the mexican president and his u.s. counterpart had said they will reschedule a meeting. the white house has
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confirmed donald trump has lands for a new executive order that would speed up deportation of illegal immigrants. meetshington today trump canadian prime minister justin trudeau. they are closely tied with hundreds of thousands of people and millions of dollars worth of goods regularly crossing the border. trudeau made it clear that canada is ready to welcome those fleeing persecution, terror and war. in syria the operation to clear a city of the islamic state group could be nearing an end. turkish troops backed by syrian rebel fighters have entered the center of the city and will soon capture it. town is the last islamic state stronghold in the region and has also been targeted by syrian government forces. to get more information let's
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cross live to adam in beirut. what can you tell us? >> they have entered the center of the city. the fighting is still ongoing to retake it. the turkish forces were only able to penetrate the western fringes of the town. were holding in spite of heavy airstrikes. the force that has entered the part of turkey's whichion euphrates shield comprises air support from turkey but also turkish troops on the ground. only beenthey had able to control about 10% of the town. syrian government forces are approaching from the south of the town which leaves the possibility of those forces
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coming into contact with opposition fighters and renewed fighting between them. that is something that both of the russians supporting the syrian army and the turks will be trying to avoid applying pressure on their respective sides. [no audio] fighting in that area. genie: the turkish president said fighting will extend its military operations to take back the city of rakha. >> this is the first time he has made a clear indication that operation euphrates shield will go on the way to take it. the operation has been talked about in terms of creating a buffer south of the border. and preventing kurdish forces from taking full control of the border south of turkey and the northern regions of syria. he is now saying the operation
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will continue until both islamic state group fighters and kurdish in northeastern syria until both of those groups have been cleared. severall cause difficulties insofar as the kurdish fighters have been the backbone of the syrian democratic forces which up until now have been the preferred partner of the u.s. in the fight against the islamic state group in syria. the turks are saying they would like to usurp them from that place and take the fight themselves isolating the kurds from that fight and trying to clear forces from the area entirely. genie: thank you, adam. north korea has confirmed what it says was a successful test of a new ballistic missile. south korea says the missile flew for around 500 kilometers
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[no audio] emergency meeting at the un security council today. a new test by north korea. on sunday the hermit kingdom announced it has launched a medium-range ballistic missile into the sea of japan. the action is widely seen as a test of a new u.s. administration. donald trump was hosting the japanese prime minister at his south florida resort. i just want everybody to understand that the united states of america stands behind japan, it's great ally 100%. thank you. >> a remarkably restrained response from the u.s. president who during his campaign struck a tough pose toward north korean nuclear ambitions.
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trumps muted reaction may be a recognition that when it comes to reining in north korea the united states does not have many options. could sparkesponse a regional war. north korea is already under severe economic sanctions and negotiations to halt missile tests are likely seen as rewarding pyongyang for its provocations. leaning on china to further enforce sanctions is likely to be of limited use. china has its own interest in keeping the status quo on the korean peninsula. to prevent a flood of refugees in the event of the north's collapse, to avoid a reunited north and south. it would not only mean a resurgent korea but a major u.s. military ally directly on its southern border. genie: u.s. backed forces in iraq are getting ready to launch an assault aimed at retaking the western half of mosul. it is still under the control of the islamic state group.
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if it is completely secured it would be a major state toward breaking the group's so-called caliphate. camps for displaced people are currently under construction in iraq getting ready to welcome refugees on the road -- on the run. >> from the arid plains of the iraqi highlands a refuge for the displaced. construction workers are building camps for those fleeing war-torn mosul. x will also be built here. lives will also be billed here. -- built here. the camp is south of mosul. up to 7000 people will make their homes here. >> this project is one of several that are being built to host the people who are expected to be displaced from westernmost salt. -- western mosul.
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reclaimedhave already the eastern half of the city from the so-called islamic state militant group as part of an offensive that began last october. the u.n. warns that life has become unbearable for many of those still living in mosul. 750 thousand people. with water and electricity outages commonplace, families also struggle to afford food and basic supplies. for many, fleeing their homes is the only option. is 210,000 square meters and we are planning to build 1400 tenths to accommodate displaced people. like these are already accommodating more than 160,000 refugees. that number is expected to rise dramatically as the conflict in northern iraq continues. genie: time for a lighter note.
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and glamour in hollywood last night at the annual grammy awards. the big winner was british singer adele with her album 25. she beat beyonce for three of the top awards, but in a great moment she went on to say her competitor deserved at least one of them. >> she opened the show and went on to steal it. tookritish singer adele home five grammys including song of the year and record of the year. theappeared to turn down award for best album, saying her idol and rival beyonce deserves it more. >> i can't possibly accept this award and i'm very humbled and very grateful and gracious but my artist of my life is beyonce and this album to me, the limited album was just so
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monumental -- the lemonade album was just so monumental. >> e.on say took the top prize in two categories including best music video for her political anthem formation. pregnant r&b star also gave a showstopping performance dedicated to motherhood. bruno mars was among the artists who paid tribute to musical icons lost in 2016 with an up-tempo rendition of a prince classic. is, black starer david bowie. black star won all five of its nominations while george michael was also remembered. genie: the movie award season had another ignite sunday in london with the british movie awards, the bastions.
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-- the baftas.s ryan gosling lost the best actor ford to casey affleck manchester by the sea. >> stars it invaded london for the second -- 70th annual best awards -- bafta awards. lala landood musical took home five of 11 nominations including emma stone for best actress. it was also a successful evening for manchester by the sea which took home awards for best original screenplay and best actor, casey affleck. stars took of a political tone at this year's awards with
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affleck recognizing meryl streep for her criticism of president donald trump. i told her how much her speech at the golden globes meant to all of us. how grateful i was that she did it and kicked in the door a little bit. talk about these things. when celebrities say something, people sometimes. -- hear it. >> dev patel took home an award for his role in lyon. ion. the fellowship award was presented to legendary comedian mel brooks. he is most celebrated for his films including blazing saddles, young frankenstein, and the producers. genie: time for the business news with charles.
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we will begin with a new forecast for the european economy. commissionpean shared its winter forecast this monday and they have raised the outlook for the euro zone despite what they called exceptional risks emanating from the new american administration. the eurozone has been revised upward this year to 1.6% and 1.8% in 2018. outlook remains unchanged. it's predicted that france will be missing the public deficit target of 3% of gdp next year. the uk's economy continues to perform despite the brexit vote. the forecast has been revised upwards to 1.5% from a previous 1% estimate. genie: japan has also shared growth figures today. >> the japanese economy expanded bump inanks to a
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exports and capital investments fueled by a low yen currency and government measures. japan is still struggling with an inflation problem. >> a fourth straight quarter of growth for japan. world's third-largest economy closed out the year with 1% annualized growth thanks to a weakened yen and strong exports. q4 saw japan's exports grow with capital spending seeing a slight him. 9%. it's good news for prime minister shinzo abe, who can claim the success of his so-called abenomics. >> our view is that the economy will maintain a moderate growth phase while improvement and employment in income is unchanged. economy's dependence on exports could mean choppy waters for japan moving forward.
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making it especially vulnerable to trade barriers. declined amid a lack of significant wage growth combined with limited wind power and more expensive imports. there is growing concern about the rise of u.s. protectionism under donald trump. despite an amicable meeting between the heads of state over the weekend. the president has accused japan of weakening its currency. japan's persistent trade surplus with the u.s. has many worried it could be targeted by trump in the future. genie: what kind of impact has that had on japanese markets today? >> the nikkei closed in positive territory. investors less reassured. trends across all asian markets. investigators taking -- investors taking cues from the u.s. as well.
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you can see the shanghai composite up by .5% at the close. the ftse in london just over the up .7%.e and the dax samsung's boss has been called in for corruption claims. decideecutors will whether or not to issue an arrest warrant for the leader of the conglomerate. the firm is accused of seeking political favors by donating to charities run by a confidant of the south korean president. investigators say there are new aspects that require more questioning. other samsung executives have also been identified as suspects.
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other business stories making headlines this monday. a japanese brewer has agreed to sell its beer business heineken for $700 million. heineken is attempting to rival with a be in bed -- a be in bed -- ab inbev. toshiba has cost overruns at its nuclear branch in the u.s. this is just after an accounting scandal. it could wipe out the company's shareholder equity. china's largest property developer is setting its sights on european banks in a bid to diversify from its core real estate business. one of the institutions could be postbank which has been put up for sale by deutsche bank.
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genie: let's wrap up with one question. in a fight between the lego version of batman, a wealthy s&m entrepreneur and keanu reeves, who would win? >> i would say keanu reeves. if you are looking at box office numbers, the winner would be lego batman. the 50 shades darker and john 2.k over $55 million. than movies opened to more $30 million on the same weekend. after the success of the first lego movie it looks like this franchise could be a building block for time warner's future. genie: i see what you did there. i have seen lego batman. it's actually not bad.
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thank you for that look at the business news. time for the press review. taking a look at the papers today. lots of focus on today's top story of north korea's test of that mid range ballistic missile. what kind of reaction has there been? >> most papers are reacting with concern. this is the first real global test for donald trump as president. the u.s. leader is still struggling to define a coherent foreign policy, particularly in asia. he has vowed to put america first and has been very critical of japan and south korea. with north korea's missile test the independent says the time has come for trunk to address buildingsues and start a relationship with east asian countries and come up with a strategy to counter and contain north korea's nuclear ambitions.
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quite a few papers have come up with some clever cartoons. >> you see a military commander speaking to kim jong-un. he says looks like our missile test got trump's attention and he replies saying excellent, now let's build a mosque. it's a reference to donald trump's infamous travel ban targeting muslim countries. genie: how has trump reacted to the missile test? >> he responded with uncharacteristic restraint. he read a statement of just 23 words pledging americans support to japan. he didn't even mention north korea. genie: one person who has been very critical of donald trump lately is germany's president. >> the washington post calls him the anti-trump president.
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he is a prominent member of the social democratic party and serves as foreign minister under angela merkel. he is a fierce critic of donald trump. he called him a hate treacher and famously said things would be a lot more difficult with trump as president of the united states. genie: what's the german press saying about him today? >> a berlin-based newspaper says he is the right president for the uncertain times germany is going through. thepaper describes him as candidate of stability. someone that could unite germany. while the president holds limited power stein mart could a much more political role and defend liberal values in the face of rising extremism. we are less than three months away from the first round of the french presidential election and the outcome couldn't the less clear. >> that's right.
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the big mess. the primaries saw political heavyweights such as nicolas sarkozy lose to lesser-known political figures. it also takes a look at the corruption scandals engulfing the conservative candidate and the leader of the national front. the paper concludes that no outcome not even marine le pen's victory can be excluded. genie: the conservative candidate has vowed to fight back in the midst of allegations that he created a fictitious job for his wife and paid her hundreds of thousands of euros over several years. they could face legal proceedings as early as this week. does that mean his campaign is over? >> he has said he would quit only if he is placed under formal investigation and we are not there yet. he spent the weekend campaigning . he can win butes
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even his most loyal supporters are having doubts. the damage is done, there is a risk that some voters will either abstain or vote for marine le pen. genie: a rather unusual experiment. several cities have decided to get rid of traffic lights to make streets safer. >> it may sound counterintuitive. newspaper reports that traffic lights can often bring risks. drivers often accelerate into the intersection when the light turns yellow to be a light which leads to potentially deadly crashes. genie: how many traffic lights to the mayor of paris want to get rid of? >> as many as 300. he said it would force drivers to be more careful and could prevent hundreds of deaths. a similar experiment in philadelphia help to reduce road
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accidents by as much as 25%. genie: thank you for that look at the papers today. thank's for watching. for a closer look be sure to checqéaawawawawkçkw
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